Good Mirror of ElAeRa

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Good mirror of elaera 2-min.jpg

The Good Mirror of ElAeRa is what Chris believes to be a portal between dimensions 1218 and C-197. According to him, it is "an enchanted mirror created based on the original words of the Elfen of Elaera, but created with the skills and magic of a Goddess."[1] The earliest known mention of it is from December 2019.[2]

According to comments Chris (role-playing as Magi-Chan) had made in The Place during December 2019, Jacob Sockness had sent Chris texts which "Magi-Chan" had told Chris to ignore, except for one part about the ElAeRa mirror. "Magi-Chan" also claimed that Sockness had wanted a card made of his dimensional mirror, but that Chris defied him by making one for "our Mirror of ElAeRa".[2]

Chris tried using the mirror as part of a ritual he conducted on the night of 22 October 2020 to try to breach the iron curtain between dimensions. The ritual was conducted in his bedroom, and consisted of him sitting and meditating with items such as the ElAeRa mirror, magic stones, and a Master Emerald. Partway through the ritual, Chris moved to sitting directly on top of the mirror for five minutes, focusing energies to it.[3]