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Chris's self-portrait, 2015.

2015 was the 7th year since Chris's discovery. Coming full circle with the unfortunate incident of his house burning down last year, Chris announced that the renovations on it were finished, and that he would be moving back in. As the year progressed, Chris would further start producing content for YouTube again at a much more frequent basis.

Most of the year was spent in the aftermath of 26 December 2014, the events of which caused Chris to return to the Internet's attention. Chris served five court dates until finally, on 15 October, he was given a $541 fine for court fees and a 180-day probation. While Chris did fulfill his probation without any other crimes occuring, this incident ultimately did not teach him a lesson.

It was also the year where Chris' fashion sense plummeted to depths unseen by the trolls, making him more akin to a crazy old hag than the woman he wants to be. In particular (and in a very ironic twist), Chris dyed his hair blue in July.

The Lady Managers group of trolls began influencing Chris during this year.

Events of 2015

  • Chris narrowly avoided serving time in jail due to his recent incarceration. Most of this year is based on whether Chris would be jailed or not.
  • In Sonichu #10, Chris had predicted that by 2015, he would have finally found his sweetheart, Lovely Weather, whom he would be happily married to. This didn't actually happen.
  • This is also the year that Chris claimed his father would die, having heard it from the Grim Reaper in a prophetic dream.
  • This was also supposed to be the year of the Manchester High School 15th annual reunion which he had worked so hard on in 2013 until he found out his gal-pals had been hired help. It did not happen, and Chris has apparently stopped caring about it.
  • On 20 October 2015, Activision relaunched the Guitar Hero series with Guitar Hero Live.
Chris in January 2015.


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Chris moved back into 14 Branchland Court with his mom.

Chris in February 2015.


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Chris revealed that he did the album art for noise band L'Eclipse Nue. His hearing took place on the 5th, and was continued until April. He sold more medallions on eBay and turned 33.


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Chris has released a list of celebrities he'd like to party with and became spectacularly gullible when a fake document was sent to him stating that Sega will recall all Sonic merchandise to give him blue arms permanently.

Chris at McDonald's in April 2015.


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Chris's second latest hearing took place on April 2. Later that month, he created his own Sonichu Amiibo and sold them on eBay.

Chris in May 2015


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A hearing took place on 7 May. Some Facebook comments from Kim Wilson indicate that Chris might be undergoing hormone replacement.


Chris touching probably his first girl ever since the prostitute incident in June 2014
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Chris overreacts to Sonic Boom getting a sequel. Chris's next hearing took place on 11 June. He also visited a burlesque night.


Chris in July 2015
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3 July saw Chris getting his third Facebook account being taken down and immediately put back up.


Chris turning heads at OmegaCon, August 2015
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Chris visited OmegaCon.


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Chris added new Sonichu pages for the first time in 5 years, continuing Sonichu #11.


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Chris in October

Chris claimed victory in the blue arms saga, added a dozen pages to Sonichu #11, apologized for his homophobia and started to revise Sonichu #1. Chris's final court case happens in this month, his punishment being a $541 court fee and a six-month suspended sentence.


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Chris in November, rocking the "spinster schoolteacher" look.

Chris is trolled by the Lady Managers and begins recording videos in similar ways that the Miscreants group of trolls had him perform.


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Chris and Pollo in December '15.

Chris continued raging against Gamestop and made several new videos, including A little song and dance and some Twelve New and Old Things of Christmas.