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Every Original Character Begins in our Sister Dimension, C-197, and stays there, unless that OC is specified to Mainly Exist in an alternate dimension or timeline aside from C-197 [...] And we will all be soon able to fully see them in the #DimensionalMerge.
Chris's ultimate fantasy[1].
I recall that there was a Mythos about me online: myself, Chris Chan, I; I was an OC in my own stories; was I Real in this “Reality” that is Dimension 1218? And then I was confirmed in late 2007 with that blurry photograph of me in a moment of great shock and stress.
Chris claiming himself as an original character[2].
This is going to be a massive and lovely OC party! Also, Pepsiman is apparently also in the group shot, not realizing that Chris drunk Fanta with his own semen and has his own Soda brand as opposed to Pepsi.

An OC (short for original character or original creation) is a character in a fanwork that didn't previously exist in the source material. In Chris's fantasy world however, it is a term which refers to any residents he envisions in dimension C-197, regardless of their original creator.

Chris has also used this term to refer to himself as a goddess (In this case, the term is short for original creator), solely because he believes OCs originate in the C-197 dimension he rules over. Before this, Chris had created a huge multitude of characters of other franchises, primarily ones for the Sonic the Hedgehog canon. For at least a decade, Chris had believed the possibility that all fictional characters may actually exist in an entirely separate dimension[3]. However, this would later transition into him actually believing that the universe is one big cartoon, where every living thing is actually a character of said cartoon. With this delusional mindset, people such as the Idea Guys fanned the flames of Chris' detachment from reality, and further convinced him it's possible to communicate with OCs.

Chris has stated on at least one occasion that the primary reason why people who are less enlightened than him cannot see or interact with these OCs is because all dimensions are separated by a force field referred to as "the fourth wall". This barrier is completely impenetrable by all mortal beings, but it can be pierced by OCs so that they can communicate with beings living in dimensions such as 1218. Chris believes that it is the primary duty for everyone to break past the barrier once and for all, and get the chance to live with their OC for eternity.

To add an extra layer of insanity, Chris has even stated that all characters from live-action shows such as Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory, also count as OCs that were created in a separate dimension. He believes that all of the events that happen in such TV shows are more or less a recording of the creators entering dimension C-197.[4]

OC Types

The pages below will attempt to list and describe all of the notable OCs Chris incorporated from media he consumes and influences such as the Idea Guys, Jacob Sockness, and his true and loyal fanbase and put into the continuity of his beliefs. So far, Chris has announced well over 200 characters either from the media he watches, from those created by fans, those that he made, or those from religious texts as OCs.

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