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September 2017 Patreon posts

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This page archives Chris's Patreon posts from September 2017.

Sonichu 12, pages 61-70

1 September

Finally Uploaded! Plus Bonus: my coming out story on two pages, and Jamsta/Lolisa's Harmonly Blitzes.

Page 70

The song chorus, I've just written; I will be writing a full song to go with this verse; a lovely duet promoting Love and Pride and dispelling the bullies.


We're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I,


Why Rickroll? That's outdated.


Hello Christine! I have a question. I was curious about Jamstas and Lolisas types- I do think they are both electric, but most electric-hedgehog-pokemon seem to be dual types. So I was wondering what typing these two have?


There are some exceptions, this case included. Jamsta and Lolisa have lost their electric abilities long ago, so they both are Normal types; they make up for it in their musicality.

Liking LazyCast

3 September

Chris followed this account, which is a podcast series that has DoopieDoOver as a member, and commented:

I'm listening to y'all on LazyCast; y'all are crazy-funny. 😊🌸

Dragging heels on shipping books

5 September

Two of Chris's customers:

Have you gotten a chance to ship the signed books yet?
Christine said a month ago that she'll ship them out on the first of September. Honestly, I think Christine should do posts keeping people updated at the start of each month, instead of in the dark whether she is sending or not.


I am very sorry for the delay, but I Have been very busy between my pages, family, and on the First, a Lot of Grocery Shopping. But I am catching up right now; I will have the books shipped out later today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Later, Chris made a new post, repeating much of his statements:

Book Shipment Update

I apologize for not getting the books out on the First of September, but I have been busy with page drawing/colouring, family, and on the first, itself, Lots of grocery shopping. I have just caught myself up; created a Spreadsheet for the past and current address of who got, and who now gets, their next book. I will order the books for this month, and bundle them for shipment in a week or two. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Have a great and safe day.

Sonichu 12 Catching Up preview

6 September

He uploaded a page.

Question Answered!

Sonichu and Rosechu just celebrated their Tenth Anniversary a few months ago.

#SonichuRosechuWedding #PageNumberCoveringCat

Happy Belated Anniversary, Sonichu and Rosechu.

Music request

9 September


Page Update

I've drawn, and almost completed colouring the near end-of-the-book pages, with my new song. I won't be uploading the pages until after the Internet Dream Cafe Podcast is uploaded. Meanwhile, I will be also drawing/colouring the pages for part two of the "Catching Up" episode. And I'm attending CVille Pride next Saturday. Right now, here's Night Star with a fourth-wall break I felt is okay to share right now. Look forward to reading the lyrics and imagining the music (before a PMV could be made). Thank you. Have a great and safe day. 😊🌸

A fan:

What was it that made you accept the interview from the Internet Dream Cafe?


A) Legitimate, kind person who did not press towards the sensitive issues. B) A good size was of cash. C) He's a Social Media Manager who is able to, and is helping me get better organized in business, merchandising, etc.

Patreon pledging system charge-up front

14 September



This means that when you pledge on September 5, for example, you pay for the whole month of September right away, and then on October First you get billed for all of October and so on.

For pledgers who are already pledging, nothing will change. You will be charged your pledge on the First of the month as usual. You will not be charged twice in one month.

Thank You.

Citeful and Delightful

23 September

There were no severed rabbit feet anywhere to be found during the whole time, either.


Note:Jon Crayon is the name of the artist behind the Sonichu wedding fancomic which Chris had ripped off for Sonichu 12.