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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major Patreon posts from November 2017.

Still delayed on new pages

4 November

Minor Update

Everyone. Again, I do apologize for not being able to get this set of pages up sooner. Between priorities and grocery shopping, among which. I have two pages left to colour; I intend to finish them both today and get the six pages uploaded soon after. The next set of pages will be delayed a bit, as I have been commissioned for a Great Masterpiece of my drawing skills. I have been paid, and I will resume work on 12-9 right after completion. This masterpiece is not part of the Sonichu literature, and I will personally be delivering it to her soon after completion. After that, I will personally share this piece with y’all as well. The books for this month will be ordered shortly, and shipped from me to y’all later this month.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Chris and dicks

20 November

Note: Chris uploaded two pictures of a drawing depicting Chris/Chris-Chan Sonichu, Ami/Sailor Mercury and Luna from Sailor Moon to Patreon (the first picture being a closeup of the drawing's signature line). Chris believed that the signature was his name in Japanese, but it actually translates as "I am carrying a penis."

The text in the speech bubbles is, from left to right, top to bottom[1]:

Japanese Translated text What Chris thought it said Who said it
Watashi wa dōseiai-shadesu
I am a homosexual. I concur. John Elder had quite the autistic share and flair. Chris
Onaka ga akimashita
I'm hungry. Quirky, but intellectual Luna
Omae wa mō shindeiru
You are already dead. What a fascinating read. Ami

The last line is a reference to the manga/anime Fist of the North Star.

The text on the bottom is possibly: "You look like the kind of person who fucks a guy in the ass and doesn't have the courtesy to ejaculate inside him," which Chris thought was "Smart hearts; smart minds; well-educated support."

About an hour later, he deleted both posts from Patreon, as well as the associated Twitter link.

Check it out! I wrote my name in Japanese.

Drawing with Japanese text (closeup of signature).png

Also, this fresh inspired piece of three well-educated minds working together

Drawing with Japanese text.png

A few hours later, Chris reuploaded the full drawing, in higher quality.

Great Minds sharing smarts and power

Drawing with Japanese text (second upload).png

Night Star's age

Chris attempts to calculate Night Star's age and fails.

28 November

Who’s Ready to have their Minds Blown Today?

I am back to better work on Night Star’s Book; I have been engaged with Cwcville Official affairs lately, so I sincerely apologize in the delay of new pages lately. Regardless, I come back with learned new Fun Facts, imported from Equestria as well!

Equestrians Age every 30 Years, for our Human Age every One Year. Night Star is physically 19 years old, human; 570 in Equestrian, but she was born in Equestria’s Year of 967, versus my own Here Year of 1982. She time-hopped forward by mistake, but she counts each Day that passes for her in a journal. She is literally, like I would be there, 1,050 Years Old in Equestria.

Night Star age comic panel.png

He added:

Night Star was born in Equestria on February 24, 939 (Nine-Hundred Thirty-Nine), versus our Human-Earth Birthdate of February 24, 1982 (Nineteen Eighty-Two).

I just did some math. 30 out of 365 is 11.16, so Equestrians have a birthday every 11.16 Days here. I just figured out all of Night Star’s, and mine, Equestrian Birthdays, As listed above. So, I had a recalculation of her birth year.

Night Star age calculations.png

A few hours later, he deleted the above posts and issued a correction.

My Big Mistake, Everyone.

I had misunderstood the time difference between here and Equestria. I am personally further learning it all from Night Star and her friends. Believe me, though, Equestrians Still do age slower than we in our reality here and in the Cwcville Dimension. I will edit that page with the updated information, and correct the details appropriately.

I sincerely apologize for this error.

Thank you for understanding.

Much like Twilight's arc in the show, making Night Star a powerful unicorn from a young age with mysterious powers, its possible he may rip off use the ages based on the MLP fanfiction "My Little Dashie"- in which its revealed by Twilight that Rainbow Dash had been missing for 14 days- 2 weeks in Ponyville, when the human reveals Dash had been with him for 14 human years.

Also note how Chris says his mary-sue was born in 967, then says 939 (also being born in February 24...coincidence?.

Age revision

29 November

Equestrian Calendar details

I’ve talked with Night Star, and we got the details sorted out. So, as written, there are Eleven Months in a year there, and 457 Days in a year. Read the image; the months are named in the right order. Enjoy this news, my Brony and Pegasister Friends.  :)

Night Star age comic panel revised.png

He explained, on Twitter:

In Equestria, versus our February 24, Night Star and I, we were born on Rise 24, 1982. Also, after getting her Cutie mark, she accidentally warped ahead a few years, and thus, was able to share classes at the Gifted Unicorn school with Lyra and her friends.

So, physically, Night Star is around the same age as Twilight, but she is actually 35 Years Old, like Myself.

Also, it has been verified that Celestia And Luna are more than a thousand years old apiece; they stayed around longer than the typical pony, because they both were enchanted.

A ween asked:

Will Night Star age faster or slower than you, or at the same time? Will you both be 36 on February 24 2018?

Chris answered:

Turning 36 next Rise the 24th, both of us are.

Three hours later, he again replied:

She ages slower, as the days in Equestria are indeed longer than the days of our Earth.