August 2017 Patreon posts

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Chris pledged to these accounts in August.

This page archives Chris's Patreon posts from August 2017. In this month, Chris pledges to two more Patreon accounts - Planet Dolan and KittenBell (an account by DoopieDoOver to handle porn requests) - for a total of three, despite the fact he has a court date for unpaid debt later in the month.

Request for cartoon porn

1 August

I enjoy your drawing style, despite the content. I have an idea for the next one, or future one, for your KittenBell: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia (humans) being on each other. Maybe they're both sitting up, makin' out and fondling/fingering. Put on a jammin' boom box playing some dubba/cello mix.

Note: Chris posted this comment to a drawing on Doopie's KittenBell page[1].

Third Eye Heart Icon

5 August

Chris posted the same set of #HarassCWCdirectly posts to Patreon, Twitter and Facebook. Here, a fan asked what the third eye icon imagery meant.

Samantha H:

Why do you keep putting third eyes in your art lately, if you don't mind me asking? It's really strange and it looks like you're obsessed with it.


The icon is a combination of wearing one's heart on their sleeve and the ability to see the injustice of those who harass other people at one person's expense, and because we are linked together by having seen such injustice done to someone or another we care about. We will not let the Trolls, Bullies and Haters get away with harassing others at our expense.

Gretchin M. tried to convince Chris that Doopie has no interest in him, but could not overcome his autistic mindset.

Christine, you're giving the trolls what they want, don't do it. I am sorry, but Doopie does not like you in anyway, and that's not the troll's fault. You have this pattern of violating the space of women, and you need to stop for your own mental peace of mind. I know you've had a rough life, but there's no need to make it any worse by being unable to admit that this is not just the trolls fault. I know you want lady friends in life like most of the people in your situation, but you can't undo all the good work you've done. Maybe, you should visit with your therapist more often and talk about your feelings, remember when you were doing that? It helped a lot. Good Luck, Christine :P


And you think I did Not know all that already? I've Learned from my past errors and mistakes. I do not violate women's space. Doopie is going through her recovery of the recent Harassment from You Trolls and Bullies. She liked my Kindness, and I am aware of her past making fun of me; I do not hold that against her. You Damn Trolls and Bullies Ruin Nearly Everything.

The Chandlers as ponies

14 August

Night Star and her (my) parents

Look forward to seeing all of us in Sonichu number 12-9.

Chandler family as ponies.png

A fan wondered why he depicted his child self as a girl:

Pretty sure you were not a girl when you were little we got footage


Maybe not I, but I, in Equestria, Was.

Blew patron funds on BronyCon, can't ship books

18 August

The books have arrived...

But I can't ship them at the while, as local funds are low for us here. I will have them all enveloped and addressed, and later shipped out to y'all on around the first of September. Thank you all for your patience. Still very much worth it to go to BronyCon; I had an awesome time, shared Lots of smiles and memories with new and current friends and celebs alike. And I am most thankful for all of the sincere kindness and love from everyone in general, which fuels and inspires me to do more. Thank You All, with Love from my 💖. 😊 📝📝

Sonichu 12, pages 54-60, with PSA on rape

22 August

Free Public Service Announcement: while, a punch to the breast area is not technically rape, it is still considered sexual abuse. Please, be mindful and respectful of all other people, and keep your touch neutral, or mutually agreed; keep away from the most sensitive areas of any body. Thank you.

Full-size Musical Poster coming soon

23 August


Sonichu 12-9 cover commentary

25 August

Sonichu 12-9 Cover.jpg
Introducing Night Star, of Equestria; a unique Unicorn with the ability to open dimension portals to view into, and visit, other dimensions and worlds; she can view Our internet and YouTube videos through one, like an instant PC monitor. She also has all Psychic Powers possible. And, as an artist herself, and linked to myself, Christine Chandler, mentally, and visually through a portal, she draws and writes the "Sonichu" Comic Book series in Equestria (replace me with her; transformation to Chris Chan Sonichu, still the same, and all humans with ponies and horses. Night Star may be considered overpowered, but she still has her flaws (not autism or aspergers, period), and she uses her powers for good. Look forward to her life story (shortened), plus a day in Ponyville and around, in the next "Sonichu" after completeing #12. Thank You for your loyalty and patience. I am a Proud Pegasister in the Brony Herd Community!