August 2023

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Chris in August 2023.

August was the eighth month of 2023. August most notably saw the rather anticlimactic end to the Jail Saga, with Chris's incest charges being officially dismissed by the court on the 25th. Otherwise though, the month also saw Chris's return to the Internet for the first time in over 2 years, with him being sighted on several gaming services and social media platforms he used to use prior to his August 2021 arrest. As usual, Chris was also spotted in public several times throughout the month.

Notable events

  • 1 August - The two-year anniversary of Chris's arrest following the incest fallout.
  • 4 August - Twitter user 'TheOtakuKing' spots Chris at Walmart and has a conversation with him.
  • 8 August - Chris's review scheduled for this date results in "Resolved Order Pending".[1]
  • 9 August - The judge overseeing Chris's incest case enters for dismissal of the charge.[2]
  • 11 August - Chris was spotted online on his Pokemon Go account 'ChrisChanSchu82'
  • 12 August - The personal description in his PSN account changed from "I am Christine. <3" to "I'm Christ Chan Prime"
  • 16 August - Chris starts liking numerous different tweets on Twitter, including ones about My Little Pony, GFuel, and his return to Twitter, marking his first activity on social media in over two years.[3]
  • 17 August - On Twitter, Chris likes four more tweets with one of them being a comic about My Little Pony characters looking at each other's asses.[3]
  • 18 August - On Twitter Chris likes more tweets.[3]
  • 19 August - Chris's activity on Twitter skyrockets as he likes seventeen tweets in one day. Most of them are tweets about a romance book series called "The Jane Austen Series", along with a person's response to a meme about missing out on "teen love".[3]
  • 20 August - Otaku King, the person behind the August Walmart Sighting, releases a video describing the conversation he had with Chris, along with his desire to mentor him.[4]
  • 23 August - Chris makes his first post-jail social media posts on DeviantART as he dumps previously unseen artwork - including Jail art, colorized Sonichu 15 pages, and art drawn since his release from jail.[5] Chris also notably uploads a recent photo of a poster he drew for the Idea Guys from May 2019. It was last spotted at 14 Branchland Court on May 3, 2023.[6][7][8]
  • 24 August - Chris is spotted buying food at a Walmart in Lynchburg, VA.[9]
  • 25 August - Chris's incest case file is updated to state the charge is "Dismissed".[10]
  • 26 August - Three people were fatally shot by Ryan Christopher Palmeter in a mass shooting that took place at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida. In his manifesto, Palmeter used Sonichu in a meme sarcastically mocking the low death toll of his attack.[11]
  • 29 August - Anaxis ends The Lainchu Manifesto, after spending 4 months writing it.
  • 31 August - Chris is observed having played a demo version of Street fighter 6 (a PS5 game) heavily implying at some point after being released from jail he bought a PS5.[12][13] He has also acquired MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies and Hyperdimension Neptunia PP for the Vita and Dreams for the PS4, earning his first trophy in nearly five years.[14]