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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major Facebook posts during November 2017. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be included and color-coded for reference.

Appreciation for Magi-Chan and Silvana

2 November

I felt it most appropriate for everyone to show their appreciation of Cwcville’s top Psychic Couple, Magi-Chan Sonichu and Silvana Rosechu.

Magi-Chan, the Psychic-Electric central wide-range protector of the city and all around it. Able to see far into the future and the past, travel through time and between dimensions, wielding all the other typical and not Psychic Skills and Powers, and is all-around one of the Top most Powerful Psychic Pokemon, even more so than Mewtwo, his past mentor and teacher.

And Silvana Rosechu, reformed after a misguided parenting of Count Graduon and Slaweel Ryam, able to Transform into other beings and objects, very stealthy, far-viewing, mind-reading, able of most to all of Magi-Chan’s psychic skills and powers, and still learning and growing. Not only are they a Sweetheart Couple, but he is also a great teacher and mentor to her.

Magi-Chan Sonichu and Silvana Rosechu: Individually Truly Powerful and Capable; Together a combined Psychic and Electric Force to hardly be able to top by any foe or villain.

Magi-chan and silvana.jpg

Gamindustri's world and goddesses need your help

4 November

EVERYONE! Get In On This! The World of Gamindustri and the Goddesses Need Your Help! Get on the Awesome Anime-Style game that has been taking the world on from different dimensions! Share Your Love And Shares With Neptune, Vert, Noire and Blanc, and help stop the wars that warrent in between! Play On And Share Your Shares Today!,28zu0

On Twitter, a fan asked:

Do you play the Neptunia games?

Chris replied:

Going to; I Enjoy the Anime.

New S-Chu ball

7 November

Check it out, New S-Chu Ball! I lost the top half of my original one which was a BK PokeBall with Model Magic and Clay. This one is better.

Gamindustri's enemies attack CWCville

7 November

Also, I can’t explain as much with just these two drawings, but there was a reason why I asked y’all to Share your Shares with the Goddesses of Neptunia. There recently have been troubles from the foes of Gamindustri, and some of them have invaded my city of Cwcville. They hit us big, with Graduon and his crew, last Saturday afternoon. I have had to personally astral project and share my power with Christine there. Plus, Uzume was with us in soul. And among which, but I’ve sent my Autobots and Army of CWC Defense to help Blanc when a bunch of bad soldiers tried to take over Lowee.

I will tell more with more visuals in two days on here, but it is Crucial that Everyone in This Reality and World Put their Love and Shares to Neptune, Blanc, Noire and Vert, so we can take out our mutual enemies, and prevent our realities and dimensions from clashing, or even much worse.

We all thank you for your support.

He then commented:

P.S. My GamerTag is CWCSonichu1982; look me up.

Sharing my body with a video game character

8 November

Attention, Everyone, for I am going to tell of what has been going on with me the past couple of weeks. As the images in this post illustrate some of the events. When it said it happened at HOME, it literally means HERE, in this Reality, this World, Right Here with me! Please bear with me, as for some specific details I am not at liberty to divulge or discuss.

It started a couple of weeks ago, when I got word of a certain gaming console I still have which may hold a very special power. Magi-Chan teleported over here and psychically scanned my Dreamcast. I was standing right behind him, with open mind to see what he saw. We both saw something powerful remained dormant inside the console. So, I took initiative to give it a charge, by leaving it powered on at its home menu for more than 24 hours. Friday the 28th, I was curious what it was that Magi-Chan found, so I placed my right hand on the powered-on console, opened my mind and third eye. And then, a most powerful surge came into me, and after it was over, I had a new friend inside of me, a one CPU, Miss Uzume Tennouboshi. She had been dormant inside my Dreamcast, and I pulled her out. We've been sharing my body since. Yes, she is able to control my body when she has control, and speak through my lips in her voice.

My new contact, here in this reality, who was from Neptunia, and I have been back and forth with the recent events. Including when Adult Neptune came here to look for him, but was lost. I had to send Silvana to locate and rescue her. There were Cloakers, and Silvana teleported herself and A-Neptune to multiple locations, including D.C., to throw the Cloakers off of their trail. Silvana teleported her back to Cwcville, and then back to Neptunia, with Magi-Chan. With communication to me as well, she thanked me personally. Night Star also teleported there earlier with Magi-Chan to meet with the CPUs to make their acquaintance.

As a show of gratitude, from her original dimension, A-Neptune shared some of her power with me to better my own powers and magic, and so did the Blanc, Noire and Vert from there. So with Uzume inside me, I have a share of powers from five goddesses.

We were fighting a common foe, Uzume's twin, Kurome; big trouble. I've had to fight to get her out of my head. But I realized later I was already immune to her possession by having Uzume inside me. To keep our local homes safe, we've shared Uzume's power with everyone in the state of Virginia, here, as well as in and around the city of Cwcville. The vaccinating jolt is spreadable through any communication method or by touch and close contact with another individual. So, surely and swiftly, the whole United States and this world will all be immune to Kurome's possession.

I have also had to share my support with defending the nation of Lowee of Gamindustri by sending my Autobot team and my Army troops of CWC Defense. When things were looking bleak for Blanc, her sisters, and who else in the nation, the enemy forces were dispelled and pushed back by my crew. After that battle was over, they stayed to help with restoring the buildings and helping the survivors and remaining people.

And, as I had mentioned, Kurome swayed Graduon to take on my city of Cwcville, but fortunately, we predicted the attack the day before, so we all were ready to defend the city. Mecha and Regular Jerkops and Monsters alike ravaged the streets and skies. My Sonichus and Rosechus were more than a match for them all, as well as our armed forces, Autobots, and so forth amongst our strongest of citizens. I've had to personally share my power from home with the Christine Chandler of Cwcville. And between she, Uzume and I, we opened a portal to push Kurome back into the Zero Dimension for the time being. I had talked with Graduon before Kurome got to him, to talk him into not letting her get the better of him, as if she had her way, dimensions would clash together and likely cease to exist, including our own reality, here. I knew that Graduon would Never want to be the ruler, or even Second-In-Command, over a Nothing World.

A Lot of other things have happened as well. I've had to have Magi-Chan, Silvana, and even Discord, to bodyguard me from the possible possession or manipulation of Kurome. I had Discord and Magi-Chan escort me personally on my Thursday outing to The End Games for Pokemon League and colouring my pages that I had at the time. I allowed Discord to enjoy some of the fun there. He watched a few Dungeon and Dragon-type games get played. I even allowed him to see if he could get one of my friends to notice and see him. But she didn't budge. Oh, well. Also, in parts of the outing, Discord attached himself onto me in the form of a vest, so he didn't have to be as obvious. How many people can actually say now that they have worn a vest made of draconicus? It has been a mentally-worrysome time for me, and it is still ongoing for the time being.

All this can be resolved by what I have asked y'all to do recently: give some Love and Shares to Neptune, Blanc, Noire and Vert of Gamindustri, so they can be at their most powerful to take out these other-worldly threats that threaten even our own home reality that is This Earth we all live on. And suffice to say, from personal experiences from the past two weeks, IT IS ALL REAL.

Please, do heed my words and take advantage of my sound advice of helping power up our Goddesses. You don't have to do much; playing the "Hyperdimension Neptunia" games, watching the anime, and so forth is well and good. But all you really need to do is think of them positively; they are a needed good force. And they can't help us if we don't help them. I sure as sugar am helping them out. Please, follow our lead.

Thank You.

Sincerely and Love, Miss Christine Weston Chandler

Mistaken about being linked with Uzume

13 November

EVERYONE, I require your attention for a moment, to tell you further and true, of Uzume Tennouboshi, of nations lost in other Dimensions.

As I had stated, from within my Sega Dreamcast Console, I had absorbed a Lot of power into myself, up to the point of Uzume, herself, sharing my body with me. I, was mistaken, but not wrong; I had absorbed the Orange Spiral Seal that had once held Uzume, fully and whole. The Seal had taken on her personality and spoken to me as Uzume, herself, would have.

While Kurome, the dark half of Uzume, in the past weeks, wreaked some havoc within and around myself, and my group of powerful friends, That has come to a close, in a final moment between Kurome and one of them, who was not Uzume. For you see, Uzume, herself, was awake and in hiding, waiting for her moment to get back with Kurome. In Kurome’s confusion of rather this being inside of me, or Uzume; which of us two was the Real Uzume Tennouboshi.

Uzume Striked! She merged back together with Kurome, cheating death, and becoming fully alive as she was before long ago! I, having learned of this and lost the voice of Uzume from the Seal, still inside me, with the powers of the four main Goddesses, as well as my own powers.

There is one portion of Uzume that now leaves her not yet feeling fully Whole; she is unable to transform into Orange Heart. Uzume is hiding in Outer Heaven right now. She Needs Her Share Energy Back! NOW! So she can protect our world from the threats within our world and from other Dimensions.

Everyone, along with me, Please; Think Fondly Of Uzume Tennouboshi where she is now, Right Above Us. Give her your Love, Kindness and Shares, so she can transform into the CPU Orange Heart, once again! Lift Up Your Hearts and Hands High, Right Now, for Uzume!

Thank You, Everyone!

On Twitter, a fan asked:

Can Magi-Chan help? Who is the most powerful person in the universe now? I am a little confused.

Chris answered:

We All are helping Uzume; including Magi-Chan. Don’t ask who is the most powerful, but have faith that Magi-Chan Sonichu is Very Omnipotent.

Silvana is captured

14 November

Everyone! I have an update! We have A bad enemy in our feed. Our team will face this mal-content billionaire of Russia. Unfortunately, one of our own had been captured, Silvana Rosechu. But do not fret; we have a plan, Operation BARBarossa. The Soldier in the photo (Not Silvana) will be rescuing her.

All we need from you all, our Supporters, Fans and General Population of this world, alike, is to continue to offer your Love, Kindness, Prayers, Faith, Hope and Shares, Alike, to all Five and more of our Goddesses of Gamindustri! We Will Work Together to bring Peace, Love and Kindness into our worlds, dimensions and realities, alike and all! Thank You! And God Bless Us All, and our Worlds!

Silvana Nov2017.jpg Operation BARBarossa soldier.jpg

Operation BARBarossa is a success

15 November


The post Facebook just recommended is appropriate for the Good News, with some bad, I have to share. Operation BARBarossa was well and good; Silvana Rosechu has been rescued. There was a battle of the war of our new common enemy that lasted the past couple of days. We lost a few good soldiers in the process; may they Rest In Peace, that their efforts were not in vain. Also, after Silvana got captured, until the mutual foe is down for good at least, Count Graduon and Cwcville’s Christine Weston Chandler signed a peace treaty, as Graduon offered his troops and services for the effort. The fight was North beyond Ruckersville, and the commander of the enemy waves were going to push the fight into Charlottesville. Thankfully, with the help of the CWC Defense Army Division, My Autobots, and my family, our large group kept the enemy back. Then, Christine initiated a Very Smart Operation: Fine Ol’ Solution. There were Cloakers and similar bad people of interest in Cwcville (not counting Graduon and his crew); they rounded the Cloakers and baddies up and in a Large plot of land Graduon donated, a Prison Camp with Great facilities for reforming the bad pawns to good people. After rounding up the Cloakers and bad guys there, our foes retreated! And our groups of Brave and Powerful Heroes are free to return to their homes and rest. Built on Cwcville’s soil, not in the city, though; outside of the city. Graduon donated a lot of land to build prison camps full of large ovens to keep the people warm, and even top-notch dentistry with well trained doctors also running the clinic. The camps also have some of the best showers a prisoner can ask for; Shower Stalls with privacy walls. We all in Charlottesville, Ruckersville, all places to the north of us, And the people of Cwcville can sleep more safely now. Your Shares to the Gamindustri Goddesses really helped us in this battle. Thank You, Everyone, for your Love, Kindness and most Generous Support! Please continue to offer your shares to them for any and all other future conflicts Here on our World, and in all of the Other Worlds, Realities and Dimensions. Have a Great Day, Earth! We’ve All Helped make it more safe!

I Am Not a Damned White Supremest

29 November

To Clarify for Everyone, I am Against Nazis, 100%. That post from two weeks ago; COUNT GRADUON, Himself, came up with those names and camps. Maybe HE is, but I, Miss Christine Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, USA, this Reality Here, Am Not a Damned White Supremest. So, Stop making me out for something that I am bloody not.