Timeline of the Financhu Crisis (2017)

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This page lists the 2017 timeline of the Financhu Crisis.

January '17

  • 4th - Chris whines about having "head of household worries", like the bills and debt; however, instead of Adulting and applying for a job, he begs to have $500 a month.
  • 13th - Over three weeks after the original lawn tractor ad was taken down from Craigslist due to a ween, Chris finally realized what happened and re-posted it, still asking for $595. In the meantime, he had bought over $100 worth of Pokémon and Skylanders toys and had made videos of himself playing with them.

February '17

  • 16th - Chris uploads A browsing around an ol' playground, in which he begs for money before showing footage of himself walking around a playground.
  • 17th - One day after begging for handouts of $10 per person, Chris plays a newly-purchased video game level for Lego Dimensions, The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, which had been released on 10 February with a cost between $35-$50.[1]

March '17

  • 1st - Chris offers parts of Bob's stamp collection for sale.
  • 2nd - Chris spends $50.25 on toys after making $68 (minus the cost of shipping) from selling his father's stamps.[2]
  • 3rd - Chris lists his personal stamp album for $1,000.
  • 7th - Chris buys Lego World for the PS4 on its release date[3] for $30, erasing the last of the profit he had made from selling stamps, even though he had claimed to need the money for paying bills.
  • 13th - He spends another $9 on Transformers.[2]
  • 19th - Chris begs on Facebook for people to buy more stamps, saying "My mother and I can Really do with the money". At that point, he had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.[2][4]
  • 19th - White knights spring into action and purchase seven stamps, totaling $41.50. Five were bought by a single person (at $34) and the rest ($7.50) by two others.
  • 19th - Chris lies about wasting stamp money on toys, claiming in Facebook's comments section that he "did NOT buy any lego sets" and that the money went towards "our debtor payments" instead.

April '17

May '17

What Cole would have seen if he had clicked on the Paypal.me link Chris tweeted to him while begging this month.
What Cole would have really paid.

June '17

  • 16th - Barb begs for food money, while wearing both a $400 gold necklace and a pearl necklace. Shortly after, Chris posts an in-progress Sonichu page to Patreon and begs on that platform for grocery money.

July '17

Mariner Finance vs Chris
  • 11th - Mariner Finance sues Chris for unpaid debt.
  • 22nd - After a month without begging, due to a boost in Patreon funds after Chris revived the Sonichu comic, he begs for $50. He had given that amount to DoopieDoOver earlier that month as a pledge on her Patreon.

August '17

Verdict on Mariner Finance case
  • 1st - Chris pledges more money to DoopieDoOver's Patreons, hoping to receive anthropomorphized lesbian My Little Pony porn in return. Doopie, aware of Chris and Barb's financial straits, offers to refund Chris's payments to her, but he refuses.
  • 11th–13th - Chris makes an expensive, three-day trip to BronyCon in Maryland. Other attendees have stated that the cost for going to BronyCon is around $2,000–3,000 when including travel, food, souvenirs and lodging.
  • 18th - Chris informs his patrons of a two-week delay in sending their books, as he had blown their funds on BronyCon instead.[9]
  • 24th - Mariner Finance’s unpaid debt case against Chris is dropped.

September '17

  • 1st - Chris donates $20 to Red Cross to help victims in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas after seeing a message from Tara Strong on Twitter.[10]

October '17

November '17

  • 6th - Chris reveals he had purchased an Xbox One at some point recently, and looking at his games/account, he has spent around $549.93 on it.
  • 7th - Chris buys Sonic Forces on release day, at the price of $39.99.