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I have read Moon-Pals, and I feel that it is more like Moon-Dorks the way Sean draws and Portrays their Events so Grotesquely.

Moon-Pals is a Sonichu parody by Sean August Watley which provoked enormous amounts of rage in Chris.


Moon-Pals follows on from Chris's ambition of firing all tobacky to the Moon, Metal Sonichu's banishment to the Moon in Sonichu #1, and Silvana Rosechu's being raised on the Moon by Count Graduon in Sonichu #8. From this, Sean envisaged the wild, drug-fuelled adventures of them and several other fan-favorite characters (Allison Amber, Yawning Squirtle, David Dragonite, Simonla Rosechu, Crystal Weston Chandler, Boulder-Dropping Whale, Kel and Bill the Scientist).

Chris's reaction

Even mentioning Moon-Pals in a Mailbag was enough to drive Chris crazy.

To Sean: Your comic strips are only an extension to WHAT YOU THINK are characters who are Underappreciated, when they are not, and I have plans for them in future tales. Firstly, METAL SONICHU is NOT a secondary character; HE will be making his return as a MAJOR VILLIAN after Book 11 Possessed by the soul of Count Graduon.Bill is still working within Giovanni's Laboratory, I am working on a plan on including him in a future episode around Blake. The WAILORD who dropped the rock onto the mother Swampert and the Squirtle who Yawned are ONLY Individual characters who I originally had NO plans on putting into future stories, so ASSUME that the two were BOTH caught by Pok'emon Trainers in Pok'e Balls and now the two are fighting with their trainers in Pok'emon Battles.
you do not have MY POWER of being the Original Artist, Creator and Director, so ALL OF WHAT YOU DO IS PURE FICTION to MY FACT.
Your "Strips" are Parodic and NOT cannon whatsoever to my, and The Original, Sonichu Pages. So you can go do your own drugs and burn your own strips to smoke with, you DOPE.
Sonichu is original. Moon-Pals is a ripoff. It's incredibly obvious and you must be Slow-In-The-Mind for not seeing it.

Asperpedia Four

Undeniable proof of Chris's derangement.

Sean was a member of the Asperpedia Four, a group of Asperchu fans that all had one thing in common, that they were wronged by Chris. Unfortunately, Sean's involvement in the group did not end well, as Chris grew angrier and angrier at the four, leading to the infamous Sonichu 10

In it, the Asperpedia Four are put on trial for the murder of Simonla, to which they were sentenced guilty. As a punishment for thier crimes, Mao, Sean, Alec and Evan were sentenced to death. Sean was hung from the ceiling by his wrists and shot dead by three of the characters he had so slanderously parodied: Kel, Bill the Scientist and Allison Amber.

In the revised edition, the Four are exiled to an Amish community, where Sean becomes "the village idiot."


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