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The PVCC logo
Exterior and interior drawings of PVCC HQ
After being Laid Off and down on her Love Luck, she sought revenge and make that ALL WILL REMAIN VIRGINS WITHOUT TRUE, HONEST LOVE within the State of Virginia.
Chris, on the origins of the PVCC[1]

The Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens (PVCCitizens), also called Prowldent Virginia Community College (ProwldentVCC), is a fictionalized version of Piedmont Virginia Community College that appears in the Sonichu comics as the headquarters for the collective activities of the villains of CWCville.


Mary Lee Walsh (retconned as "Slaweel Ryam") was "Dean of Student Services" at Piedmont Virginia Community College, until June 2000. She was fired for making love potions and selling drugs on the side.[1] The downtrodden MLW picked herself up and built the "Prowldent Virginia Community College" (Chris fucks up the entire series continuity right here), ten miles north of CWCville. While building, Mary came into contact with Count Graduon, amplifying her powers. Under the guise of running an educational institution, she began to recruit the Jerkops and engineer the first Decepti-Clones.[2]

In a CWCipedia account, Chris tells of fighting against the tyrannical PVCC in March 2004, in some sort of terrible Go-Bots/Power Rangers/anime battle. Mary Lee then changed her name to Slaweel and set up a new PVCC in the ruined Manchester High School / Menchi-Nasu High School (which explains why she was in MHS in Sonichu #4, and brings "The High School Story" into the Sonichu continuity).

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