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Every Original Character Begins in our Sister Dimension, C-197, and stays there, unless that OC is specified to Mainly Exist in an alternate dimension or timeline aside from C-197 [...] And we will all be soon able to fully see them in the #DimensionalMerge.
Chris's ultimate fantasy[1].
I recall that there was a Mythos about me online: myself, Chris Chan, I; I was an OC in my own stories; was I Real in this “Reality” that is Dimension 1218? And then I was confirmed in late 2007 with that blurry photograph of me in a moment of great shock and stress.
Chris claiming himself as an original character[2].
This is going to be a massive and lovely OC party! Also, Pepsiman is apparently also in the group shot, not realizing that Chris drunk Fanta with his own semen and has his own Soda brand as opposed to Pepsi.

An OC (short for original character or original creation) is a character in a fanwork that didn't previously exist in the source material. In Chris's fantasy world however, it is a term which refers to any residents he envisions in dimension C-197, regardless of their original creator.

Chris has also used this term to refer to himself as a goddess (In this case, the term is short for original creator), solely because he believes OCs originate in the C-197 dimension he rules over. Before this, Chris had created a huge multitude of characters of other franchises, primarily ones for the Sonic the Hedgehog canon. For at least a decade, Chris had believed the possibility that all fictional characters may actually exist in an entirely separate dimension[3]. However, this would later transition into him actually believing that the universe is one big cartoon, where every living thing is actually a character of said cartoon. With this delusional mindset, people such as the Idea Guys fanned the flames of Chris' detachment from reality, and further convinced him it's possible to communicate with OCs.

Chris has stated on at least one occasion that the primary reason why people who are less enlightened than him cannot see or interact with these OCs is because all dimensions are separated by a force field referred to as "the fourth wall". This barrier is completely impenetrable by all mortal beings, but it can be pierced by OCs so that they can communicate with beings living in dimensions such as 1218. Chris believes that it is the primary duty for everyone to break past the barrier once and for all, and get the chance to live with their OC for eternity.

To add an extra layer of insanity, Chris has even stated that all characters from live-action shows such as Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory, also count as OCs that were created in a separate dimension. He believes that all of the events that happen in such TV shows are more or less a recording of the creators entering dimension C-197.[4]

This page will attempt to list and describe all of the notable OCs Chris incorporated from media he consumes and influences such as the Idea Guys, Jacob Sockness, and his true and loyal fanbase and put into the continuity of his beliefs. So far, Chris has announced well over 200 characters either from the media he watches, from those created by fans, those that he made, or those from religious texts as OCs.

List of OCs


In some shape or form, Chris believes all people and fictional characters, including patently fictional ones, really exist and are alive and well in another Reality Cartoon and in other Dimensions such as C-197. Therefore, only add notable OCs to the list, which include ones introduced in his TSSSF cards.
Picture Name Influence(s) Description Status Dimension(s) of Origin Comic Debut
Afrikaners Multidimensional White Knights Allegedly working for Moonman in a dimension MWK invented where Apartheid still exists. They're actually from a Spitting Image song making fun of Apartheid. [1] Creation Unknown MWK Dimension N/A
Akan Idea Guys The main antagonist of the film Hardcore Henry, as well as one of Chris' main threats in Sonichu 13, who's evil plan was to pose as God and Jesus Christ. Creation C-197 Sonichu 13
Akashic Guardian The Chronicler of the Akashic Records who provides Chris with information for his Goddess Log while in prison. Chris Chronicler Unknown N/A
Al-Frankli Multidimensional White Knights An alter-ego of Professor Frankly from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door who rules over the Ottoman Empire. Creation C-197 N/A
Amadeus Multidimensional White Knights An alter-ego of Spongebob Squarepants that ruled over Austria-Hungary and reformed the Ottoman Empire. Creation C-197 N/A
Amber Ana Stabler A female Sonichu that is only slightly stronger than an average Sonichu. Has the ability to bring drawings to life. Creation Unknown N/A
Andrew Blaze Randy Stair A reincarnation of lolcow and spree shooter Randy Stair. Creator C-197 N/A
Angefly MKRNightVee A legendary Pokémon who lives deep in the sea. Creation C-197 N/A
Angelica Chris and Idea Guys A Flying/Electric type Rosechu from the Chaotic Combo with strict Catholic values. In Sonichu 13, she has converted to Islam before converting to Satanism. Creation C-197 Sonichu 3
Animal Crossing creations Chris All characters created and interacted with in the Animal Crossing series exist in C-139, which is a sub-dimension of C-197. Creation C-139 N/A
Aiko-Chris's New Bird.jpg
Anime characters Idea Guys As a group deemed worthy recipients of prayer in Believe in the OCs and Deities!, without further qualifications. Creation and Creator Unknown Sonichu 5
Aqua AquaDiamond8 The Goddess avatar of AquaDiamond8. After she realized that knocking any sense into Chris about his delusions would be impossible, she has decided to play along with them, and roleplayed as the Macbook Pro goddess of ZX-49 with him. She has also drawn a Sonichu counterpart of her character, akin to Chris-Chan Sonichu. CPU ZX-49 N/A
Arfoire Zero.png
Arfoire Idea Guys The ultimate driving force of all of the trolls and the prevention of the Dimensional Merge, according to Chris. Idea Guy Joshua Wise convinced Chris that this character was the true identity of Jessica Quinn. Creator C-197 N/A
Asperchu Alec Benson Leary Ironically, the character that Chris once sought to destroy is now accepted as a Sonichu OC. Creation Unknown Sonichu 10
Astoria pepperxhu An Electric/Water type Rosechu said to live outside of CWCville and does gardening as a hobby. Her gardening is apparently so good, all of the plants shimmer day and night. Creation C-197 N/A
AyyJay Farton Unknown A My Little Pony OC. Chris "discovered" him and said he's known for "Apple Juice Farts; really bad, and yet apple juice is his favourite beverage. Pew!" Probably a troll creation. After describing this character, Chris had to deny that he has a fart fetish[5]. Creation Unknown N/A
Bananasauros William Elliott Waterman A bipedal banana abomination that absolutely everybody, including Chris himself, hates. He was created by infamous white knight, William Waterman as the protagonist of the game named after him. Waterman had commissioned Chris to insert this character into Sonichu 11, where he moves in with Punchy Sonichu and causes all sorts of problems for him. Creation C-197 Sonichu 11
Bionic Chris Chris' very first Sonic OC. He is the long lost brother of Sonic the Hedgehog who loves to play basketball. Creation C-197 Sonichu 6
Blake Chris and Idea Guys The original arch rival of Sonichu created from an accidental dose of cherry cola spilled on a Sonichu clone Dr. Robotnik was in the process of making. In Sonichu 13, he is turned into an idolizer of Osama Bin Laden with hinted ties with ISIS. Creation C-197 Sonichu 1
Blanca Blanca Weiss Manager of the popstar, Jiggliami. Creation C-197 Sonichu 7
Blazebob PandaHalo One of Sarah Cassandra McKenzie's Pokémon, who witnesses the trainer's death. Creation C-197 Sonichu 9
Bolt Kalie S. Sonichu's real-life counterpart in the fancomic, Sonichu Retold. He is a hybrid of a mouse and a hedgehog with dog-like traits. Creation Unknown N/A
Boris rps_only A shoddily-drawn Sonichu that draws in enemies with a mysterious gravitational field Creation Unknown N/A
Bowsette Unknown To the internet community, she is the effect of Bowser wearing the Super Crown. To Chris, she is the daughter of the King Koopa himself. Has been causing trouble to Chris and his Electric Hedgehogs lately. Creation C-197 N/A
Bubbles Chris and Idea Guys A water-type Rosechu from the Chaotic Combo that originally had no discernible qualities or personality. In Sonichu 13, she has decided that she identifies as a muscle-bound black man. Chris therefore decided to draw her with a body-type similar to that of Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic Boom. Creation C-197 Sonichu 3
Bundychu Idea Guys The notorious serial killer and rapist of the 1970s, but as a Sonichu. The Idea Guys convinced Chris that he was among The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus produced beside more familiar characters like Wild Sonichu and Magi-Chan in Sonichu 0. Creation C-197 Sonichu 13
Calvin Cooley Chris One of the leaders of TrollBusters – an organization dedicated to stopping online and real life harassment. Creation C-197 N/A
Amethyst Heart OC.JPG
Cannotonia (CPU Amethyst Heart) MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the LaserActive Console. CPU C-197 N/A
Carrie Krueger Multidimensional White Knights The original MWK account, taking the role of Carrie Kruger from The Amazing World of Gumball. Creation and Creator C-197 N/A
Chester DeadDoodle A drummer electric-type Sonichu that can literally make drums and cymbals spark electricity. Creation Unknown N/A
Cheval Unknown A fire-electric type Sonichu with possible PTSD that lives a lonely life, due to the amount of unintended damage he causes around him. He is wrongly accused by everyone he meets as being an "edgelord". Why he is named after the french word for "horse" is anyone's guess. Creation Unknown N/A
Chloe PandaHalo One of Sarah Cassandra McKenzie's Pokémon, who witnesses the trainer's death. Creation C-197 Sonichu 9
Chris Chan Sonichu Chris? The self-acclaimed OC of OCs, and the Sonichu avatar of Chris who is treated as an entirely separate entity, and yet is also the supreme creator as well as a creation made by Chris. Supreme Creator and Creation 1218 Sonichu 2
Chris Clones Idea Guys A race of blobby sexually-aggressive Chris doppelgangers that chant JULAY. These creatures were created as a result of Nightstar attempting to clone Chris using his DNA. They are all lead out by Johnson Wiles, Megan, and Neptunia out in open fields to be burnt and destroyed with napalm. Creation C-197 Sonichu 13
Chris's deceased pets Chris Reincarnations of Patti and the deceased Chandler Cats[6]. Creation C-197 Sonichu 6
CWCspread cropped.jpg
Christian Weston Chandler Chris Yes, Chris has proclaimed himself a goddess, and believes that the majority of men living on this planet should bow down and serve his will as one. Supreme Creator 1218 Sonichu 0
Cindy Zapbud Chris Chris imagined this up out of spite towards Cole Smithey. In the Rosechu's Story's fancomic, Cole is a Pokemon Professor. Chris disapproved of this detail and claimed that Cole was later demoted due to faltering work, and that Cindy Zapbud replaced him. Chris made sure to note that Zapbud is 4'11'' and has D-cup breasts[7] Creation C-197 N/A
Classic OBBGtgeUltimate A rubberhose-themed Sonichu that can stretch his limbs infinitely. The design is clearly based off of the design for Mickey Mouse in the 1928 short, Steamboat Willie. Creation Unknown N/A
Count Graduon Cropped.jpg
Count Graduon Chris and Idea Guys The overall main antagonist of the Sonichu series, who was based off of Chris' graduation from High School. When the Idea Guys got a hold of his comics, they revised the story so that Chris could sign a peace treaty with him, to which the lands of CWCville would be converted into land for prison camps. What Chris has in store for this character in Sonichu 16 is anyone's guess. Creation C-197 Sonichu 1
CPU goddesses Idea Guys As a group, these anime fembots from a video game series were made the object of Chris's adulation under the Idea Guys' influence in late 2017, and together with Chris's own OCs form the nucleus of this mixed bag of a pantheon. Noteable examples found on this list include Scarlet the Commodore Goddess, and Battery-Charge Heart. CPU C-197 Sonichu 14
Crypt Wing Chris A magical Pegasus who suggests to his best friend fly in the air while carrying a cup, thus counting it as "levitating sky high". Gets high just from snorting the air, which causes him to bark like a dog. Creation C-197 N/A
Cryzel Idea Guys Created by the Idea Guys solely so that they can make Chris into a pedofork by having him marry her, along with Magi-Chan, Mewtwo, and Sylvana. Creation 1218 Sonichu 13
Cupcake MeowserGhost A female Sonichu who is a self-proclaimed food critic. She is on an ongoing quest to find the best desserts in the world, sampling from all of the world's cafes and restaurants. Despite all of this, she is an awful cook. Creation Unknown N/A
CWC Psychlight drawing.jpg
CWC Psychlight Chris Chris's biographer.[8] Basically a personification of the CWCki, except one that's favorable to Chris, which would be the former CWCipedia. Chronicler C-197 N/A
Daedalus Cedric Eff A Degu character created by Kiwi Farms user, Cedric Eff. He is a very skilled mechanic that builds jets, armor, and weapons. Creation X686 N/A
Dahmerchu AshleyRosechu The notorious 1990s serial killer, cannibal, and rapist, but as a Sonichu. It is implied that he is supposed to appear in Sonichu #17, yet another work of the Idea Guys' manipulating Chris's comic lore. [9] Creation C-197 Sonichu 17
Dark Idea Guy Idea Guys Chris believed the Dark Idea Guy was plotting to invade from Alcatraz through a crack in Chris's shower[10]. First mentioned by Chris in October 2018, half a year after the Idea Guys had been removed from power, meaning Chris still referring to old Idea Guy notes. Creator Unknown N/A
Darkbind Chris The apparent hero character of RuleCWC with little to no backstory that somehow became popular with weens. Creation C-197 Sonichu 3
Darkrinai Chris Dark/Fighting Electric Hedgehog Pokémon. Creation C-197 N/A
Darius, King of Babylon Multidimensional White Knights A C-197 bastardization of Ed Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life, conflated with the Persian king who conquered Babylon and threw Daniel into the lions' den, that MWK said was allying with Chris to fight Ben's slime. Creation C-197 N/A
Dee Dee Anastasia Chris One of the leaders of TrollBusters – an organization dedicated to stopping online and real life harassment. Creation C-197 N/A
Demonchu Chris The guard dogs of Count Graduon. They can run as fast as cheetahs, bite and attack like wolves, and have a very good sense of smell. Creation C-197 N/A
Derek Cedric Eff Another OC created by Cedric. He is the X686 counterpart of Magi-Chan. Creation X686 N/A
Devil Teen Troon Squad The Sonichu fursona of one of the unnamed members from the Teen Troon Squad. He is said to have a "lit head" Creation 1218 N/A
Devilica Unknown One of three clones created from the spliced DNA of Sonichu, Angelica, and Magi-chan. She is a Rosechu with an ambiguous sexual orientation that ended up living in the slums of CWCville. Creation C-197 N/A
Devil Trolls Chris All of the trolls that have posed as a sweetheart to Chris have all collectively been considered OCs by him. They are sometimes represented as fairy-like creatures called "Devil Trolls". Creation C-197 Sonichu 10
Diamond Melody Jessica Quinn The pony avatar of sweetheart Jessica Quinn, and Nightstar’s lover before Kun T’Nyuget. Includes pony and human counterparts. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Dio Brando Jack Z. The vampire antagonist of Part 1 and 3 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Chris was convinced that Dio would cause trouble to him at the 2018 BronyCon. Is also believed by Chris to be lurking around Egypt due to the Dimensional Merge. Creation C-197 N/A
DJ Jamsta Chris Resident DJ of KCWC radio station. Creation C-197 Sonichu 7
Dr. Wolf.jpg
Dr. Wolf DRWolf The MLP fursona of Brent Wilson, a Youtuber who reviews episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Even though he has garnered a lot of attention from the brony fanbase in 2013, Chris hasn't noticed him until mid-2018, when his experience at the 2018 BronyCon was blogged on his channel. Eventually, when Chris began getting blocked by several Twitter users, Chris decided to use his fursona in both a Lego video and in Sonichu Special 6, where he lectures the characters about the supposed psychological damage inflicted onto Chris, as Chris has reduced this character to being a stock doctor character in his comics. Creation C-197 Sonichu Special 6
Emmanuelle Unknown Chris has even reduced God himself to an OC. "Emmanuelle" is what Chris believes to be the true name of the Hebrew god, Yahweh. It is worthy to mention that the name "Immanuel" is a common Jewish name, Hebrew for "God with us". Also of note is how Chris believes God to be a woman. Creator Unknown Sonichu 10
Ember marshmarlowe A punk female Sonichu. Creation Unknown N/A
Ember McLain Psychic Espeon A reoccurring villain in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Danny Phantom. Chris was tricked by Psychic Espeon into thinking that Andrew Blaze and Ember will help him fight against Bismuth. Creation C-197 N/A
Topaz Heart OC.JPG
Emily (CPU Topaz Heart) MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the Atari Lynx Console. CPU C-197 N/A
Epic Online Bully Chris and BlueSpike An avatar for the infamous BlueSpike. The character has a split body representing both Julie and Bluespike as the same person. Creation C-197 N/A
Evachu Teen Troon Squad The Rosechu fursona of an unnamed member of the Teen Troon Squad, going under the pseudonym Eva. She is represented as a fairy-like being. Creation 1218 N/A
Exiled Sonichu TheExiledDraco A black Sonichu that Chris claimed to have attempted assassinating him[11]. Creation Unknown N/A
Fake OCs 100MegaMeh Chris has replied a post picturing a Fake Magichan being choked to death by the OC, Azure. In the reply he mentions the existence of "Fake OCs", although they are extremely rare, and very fearful of all other OCs, especially Chris himself. Creation Unknown N/A
Fantasia RareMare The Sonichu avatar of DeviantArt user RareMare. According to her TSSSF card, She is a Rosechu that fully identifies as a Sonichu. Creation Unknown N/A
Fate Teen Troon Squad A Pikachu, later evolved to Raichu, that Chris met at Target in October 2018. Likely created by the Teen Troon Squad, as Fate was only mentioned during the timeframe Chris was in contact with them[12]. Fate's purpose was to work with the Squad and Chris on the merge, and was a watchdog tasked with killing nonbelievers, a convenient reason as to why Chris wasn't allowed to give details[13]. Creation C-197 N/A
Flame the Sunbird Chris Protector of the Master Sunstone on Rainbow Island. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Fragrence julimye A homosexual perfume-hedgehog Pokémon that is slightly shorter in stature compared to the average Sonichu. He can use the power of perfume in order to attack his enemies. He's been shipped with Darkbind Sonichu. Creation Unknown N/A
Gabriel SuperCrazyCrash A Sonichu/Scizor hybrid that works as a bartender at a place called the Zany Zapbud. He is believed to be a long lost member of the Chaotic Combo. Creation C-197 N/A
Gary Stu.jpg
Gary Stu Chris A male pony created during the Soft Exile with heavy inspiration from Mad Munchkin's Mary Sue character, without realizing that she was originally made to be a joke character for a single video. Much like Mary, he is perfect in every way and always knows the right thing to do. Creation C-197 N/A
Giovanni Chris Leader of Team Rocket and adoptive father of Naitsirhc. Creation C-197 Sonichu 1
Hitlerchu Idea Guys Leading member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party from 1920; Chancellor of Germany from 1933 and president from 1934 to his suicide in 1945. Transformed into a Sonichu like his entire political party during Monika's defeat at the Battle of CWCville, to ruin any claim to pure Aryan blood. Creation C-197 Sonichu 13
Hollyhock Kalie S. The real-life counterpart of Rosechu in the fancomic, Sonichu Retold. She is some sort of Electric/Fairy type Rosechu/Cat hybrid that doesn't like to be touched, but is very fast and nimble. She is known to be first in most beauty pageants with her fashion choices. Creation Unknown N/A
Homelander Chris The quintessential example of how to distinguish heroes from villains, according to Chris. Creation C-197 N/A
Hopper Chris Dimension-hopping Sonichu. Creation C-197 N/A
Ignignokt and Err Multidimensional White Knights Failed to murder Penny Fitzgerald while working for Moonman. All while causing the events shown on the Local58 youtube channel. Creation C-197 N/A
Ily the piss ghost The avatar of the piss ghost, an enabler of Chris. Creation C-197 N/A
Inuyasha Unknown A blaziken named after the titular protagonist of the manga series InuYasha. Chris made a post wondering if this character can fit inside of a Pokeball with Sonichu. Creator C-197 N/A
Isty proumiss Basically the H-684 counterpart of Cera Rosechu. Creation H-684 N/A
Ivy Ivy O'Neil Former sweetheart. Creation C-197 Sonichu Special 1
J-chu Chris The Sonichu fursona Chris drew of The Captain, depicted as what he deems to be a "flying wonder". Unfortunately, The Captain didn't appreciate being shoehorned into Chris' fantasy land, and made a Kiwi Farms post to show his disapproval.[14] Creation C-197 N/A
Jackie Jackie Former sweetheart. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12
Jakoba Jacob Sockness An evil god of the Rokats/monstrous representation of Jacob who made his comic debut in Sonichu 14. Creator C-197 Sonichu 14
Jasmine MeowserGhost A female Rosechu that studies witchcraft for the sole purpose of becoming a ghost to disappear in the middle of awkward situations. Creation Unknown N/A
Jeffery Helena Fiorenza One of the few known OCs created by Helena Fiorenza, an enabler of Chris who photoshops Magi-Chan into photos. He is some kind of one-eyed humanoid that is also a trap with strong feelings for Magi-chan. Creation C-197 N/A
Jesus Christ God and the Bear Demoted to the same status as everyone else on this list by Chris in Believe in the OCs and Deities. Deemed unworthy of Chris's worship. Creation Unknown Sonichu 10
Jiggliami Blanca Weiss Bubblegum pop sensation. Appropriated from Blanca after their breakup. Creation C-197 Sonichu 7
Idea Guy.png
Johnson Wiles Idea Guys Alias of Idea Guy Joshua Wise[10]. Creator C-197 N/A
Joseph Stalin Unknown A ween pretending to be Stalin asked Chris about communism in C-197 and Chris said it wasn’t a communist society. [2] Creation Unknown N/A
Kel Kellie Andes (possibly) Rosechu's Pokémon trainer prior to the Chaotic Rainbow. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Kepler Cedric Eff Yet another OC created by Cedric. The name itself was based off of a Kiwi Farms poll. Created by Team Rocket as part of Project Kepler the character is the fourth model of X686 version Blake with a Ditto DNA added that allows him to reshape his body into weapons. He can shape shift into a demonic entity with heavy inspiration from Giygas from the Mother Series to invade others dreams. Creation X686 N/A
Killer hoodlumhijinks and Ben Saint The CPU Goddess of The XVIDIA console in the Beta Timeline of C-197. When the locals rejected her, she turned into a rebel in order to destroy SlimeCo, an evil company that produces mind-controlling slime. She has the ability to transport to other dimensions through meditation. CPU C-197 N/A
King Arthur Chris The legendary king of Camelot, who also declared that creatures deemed "mythical" in 1218 should be separated from it. Creator 1218 N/A
Kristal-La-Trois Unknown Number 32 on The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus. A Rosechu with the ability to instantly charm anyone into infatuation regardless of gender. Creation C-197 N/A
Kun T’Nyuget Idea Guys A pegasus who is Night Star's sweetheart that likes to cook and tinker with technology Creation C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Kuromi Idea Guys The evil half of Uzumi Tennouboshi, and one of the three main antagonists of Sonichu 13. Not much is known about her powers, as she was the only one of the three to be defeated by the heroes. Creation C-197 N/A
Kwai-Kon Chris An unused Sonichu character idea based off of Gex the Gecko which Chris apparently found during a commission. He was bred between a male Sonichu and a Politoed, was trained hard by his trainer for 25 years, and now travels the land to hone his skills. He can break boulders three times his size and bend metal. Creation C-197 N/A
Kylechu AquaDiamond8 One of the few survivors of the collapse of dimension ZX-49 with a must-do attitude. Creation ZX-49 N/A
Lainchu Psychic Espeon Chronicler of Chris's teachings. Powerful psychic type with the ability to look into the future. Chronicler 1218 N/A
Lego Minifigures Chris Chris believes that there exists an entire dimension for the Lego counterparts of all of the characters found in dimension C-197, likely akin to Lego Dimensions.[15]. He thereby believes that all Lego Minifigures also count as OCs by default. Creation Lego N/A
Lightning Quartz.jpg
Lightning Quartz Chris An Earth Pony Chris claims to have unconsciously created in the Brazil Area of Equestria while meditating. Occasionally, he will transform into the most powerful alicorn for a short time. Creation C-197 N/A
Lightweight Chris A Pegasus who partnered up and graduated with Chris, while at the Wonderbolts Academy.[16] Creation C-197 N/A
Lillianna RoseLillichu The head princess of the Temple of Heart, where she teaches those lucky enough to find it about the Anchuent Prophecy. Creation C-197 N/A
Liquid Chris TSSSF card-min.png
Liquid Chris Liquid Chris An alias taken by Christopher Duckworth. Once deemed an impostor by Chris (and still is), Liquid is now fully accepted as an OC. Chris believes that he was damned, and then reincarnated into a newborn baby. Chris has developed a new Sonichu from, Licrichu, just for him. Creation 1218 Sonichu 9
Lisa Simpson Chris The supposed winner of the 2020 US elections instead of Joe Biden, according to Chris. Creation C-197 N/A
Lola smegmydude A female Sonichu that collects trinkets and knick knacks Creation Unknown N/A
Lolisa Rosechu Chris DJ Jamsta's girlfriend and colleague at KCWC. Creation C-197 Sonichu 8
Quinn body .jpg
Lovely Weather Chris Chris' wife in the future, who mistakes present-day Chris and has sex with him. Later partially retconned to match Jessica Quinn. Creation C-197 Sonichu 10
Luan Loud Shake Zula A character from The Loud House that a ween compared the comedy stylings of to Chris'. Creation C-197 N/A
Luka Sonichu Teen Troon Squad A Sonichu avatar of Lukas, one member of the TTS Creation 1218 N/A
Magi-Chan Chris and Idea Guys The most well-known member of the Chaotic Combo. He is an omnipotent Sonichu with infinite magical powers. Of course, with Chris' current stance on all things occult and supernatural, it was only a matter of time before trolls and weens alike would use this character to exploit his psyche. In mid-2017, by the time Chris became infatuated with the character, the Idea Guys knew this was the perfect opportunity to turn this against him. By this time, they've been making up all kinds of stories of the character in such situations as an incestuous homosexual marriage. Afterward, Chris has finally declared his Love Quest over, having been married to both his creation, as well as to Mewtwo. Creator C-197 Sonichu 3
Mary Sue Mad Munchkin A joke character produced by Mad Munchkin to represent her hatred of Alicorn OCs. She is well-known for her conceited nature and her belief that she is truly the greatest pony. Chris decided to ship this character with his own creation, Gary Stu. Creation C-197 N/A
Megagi Cropped.jpg
Megagi La Skunk Megan Schroeder One of Megan's Sonic fan characters "Spunky Skunk" turned to sidekick in the Sonichu comics under the alias "Megagi". Besides Megagi, Chris has claimed some of Megan's creations as his own in recent years. Creation C-197 Sonichu 5
Mewtwo Idea Guys The original legendary Pokémon, now reduced to one of Chris' lovers by the Idea Guys Creator C-197 N/A
Michael Jackson Chris The King of Pop himself, as well as the one individual that differentiates 1218 from 1214, in that he lived a little longer and released two extra albums. Creation 1214 and 1218 N/A
Mina-La Idea Guys Number 38 on The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus. She is the brawn of a gang of Rosechus called the Ninja Special Rosechus. Creation C-197 N/A
Mistychu Mistychu A knight Rosechu that is stronger than any Metonic or human knight. Creation Unknown N/A
Monika Idea Guys The major driving force of the game Doki Doki Literature Club, and one of the three main antagonists of Sonichu 13. Much like in the game, she has supernatural powers such memory wiping and deletion. Creator C-197 Sonichu 13
Moonman Multidimensional White Knights and Jacob Sockness Claimed to be a multidimensional demon working with Jakoba. Also causing the events in Local58's videos. Creation C-197 N/A
Nana-Li Idea Guys Number 37 on The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus. She is the brains of a gang of Rosechus called the Ninja Special Rosechus. Creation C-197 N/A
Night Star Chris Chris's My Little Pony self-insert. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Nightvee MKRNightVee A combination of the Sega character Nights and the Pokemon Eevee. Meghan successfully convinced Chris that her fan character was canon to the Sonichu universe by pretending to be a goddess herself. Creation C-197 N/A
Null Chris The pony avatar of Kiwi Farms owner, Joshua Moon, drawn by Chris. Chris drew him his pony avatar as appreciation for protecting him from the Idea Guys in his Guard-Dog related efforts. Afterward, Chris began to follow the Kiwi Farms Twitter account. However, despite any warnings given to him, Chris still manages to bumble through more people willing to manipulate him with his beliefs. When Chris began to babble his nonsense towards Null, he walked away from Chris, and Chris started to become sworn enemies with him when he refused to entertain his beliefs. Soon after, Jacob Sockness would convince Chris that Null was evil, therefore further justifying his hatred towards him. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Orion Chris Crypt Wing's best friend who gets high just off the magic required to levitate a cup. Creation C-197 N/A
Past Chris Chris Originally the comic avatar of Chris himself in the earlier issues of Sonichu, ever since Sonichu 13, this representation of Chris has been deemed an entirely separate entity, as well as a villain that has been possessed by a demon to become a supporter of Hilterchu. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Pending Doom.jpg
Pending Doom Megan Schroeder One of Megan's OCs. Creation Unknown N/A
Pepperchu pepperxhu The Sonichu fursona of Twitter user pepperxhu. A gothic book smart Rosechu who is best friends with Astoria. She is well-adjusted in self-defense and "quick wits". Creation C-197 N/A
Pepsiman Unknown The Japanese mascot of Pepsi and the star of the infamous Japan-Exclusive PS1 game named after him. Chris confirmed this character to be an OC in response to a post questioning why the character appeared in a piece of fanart showcasing the most popular OCs.[17] Creation Unknown N/A
Perceptor Idea Guys A female, shiny Sonichu created by the Idea Guys who was raised by Mewtwo and Magi-Chan. She has infinite knowledge, is immune to manipulation, and can destroy any Nazi technology. Creation C-197 N/A
Phantom Horn.png
Phantom Horn Ben Saint Ben Saint's pony OC. Creation C-197 Sonichu Special 7
Pickchu Helena Fiorenza A trap Sonichu that has been transformed into an anthropomorphic rabbit that has also been shipped with Magi-chan. Creation C-197 N/A
Plotted Device.jpg
Plotted Device BowserPrince A robotic magician with Magi-Chan's soul created in the Skullgirls Dimension, apparently created after it was found that the dimension's conditions were too much for Magi-Chan, so the robot was made in his image. Creation S-642 N/A
Poppy Sonichu4Life A Sonichu who is a soccer fanatic and a player of the CWCville Strikers. Much like other characters on this list, she has powers that cannot be matched, such as super speed and endurance. Creation Unknown N/A
Punchy Chris and Idea Guys A Fighting/Electric Type Sonichu from the Chaotic Combo raised in a dojo and a master of random-access humor. In Sonichu 13, he has been transformed into a mentally-deranged lunatic with a strong distaste towards obese people. Creation C-197 Sonichu 3
P. W. Botha Multidimensional White Knights A Spitting Image caricature of a real South African President. Also works for Moonman. Creation Unknown MWK Dimension N/A
Rei RRosechu A grass based Rosechu with dragon based attacks. Creation Unknown N/A
Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc Chris "Evil twin" of Comic Chris and creator of Blake Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Ren Skysoar Chris Chris originally created this character to replace Doctor Robotnik in newer prints of early Sonichu issues, possibly as a misguided means of making the comics more original. Now considered a separate character and a colleague of Robotnik. Creation C-197 Sonichu 1
Righteous Richard Righteous A masked figure that leaps across dimensions to promote the worshiping of Chris. Creation Unknown N/A
Robertchu Idea Guys Chris was convinced that his late father's spirit resides in C-197[18] during the Idea Guys saga[19]. Bob's Sonichu form may have been designed by Idea Guy - he is in the form of a beaver, a possible nod to Bob's Internet Lumberjack nickname. Featured in Sonichu 16, in which Bob meets and befriends Ted Bundy. His fur was originally red and black as a draughtboard, though Chris revised this to a solid maroon for being too time-consuming to draw. Creation C-197 Sonichu 13
Rokats Jacob Sockness A race of evil goblin like creatures led by Jakoba. They also work for Moonman according to MWK. Creation C-197 N/A
Romeo MidnightMoonflower A charismatic male Rosechu that picks up women with relative ease. Said to be named after his trainer who was a "lovely theater kid". Creation Unknown N/A
Rosechu Original.jpg
Rosechu Chris Mentioned beside Sonichu as an OC especially deserving of worship in Believe in the OCs and Deities! Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Sackpeople Chris Chris has confirmed the Little Big Planet universe to be a separate dimension in one of his TSSSF cards. In it resides everyone's LBP counterparts. Creation LBP Sonichu 10
Sonichu - Episode 13, Page 27, Revision 1.jpg
Sailor Megtune Megan Schroeder Megan's Sailor Soldier alter-ego. Creation C-197 Sonichu 5
Sal Rosechu Chris A theoretical regular female Rosechu modeled after Sally Acorn, mentioned in a Jail Letter when asked if there is an OC based off of her. Creation Unknown N/A
Sasha-Chi Idea Guys Number 36 on The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus. She is the leader of a gang of Rosechus called the Ninja Special Rosechus. Creation C-197 N/A
Santa Claus Unknown Yes, even Santa Claus is an OC in Chris' eyes. More specifically, he is actually a deity of an unspecified dimension.<refBen Saint - Chatting with Chris-Chan</ref> Creator Unknown N/A
Sarahchu and Stevenchu.jpg
Sarahchu and Stevenchu Sarah and Steve On 6 November 2019, Sarah and Steve planted the idea of Sarahchu and Stevenchu in Chris's head, who then used his "psychic powers" to see them in C-197[20] On March of 2021, Sarahchu is revealed to be a mix of Lopunny and a Rosechu. Creation C-197 N/A
Saramah Rosechu Sarah Nicole Hammer Electric Hedgehog Pokémon form of Sarah Hammer – former love interest of Chris. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
CPU Blue Heart.jpg
Scarlet (CPU Blue Heart) Chris CPU Goddess of the Nations of Comma, CWCville and the Commodore consoles. CPU C-197 Sonichu 13
Scott Soundspllicer Soundspllicer A drawn representation of the Youtuber Soundspllicer. Creation C-197 N/A
Shadow Elijah The End Games friend A friend from Chris's Pokemon club requested Chris draw him as a shadow Pokemon. Chris then believed that since he drew it, Shadow Elijah was therefore real in C-197. Chris also believed or was told by the Idea Guys that Shadow Elijah is a villain[10]. Creation C-197 N/A
Sheldon Cooper Unknown A Caltech Theoretical Physicist from the hit-TV show The Big Bang Theory. Creation C-197 N/A
Siddharta Gautama Unknown Most commonly known as 'the Buddha', though this is a title rather than an identifying name. He is not usually worshipped by his followers, yet is indicated by Chris in Believe in the OCs and Deities! to be an object of such, among which. Creator Unknown N/A
Opal Heart OC.JPG
Silva (CPU Opal Heart) MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the WonderSwan console. CPU C-197 N/A
Silvana Chris An intersex Rosechu that can shape shift into other people, and use her venomous genitalia on her adversaries. She later became one of the characters the Idea Guys proposed to marry Chris. Creation C-197 Sonichu 8
Simonchu/Simonla Evan George and Chris Chris' own spin on the Simonchu character. Creation C-197 Sonichu 10
Slaweel Yram Chris The evil doppelganger of Mary Lee Walsh Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Slurpchu OBBGtheUltimate A dinky mint-green Sonichu with an incredibly small body, stubby limbs, and a permanent grin. Creation Unknown N/A
Slushi Chris A geeky ferret character that likes to play video games and trolling people. Possibly based on the original creator of the Sonichu Mania Mod. Creation C-197 N/A
Snowchu ChanseyDraws A Rosechu cheerleader obsessed with anything with ears that glows red. Creation Unknown N/A
SNT ProjectSNT SNT's Sonic-themed avatar Creation C-197 N/A
Sonia and Chu BowserPrince A resident of the Skullgirls dimension infected by the parasite Chu, an exile from C-197. Sonichu's S-642 counterpart. Creation S-642 (Sonia)

C-197 (Chu)

Sonichu Chris The one who started it all back in 2000. He is known to have entered our dimension as early as Chris's confrontation with Mary Lee Walsh. Chris believes that he is possessing Chris's body. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Sonic the Hedgehog Chris Responsible for colliding with a Pikachu and creating Sonichu. He later teamed up with the derivative hybrid to defeat Blake. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Spunk silverangel259 A hyena/dog hybrid OC that Chris attempted to ship with one of Megan Schroeder's OCs, Pending Doom. This OC was loosely based off of Megagi La Skunk, who was originally called "Spunky Skunk" by Megan. Creation Unknown N/A
Strawberry Milk Ben Saint Phantom Horn's perverted dragon friend that tells inappropriate sex jokes. Creation C-197 Sonichu Special 7
Sterbenchu Idea Guys One of The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus inspired by Wise and catalogued by Chris: his name is from the German Sterben, as a noun meaning 'dying'. A rather mundane Sonichu that has the appearance of Super Sonic and the uncanny ability to clone himself indefinitely. Creation C-197 N/A
Sugar Darling and Gallop Crush Borb Night Star's mother and father. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Battery-Charge Heart intro.jpg
Tank Destroyer (CPU Battery-Charge Heart) Idea Guys A god-like CPU warrior of CWCville created in response to the Idea Guys describing the nightmarish state of CWCville. CPU C-197 Sonichu 13
Emerald Heart OC.JPG
Tapu (CPU Emerald Heart) MKRNightVee The CPU Goddess of the Soujagame console. CPU C-197 N/A
Teddiechu joshuu A Bear-Type Sonichu based off of Teddie from the Persona series. Creation C-197 N/A
The Mask OC.jpg
The Mask Unknown The titular protagonist of the 1994 movie, The Mask. Chris has used the apparent existence of this character in dimension 1218 as proof for the Dimensional Merge, citing the archaeological study of an ancient Mexican mask. Creation C-197 N/A
Thunderblaze Chris A lightning fast Appaloosan Pegasus who befriended Chris and Night Star.[21] Creation C-197 N/A
Timechu Idea Guys Number 41 of The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus. He is an Australian Sonichu that got his "time particles" scattered. This made it impossible for him to stay in a single timeline for long periods of time. Creation C-197 N/A
Toffee Toffee Rosechu An OC created by a Twitter enabler, who was shipped with Punchy. The creator of this character distanced herself from Chris following the incest, which led to Punchy and Toffee breaking up. Creation C-197 N/A
Topher proumiss Basically the H-684 counterpart of Robbie Sonichu. Creation H-684 N/A
Tri MKRNightVee A clone created from the DNA of Angelica, Magi-chan, and Sonichu. He was originally intended to work for Team Rocket until CPU Magenta Heart intervened. Creator C-197 N/A
Trickiechu trickiecat Created by trickiecat, the author of Rosechu's Story. An android cat made out of love, magic and Chaos Energy with the ability to create and destroy anything at will, even entire galaxies. Creator Unknown N/A
Uzume Tennouboshi Idea Guys A CPU goddess Chris believes he is sharing the body of. CPU C-197 N/A
Val Valentino AquaDiamond8 The ZX-49 counterpart of Magi-Chan. He is so powerful, that he has to take a much more simplified form so that people can comprehend his existence, as looking at his true form would cause insanity. This character is said to be the one that helps the Goddess of ZX-49 Aqua with any and all conflicts occuring in dimensions 1218 or C-197. Creator ZX-49 N/A
Bismuth Heart OC.JPG
Vee (CPU Bismuth Heart) MKRNightVee, Naught The CPU goddess of the educational children's game console V-Smile. CPU C-197 N/A
VHS pepperxhu A retro-themed Sonichu. Creation Unknown N/A
Vinyl Scratch Unknown A minor character from My Little Pony that Chris is absolutely obsessed with. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Violetta RoseLillichu The twin sister of Lilliana who turns into an evil witch in a fan comic created by RoseLillichu. Creation C-197 N/A
Vivichu vivichu2000 A stereotypical teenage female Sonichu. Creation Unknown N/A
Vulva Pie Jackie Jackie’s cat OC, and the former lover of Robbie Sonichu. Creation C-197 Sonichu 12
Were-chan Roeschu.jpg
Were-chan R_E_P_L_A_Y A Rosechu that is a werehog and has unnaturally red eyeballs. When Chris first shared this OC on Twitter, several people joked about her possible usage of marijuana due to the appearance of her eyes. Creation Unknown N/A
Wes-Li Sonichu Wes Iseli Electric Hedgehog Pokémon form of Wes Iseli – Chris's one-time rival. Creation C-197 Sonichu 0
Wild Chris and Idea Guys A nature-themed Sonichu who was originally the leader of the Chaotic Combo. In Sonichu 13, he is transformed into a drug addict that grows weed and produces meth in a lab. Creation C-197 Sonichu 3
Wild Sonirisu ProjectSNT The CS-89 counterpart of Wild Sonichu. Based off of the redesign of said character from ProjectSNT, which triggered him. Creation CS-89 N/A
You Chris Yes, you, too, are an OC, according to Chris. As the assortment of characters on this lists shows, though, it is not clear quite what this is meant to entail. Creation Depends on who you are N/A
Zapina Chris A bug type Rosechu who once tried to break those "dumb laws". She was mentored in a forest by a Buggzap (one of Chris' original Pokémon) and a Beedrill. Creation C-197 Sonichu 8
Zap Note Chris A Pegasus with the ability to generate music while flying.[22] Creation C-197 N/A
Zappy MKRNightVee One of three clones created from the spliced DNA of Sonichu, Angelica, and Magi-chan. He is said to be the most evil being alive. Creation C-197 N/A
Zelina Chris A Rosechu from RuleCWC based off of Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda game series. Creation C-197 Sonichu 3
Zeus Unknown King of the ancient pagan gods in Greece and Rome. His worship, extinct since the fifth century AD, is revived by Chris in Believe in the OCs and Deities! Creator Unknown N/A

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