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For the Social Security checks, see monthly tugboat.
Oh, People. Did I Not tell all of you to Not Contact Animal Control? Because we’ve just had a visitor who came to check on us! Good Grief!
Chris after claiming he couldn't afford medication for his cats.[1]
I've called the ruckersville non emergency line a couple of times in 2021 but they tell me the same "we will follow up on it". Last time I called them they asked why I, a person living on the other side of the US was so concerned about a random stranger's dogs. Last words I heard from them were for me to stay out of people's business
An account of one of the people who participated in calling in welfare checks[2]

A welfare check is a check conducted by officers to determine the safety of people and animals. Chris, Barbara, and the Chandler Cats have been subjects of welfare checks.


Exaggerating health issues while begging for money and Chris's history of ineptitude towards his pets are frequent catalysts for both concerned fans and weens alike to request welfare checks.

Known incidents

June 2016

One of the first welfare checks requested for the Chandlers came about from Donations Required, Serious. Please help, a June 2016 begging video in which Barbara and Chris exaggerate an emergency by claiming they need money for Barbara's asthma medicine and stage the scene to imply that Barbara's health is in imminent danger without the medicine. A concerned fan requested a welfare check, and the officer replied stating that he had spoken with Barbara over the phone and that everything was okay.[3] Despite that episode, the Chandlers continued to make several more begging videos over the years in which Barbara exaggerates her health issues for more money.

November 2018

On 9 November 2018, The Captain posted on Kiwi Farms that troll phone calls had resulted in the police and Animal Control visiting 14 Branchland Court.[4]

Unknown date

In December 2018, Marvin recounted a story about Chris having called a welfare check on Barbara. Chris had been out of town driving to a GameStop, as he had been banned from the local ones, and called Barbara during his trip. She was asleep and did not hear the phone, so Chris panicked and called 911.[5]

September 2019

In September 2019, Jacob Sockness announced plans to travel to Ruckersville to see Chris. Sockness was known for fetishizing Chris, making claims such as "I'm sure I'll just destroy her ass like carpeting bombing Germany in WWII. It'll be in flaming ruin."[6] Concerned over Sockness's claims, an observer reportedly called in a welfare check for Chris on 25 September 2019 and claimed that a deputy promised to contact Chris that day and follow up on 28 September.[7]

On 25 September, Chris began discouraging Sockness from completing the trip. It's unknown if the alleged welfare check influenced Chris's decision.

July 2021

Jerkops arriving at 14 Branchland Court

On 30 July 2021, following leaks alleging that Chris was engaging in incest with Barb, the Greene County Police came to 14 Branchland Court for another welfare check.[8] Though the details of their interaction with the police are unknown, Barb was taken to a hospital for further medical inspection while an emergency protective order was issued against Chris, temporarily prohibiting him from contacting her and from being at the Chandler house until 5 August.