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This page archives Chris's Patreon posts from July 2017.

Sonichu #12, Cover

1 July, 6:58 pm


And so we Resume Roberta Sonichu's story of epiphany and growth. Awesome! <3<3<3


1 July, 7:05 pm


I Had a cover for this book drawn up in August, 2011. Back then, I was in an online relationship with one of my theoretical ex-girlfriends. It had come up with the idea of this pink cat character (with a kitten version, as drawn in the fourth grade flashback in Sonichu #11). It also had suggested using a character, similarly looking like "Big Ferrah" from that cartoon, but I made that character look more human-head shaped, and y'all saw that infamous kiss he gave to Doug Dogson. LOL. In what was blank grass space on the original piece, which part of Will be a portion of Robert's story, I added myself giving the commentary, seen here in the edited version. Anyhow, I do like the newer cover I drew recently a LOT better than this one. That's my extended commentary on this alt-cover. Thank you.

Simonchu & Bananafunkle script

1 July, 7:08 pm

Chris shared the script William Elliott Waterman had written for Sonichu 11's Bananasauros story in 2015.


Here is the original Outline for the episode, "Simonchu and Bananafunkle", or, A.K.A. "Simonchu Story", for those curious and interested in that story from Sonichu #11.


Page 24 [ We see Simonchu drilling in a dig site in Evanville (or wherever Simonchu lives) and we get an introduction of the character with Simonchu's pokemon stats and typing. Simonchu digs up a banana-shaped pokemon fossil and a common Razor Claw and receives a letter from Simonla, explaining she made a full recovery and wants Simonchu to visit her at Wild's place in CWCville ]

Page 25 [ Simonchu digs a tunnel to Wild's home Bugs Bunny style and greets Simonla with hugs and kisses and whatnot. He renounces Evan as his creator for attacking his sister with a voltorb and declares that Christian/Christine Weston Chandler is his true owner, father, and creator. Simonla agrees that Evan sucks. ]

Page 26 [ Simonchu sees Wild and Simonla being affectionate and he laments that Evan did not give him a girlfriend. Simonla and Wild recommend the Dating Education class because that's how they found each other. Simonchu shows them his fossilized banana fossil and says he's going to a pokemon museum to revive the unknown prehistoric pokemon ]

Page 27 [ Simonchu brings Sandy with him to the pokemon museum and they ressurect Bananasauros Jr., with a stat screen showing it is the tiny green banana pokemon and is a grass/dragon type. Sandy adores it's cuteness and wants to keep it as a pet for her Christmas present. ]

Page 28 [ They take the tiny green bananasauros jr. home and realize that it is unable to speak; it can only make warbling sounds and growling. Wild and Simonla have a chat with Sandy about pets being a big responsibility. When Sandy tries to feed him a banana, they decide she is not ready for a pet and are unsure what to do with Bananasauros jr. ]

Page 29 [ Punchy visits Wild, Simonla, Sandy, and Simonchu and is able to speak to Bananasauros Jr. using Random Access humor and he is the only one able to understand B.J.'s warbling noises. He takes Bananasauros Jr. as his new friend to visit a Buddhist Monastery. ]

Page 30 [ A training montage at the monastery shows Punchy teaching B.J. how to fight. There is also a lesson about dilligence and self-control during the Buddhist December holiday. At the end, B.J. evolves into a fully grown Bananasauros, the Grass/Dragon type Ancient Banana pokemon. ]

Page 31 [ Punchy brings Bananasauros home to meet Layla Flaffy and Layla gets angry at Bananasauros's noises, random access humor, and wrecking the house she just cleaned. Punchy tries to defend Bananasauros, but Layla won't accept excuses and leaves Punchy. ]

Page 32 [ Punchy is sad that Layla doesn't love him anymore, but Bananasauros cheers him up by relating a story that he lost his girlfriend, Mrs. Bananasauros when he got fossilized and devovled, but he's happy now with Punchy. Punchy declares that they're going to be the best roommates ever in a large splash panel of them together. ]

Page 33 [ Simonchu shows Wild and Simonla the razor claw he found, and Wild guesses that it would be a perfect Christmas gift for Angelica's boyfriend, Reginald Sneasel. Wild delivers the claw to Angelica and she giftwraps it lovingly. ]

Page 34 [ Angelica gives Reginald his christmas gift early in their bedroom in the church attic. He unwraps the claw and is excited that he'll be able to evolve soon. He loves it so much he takes it to bed with them. ]

Page 35 [ Reginald Sneasel volves into Reggie Weavile overnight. Angelica is angry in the morning because he scratched up the bed with the razor claw and she is no longer attracted to his Weavile form, kicking him out onto the street. ]

Page 36 [ Reggie is crying on a street bench in the cold, but he notices Layla angrily walking by. They lock eyes together, and Layla professes that the weavile she sees is the sexiest male pokemon in her opinion. Reggie tells her that he is Reginald and that they were in the dating education class together. ]

Page 37 [ Layla doesn't rememebr him from the Dating Education class, but she is sorry that they didn't get paired up. She tells him she got angry at Punchy and broke up with him. The dating ed pairings doesn't matter now, because he evolved into a sexy weavile and now they can be together and love each other. But, somewhere far away, trapped under a mountain is a mysterious villain (Sun Monkeychu, the Electric Monkey Thunder God) who monologues about getting revenge on the Bananasauros that imprisoned him]

Page 38 [

Advertisement for VikingBoyBilly's Bananasauros and Sonichu in Maradonia, available to download from the Keenwiki. I'll provide screenshots for you to paste. Also include this message:

Dear Slowflake: Please unban VikingBoyBilly from your blog. (this slowflake guy is reading and he'll know what you mean) Message for all other readers: Protest on the Public Commander Keen Forum to ban Ceilick and strip Keening_Product of his moderater status!


Sonichu 12 pages 1-3 finished, commentary

1 July, 7:10 pm


With the first three pages having been drawn in 2011, they finally get coloured, edited and uploaded, properly.


First Look into Cera and Christine Rosechu's bedroom in the basement level of the Sonichu and Rosechu household. Cera has a punk style; Rosechu let her paint the walls, but refused to change the carpet. Christine has Really got into fashion and designing her own things to make the trends. Originally, both rooms had no background, and I had just drew their rooms' current looks, so despite the story being in 2009, please disregard the obvious Rarity poster on the wall. Oops. :)

Pledge Update

1 July, 7:22 pm

Pledge Update

Everyone who Pledged the past month, and have made their successful payments, your copies of Sonichu #11 have been ordered, and are on their way to me for autographing and book-bagging, and relay to your addresses.

To those whose payments were declined, that is a Real Shame this time around. Let's try to do better to have that payment in for the next time, please.

And Thank You All Again for your Patronage; please continue your consistent monthly pledge payments for more pages to come, and more Books per month. Have a Great and Safe Day.


Miss Christine Weston Chandler.

Robbie Standing Strong with a bully

2 July, 9:56 pm

Gay bully S11 plot 2.png

Ripping off MLP

13 July


Miss Roberta Sonichu does the Impossible

In the City of Cwcville, one Fast, Electric Woman dared to dream Sky High, able to Run the Speed, able to Make and Walk on Clouds, on November 15, 2015, this gal donned her dashing rainbow hair one more time since the previous Halloween, to make History Outside of Equestria. Pegasisters and Bronies, Behold as Miss Roberta Sonichu has ran the skies, dressed all in Rainbow, and Made A Sonic Rainboom Happen! Sorry R.D., but you're not the only one who can do it. Booming Awesome!

"And off into the wild blue yonder, runnin' on clouds filled with greased lightning. That's My Sister up there who coloured these skies." -Miss Cera Rosechu In the City of Cwcville, one Fast, Electric Woman dared to dream Sky High, able to Run the Speed, able to Make and Walk on Clouds, on November 15, 2015, this gal donned her dashing rainbow hair one more time since the previous Halloween, to make History Outside of Equestria. Pegasisters and Bronies, Behold as Miss Roberta Sonichu has ran the skies, dressed all in Rainbow, and Made A Sonic Rainboom Happen! Sorry R.D., but you're not the only one who can do it. Booming Awesome!

"And off into the wild blue yonder, runnin' on clouds filled with greased lightning. That's My Sister up there who coloured these skies."

-Miss Cera Rosechu


Wow, so many questions. This is in 2015? So we must skip ahead from 2009 or we have a lot of books to cover in the timeline. What's a sonic rainboom? It's not the rainbow that made the sonee eggs, is it? Who is R.D.? Is there going to be halloween episodes? This is amazing.


Oh, Blivious. You are definitely Proof that younger generations won't get my well-re-worded mildly-adult jokes. LOL.

Very well, SPOILER ALERT...

After Roberta sees Magi-Chan for her follow up, she jumps ahead in her narrative to 8/2011 when her dating season with Vulva Pie happened, followed by 11/2014 with her meeting and dating Mimi, and then November 15, 2015, when she attempted and Made a Sonic Rainboom (a Sonic Boom with the visual colours in its resonating rings being rainbow; made Famous by Rainbow Dash in the Season One "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" episode, "Sonic Rainboom". And, finally, Closes her narrative and story with her thoughts on the current date of July 14, 2017 (I datemarked it for tomorrow instead of today, because of 13 being an unlucky number). The Next Episode, the SLGBTQ Pride Festival is set for back to August, 2009.

Oh, Blivious! How Many Spoilers MUST We Waste on YOU?


Quick question, are there Alola versions of Sonichu and Rosechu?



LGE Arts:

Can she be considered a Legendary Sonichu? Are there any Legendary Hedgehog Pokemon in CWCville, Cause id love to see that!


There are currently no Legendary Pokémon in Cwcville, and Roberta is not a Legendary type.

Bradley S:

When are the comics going to get shipped out?


Very soon; this week, I Promise.

Randal G:

Maybe she might see this, would be nice to actually see the printed comics before they get shipped out or even just hear her talk about them next Clog.


The main reason why I don't respond to fan mail is because I have a LOT on my mind and life here. I need to find a legitimate publicist, or someone in the biz, Legitimate and for real, to help me with the business side of things and shit. **sigh** I am personally meeting more people, and I am the main seed that word gets out from around here, Locally. But I am still only one soul with a lot of responsibilities. I Have tried to do it all in past years; "Jacklyn of All Trades", or something, but it was Seriously Tough on me. So, Please, sincerely, forgive me for not responding to private messages and texts sooner. I can't please Everyone, but I still do what I am capable of and able to fully set and dedicate my mind to. Thank you.

Another Laugh from Punchy Sonichu!

21 July, 8:22 pm

Laugh punchy.png

Delay on pages, no plans to reboot Sonichu

23 July, 4:39 pm

Minor Update

I have been working on my pages for Sonichu 12, and I'm about halfway, give or take, of what I drew the past week. I had a rough moment yesterday, the 22nd, that killed my colouring mood and the day. Having a mild headache right now, but I am still trying to colour. I will have this set of pages done as quick as I can, then the usual scan, edit and upload. It might not be until Tuesday, though. LOTS of Details. Anyhow, I'm offering another sample pair of the book for now; it also answers the Past question of "Why Not Reboot". Enjoy.

Not rebooting Sonichu.png Sonichu 12 preview 23 July.png

Reward for Christine C.

27 July, 1:43 am


Reward for Christine C.

Christine C.png

Thank you for your patronage!


I love it. You do an awesome job, darling. ???

Note: This occurs on DoopieDoOver's Patreon, on which Chris is a patron. The "???" in Chris's response is possibly intended as the set of emoticons that he includes when he calls her "darling" over Twitter[1]. Patreon, or a site used by this CWCki editor to view its content, might not display emoticons properly.

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