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Sonichu character
Chris-Chan Sonichu
Date of birth 24th February 1982
Gender Male Female
Length N/A
Weight N/A
Parents Bob Chandler and Barbara Chandler
Species Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric
Evolves from N/A
Evolves into N/A
Chris-Chan's origin is unknown but when he is needed to help the Chaotic Combo, he is there. Quandry is brought up on the Sonichu-Head mark on his chest.
Chris-Chan [Sonichu] Animal Crossing card

Chris-chan Sonichu is Chris's full-on Mary Sue fursona in the Sonichu comics. In October 2010, Chris actually transformed into Chris-Chan Sonichu. The character became a transexual in 2015, mirroring Chris's own transwoman identity. In 2018, after being influenced by the Idea Guys, and as a coping mechanism, Chris developed a messiah complex involving Chris-chan Sonichu and another imaginary alter-ego, CPU Blue Heart.


Fun fact: Chris-Chan Sonichu also appears in Chris's sex fantasies.

When Christian Weston Chandler uses his Sonichu medallion to summon the Electric Hedgehog power of the Anchuent Prophecy, he is transformed into the legendary hero, Chris-Chan Sonichu. This alter ego allows Chris to join in the adventures of his creation Sonichu, inevitably leading to his self-insert stealing the spotlight from his own original character. Chris-Chan Sonichu (or simply "Chris-Chan"), looks exactly like a blue Sonichu, who is just a yellow Sonic the Hedgehog, which puts us right back where we started. Thus, Chris-Chan Sonichu rips off the design of Sonic the Hedgehog more than any of Chris's other creations.

In the early years following Sonichu's creation, Chris identified himself with the character directly, portraying potential love interest Sarah Hammer as Rosechu and rival Wes Iseli as Black Sonichu. At some point Chris found it necessary to more fully distinguish himself from his creation, and created a new set of hedgehog alter-egos for himself, Sarah, and Wes. As revealed in Sonichu #2, Chris, Sarah, and Wes are the reincarnations of Native Americans who possessed "anchuent powers" necessary to oppose the evil of Count Graduon. Upon discovering the Anchuent Prophecy, Chris is shown how to transform into Chris-chan Sonichu by pressing his medallion.

Chris-Chan Sonichu's powers seem to be the same as those of the regular Sonichu powers, plus flight (in The Sonichu Chronicles, he claims it gives him the ability to use the powers of all the Electric Hedgehogs (rendering all of them redundant), though he can do that even as a human), and the medallion is apparently absorbed into his flesh, leaving a white mark where it used to lie. His only known weakness is that if the white mark is pressed he will revert back to fat, useless human Chris. Being vulnerable to a single poke in the chest would seem to be an insurmountable disadvantage, but Chris invariably transforms back with little effort. This is most likely a ripoff of two characters: Sailor Moon, who had reverted to normal at least twice after having her transformation brooch damaged, and the Z-Putties from Power Rangers, mooks who'd explode after being struck on the Z-shield on their chests. Initially, Chris-Chan Sonichu was depicted as an alter-ego for Chris, making the name a secret identity much like archetypal American superheroes.

Despite his massive arsenal of powers, as mentioned below, Chris-Chan Sonichu is defeated in the comic more than any other character. This is possibly due to the fact that Chris is usually the main character in the later comics. This shows that even in fiction, Chris's ego proves to be his downfall, and that even in his fantasy world, Chris fails miserably.

After the theft of his medallion in real life in October 2008, Chris rushed out a story meant to appear in Sonichu #10, in which the medallion is stolen in the comic as well. In the story Chris realizes that his Chris-Chan Sonichu powers came from his High School Ring all along, and that he does not need the medallion at all (although he uses his limitless power to reclaim it nonetheless), conveniently forgetting that the ring was not seen on Chris's finger in Sonichu #2 when Chris first transforms at the Destiny Cave.[1] The purpose of the story appears to be to show the trolls that despite stealing the medallion they had not stolen Chris's Electric Hedgehog power, which is insane even for Chris. Compounding this batshittery, in The Sonichu Chronicles Chris feels it is necessary to explicitly tell Nintendo that he does not have Electric Hedgehog power in real life.

Chris incorporates his Chris-Chan Sonichu form into his sex fantasies too, as seen by the picture to the right. The fursona made an appearance in a sex audio session with Julie, with whom he role played being Chris-chan Sonichu and sending shocks of electricity through Julie's wet china. In the "Giant Penis Comic", Chris depicts the consummation of his storybook marriage to Ivy, showing himself and his lover transforming into their respective animal forms to properly yiff in holy matrimony.

Chris-Chan Sonichu also appeared in the video ECV 00002 in October 2010, when Chris cosplayed as his comic fursona at the request of then current sweetheart Jackie.[2]

Chris repeatedly signed his name as "Chris Chan Sonichu" on court documents relating to his March 2018 trespass charge, despite it not being his legal name, though no action was taken by court staff on the matter.[3]

In the Comic


Chris-Chan Sonichu is briefly alluded to during the Introductions segment following the end of Episode 1 of Sonichu #0, alongside Wes-Li Sonichu and Saramah Rosechu. Chris doesn't immediately state that it is his Sonichu form in the comic, merely implying that Chris-Chan Sonichu and the others will have some significance later.

Classic Sonichu Strips

Chris-Chan Sonichu appears in two of the five Classic Sonichu Strips. One of them is a Mother's Day special, in which he and Sonichu team up to save Barb from Naitsirhc. At the end of this strip, Chris-Chan Sonichu transforms back into regular Chris to talk to his mother, thus ruining any attempt at dramatic build-up Chris may have been trying to establish with the vagueness on Chris-Chan Sonichu in the Introductions segment. The other strip is a simple fight with Jerkops and Mary Lee Walsh held over the course of two pages. Chris of course gets his ass handed to him immediately, and has to be saved by Saramah Rosechu, who is revealed to be Sarah Hammer, thus ruining that surprise too.

Christian Chandler in "Jerkop-tastropie"

In case the reader missed it the first time in the Classic Sonichu Strips, Chris more explicitly transforms into Chris-Chan Sonichu here in the very first Sub-episode to fight the Jerkhief, complete with transformation sequence. The Jerkhief gets robot armor, and Chris gets Pokémon moves. He defeats Jerkhief, who then attempts to shoot him. Chris responds with a Curse-ye-ha-me-ha and curses him with "bad luck and extreme misfortune", also causing his wife to leave him and the man to lose his house and his beloved children. In light of revelations later in the comic that all the Jerkops were really just brainwashed minions who didn't know any better, this scene later became even more horrifying.

Sonichu in "Anchuent Prophecy"

For the first time, an actual explanation is given for why Chris has magic hedgehog powers. This episode features Sonichu happening upon the Destiny Cave and taking Christian back there, where he places his Sonichu Medallion on the pedestal and gains his powers for the first time. This would seem to indicate that this episode is the first canonical appearance of Chris-Chan Sonichu, and the Sub-episodes and strips that feature him take place some time afterwards.

Christian Chandler in "Chaos & Serenity"

Chris-Chan appears here with Sonichu some place just outside of CWCville, described by a map reference Chris added on the page only as "rough terrain". Dialogue indicates that the two had been training offscreen, and Chris accidentally discovers how to change back into his human form; via the mark on his chest. Wes then attacks, Chris and Sonichu dodge, the two of them have a long boring debate in which Chris is obviously meant to be right, and then they fight. Chris loses and is saved by Sarah intervening, just like in the strip.

Chris-Chan, Saramah, & Wes-Li in "The Evil that Stomped CWCville"

The fight from last issue stops and Chris, Wes and Sarah all have a long boring discussion about the past in which Chris and Wes both whine a lot, eventually ending when Count Graduon finally appears with Mary Lee Walsh. They realize that he was the evil they were meant to fight, and so they team up to rip off Sonic Heroes and use their Team Blast attack to destroy a stone golem that Graduon had summoned. They then all change back and head home to talk more.

Christian Chandler & Sonichu in "Witch Confront"

Chris one day randomly decides to go to Mary's hideout at the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens and kill her. He breaks in through the window in his Chris-Chan Sonichu form, makes a self righteous speech, attacks her, and gets beaten up yet again. Mary does this by hitting his singular weak point; the white mark on his chest, and he changes back into his normal self right in front of her. In theory, his identity was supposed to be a secret up until this point, even if a poorly hidden one given that he specifically mentions Christian Weston Chandler in his above mentioned speech, but nevertheless it is at this point Mary officially knows that it's him. Sonichu then steps in to save his father after his failed assassination attempt, and between them they manage to completely atomize her. It should be noted that this entire Sub-episode is just a redrawn version of a previous Classic Sonichu Strip, except that Chris did not transform in the last one.

Christian Chandler in "McAttack"

Chris is bothered in the Get-Tar region by B-Manajerk and Merried Seinor Comic. Always the coward, Chris quickly gets assistance from Darkbind Sonichu to help him out in the fight, and the two teams battle it out. Because Chris transforms whilst wearing his Anime Wings, he becomes an upgraded version of his regular form, Super Chris-Chan Sonichu, who is essentially regular Chris-Chan Sonichu plus the flying Wing Cap powerup from Super Mario 64. He defeats B-Manajerk whilst Darkbind defeats the Merried Seinor Comic, and Darkbind leaves shortly afterwards, just in time for Chris to get ambushed by the cyborg W-M-Manajerk, ending the sub-episode on a cliffhanger. After his initial appearance, Super Chris-Chan Sonichu is never seen again, as the Anime Wings are lost after the fight.

Christian Chandler in "McAttack Part 2"

Chris spends most of this episode in his human form, but becomes Chris-Chan Sonichu again towards the end. After Chris uses the Heart Torch of Fail to will his imaginary twin sister into existence, the two of them then both transform into hedgehogs and fight W-M-Manajerk together, her having a weird Sailor Soldier themed form called Crystalina Rosechu. The two eventually defeat W-M-Manajerk and throw his severed head all the way back to PVCC, where it hits Mary and knocks her off her chair. She is then mocked by a cuckoo clock bird that Mary had for some reason programmed to insult her and shout words of support for Chris.

Christian Chandler in "Off-Target"

Chris-Chan Sonichu is featured right away on the first page of this Sub-episode, as the first two pages are a reprint of the Classic Sonichu Strip from before where Chris gets beaten up at the mall by Jerkops and is saved by Sarah Hammer, with the addition of a single panel in which the defeated Mary swears to come back and defeat him with the "strongest most evil villian [sic] ever". Said strongest most evil villain ever turns out not to be Count Graduon, the ancient evil spirit who had threatened the ancient Cherokee and Wasabi clans, but some guy called Bagget, who is essentially a regular Jerkop dressed in a brown Power Rangers suit. Chris transforms, fights him, reverts to regular Chris, and then Bagget brings in his "Change-Bot" called Crackder, and picks up Chris, only to drop him from a high height. The Sub-episode ends on another cliffhanger.

Christian Chandler in "Off-Target Part 2"

Chris is defeated in human form and captured by Bagget early in the issue, and then taken back to PVCC to be executed via giant cooking pot. Crystal saves him at the last minute and the two of them transform. The two in their transformed states form the combo team "Chris-Chan Pure", and using the most weeaboo move in the entire Sonichu series, the Chrs-Chan Pure Pulse-Jolt Lance, they defeat Mary and Graduon. Piedmont Virginia Community College is freed of their evil grasp, and so Mary and Graduon go to take over Manchester High School instead.

Christian Chandler in "My Best Friend's Cherokian Wedding"

Chris attends Sarah Hammer and William Spicer's wedding in secret, via unexplained invisibility powers, and intervenes when Wes shows up again to kidnap Sarah. Chris transforms to fight him once more, but this time they battle it out with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards instead of Pokémon attacks. Chris yet again gets curb-stomped by a superior foe, but is also saved again. This time the heroes are Sailor Megtune and Megagi La Skunk, who save him from another attack and force him to finish the battle and win.

"Smashed Hearts & Entrapment"

Mary Lee Walsh attacks the city so Chris transforms again, also calling in his sister, Sonichu, Rosechu and the Chaotic Combo. Mary then lets out the CADD Chef; a giant robotic duplicate of Chris's CADD instructor from PVCC, and the Chris-Chan Pure defeat it. Eventually, Mary reveals the Dark Mirror Hole and attempts to trap Chris inside it. Entering the mirror causes Chris's form to deactivate, and also fulfills another portion of the Anchuent Prophecy, granting Naitsirhc dark powers as well and giving him the ability to become Reldnahc Ha-Taque. Chris is pulled out of the mirror by Crystal, who sacrifices herself to save him by throwing herself into the mirror in Chris's place.

"Evil is Afoot!"

After deciding to use the Sonichu Balls to rescue Crystal from the Dark Mirror, Chris hears a noise downstairs in the mall and comes across Reldnahc Ha-Taque robbing a jewelers. He chases him down, finding out whilst doing so that he was secretly Naitsirhc, transformed by the dark powers he had received, and the two fight in hedgehog form. The fight leads to Manchester High School, which appears NOT to be controlled by Mary Lee Walsh, and the fight ends when Chris is, (you guessed it), defeated and then saved by someone else leaping in from nowhere, this time Bionic the Hedgehog.


Chris-Chan Sonichu does not appear again until the end of Sonichu #9, as after Episode 14, the comic focuses on a non-violent time travel story which did not show Chris-Chan Sonichu at any point. The story then ends with Chris getting lost in the Time Void, and he is absent from subsequent issues. Chris is pulled out of this Time Void at the end of Sonichu #9, at which point he is already in Chris-Chan Sonichu form for some unknown reason.

Sonichu Special 1

Chris-Chan Sonichu appears in Sonichu Special 1 as part of the brief fight with Cly, the comic alter ego of Clyde Cash, whom he defeats and rescues Ivy from. This comic's placement in canon is unclear, as Chris first met Ivy through literal divine intervention whilst he was still stuck in the Time Void, and she had died in the Battle of CWCville by the time he got out.

Giant Penis Comic

Chris-Chan Sonichu also made a two-page cameo in the Giant Penis Comic, where Chris transformed into him temporarily for sexual purposes during his honeymoon with Ivy. Ivy in turn used a form known as "Princess Ivy", though how she had such power is not clear. This comic is also subject to canon issues mentioned above.

Christian Chandler in Director Amenities

Following on from Sonichu #9 Chris spends most of the early pages of this issue in Chris-chan Sonichu form, running around CWCville doing many minor "chores". Among other things, he destroys the old Tripod building which used to host his site, killing a bunch of Devil Trolls who had got inside whilst doing so, met up with and had a date with Lovely Weather, his confirmed future wife, and ended up getting accidentally captured by Beel and Jason Kendrick Howell. The two of them stole his Sonichu Medallion, but in doing so they discover that the medallion was a decoy all along, and that the true source of his power was his Amnyfest Ring. He nevertheless still takes the medallion back, which he passes on to his trusted sweetheart Blanca. He then destroys the building, kills Beel, and moves on to fight Reldnahc in the park, who he defeats and injects with the Gay Vaccine from the FutureTM. This is the last time in the comic that Chris-chan Sonichu is seen, as for the rest of the issue Chris chooses to commit any further atrocities in either human form or as the super powered Colossal Chan, and the series was put on indefinite hold after the issue was completed.


Chrissy-Chan Rosechu.

In a Facebook post of 21 May 2015, Chris revealed a new story involving Chris-chan Sonichu. Since his last appearance in Sonichu, Chris's character in the comic came out as a lesbian transwoman, also known as Christine Chan. Sometime afterward, his help was needed in defending Cwcville from Count Graduon. For this task Chris transformed into Chris-chan Sonichu, and after defeating Graduon and his underlings, found out to his delight that his new Sonichu form was that of a female. The new Chris-chan Sonichu had large breasts, a vagina, a uterus, ovaries and ovium. Learning of his capability to reproduce as a female, Chris-chan Sonichu impregnated himself with a sample of his own semen that he had preserved while in his human form. Graduon attacked Cwcville again, but was thwarted by Chris-chan Sonichu once more. Chris-chan Sonichu now tried to transform back into his human form, but was unable. Two weeks later, Chris-chan Sonichu laid two eggs and could now become a human again. A Sonee named Russel and a Rosey named Cynthia hatched from the eggs three weeks later.

Transformation sequence, after becoming a transwoman.

It is not clear under what species of Electric Hedgehog Pokémon Chris-chan Sonichu falls; in the original post Chris describes Comic-Chris's self-insemination as occurring while he's in a "(female) Sonichu form" and not in a Rosechu form. Likewise, even after his sex change, the character is still called Chris-chan Sonichu. Upon reflection, however, Chris said that Chris-chan Sonichu could be considered a Rosechu and suggested a possible new name: "Chrissy-Chan Rosechu."

Chris-chan Sonichu's new design does not differ significantly from his previous one. His shoes are now green and blue rather than black and white, his tail has changed into a heart-shaped form (because female Pikachus have similar tails[4]), and he has large breasts. Other than that he retains his previous physical characteristics. The shape of his ears is the same as that of male Sonichus (such as Sonichu, Punchy and Magi-Chan), and does not resemble those of Rosechus (such as Rosechu, Angelica and Bubbles).

In 2017, Chris illustrated Chris-chan Sonichu's transformation sequence, which uses elements from MLP and Sailor Moon. He acknowledged being inspired by the latter.[5]

"dare I say your next Body Pillow Daki?"

In 2021, Chris posted a nightmarish image of a sexy Chris-Chan Sonichu performing a striptease.[6]


Drawing from 2021

Being a God-mode Sue for Chris, Chris-Chan Sonichu has shown many powers over the course of the comic, any one of which should theoretically allow him to win any battle, but none of which are ever used except as a finishing move, and sometimes only in conjunction with another person helping. Chris's powers allow him super speed, flight, teleportation at will, use of Pokémon attacks, the ability to summon swords or bombs made of lightning, and, as a human, the ability to make himself invisible, kill people with his mind, put curses on people and use any and all powers of the Chaotic Combo, which Chris claims his Chris-Chan Sonichu form is capable of as well.[7] In the order that they were first mentioned or used in the comic, Chris-Chan Sonichu's powers include, but are not limited to:

  1. Mega Kick
  2. Double Team
  3. Mirror Coat
  4. Thunderbolt
  5. Barrier
  6. Curse-ye-ha-me-ha
  7. Super speed
  8. Hyper Beam
  9. Mach Punch
  10. Team Blast: Blue Fireball Attack (with Wes-Li Sonichu and Saramah Rosechu)
  11. Flight (as Super Chris-Chan Sonichu)
  12. Aerial Ace (as Super Chris-Chan Sonichu)
  13. Substitute
  14. Sky Uppercut
  15. Double Corkscrew Kick (with Crystalina Rosechu)
  16. Sword of Lightning
  17. Mega Punch
  18. Chrs-Chan Pure Pulse-Jolt Lance (with Crystalina Rosechu)
  19. Quick Thunder
  20. Lightning Bomb
  21. Chaotic Control
  22. Reflect Dome

Please note that only the powers Chris-Chan Sonichu is seen using are listed here. Human Chris's powers and Collosal Chan's powers are excluded from the list.

Deity powers

Main article: CPU Blue Heart


Chris recorded lines for Chris Chan Sonichu for the Sonic World fan game, hoping for a mod of the character.


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