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Over the course of writing this page and gathering evidence, I've come to realize that there is so much evidence that I need to gather and upload to the CWCki that attempting to add all of it at once to this single page is nigh impossible. As a result, I've decided to prioritize uploading only the most crucial information first, depending on how updated this page is, and upload the rest later as time goes on. If you notice sections missing citations where they should perhaps have them, or citations that lead nowhere, just know that I'm aware of this and will update the page accordingly in due time. Please stay tuned for updates. Editors can direct questions onto the talk page. Thank you for your patience.

Never trust crazy people on the Internet.
The moral of this story, ironically said to me by the least trustworthy crazy person I encountered on this journey of mine.

The following is my personal story about how I got involved with the CWC community, became a member of the Watchmen, was exiled from the group, closely observed Chris for about a year (mid-2020 to mid-2021), and ultimately ended my involvement due to events surrounding the Incest reveal. Much of my tale will be framed around the events of 30 July 2021, and I will go into extensive details about my experiences. Not all of it will necessarily directly involve Chris, with focus also being given to Chris's orbiters and members of interest in the community.

This is not meant to be an objective article summarizing events by any means. It is all very subjective, and while I aim to keep as many facts as possible intact, I acknowledge that some of it may be colored by my own personal biases. That is just unavoidable when writing something from this personal of a perspective.

I will be providing as many screenshots as I can, to help contextualize and prove my claims. I will be as truthful as possible regarding myself and my actions, as I don't have anything to hide. However, I will occasionally keep certain names out of these events, as many people who were adjacent to myself at this time have little or nothing to do with the events that transpired around Chris.

Lastly, if you want full context, then please read the whole page and follow it as it's updated. I know it's a lot, but this isn't something I feel can get an accurate "tl;dr" while still maintaining the full truth. It is far too complicated a subject for that.

Thank you for reading, and for your patience.


30 July 2021. A day that would forever live on in infamy and scar the minds of Christorians the world over. Referred to sometimes as the "9/11 of the Internet," this was the day that a recording was released which revealed Chris's incestuous relationship with his mother. Soon after, Chris was arrested and jailed, his fate left in the hands of the Virginia judicial system. And Kiwi Farms was left to investigate the actors that were involved in the creation and release of this recording, resulting in the discovery of the troll Isabella Loretta Janke, otherwise known as Bella.

Along with her came the revelation of a cabal of sadistic trolls that surrounded her, as well as horrific details about her life and seemingly cruel and sadistic personality. Certain individuals who got involved with her were also placed under scrutiny, including The Suitress and Sean Walker. And because my username was found as part of a group chat in which Bella was interrogated, I suddenly found myself caught in the crossfire of angry Kiwis who were searching for someone to blame.

I have since been subject to many rumors and incomplete or outright false statements, so in an effort to tell my story, and clarify what transpired from my perspective, I have decided to write about it here.

I was the third individual to play the role of “Lainchu the Chronicler.” I was tasked with recording information provided by Chris, and then distributing said information to the CWCki, and by extension, the Kiwi Farms.

Bear in mind, I do not have all of the answers regarding the various mysteries surrounding Bella and her schemes. But there are things that I do know, and a few things that I suspect. And this is what I will share.

I am Anaxis, a.k.a. Lainchu the Chronicler. This is my story, and nothing less.

The Beginning (July 2020 - September 2020)

I have been casually observing Chris since around 2016, about at the point when the Doopie Saga was just beginning. I was fascinated and disgusted by Chris, intrigued and revolted. It was a lot to take in, and I remember there being a point where I would be procrastinating on responsibilities by reading the CWCki. It was a fun time sink for a while, but eventually I read all of the major articles and grew bored. From then on, I would visit the wiki every so often, usually just to check Da Update and see what the latest news was regarding Chris. I never got involved in the community directly, I would always be incredibly passive about my observation. I never aspired to make a CWCki account or visit the Kiwi Farms. I would just check the website's front page, and later stay caught up with Geno Samuel’s series.

That all changed once the CWCki Discord Server came into existence.

On 1 July 2020, the Official CWCki Server was created by Klop, and I joined it the very next day. I found myself in a community unlike any other that I had known. It had many different people of varying backgrounds and a wide span of opinions, but we all had one common attribute: our fascination with observing Chris. For the first time, I was surrounded by people who were willing to engage in discourse about him, and that was something that I found to be often very entertaining, even intellectually stimulating at times. Although I can’t say that I was the biggest fan of the culture that often propagated around the server, I genuinely enjoyed discussing Christory, and so it was worth it to me.

I would like to believe that I had some influence in shaping the server at the time, such as suggesting that we add separate channels for the discussion of Christory-related topics. I also firmly believed in the #1 rule that was established on the server, which followed a similar attitude to the wiki: Do not contact Chris, or attempt to troll him. Sadly, throughout my time on the server, I had come across many people who had broken that rule, and come to the server to brag about their “accomplishment,” only to find that their audience would not be receptive. Many users have been banned from the server for that very reason. One of the server moderators noticed my interest in analysis of Chris and Christory, and offered to make me an editor account, which I accepted.

Arrival of the Watchmen

I had been on the server for about a month when the members of the group that would come to be known as the Watchmen began arriving. First, and most prominently, was Bismuth, going by the name Heart (❣) at the time, and who I will be referring to as Naught for the remainder of this writing. He began releasing a large amount of assorted leaks regarding Chris, which would come to be known as the 2020 Discord leaks. Funny enough, one of my first interactions with Naught was a rather hostile one: he was posting these leaks in a discussion channel, and I would occasionally comment on them. He got fed up with the “interruptions” and stopped posting leaks, resulting in an argument between us, until he was given his own dedicated channel for leaks. Interestingly, this interaction didn’t seem to end up characterizing the relationship we would later have, at least not at the start.

Having been so heavily involved in the server from its inception, coupled with the fact that life had become exceedingly dull due to the then-raging COVID-19 pandemic, I eventually approached the modstaff and asked if I could join them, and they said yes. Curiously, I was added to the modstaff by Klop at the exact same time as Naught, as Klop had ties with the Watchmen at the time and had been adding a few of their members to the modstaff as well, such as MKR. I was glad to be a part of the team, but my first real challenge as a moderator came from an event which had begun on the previous day.

Chris, who was in the midst of roleplaying as Sonichu at the time, arrived in the server on 10 August 2020, after Naught had invited him in.[1] At the time, the server had a contingency plan in place in the event that Chris showed up: he would be isolated into a single channel, only able to type in there, while individuals who were seen as sane and reasonable would be given a role called “True and Honest,” and only they would be allowed to speak to Chris, to ask questions and the like. However, news of Chris’s arrival in the server spread quickly, resulting in an influx of new users desperate to approach him and interact with him in some way, whether that be trolling, asking questions, or just having a chat. Ultimately, Chris only sent two messages during his time in the server, both of which had to do with the Dimensional Merge.

By 14 August, it was decided that the trouble of having Chris on the server was simply not worth it, and ultimately conflicted with the server’s philosophy of not interacting with him. During this time, Klop was the one who played Lainchu, a role that was created for the purpose of documenting Chris and relaying relevant information back to the CWCki, and was a member of the Watchmen. Since Chris’s arrival in the CWCki Server, Klop had been working on creating another server for the purposes of filtered interaction with Chris’s fans (via the Watchmen), in order to separate the CWCki Server from Chris. On the day of Chris’s banning, Klop posted an announcement about it as well as a link to the new server, called cwc frens.

The statement and invite.
In the last few days lots have happend [sic] in this server. Chris has joined this place for starters. This was met with mixed reception. The CWCki's goal is only to document Chris and not provide him a platform to push his agendas. It was never imagined that Chris will use this server to ramble about his fantasies. And due to this it has been decided to give Chris his own server where he may do as he pleases.
Klop's statement on Chris's banning.[2]

However, setup was not finished and the server was quickly infested by weens, forcing the moderators to take control of the situation. Chris himself wasn’t even there yet, although he would arrive eventually. Klop gave ownership to Naught, who would run the cwc frens server until its eventual closure less than a month later. At the same time, he handed ownership of the CWCki Server to another moderator. I don’t know exactly what happened, but he seemed to have had a change of heart in regards to dealing with Chris (although this would be brief). But this was the event that jumpstarted my involvement: Klop decided that he no longer wanted to play the part of Lainchu, and, having confided in me beforehand about playing the role, offered it to me.

I considered the pros and cons: there was an inherent risk when being so close to Chris, of course, and I wasn't interested in drawing attention to myself. On the other hand, this was an interesting opportunity to observe Chris a bit closer, and even relay new information back to the CWCki using my then newly-created editor account. And so, I decided to accept Klop's offer.

If only I knew the consequences of this decision that would arise a little less than a year later.

Joining the Watchmen

The Place.

A member of the Watchmen would reach out to me soon after, giving me an invite to their server, "The Place". Within it were two layers of channels: one which was visible to Chris and everybody else, and a second which was visible to everybody excluding Chris.[footnote 1] It was here that I formally met several members of the Watchmen for the first time, such as MKRNightVee, NovaKyle, and Neko Onyx/The WCT. I was pretty quiet upon arrival, not quite knowing how I fit in, not having been given any instructions for my role. As it turned out, it didn't end up mattering at first: Klop had returned to the Watchmen, and since I had not done anything as Lainchu yet, decided to take the role back temporarily. This was fine by me; I was mostly interested in more distanced documentation anyway.

I got into the habit of screenshotting conversations whenever Chris was involved, and some of these conversations made up the substance of the early Discord Q&A, such as Q&As 2 and 3. I would upload these screenshots as references in the articles, with the names of the Watchmen (besides Lainchu) censored.

The Q&A itself was very impromptu and generally disorganized, and there was a rather large plethora of questions to be picked from. This was not to mention sourcing from cwc frens, which involved Naught acting as a gobetween for Chris, answering questions in his stead, although the volatile nature of the poorly-managed server coupled with Naught's general impatience towards less-informed Chris observers made it difficult to organize that effectively.

By the end of August, Klop decided to give up the role of Lainchu, this time for good, choosing to dissociate himself with the Watchmen and the CWC community entirely. Once again, he asked me if I wanted it, and I accepted. He left for a fair amount of time, but would eventually return to the CWCki Server every so often to check in on things.[3]

Becoming Lainchu

Art of Lainchu by MKR, which I used as a profile pic when talking to Chris.

The migratory nature of the Lainchu role put me in an interesting position: I was more-or-less able to pick up where Klop left off, having already formed a relationship of sorts with Chris. To him, Lainchu the Chronicler was meant to be not only a historian who would document what Chris wanted, but a kind of sage who would give advice on how Chris could get closer to the Dimensional Merge.

I initially carried on like nothing was different, waiting and watching for Chris to say something noteworthy in the Place. So it came to my complete surprise when he messaged me privately one day, early in September, entirely out of the blue.

He came asking me questions about bringing the Dimensional Merge closer to fruition, and initially, I didn't quite know how to respond.[4] Up to that point, I purposefully avoided speaking to Chris, specifically because I didn't want to have to enable him. But here, I was stuck: either I play the game with him and keep him talking, or I refuse and he clams up. At this point, I went to Naught for help deciphering the nonsense that I was being sent as well as advice on how to respond, and he gave me a general idea of how to speak to Chris from then on.[5]

Chris's desperation and desire to bring about the Merge was evident, and the last thing I wanted to do was promise him something that would never come. So I developed a strategy: whenever I would be asked a question about accelerating the event into existence, I would go full Zen Master, preaching about the virtues of patience and allowing fate to take its natural course. I would always be just vague enough that I could be giving wisdom on anything. On occasion, early on, I would go back to Naught for specific advice when Chris was being particularly difficult,[6] but soon I got the hang of things and stopped asking for his advice altogether.

It was around this point that I began rising through the ranks of the modstaff on the CWCki Server, eventually joining the small group of "Manajerks" at the top of the command structure. Having seen the general inefficiency through which questions were delivered to Chris for the Q&A, and having ready access to a fairly sizable group of individuals interested in having their queries answered by Chris, I set to work on creating a new, separate server that would avoid the issues brought about by the mailbags attempted in cwc frens and elsewhere: by taking Chris out of the equation completely.

This new server would be a repository for questions directed towards Chris, moderated by myself and a select few from the CWCki Server, where we would separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure that only non-trolling questions of quality (in our opinions) would reach Chris. Officially, we would "forward them to the Watchmen" after review, which was technically correct, as "Lainchu" would be the one asking these questions to Chris on the users' behalf.

The server was dubbed CWC Questions, and would serve as the primary source of questions for the rest of the Q&A, from Discord Q&A 5 until its conclusion with Discord Q&A 11. The cwc frens server came to an unceremonious end on 6 September, with Naught, fed up with having to wrangle weens, deciding to wipe the slate clean and create a different server from scratch that would serve a similar purpose (although this ultimately never saw the light of day). Two days later, CWC Questions launched, and we began gathering inquiries. I would send them to Chris a few hours later (as he had messaged me asking for more Merge wisdom the day previous), and he answered them, allowing me to post the screenshots directly onto the CWCki, on their own page.[7] Systems for both vetting questions server-side and delivering them to Chris in DMs were established, with me sending relevant questions to Chris in a set of ten at a time, and reminding him once a week about the questions if he neglected to answer them (which was frequent). This system would last until the Q&A's end in December 2020.

On Enabling Chris and My Intentions

I am fully aware of the morally questionable implications of my choice to enable Chris, as well as the negative perception that comes with doing so. Enablers are frowned upon in the CWC community, and with good reason: they perpetuate, and oftentimes, add to Chris's unhealthy delusions, furthering him down a destructive path. I'm not here to tell you that I was some exception to the rule, or that I deserve any less amount of flak for "playing along" with Chris's craziness. I only wish to explain why I did the things that I did, and give some context to my actions.

The sad reality about modern Chris, as any Christorian worth their salt would tell you, is that he will not willingly engage with anyone who does not play along with his delusions, including people who try to help him. Null found this out the hard way, when Chris grew upset with him initially refusing to entertain Chris's Merge nonsense in the aftermath of the Idea Guys. Thus, if you were going to speak to Chris, you either had to acknowledge his delusions quietly or discuss them in great depth. The latter option was not appealing to me, so I chose to do the former.

I dubbed this technique light enabling.

As mentioned earlier, I would usually send him vague wisdoms whenever he would ask about the Merge, having to do with patience and allowing fate to take its natural course. My number one rule when dealing with Chris (which I also enforced when evaluating Q&A questions) was: don't give Chris any new ideas. I would always strive to maintain the status quo of Chris's beliefs for as long as possible since they could not be removed, as opposed to enablers who attempted to insert their own lore into Christory. To me, this was the ideal modus operandi of the Watchmen when regarding Chris (although whether it was followed by the others is an entirely different story).

My first priority when speaking to Chris was the gathering of more information, by way of the Q&A. If light enabling was required on some level to get there, then so be it. All that I wanted was information that I could upload to the CWCki. Nothing more, nothing less. Only once did I break my self-imposed rule of not adding new lore in an act of desperation, which I will cover later.

I've seen a few people here and there theorize that I was a troll or a ween. Unless the mere act of speaking to and enabling Chris qualifies me as such, I disagree with this assessment. I never tried to troll or otherwise antagonize Chris, and I had no desire for glory, clout, or a place in Christory. I never took credit for any of the actions I did as Lainchu, and the only reason I'm doing so now is because the cat is already out of the bag. Unlike some people, I don't view being in Christory as a badge of honor. If anything, it's the opposite. I just wanted to make a few small contributions by way of information releases.

Some might also call me hypocritical for preaching the "observe, but don't interact" philosophy when it comes to Chris while interacting with Chris myself, which I suppose is a fair criticism. I did try to maintain this philosophy for as long as possible, even as a member of the Watchmen, until Chris spoke to me first. In my mind, I justified it as him having reached out to me, rather than the other way around (which was far more typical of those wanting Chris's attention), and thus it was not the same case. I also believed myself to be making contributions to Christory by way, once again, of information releases, making speaking to Chris a necessary evil. While I do feel like the ends justified the means in terms of what I got out of Chris during the time we spoke, I am still uneasy with having spoken directly to him in order to do so. If I've let anyone down, especially from the CWCki Server, I apologize.

I do not expect to be taken solely at my word on this matter, so I encourage you to look at my DMs with Chris, which I am currently updating and will eventually be posted in their entirety, and draw your own conclusions about my intentions. I hope that you find them illuminating.

The Days of Prosper (September 2020 - December 2020)

From September to December 2020, things were fairly good over on Discord. During this period, I became the owner of the CWCki Server, and began committing time to improving it in different aspects. Chris would answer the Q&A every so often, each time prompting me to make a new page. Relations with most of the Watchmen were fairly good, at least on the surface. In retrospect, it was the calm before the storm.

This section covers an approximate four-month period on different fronts, so I will be splitting it into sections based off of each subject of interest.

The CWCki Server

I acquired the CWCki Server from the previous owner in October 2020, and I continued the process that I had begun previously of shaping the server to my ideal vision of it while maintaining the spirit of the community. Beforehand, the server was something of a Wild West, playing fast and loose with the rules and what could be gotten away with. Potentially troublesome users ran rampant, and what was and was not enforced varied wildly. After Chris's visit and subsequent banning, the server's population grew dramatically, and with Klop's departure as owner came a bit more of a controlled and somewhat strict method of moderation. No longer could the server risk incurring the wrath of Discord, given its size and the nature of its subject matter. Klop's successor (and my predecessor) began this process, and once the server came under my ownership, I began doubling our efforts.

Slowly, the less controlled aspects of the server were tightened, and a relative order came over it. While there was still a plethora of edgy jokes and writing throughout the server, nothing within it put us at odds with the Discord administration, and anything that could potentially cause that to happen was quickly handled by the team of moderators. It was a fairly well-run operation, all things considered, allowing the server to avoid any community guideline issues for a little over a year.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and blossoming zapbuds: there were the occasional unusual or troublesome people who came and went through the server, such as trolling groups and those who incessantly wished to contact Chris. These cases often provided interesting challenges for myself and the modstaff to handle, trying to ensure that everyone within the server was relatively safe and happy, while also keeping the Discord higher-ups from looking at us too closely. Our numbers steadily grew, and with that, came new ideas.

We would start hosting monthly competitions, such as themed contests that determined the server's icon, usually for the upcoming month or two. During Christmas, leading into the New Year, I hosted a five-day marathon of all of Geno Samuel's Comprehensive History series that was available at the time, drawing in a sizable group of watchers, and beginning the "Watch Parties" that we would host every time a new episode was released.

Things weren't perfect, and we had to deal with some bullshit sometimes, but overall, they were good. The server was prospering.

The Suitress and Associates

The individual who is now known on this wiki as the Suitress was once a member of the Official CWCki Server, under the username Snoo. She was perhaps one of the most unique and unusual people there, being almost entirely and singularly defined by her open sexual and romantic attraction to Chris. During her time in the server, she became well-known by its denizens for her behavior, obsessing over Chris in a disturbingly committed way, sometimes openly expressing her own sexual fantasies. Her behavior was so over-the-top and bizarre that she wasn't taken very seriously most of the time, with most users dismissing her as another (self-admitted) autistic oddball, and nothing more. I didn't pay much mind to her in general; to me, she was just another strange user who had decided to make the server their digital roost.

But others did take note of her, and unbeknownst to myself at the time, she began to attract a small following of trolls who wanted to turn her into a lolcow as well. To make matters worse, I was tipped off to the fact that she had been trying to contact Chris, and because I thought she was harmless at the time and didn't want her falling prey to the Watchmen, I gave her a verbal warning, which she seemed to take seriously. This was unfortunately later undermined when one of the Watchmen attempted to face-dox her on the server, which was the first (but not last) time that my role as a moderator came into conflict with my position as a Watchman.

The group attempting to troll her was eventually found out and banned from the server, and Snoo herself was banned soon after for unrelated rule violations. It should be noted that all of these actions took place directly before I took ownership of the CWCki Server.

Snoo would attempt to return again several months later, under a new account and seemingly unaware that she had been banned in the first place (even going so far as to declare that she knew the community had missed her).[8] After a short debate among the modstaff, her second account was banned, and she has not been seen in the server since. However, as we would later find out, this would not be the last time that the Suitress would become involved in affairs regarding Chris.

An individual known as Gunggan was also a part of the server, and had a friendship of sorts with Snoo, although to what extent is still unknown to me. In the early days of the server, he was quite infamous for being an info sniffer, constantly trying to get the inside scoop on affairs surrounding Chris. Once he found out that Klop was involved with the Watchmen, Gunggan would bug Klop incessantly and, later deducing that I had taken over the Lainchu role from Klop, would DM me questions (which I would either ignore or give vague answers to). It would get to a point where Klop started giving Gunggan fake information out of frustration, and even Naught seemed aware of him. Again, the extent of his activities remain mostly unknown to me, even to this day, but I thought it fair to bring him up as he would later wind up involving himself in the aftermath of the incest scandal, and would share information about the Suitress on Kiwi Farms.

A Note on the CWCki Server Modstaff

There are some who believe that the modstaff of the CWCki Server are guilty of some form of wrongdoing because of their association with me, as I was involved with the Watchmen. I want to make this absolutely clear: the only members of the modstaff who were involved with the Watchmen and spoke to Chris were myself and Klop. CWCki Jerkop Hurtful Truth Level and site owner Marvin were also present in the group's two servers during this time, but primarily as observers. I wouldn't share information from The Place to the modstaff aside from a few short anecdotes, and for the most part, I kept them in the dark about my activities outside of the server. I didn't want them to get caught up in any of it.

For those who believe that they shouldn't have complied with my secret-keeping, bear in mind that they were technically my subordinates in the server's command structure. While I never outright expressed what, if any, consequences would fall on them if they leaked information, given that I trusted all of them fairly implicitly, I can imagine that they might have desired to keep quiet out of fear of possible retaliation.

None of them had direct contact with any of the Watchmen aside from a few one-off DMs or interactions on the CWCki Server here and there, and they certainly weren't privy to any information that was not already known to the public.

All of this is to say that the modstaff of the server is not involved in any of this drama. They are good people, and the scrutiny that has fallen on them because of my actions is not their fault, nor should it be their responsibility. It is obviously much harder to prove that something didn't happen as opposed to something that did, but I implore anyone seeking information about the activities surrounding Chris on Discord to continue reading this page, and to leave the modstaff alone. They cannot tell you anything that you would not already know.

The Documentation of Chris

When it came to Chris, I developed a pattern of sorts regarding what I would send him, and when. Per his request, I would send 10 questions at a time to him, sourced from CWC Questions, and once he answered, I would send another 10 for him to tackle next.[7] Aside from considering the aforementioned rule about not allowing new ideas to reach Chris that may affect his delusional state further, I would try to make a point of packing together a healthy variety of questions that covered multiple subjects, given how few I could give Chris at a time and how slowly he tended to answer them. Generally, these questions would cover such things as expanding on or clarifying existing Sonichu or Merge lore, acquiring further details about lesser-known aspects of Chris's life, Chris's (or Sonichu's) opinions and advice on various subjects, and random trivia about Chris's life or tastes. I made a habit of treating every Q&A as potentially being the final one, given Chris's infamous laziness and his propensity to be extremely unreliable. Ultimately, this proved to be a very good mindset in the long run, since the Q&As only lasted until December 2020.

I would like to think that I managed to get a good handful of answers to certain burning questions the community had for Chris during this time, such as uncovering the origins behind the name of the Sonichu character Merried Seinor Comic and gaining insight on how Chris viewed the few real friends he's ever had, alongside some more trivial answers. Oftentimes, Chris's rapidly loosening grip on reality was put on full display without even directly referencing the Merge, such as when, in response to a question which asked where he saw himself in a decade, he stated that he would be immortal because of his Goddess powers.

My process for evaluating questions grew as the Q&As continued, soon setting up a depository for CWCki editors to ask questions, which is now archived. I had a template for all of the text-based Q&As which I would use to set up the next page of answers. Doing so was always easy, given that Chris answered through text and all I had to do was copy and paste. Aside from taking screenshots of our conversations, with myself wearing the Lainchu nickname and profile picture, I didn't have to do much editing, and the pages were always fairly short.

Discord Q&A 9 is an outlier among the ones I've done, being answered over audio at Naught's insistence. This was because Chris needed to do an audio test for the then-upcoming interview with The Create Unknown, over Audacity and likely on his iPad. I initially relied on Naught to record Chris and deliver the audio file to me, but he somehow failed to record anything when he tried, leaving me with nothing to work with.[9] I had to ask Chris to re-record everything he had answered himself, and I was convinced that Chris would refuse out of frustration. But surprisingly, Chris was a good sport about the whole ordeal, re-recording everything and providing me a copy with fairly clean audio.[10] On a personal note, I find it funny that Chris Chan, whose name is practically synonymous with incompetence, managed to successfully create the audio file himself while Naught utterly failed to do so. I gave the file to The WCT to upload to his YouTube channel for embedding on the wiki,[11] and once I was finished transcribing it (a much longer ordeal than simply copy-pasting text that Chris had written), the page was live.

I began to see the slow but predictable degradation to Chris's "work ethic" when it came to answering the Q&A as the weeks ticked by (despite the simplicity of the task at hand). Q&As 5 - 8 were all answered in September 2020, each a few days apart from one another, with the longest gap being between Q&A 7 and 8 in a span of a little over a week. Contrast this with Q&As 9, 10, and 11, which were each answered in the months of October, November, and December, respectively, leaving two month-long gaps in which no questions were answered at all. I can only assume that Chris had a relative enthusiasm for the first few Q&As, seeing as the format and question content was somewhat new, and this interest began to peter out as he found new things to occupy his time with (such as Praetor, who had recently entered the picture in October).

To be entirely fair to Chris, he was under no obligation to answer my questions, and I was always more than happy to take what I could get. I didn't want to push him and risk him shutting down completely, so I would send him weekly reminders whenever large gaps began appearing between his messages. I would always try to frame things politely, never being demanding, only asking if he could do this task for me if he had the time. He would usually ignore me whenever I did this, but I persisted on the off-chance that he would take notice and change course, and this was something that I continued to do well after Discord Q&A 11 (hoping in vain that the Q&A would resume). Upon further reflection, perhaps my business-like attitude towards getting what I wanted from Chris led to his waning commitment to doing as I asked.

Chris's final answer to my queries came on 4 December 2020, when he asked that I not send him any more questions for at least two more months (this was after he had just taken a month to answer the most recent batch). I complied, not wanting to push too hard, but I think this may have totally broken what little momentum was left in him. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Discord Q&A 11 would unfortunately be the last one.

The Create Unknown

Chris signing off from the Create Unknown interview.

I found out about The Create Unknown interview through the Watchmen, and I volunteered to assist with it as a liaison. After he had prepared by way of the audio test that would become Discord Q&A 9, Chris came onto TCU as a guest on 28 October 2020, with myself and NovaKyle watching it from within the chat room (thanks to the generosity of the hosts). Knowing that this interview would likely be interesting subject matter, I took it upon myself to record it in its entirety (with video), ending up capturing a few interesting tidbits here and there, such as Chris's demonstration of his "telekinesis powers" on a fidget cube, as well as the beginning and end of the show that were each cut out of the main interview.

After editing irrelevant aspects out of the capture, I asked the hosts if the video could be made public after their edited audio-only version went live. I initially asked The WCT if he wanted to host the video, but TCU preferred to do it themselves, which I had no issue with (and was more than justified, given that they own the content). I gave the video to them, and they eventually uploaded it to their channel, unlisted, on 16 December 2020, just in time for me to upload it to the CWCki.

So yes, the "anonymous Discord user" who recorded and created the uncut video was me.

Create Unknown Chris Chan UNCUT
Stardate 16 December 2020
Made By The Create Unknown
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Interactions Within the Place

Chris would come into the "general" chat in the Place every so often, usually to have conversations with the Watchmen about his day, discuss whatever media he was in the midst of consuming, or talk about the Merge. Sometimes he'd write massive textwalls to get across a point, and usually he would @ everyone in order to do so, so I never ended up missing it due to this. Amusingly, he had a tendency to redundantly @ specific people even when he decided to @ everyone in the same message.

When talking about his days, he would usually insert fictional OCs into them (especially during the "spirit possession" phase), such as saying that he (as Sonichu) tried to cuddle with Rosechu through the "Iron Curtain" that divided the dimensions,[12] or that the OCs of Naught and MKR were beside him while watching a show. It was all rather depressing to witness, but nothing out of the ordinary when considering the content of Chris's tweets at the time.

More concerning, however, were the occasions when Chris would report potential health issues and construe them as proof that his goddess powers were activating and that the Merge was getting closer to happening. These weren't frequent, but did cause minor alarm whenever they were brought up. Chris would feel "vibrations" in his body, which he interpreted as his psychic powers activating. The Watchmen involved in the conversations would always try to tell him to go to a doctor to get things checked out, but Chris of course insisted that he was fine, being immortal. Thankfully, no major health crises arose from these reports, but it was still very concerning to see Chris disregard the notion of visiting a doctor even under the insistence of the people expressing concern over his well-being.

It was rare, but there were times when conversations with Chris would border on normal. Usually, this would come about when he spoke about the shows he had been recently watching, and the Watchmen responded to this. I will never forget, the one and only normal conversation I ever had with Chris was at 3 in the morning one day: he was awake and having a chat, and the conversation pivoted to movies, animation, and then the YouTuber Saberspark, and we both commented on our shared enjoyment of his content.[13] It was weird: for the briefest of moments, I had a normal conversation with Chris Chan. But it didn't last long, of course. Soon enough, he was back to talking about the Merge, and things returned to usual again.

Chris and Praetor

It became apparent pretty quickly that Chris had a certain level of business ambition when it came to Sonichu merchandising, albeit not enough that he'd lift a finger on his own behalf to turn those ambitions into reality. On 8 September, during a discussion about putting the Sonichu comics onto Amazon, Chris mentioned, for the first time, his desire to have a "skilled crafter or two" create Sonichu medallions and Amiibo for him. A few ideas were bounced around between him and the other Watchmen, but nothing conclusive came from this other than determining that Amazon would not be the best manufacturer for physical merchandise.[14]

The first time that Praetor was indirectly mentioned in the Place server was on 22 September, when Chris informed us that he would be meeting with his "new associates" regarding the production and distribution of custom medallions and Amiibo figures on his behalf. When I asked who they were, Chris didn't answer, only posting a picture of a gold medallion that he claimed was "Lovingly crafted by the young lady of the group, with paint that had a mixture of 24K gold in it."

The original golden medallion.

It's likely that the "young lady" he was referencing was Annie Renee, one of the core members of the group. He didn't illuminate very much beyond that, only that they were based in Goochland and that Chris could tell that their intentions were "legit, honest and true." The Watchmen were naturally suspicious, but didn't inquire further beyond the initial questions.[15]

Praetor's logo.

On 25 September, after Naught asked about the medallion makers, Chris affirmed them to be "good and genuine" once again, stating that they were setting up an Etsy shop and were making the first batch of medallions. He also gave us their "company name" for the first time: Praetor LLC.[16] Predictably, any results that came up by googling that name only brought up legitimate registered businesses that had nothing to do with the Praetor that the community came to know.

They were mentioned again on 3 October, when Chris spoke about the possibility of writing a lore bible, and affirmed that Praetor was in support of such an idea. Nova, suspicious that Praetor was ordering him to do this, suggested making a Twitter poll to gauge support for the idea,[17] which Chris followed through on.

Praetor was formally introduced to the Watchmen on 15 October, when Chris requested that Naught invite their Discord account (which belonged to the leader, Caden Peck) into the Place (they received access to the first layer only). Chris also revealed the first names of fellow members Owen Sundstrom and Annie Renee, who supposedly were encouraging an idea of Chris's that there was a connection between the Mayan calendar and the Dimensional Merge. We all said our hellos, and soon after, the Watchmen began asking numerous questions about Praetor's business plans. Praetor answered some of them, but notably refused to disclose the split in income between themselves and Chris, claiming that Chris had signed a confidentiality agreement. In an effort to solidify their legitimacy as a company, they claimed to have once lent their services to the micronation of Molossia, and spoke about their motivations for working with a client like Chris.

At one point, I asked for a website or social media of theirs. They claimed not to have a website anymore, but did have a Twitter and Instagram.[18] Praetor wasn't exactly very careful about keeping their members private, and as a result, links to the personal social media accounts of Caden, Owen, and Annie were all found with ease, alongside pictures of all of them. The Watchmen swiftly archived all of this information.

Praetor would participate in some irrelevant small talk early the next morning,[19] but from there on out, they were mostly silent in the Place. Though outwardly polite at that point, the Watchmen were incredibly suspicious and distrustful of Praetor behind the scenes, believing that they would proceed to extort or manipulate Chris, considering their support of the lore bible and the theories about the Mayan calendar. I'll refrain from sharing my opinions on them for now, and just say that their actions in the following weeks did little to endear them further.

The now-infamous photo on Praetor's Instagram account, which initially exposed the personal accounts of several of its own members.

Later that day (16 October), Chris provided us a preview of the handwritten script he intended to follow for his then-upcoming sermon video, which I would later upload to this website as part of the same article. Said video would eventually go live on 8 November, featuring seemingly mocking edits of Chris on behalf of the Praetor team. This was Praetor's first public introduction to the CWC Community, and it showcased, above anything else, their seeming lack of care towards hiding their identities even when doing questionable things, as their Instagram account even tagged those who appeared in pictures with Chris (which were later removed, but not before they were recorded). This fact was detrimental towards the Watchmen's primary method of driving away perceived bad actors, as it seemed there was nothing about Praetor's members that could be exposed to the public, which they had not already exposed themselves.

They would later launch their Etsy store[20] and begin selling medallions, with Chris's approval and promotion on 11 December. The group seemed to get a kick out of provoking Christorians, such as when they posted a screenshot of the taser they apparently were intending to buy and later use.

Praetor's legitimacy would continually be challenged by the Watchmen both behind the scenes and out loud, with members often openly deriding Praetor's behaviors and business practices in the general chat of the Place. Naught would also occasionally ping them to try and involve them in a conversation or get an update on their activities. Praetor would generally not respond to these provocations.

The two groups would not come to blows until February 2021, a few months later.

Bella's Introduction

Bella would be first mentioned to us on 28 December, when Chris credited her as the one who either introduced or encouraged the idea of Chris having an "Avatar State." I asked who she was, and Chris responded:

One of our Praetor group friends; she’s the one who made up the lovely animation:
Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 13 November 2020
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Sonichu's Update on the Dimension Merge and Sermon - October, 2020
Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The Crimson Libertarian

Nova, who was part of this conversation, derided the animation as "the gratuitous porny one," to which Chris said:

We are not judging, plus she’s actually cool to talk with.

The conversation then steered towards Chris's "Avatar State" theory, and nothing more was discussed regarding Bella, who she was, or her role within Praetor.[21] Little did we know at the time, the major role that she would play later on.

Relationship With the Watchmen

As a part of the Place server, I obviously interacted with the other members of the Watchmen quite frequently. As far as my memory serves me, there were around a dozen or so members in the server while I was in it, including the currently named members of the Watchmen, "invisible" members who are not documented on the CWCki, and bots. I will be focusing primarily on the interactions I had with the major members of the group, and what I observed about them during the time I was in the server.

The "Toxic Trio"

The main members of the group were the ones that Chris would later come to describe as the "toxic trio," that being Naught, NovaKyle, and MKR. Naught was the de-facto leader, with Nova as a second-in-command of sorts, and MKR provided art used for influencing Chris (she was the one who drew the Lainchu art that I would use as a profile picture when taking screenshots of my conversations with Chris). Conversations with Chris were mostly mundane, but Nova was typically the one who would speak the most to Chris, acting as a sort of mathematician or scientist to help Chris sort out the technical aspects of the Merge. He had an odd way of speaking, a very indirect style that wouldn't really address a lot of the things that the recipient said.

I think I may have started off on the wrong foot with the Watchmen, being so distant upon my arrival. But to be honest, I wasn't really ever interested in their friendship. I knew that we had to get along to a certain degree, but it became clear to me pretty quickly that they were not the type of people I would've liked to be around in any other setting. I found a lot of their discussions to be rather distasteful, making near-constant derogatory remarks towards different kinds of people, and generally just being pretty unpleasant. To a degree, I was used to this kind of discussion in the CWCki Server, but it was always managed and reduced due to the need to adhere to Discord's Community Guidelines, and I could disconnect from these people because they were just random users. But I always felt compelled to check in on the Place whenever I saw activity, on the off-chance that Chris did or said something of note.

Most of the discussion in the second layer was either about Chris, other lolcows (the trio had a particular affinity for discussing the activities of Jacob Sockness and Dana Marie Cain), random hobbies or interests, or politics. Political discussion was particularly aggravating to read when I was just skimming the messages, looking to see if there were any updates on Chris, and eventually I got sick enough of seeing it that I asked for it to be migrated to another channel and leave one solely for discussing Chris (which they obliged). Despite this, I held my tongue and put up with the other Watchmen, and began to view them as the irritating coworkers that I had to deal with in order to continue doing my "job" (documenting Chris, in this case).

Conflict of Interests

Soon enough, conflicts between myself and the other Watchmen began to arise on occasion. As the owner of the CWCki Server, I had a certain amount of discretion when it came to dealing punishment to rule offenders, with some acts meriting harsher punishments than others. However, there were multiple occasions when I gave a greater amount of leeway to members of the Watchmen who violated the rules, often just giving them a slap on the wrist and a warning not to break the rules again. This happened early on, when MKR posted a link to a Google Hangouts call in a public channel of the server, in order to lure potential weens in and then dox them. I obviously didn't want anyone's personal information to get compromised due to MKR's weird game, so I deleted the link and requested she not post one again. She protested slightly, but ultimately didn't post another Hangouts link while I was owner.

Later on came a bigger problem: as is known at this point, the Watchmen's primary method for deterring would-be weens, trolls, and enablers was to dox them. Many people who attempted to contact Chris were neither the sharpest knives in the drawer, nor the most careful, so this was often an easy task for them. The problem arose when it came to delivering the message that they had someone's information to said person. Because the CWCki Server was the largest congregation of people interested in Chris Chan on Discord, it often wasn't out of the ordinary that a person who attempted to contact Chris would end up there. And because the CWCki Server had a strict rule against doxing, this posed a problem for the Watchmen if they attempted to go there and publicly humiliate anybody who did so much as send Chris a "hello" message.

I never fully agreed with the ethics around the Watchmen's overzealous aggression towards anybody who was outside of their little clique, but at the time, I viewed it as a necessary evil to ward off the next potential Idea Guys. Still, that didn't mean that I was going to allow it to happen on the server I was charged with managing.

As I mentioned previously, the Suitress wound up catching the attention of the Watchmen when she first texted Chris, and then left a message on one of his livestreams asking if he saw her text. I didn't wish for harm to befall her, as I mostly regarded her as quirky but harmless, so I extended a verbal warning to her, requesting she not contact Chris again. Once she agreed with my request, I informed Naught, telling him that she would likely no longer be an issue, which he accepted. However, I didn't tell the other Watchmen, which led to one of the members, named Val, posting a link to a video on her YouTube channel which featured her face, onto the CWCki Server. I removed it and spoke to Val, requesting that he simply tell me next time that someone on the server was causing a problem, and I would deal with it. He responded by telling me, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off, so I kicked him from the server[22] (he would later rejoin once he realized that he hadn't been banned).[23]

While this first incident was fairly minor, it was the next one that would kickstart a plethora of further internal conflicts for the rest of the time that I was a member of the Watchmen.

MKR and the Moderators

In an earlier section, I mentioned that when members of the Watchmen arrived in the CWCki Server, Klop granted a few of them moderator roles, including Naught and MKR. Naught was hardly ever active in the server, and often left it due to his distaste towards many of its members, meaning that he ended up losing his moderator status fairly early on and never did anything with it. MKR, however, remained in the server, rarely speaking or doing anything but idling with the role on her account. As the modstaff expanded, eventually a meeting was held, during which it was decided that inactive users with the moderator roles would be removed, and this obviously included MKR, who was an infamous figure and known Watchman who never moderated the server in the first place. It should be noted that this action also occurred prior to me becoming the owner of the server. MKR was quietly removed from the modstaff, with nobody informing her of this fact under the assumption that she would neither notice nor care.

The Watchmen in general had a rather negative opinion of the CWCki Server, viewing the large userbase as being mostly irritating and ill-informed about Christory (which I thought was a rather unfair qualification, given the sheer number of people who were in the server at that point). I don't know whether or not spending so much time around Chris gave them a superiority complex over other Christorians and a desire to gatekeep the community (which would be laughable if true), but either way, they aired their complaints quite openly in the Place, which I always ignored, as I don't tend to go out of my way to incite conflict on Discord. But one thing that MKR would always bring up, without fail, was that mods had paid "tardbucks" for their role. This is in reference to an event in the early days of the server, when Klop promoted a user to moderator shortly after they boosted the server. Klop claimed that his decision was unrelated to the boosting, and the person turned out to be an excellent moderator anyway, so I'm inclined to believe him, and nothing like this happened again, coincidentally or otherwise. However, this was the one thing that MKR latched onto without letting up, and would bring it up constantly.[23]

Eventually, she made it very clear why: she was upset that the moderator position was robbed from her without warning. Bear in mind, this complaint was made an entire three months after the role removal, so it wasn't exactly like she realized immediately. I apologized about this, informing her that it was a decision made under my predecessor, but told her that she couldn't have the role back if she wasn't going to actually moderate the server. She continued protesting, accusing me of lying, and doubting my claim that my predecessor removed the role from her. All of this arguing eventually led me to question why she wanted it despite her very obvious disdain for the server. Her response was "because you took it away," like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum about her toys getting taken from her. I stood my ground, refusing to return the role to her (even more convinced that she wasn't right for it after that argument).[24]

This was a grudge that MKR never seemed to get over. I would often be at the receiving end of her hostility and bizarre conspiracy theories, suggesting that I was a mole (for some unknown group, apparently) or that I was working for Praetor (who the Watchmen were intensely at war with at the time). The latter occurred because I sometimes advocated for diplomacy with Praetor, seeing as the Watchmen's stubborn hostility was getting them nowhere. At one point, she asked me if we had met before, to which I truthfully told her that we met in the CWCki Server for the first time. I wouldn't find out the reason she asked me this until much later.[25]

All of this is to say that MKR absolutely cannot be trusted when speaking about me. She is motivated by a grudge that she never got over, and this is the reason she has accused me of various things that I never did.

Sean Walker

Sean's profile icon on his Neko Onyx Discord account, drawn by MKR.
And as long as I don't [do] anything stupid in the future, I'll be fine.
Sean Walker, 3 November 2020.

I haven't mentioned TheWCT/Neko Onyx, also known as Sean Walker, very much so far other than in passing, and that's because he's deserving of his own section. During my time with the Watchmen, I didn't interact personally with many of their members in DMs, because I just didn't like very many of them. As I had mentioned earlier, I never enjoyed interacting with the "toxic trio" (as well as some invisible members) due to their topics of discussion being either disinteresting or downright repulsive to me. I didn't tend to participate in their political discussions, as squabbling over politics on Discord is generally unproductive and something I sought to avoid, but I often saw that Sean did argue with them, taking up similar positions to what I would have. He was also generally less volatile than the others, so I ended up feeling like he was something of a kindred spirit, or at the very least, someone I could speak to within the Watchmen who didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out in frustration.

The first time I spoke to him in DMs was 27 October, when I asked him to upload the audio recording that Chris had made for Discord Q&A 9. From then on, we would occasionally have friendly conversations, sometimes discussing Christory, sharing our mutual distaste for the opinions expressed by the other Watchmen, or just having casual chats. While I wouldn't call him a friend (especially now), I suppose that I could say that we were acquaintances of sorts.

The general vibe I got from him was that he was, for the most part, an outwardly polite and fairly kind person who was clearly quite autistic and passionate about his interest in Chris and other lolcows. There were other major aspects of his character that should be appreciated, but I will refrain from talking too much about him right now, as there's plenty of space to go over his actions in great detail throughout this page.

Ultimately, of all the things I had done in the community during this year, being friendly towards Sean has come to be my greatest regret.

Sean and His Ego

One thing that I noticed about Sean straight away, which should have been an immediate red flag, was that he has a massive fucking ego. It seriously rivals that of Chris.

The very first time that we spoke one-on-one, a mere few messages after I had asked him to upload Discord Q&A 9 to his channel so it could be embedded into the CWCki, he asked me this unprompted:

Would you say I've reached "Christorical Figure" status?

I told him I didn't know, and said he should speak to Null if he wanted the role on Kiwi Farms, although he also wanted to know in general. Bear in mind, this was the first time I had spoken to the guy directly, and it wasn't even like he was the leader of the Watchmen (although I'm sure that was his ambition, given what would eventually happen). This would be the first time - but nowhere near the last - that Sean would casually say something aggravatingly self-aggrandizing and I would either placate him or bite my tongue (to avoid an argument).

The way that he phrased certain things had this air of entitlement to them that would have otherwise been normal had he simply not been thinking of himself as a person of importance. Shortly after our initial interaction, we spoke briefly about the possibility of him hosting the uncut Create Unknown interview on his channel. This is how that went:

Since I had a good talk with those folks, I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and release it right after their Edited Interview gets uploaded to YouTube.
Yeah I was gonna say, we shouldn't steal their thunder

Especially since we didn't pay to sit in on the interview

They've gained my respect.

So I'll let them have the clout.

Notice the language that he uses, about how he'd "let" the Create Unknown have the clout because they've gained his respect, as though he had any say in whether or not TCU deserved to benefit from their own interview with Chris (which they paid for, mind you).

Later, when I informed him (as a courtesy) that TCU would be hosting the uncut interview themselves since they own the content, this was his response:

Get back to him letting him know that I agree with his conditions.

I did not, in fact, tell the Create Unknown hosts that Sean "agreed" with their conditions, because they didn't know him and he had nothing to do with the "agreement."

This would only continue as time went on, where he would insist on using particular terminology when describing things. When Naught temporarily kicked him out of the Place (which will be discussed later), he kept referring to it as a "coup," as though he had been the deposed leader.[footnote 2]

There are plenty of other examples, so I'm just going to leave a small collection of quotes from him below that demonstrate Sean's monstrous ego:

Examples of Sean's Ego from Within Our DMs
My Internet life hasn't changed too much since I've became a Christorical Figure, so I don't really see the need for me to be removed from there.
After Sean was kicked out of the place by Naught.[26]
How would you describe your relationship with CWC?

cause you already know mine, it's good.

Sean bragging about how great his relationship is with Chris, as though such a thing is an accomplishment.[27]

payback for me getting removed from the place.

Sean's response to me telling him about how MKR was angry at me over the modstaff situation.[28]
Maybe you could jokingly let her know that if she wants to be a mod again, I have to be allowed back into the place. lol
Same conversation. And no, Sean, I wouldn't do that. Not on your life.[28]
I'm not as Power or Attention hungry as the others when it comes to CWC since I'm on my way to achieve E-Fame through other ways, but I loved to interact with Chris in the Place whenever he'd come online.
It won't be too long before he disproves this notion.[29]
A half of me believes it was an attempted Coup by Kyle/MKR to get me kicked out.
After Sean was let back into the Place. First use of the C word.[30]
and now that you've just mentioned it, this smells and looks like a failed coup.
Second use of the C word.[30]
I have a feeling they'll attempt another coup in the future.
Third use.[30]
So far, no second attempted coup yet. lol

Sean confidently demonstrates that he doesn't know his Christory:

Question: who do you think the Wallflower was?

judging by what we know, I think it's quite obvious. lol

Her real identity is out there already

[REDACTED], I believe her real name is?

We just can't talk about it on the cwcki, or the server

Honestly, I think the Wallflower is none-other than long-legs.

in other words, Emily (or Kim Wilson)

Oh, no

She's someone completely different

Emily/Kim is super super careful about maintaining her secrecy

Whereas Wallflower wasn't careful at all, and therefore got exposed

that's strange, I thought the Wallflower was Emily since they reacted to Chris in a similar way.

The emails that were sent between Chris and the Wallflower remind me a lot of how Emily would brag about Clyde. lol[32]

look at me, I'm a YouTuber/Watchmen/Friend of Chris. Do I beg or want power at all within the CWCki server?
Casual humblebragging, when speaking about MKR and the mod situation again.[33]
imo, he should've handed it to me.
Sean's response to me telling him that Naught transferred ownership of the Place to Nova.[34]

Continuing to talk about the server ownership transfer:

It should've been me (not because I wanted the power, lol) but I feel like I had the same kind of Shadow figurehead role like Naught.
You literally have a YT channel...
ok, maybe you now have a point there.

Handing a server that crucial to Christory right now to some random obscure YouTuber is kinda risky.

but from my defense, I'm not the kind of guy who would abuse his power unless his the majority say action must be taken.

I'd be benevolent.[34]

While talking about how long Naught has (apparently) been involved in Christory, Sean demonstrates his weird boner for Naught and Null:

I discovered Chris Mid-Late High School too btw.

If I continue to play along the way [Naught] and Josh did, I’m probably going to play a larger role in this story a lot more than I do nowadays.

Josh was around 20 years old when he first found Chris.

And 7 years later, look at him now. lol

Yeah...I don't envy him, personally
I don’t know if I’ll be here in the next 5-6 years, but if I some how am, it wouldn’t surprise me at all since I’ve grown closer to Chris.
I don't know if that's a goal to be aspiring towards
I made mistakes in life that some could compare to those that Chris has made himself.

And because of that, I relate well to him.[35]

Double crossing [Naught] is a fatal mistake that nobody (regardless of how powerful they are in their server may be) should make.
Safe to say you got coup'ed.
Speaking about me this time, after I got kicked from the Watchmen. Also: fifth use of the C word.[36]

If you're wondering why I'm putting Sean on blast like this despite him being the only member of the Watchmen I marginally liked at the time, keep reading. The answer will come soon.

Sean and Randy Stair

Randy Stair.


The following is my opinion, a conclusion I have drawn based off of the facts that have been presented to me. I am not saying that this is necessarily the absolute provable truth; only that this is what I believe it to be from my own perspective. If new evidence arises that contradicts the beliefs I express here, I will happily eat my words.

It is widely known at this point by followers of the Incest saga that Sean had a fascination with lolcow and mass shooter Randy Stair. A common narrative I have seen about this is that he introduced Chris to the story of Randy Stair in a concerted effort to feed him violent delusions and transform Chris into a mass shooter himself, and that this desire was what may have inspired Bella's own supposed goal to have Chris commit suicide. I'll discuss Sean's relationship with Bella later, but for now, I will focus solely on the Randy Stair aspect, and why I believe that this narrative regarding Sean's intentions on this matter is wrong.

I first became marginally aware of Sean's interest obsession with Stair on 6 November 2020, when he wrote me the following message:

bruh, I accidentally got CWC into Randy Stair.

I had no idea who Randy Stair was at the time, nor the extent of Sean's obsession, so I thought little of it, merely commenting on whether Chris followed the antics of fellow lolcows. Sean also mentioned that Chris was getting into the story of Thaddeus McMichael, implying that he learned about McMichael through WCT's YouTube videos, similarly to how he seemed to learn about Stair.[37]

The next time Chris and his growing interest in Stair was mentioned by Sean in our messages was 14 December 2020, when Sean linked me a video created by YouTuber Dillin Thomas, commenting on the "crossover," writing:

ຮṎṈḭᏨ ḭṈຮᾀṈḭtẙ Chris Chan and Randy Stair The Greatest Crossover In History
Stardate 10 December 2020
Made By Dillin Thomas
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

oh god...what have I done. lol

This video was made in response to a lengthy Twitter thread that Chris had written recently, talking about Stair and his delusions in relation to the Dimensional Merge. Within this conversation, Sean said many things that, upon retrospect, provide context to some of the events that surrounded Chris and his newfound interest in Stair's story.

The first detail of note is that Sean admitted that Chris discovered Stair on his own by browsing Sean's documentaries on his YouTube channel (Chris had become a fan of Sean's work), and then asked Sean questions about Stair, presumably focusing on his delusional beliefs.

Remember when Chris had that lengthy Twitter thread?

even though he discovered Randy Stair first (via my documentaries), he asked me some things about him.

So in a way, yes. This was my doing.

This contradicts the common belief that Sean intentionally introduced Stair to Chris in a conscious effort to make Chris imitate Stair. While he clearly takes credit for this, and responds to Chris's questions after the fact, the way that he explained what happened leads me to believe that even he is cognizant of the fact that this essentially began as an accident. In this manner, I think he's hardly any more responsible for introducing Chris to Stair than Geno Samuel is for inadvertently introducing the average ween to Chris's story.

Following this, Sean expressed his annoyance at the anger of those who believed that there did not exist any parallels between Chris and Stair, and that the key difference between them was Stair's propensity for violence.

It makes me a little angry that people are getting mad at Chris over having something in Common with Randy, but people shouldn't be surprised at this point.

Randy and Chris actually have stuff in common with each other, it's just that Randy is more excessively violent than Chris.

Chris can be violent in his own way (as Christory has shown), but he will never be as violent as Randy was.

He stated afterward that Chris was overall a happier and more peaceful individual than Stair.[38] These statements, to me, indicate that Sean's intent in teaching Chris about Stair was not to inspire violence, as he admitted that Chris's capabilities for such things are comparatively limited. I think that Sean just wanted to share his obsession over an obscure subject of interest and the lore that surrounded it with Chris, who he considered a friend.

Now, I don't believe that this excuses or justifies Sean's actions after the initial introduction of Stair. Sean could have very easily given short answers to Chris and not encouraged his delusions, but instead he chose to do the exact opposite, eventually playing along once Chris decided to integrate Stair's lore into his own.

Months later, in February 2021, Sean informed me that Naught was unhappy with him for introducing Chris to Stair in the first place, and shared with me his own DMs with Chris, in which Chris first described his thoughts on Sean's docs and made it a part of his delusions, back in November. Naught later criticized Sean in the Place for causing this, and demanded that he tell the truth about the origins of Chris's interest in Stair if the subject were brought up again. Notably, Sean reaffirmed to Naught that the introduction to Stair was accidental.[39] Ultimately, Sean never did get the chance to explain himself.

None of this is meant to defend Sean. His actions following Chris's discovery of Stair were inexcusable, and he should have known better. Even the other Watchmen recognized his failure to take responsibility for influencing Chris (although they notably did very little to stop it). I am simply sharing what I know and believe because I don't think that Sean is the monster that Kiwi Farms investigators make him out to be. Yes, he is selfish and short-sighted, with extremely poor judgment, but I think that it's a stretch to consider him a violent sociopath because of a few bad decisions.

Sean and the Other Watchmen

Chris argues in Sean's favor.

Sean's relationship with the other members of the Watchmen could be described as...tenuous, at best. I would say that if not for the burning hatred that MKR developed towards me, Sean could easily be considered the least popular member of the group. Besides his vocal opposition to many of the political beliefs expressed by the "toxic trio" and his influence over Chris with regards to the Randy Stair lore, he was generally looked down upon by the others, and was constantly the butt of their jokes and insults. Sean generally took these in stride, either firing insults back or letting them roll off his shoulders. Either way, it seemed like Sean was fine with putting up with their disrespect towards him if it meant he could continue being a member of the Watchmen.

However, something eventually happened which led him to be suddenly, temporarily kicked out of the Place on 3 December. When I inquired about this, Sean quoted Naught as having told him that he was too open about his interactions with Chris and that he needed a break.[26] Given the back-and-forth spats that happened and would continue to happen between Sean and Naught, I don't know how much of this claim to believe, as Naught's motives could have been entirely different, and I was suspicious of such, given the absolute contempt the group showed toward Sean. Then again, perhaps Sean was downplaying how much he shared, a fact which would certainly not surprise me now. I don't particularly feel inclined to take either of them entirely at their word, anyway.

Later, on 11 December, Sean would message me again about this matter, claiming that he had a talk with Naught, and that his kick was a result of "politisperging" as well as some gay jokes he made while in there. More tellingly, he said that this was a decision made between Naught, Nova, and MKR, solidifying their positions as "leaders" of the operation. At the time, I was sympathetic towards his position, because I actively disliked the three of them and strongly believed that their reasoning was based on lies, although not to the extent that I would go out of my way to defend Sean to them.[40]

On 20 December, Sean asked me if I thought it was a good idea for him to convince Chris to pressure Naught into allowing Sean back into the Place. I told him that I thought this was a terrible idea, and would only make things worse. So naturally, he decided to do it.[29]

What I didn't expect, however, was that this actually worked. Chris followed through on declaring that Sean had been wrongfully expelled from the group,[41] and with no shortage of arguments and behind-the-scenes grumbling from the trio,[42] Sean was allowed back into the first layer of the Place on 24 December (it was a Christmas miracle, I guess). This was also the first time he began using the word "coup" to describe his short ban.[30]

By the end of the month, Sean was brought back into the second layer of the Place, albeit in a limited capacity,[43] and MKR still openly expressed animosity towards him (just as she did towards me).[44] From what I could tell, his relationship with the others would remain rocky until the Watchmen's breakup later in 2021.

Coming Soon: The Approaching Storm (January 2021 - February 2021)

It was 2021, the start of a new year, and I was beginning to see the writing on the wall that things were about to change for me. Chris had stopped regularly answering questions, and so I sought out other ways to document his writings. The Watchmen's war with Praetor was beginning to escalate into a public spectacle, and on the inside, hostility towards me would reach an all-time high. I knew that I was getting into an increasingly unstable situation with the Watchmen, and that I needed to formulate some sort of backup plan in case things went south. This would end up being a critical time for me, right before things collapsed.

Stay tuned for updates.


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