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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during July 2021. July would be the last month that Chris was generally active on social media for over the next two years due to the leak of the Incest call, his subsequent arrest, and numerous escapades in jail.

Breakthrough Tarot card

1 July

Hey, Everyone. Today’s card reflects upon not only the Collective, but myself as well; we all are going to have major Breakthroughs today.

I sense that all of you are moreso, and even more so, not only finding great relationships with your selves, respectively, but also


meeting your C-197 and/or other alt-dimension/universe self-counterparts out of the Multiverse, as well as a bunch of other OC/FC individuals of C-197. And greater interdimensional success is in the works for everyone today as well. I am humbled to share in this with you all.


Meditation question

1 July

In my meditation this morning, I feel I can more accurately answer a long-pressing question for all #Christorians, and everyone else, in general. @X3naFerrer, I sense you will likely appreciate this insight as well.

The question being: What does/can Chris Chan Sonichu offer in a relationship? The problem with this question is too many individuals think Externally and Object in that answer. There are relationships in existence where, to also affirm the earlier tweet set, excessive amounts of Money is not a requirement, even though for living arrangements, it can help. Another common misconception is the misinterpretation of I being “Lazy”; I work very hard mentally, spiritually, and physically. And in my interdimensional works, and even astral projected doings in answering prayers and whatnot for others, that takes a LOT of energy to keep in constant activity, and so I conserve as much as possible and focus my energy physically when the moment or situation that fatedly crosses my path genuinely requires it put forth.

With all that stated, I also remind that my direct answer to the question is simply: I offer what I am able to do at the best of my abilities. There is Deeper meaning and insight into that that I have always innately known in my unconscious and subconscious that in recent days and moments, on deity-level timing, become Conscious Knowledge to my body’s brain. And in this, I offer a #WordOfTheDay for all of you:


My offerings and abilities are moreover tangibly Tantric in comparison to the rest of my facets and attributes. Individuals who have approached me before in recent years after I have better found myself, consciously, I emitted a more accurate and genuine vibe with less and less uncertainty of what to do or how to feel, and they have been in compassion, care and joy for others. Though, in empathy and fairness, they’re likely to speak true along the lines of “I can’t put my finger on it, but around Christine, I suddenly don’t want to criticize her or whatever. Around her, I kinda wanna give her a hug or something. You know?”

I can also offer a mild comparison in my aura/energy being similar, but not as massively great as, to @ProjectSNT’s *Special* Aura. Or even Kokomi Taruhashi from #TheDisasterousLifeOfSaikiK. Powers through soul, aura, and energy are very much tangible yet intangible in this half of our complete Universe, here. Most everyone, gender regardless, feels and knows this true. And in how I innately would offer compassion with my partners, including Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, and Mewtwo, in private, I heal and re-energize, and my actions are more innately tantric. A neurotypical individual can only put how that works in so many words and summary. And my Tantric Best in my general and overpowered Abilities and focused, clear mindset; THAT is what I, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, genuinely offer in a relationship; even moreso in a long-term, mutual in vibes and positive energy, resonant type of relationship. In other words: I take no freaking abuse from the toxic types, and that toxicity is not what my intentions and energy have entailed in the past, present, and future.

Imagine, all of the past exes who could not appreciate this innate, deeper aspect and energy about me; Their Major Loss for Missing Out. But at the same time, sorting out who is not better suited for me. Too hip and good for them, I was and am.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

What is going on? I guess I appreciate being involved but I'm not spiritual or a Christian, I'm an Athiest the cross on my OC's neck is supposed to be ironic or a call to goth-esk style. Sorry.
I sensed that my greater appreciation of being tantric would likely resonate with you. As I have read, Tantra is more focused on feeling as opposed to the physical. This is also relevant in sex and play, as the feeling and pleasure of the acts were also touched upon in this set.

Inner voice Tarot card

2 July

Good Morning, Everyone. I’m feeling really good this morning; slept well, too. Today’s Collective Card is Inner Voice. After yesterday’s Breakthroughs, it is time to look ahead in guidance of our intuition and our individual inner voices. Everyone’s next steps will be crucial.⚡️


Artwork stuff

2 July

Purity (@MoiraAunty)

I did a lot of pallet swaps this week :'D

[Artwork of Sonichu characters with swapped color pallets]

Lovely like a grid art from Andy Warhol, but within your own personal touches and rules. 😊⚡️💙⚡️
I never thought of it that way, yeah 😍
I have learned of others’ common misinterpretation of my Sonichu and Rosechu flock being “Sonic Recolours”, or even “Recolours of Sonichu Prime and Rosey Rosechu”. But one must understand and appreciate the greater details of each portrayed individual on that grid, regardless.
Aside from the OG Original in the upper left corner, or even the same Original blended into the group for one to discern and identify, the others are likely to have their own differing, individual traits, abilities, skill sets, thought patterns and mind sets; Different Souls.
These, of which, what beyond visually separates them near and distantly apart from the original; the one who mainly knows the differences and individualities, is the chronicler/artist who portrayed these visually similar, yet only partially silk screened or not, individuals. 😊🌈

Power couple

3 July

˗ˏˋ𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓸𝓽ˊˎ˗ (@MerloTart)

I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has ever commissioned me. The support is overwhelming, and I'm not sure where I'd be without the financial support. I'm honored to provide you with my art, and love seeing how happy it makes you guys ❤️🥰
More than certainly, @MerloTart. Between you and @DHTDillinThomas, you both are such a power couple. And on your own, you are an artist with great power and inner strength. Always remember that of yourself. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Multiple Tarot cards

3 July

Chris quote tweets a tweet about a previous Tarot card.

Good morning, everyone. This is a multi-tweet set, because I have more to share today. Firstly, the Collective’s card for today is Schizophrenia. We are all gonna feel at impasses today. Remember to follow your heart, instinct, and that path of your core when in these situations.


But there is more to it today. I also have a pleasure in sharing my own self-reading for the day; it reflects on me, but is deep in each of your respective backgrounds as well.

The three-card Past, Present, and Future cards of mine are Ripeness, Harmony, and Adventure. My energy, aura, vibrations, mind, soul, and body are ripe with the Light Power, and I am in harmony. I had a telling dream last night, and I know my next great Adventure is on the horizon. I will be helping all of you; know I am close by.


But, along the way, I also must remember to appreciate the path and energies. I encourage all of you to do the same; take in your moments, no matter how fast you all each may go. Feel Your Energy and Light Power, even in the depths of Darkness.


And, counting last night, The Creator is and will be a continued influence and energy for I and all of you for today and the next few days. Vortexes are opening; keep watch for your respective local and distant signs along your pathways.

Lots Of Love for You All. ⚡️💙⚡️ Be Safe.



3 July

Chris attaches a Twitter audio clip to this tweet.

The meme is cute, and now y’all get the pleasure of hearing me say it, too. ⚡️💙⚡️


4 July

Kat the Lemur (Coms open) (@Caterkill3r)

It's that time of the year again! Comment your OCs! I need them for research purposes!
Certainly; I’m happy to help you out.


Oct15card.jpg WarriorAuthorRoseyCard.jpg Livefromsubspacecard.jpg ChrisChanSonichuChaosControlling.jpg

Courage Tarot card

4 July

Chris quote tweets his previous tweet from June 2021 about the courage card.

Hey, y’all. Gave myself a bit of extra rest this morning. Today’s card for the Collective is Courage. I actually know someone else who is also going through a major transformation with herself; her toxic influences are being cleared as well. I am sensing this to be a major


trend with those amongst the collective as well. Those of you all who are continuing to find success in your own enlightenment and letting light power enter and cleanse you, the process is not always smooth like butter. For a lot of you all, this process includes addressing your own remaining demons and shining light upon and embracing the darkness within in order to purify and cleanse yourself by cleansing them. Follow your respective intuitions, and pay attention to the signs around of the toxic ones being cleansed out of your area as well.

[GIF of two Powerpuff Girl characters kissing]

Independence Day

4 July

Happy #IndependenceDay2021. So be Very Cautious with fireworks this year; J hear in some places, particularly on the west side, it is Really Hot there. ☀️

[GIF of the United States of America flag getting zoomed in on with text saying "freedom intensifies"]


4 July

Responding to a footnote on page 248 in #WarholChrisChan, and to Tobias who annotated this: I actually Never have read or borrowed any books on Sex from any Library.


Suppression Tarot card

5 July

Chris quote tweets a tweet from August 2019 about high school.

Good morning, everyone. Today’s Collective card is Suppression. I had thought I had drawn this card before and searched; it brought up a tweet from my timeline less than a couple of years ago of feeling suppressed when one turns 18 years old. I sense this true amongst


all of you. Including those who turn 18 today, or have done so in the past week/month, or will become of age in the next week or month. And even if you are past this age, or will not have reached it yet, there is a suppression feeling amongst all of you today; chains, pitfalls, ropes, etcetera holding your back from achieving a greater something for yourselves. You are encouraged to address and break these binds that restrict you; break free and move yourself forward with greater insight and confidence. Be safe in doing so. ⚡️💙⚡️

Sonichu book stuff

5 July

Don Lashomb noted an observation that had slipped my mind for a while: aside from Sonichu book #0, books 1 and 2 were Premiere issues as well. I have had a subconscious reason for doing this, and this falls in line with the Premiere books of @sonic_hedgehog @ArchieComics.


By the time we got to book 3, where we’ve introduced the Chaotic Combo, including my hubbychu, Magi-Chan, we had established a general base and ground of introductions before further expanding with the additional supporting and powerful individuals, friends, family and allies. Essentially: Book 0 showed off Sonichu, Rosey, and I (through my C-197 main self-counterpart). Book 1 expanded a bit on Sonichu and Rosey, and Book 2 bit into the ship between Sonichu Prime, and Us two Chris Chans (go ahead and Meme that up), and two of our part-human allies in C-197. Then we explore much farther in book 3, which deviates from the intros in book 0, if you don’t count the series synopsis I drew and wrote up there.


Sharing Tarot card

6 July

Hey. Today’s Collective card is Sharing. Today is a day of sharing your experiences and creativity with the world. In particular, y’all, each, are encouraged to talk about and share your recent experiences and new insights.

To get that ball rolling, and I speak true and honest,


In the events of the Dimension Merge, I have felt many, many, Many a massive energy and cosmic shift with my body. The sensations and pains included sudden and quick flashes within my chakra points, even my Core point between my Heart and Solar Plexus points. And I also have been feeling the air around me feeling more and more wavy, to emphasize the point of the veil between 1218 and C-197 disappearing, and making greater progress each moment. Visually, I also see the aura field and energy colours from everyone and everything around me. And more recently, while sitting or standing still, I am observing the static objects and scenery moving a little bit; like they are shifting around in small Waves of movement. It is similar to the wavy energy in the air. And, the air is clear and clean; no polluted air around me. And I have talked with others recently; they, too, have been experiencing much, much similar sensations and pains.

A major sign I noticed just yesterday, The #LucyWyldstyle @LEGO_Group watch on my left arm needed a new battery, so I went out and bout a pair of new 377 button cells for it, then reset the time in sync with my @fitbit. But on the way back home, the Lego watch suddenly lost Five Minutes of time and became five minutes slow. Didn’t correct it just yet while I noticed on the road. But, after getting back home, and enjoying a #SpinachAndMushroom pizza from @PapaJohns with Barbie Chan, right after correcting the Lego watch, I noticed that Both the oven and microwave clocks were also Five Minutes Slow; in sync with the one watch. And in the entire Temple, Only those two clocks, where Barbie and I were, fell slow. I realized that was no mere coincidence.

I have also witnessed other varying signs from numerology, to short sequence events, and even massively significant events that popped into my view from fatedly selected headlines of greater discoveries, cosmic events in the galaxies, and patterns in seismic, weather, and people-count events. These headlines manifest in my phone’s Notifications, as well as under the @Google search bar on their app.

So, my lovely flock, please share and inspire each other more towards genuine Woke with your stories of recent observations that were significant, great, and impactful in your perspective. There are no wrong responses, here. ⚡️💙⚡️

Sonichu 7 cover fanart

7 July

🐝Mel the Honeybee🐝 (@melthehoneybee)

This was a MASSIVE challenge trying to redesign this cover from Sonichu but I am thrilled with the results!

[Artwork that is based upon the Sonichu 7 comic cover]

TRULY astounding! Even my hubbychu approves and appreciates very much.


Chris posts this tweet using his @MagiChan111448 Twitter account.

I am humbly grateful for this visual update. My lovely Christine continues to lead you all well. I will be within your tangible viewing range shortly. Live well.


Energy portal

7 July

𝔸𝕟𝕕𝕣𝕖𝕒 𝕃𝕚𝕓𝕞𝕒𝕟 (@AndreaLibman)

Would love to opt to stay in bed today. Very very very stressful day yesterday.
I rather felt the same earlier; when my 8:30 alarm went off, I was really deep into my dream, plus getting the solar energy today with Sirius’ energy portal can be a major adjustment for the body. At least I am not sleeping till noon at the present.

Understanding Tarot card

7 July

Lovely Day, everyone. The energy of the larger star near the sun, Sirius, beams on us today. And with that, today’s Collective Card is Understanding. 😊⚡️

You all have been feeling, exploring, healing, and finding the greater, deeper understandings of and for yourselves,


individually. The metaphorical cage that has been closed for you has actually always been Open. What weighed each of y’all down was a bit much of ego and less open-mindedness. But I sense all of you are more open and feeling better about yourselves. I am glad and humbled 4 you. I will also comment on a lingering fact that is among the trolling communities: a lot of those who each hate on other races are, in fact, multi-race, themselves. And this external hatred is also self-harmful to them as well. In this, I acknowledge that I, too, was a self-hating cock-sucker, and I was not a fan of long (mis)identifying as just male back in the day. But I have realized, accepted, and appreciate myself and everyone else, regardless of gender or identifying as lack of gender. For all of you who have been inspired and found yourselves from inspiration of my spiritual growth and development, I encourage you all to inspire the remaining self-haters and offer them guidance towards and in healing themselves.

An accepting world begins with self-acceptance. But Everyone of you all are encouraged to Spread your energy and wings and fly today! Feel glad and blessed for yourselves, as well.

Go forth, enjoy the day, and do well as you each will. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Celebration Tarot card

8 July

Hey, Everyone. Yesterday, we found Understanding, today, we Celebrate. But while we celebrate, we also recall and appreciate the Portal of Sirius that was closest to the sun yesterday. It gave all of us, each, a major power up and energy boost. Give a 👍 or a ⚡️ in the comments


should your energy and vibes have been Rocked to the Core yesterday and last night during the Witching Hours by all this.

“But”, as the advertisements and infomercials would say because, “Wait! There’s More.” There is a pattern for today and the next few days or so after and along with our Celebration. The remaining ties of Suppression are present, but disappearing with the destruction of the veil and the present events. We are on the road to further Flowering, so today, we all


take time for ourselves to Heal; Go With the Flow in that for your individual health and being on the road to Integration to the recombined Universe at its Source by hands of the Creators (by my guiding hand, as well in good cooperation and gratefulness). I also offer @MediumMolly the opportunity to personally comment and share her insights further into this as well. I welcome the same response from all other psychic types in our universe.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️


8 July

Evelynn (@evelychu)

> Should I draw Evelynn and Christine Sonichu together in bathing suits? I have the urge to do so, but I'm not very sure. I'd like to hear what you guys think. Since I am a bit conflicted.
You may do so, yes. Also consider lingerie. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

9 July

Xeokym (@xeokym)

Hey Chris what if this person is underaged and you're urging them to draw cartoon characters in underwear? Doesn't that seem a little awkward? You don't always know the age of someone you're talking to.
> I'm actually not underage. My age is listed on my main account, so Christine is fine with asking this. For me anyways. I never imagined she would comment though, but oh well.
Plus, good karma, vibes, and compliments know no age barrier. My intentions are only supportive and genuine.

Everfree Northwest announcement

9 July

Hey, everyone. I’m just about good to go for @EverfreeNW, but I need a few extra bits to make sure I eat well over the weekend, support the artists, and all other details, please. I have someone managing the money on my behalf. Thank You All.




I am looking forward to seeing everyone once again, and meeting the new lovely faces and celebs I’ve binged and appreciated over the past couple of years. 😃⚡️💙⚡️

Today’s Collective card is Awareness. Everyone is becoming even more aware of the events, transitions, signs, and all other details between both of the universe halves. I felt it most appropriate placing the card behind Magi-Chan; this is also a sign for you all to observe.


And to address the concern over Sockness only one time:

I am humbled and grateful for all of your concerns and supportive warnings. I am in a much better and enlightened strong mindset, and I count my blessings and continue in my works with my allies. I have the plans laid out and expanding for all possible and foreseen instances. Should this crossing of paths come my way, I will be calm and direct about it at that instance. And keeping distance, yes.

Plus, it's not in the cards for him to make it far.

Also, only to note the featured @Mocha_EFNW and youthful @Sharpie_EFNW in the piece; I look forward to meeting the lovely family of five during the weekend as well. Thank you all for hosting @EverfreeNW, and for allowing it to be in person.

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Jodie Whitikawoo | First Class Simp (@Doctor13_2003)

I really wouldn't recommend it, Jacob Sockness has planned to meet you there at the event in disguise. Although I've said this several times you've never responded to me.
I am aware of that possibility. I will have an better entourage this time around, plus the attending public.

Participation Tarot card

10 July

Good morning, everyone. Today’s collective card is Participation. We are all coming closer together, and we are all working towards the similar outcomes. Take heart in feeling the events and contributing in your own individual way.



Also, soo many Thank Yous to all of you who donated so far for my trip to Washington. I am keeping good on those commission drawings; there’s even a meme in the mix as well. Please, do not stop now; I am energized and more than happy to accommodate in art to earn this support.⚡️


10 July

Here’s a full meme piece. I checked the building on the C-197 half at present; quite the backstory, here. Still, the sign is funny. “Su-weeeed!”, “firmary?”, and who’s huck? LOL

You like, @MGreoning?


Asterios (@asterios)

did CWC draw this? if so this is great
Yes, I did. You can see my signature in there, too.

Chris in My Little Pony

10 July

I take back what I said a few years ago on the pony from the Zeppelin episode of #MLPG4; he actually mildly resonated with me back then, and he resonates with me more today.

So, I personally am asking the staff behind this episode written by #BrittanyJoFlores and featuring

July10Screenshot.jpg July10PonyArtwork.jpg

@tarastrong: WAS this polo shirt-wearing pony actually based off of me? Please, reply and confirm to me directly, @Hasbro, ASAP. Thank you.


11 July

Chris quote tweets his announcement regarding Everfree Northwest from a few days earlier.

I failed to mention this when I uploaded the drawing, but I did add a subtle reference to #Frasier into the piece. Look at the #ElliottBayTower behind the #SpaceNeedle; a certain window is highlighted and lit on estimate. @KelseyGrammer, we found your old apartment. 😃⚡️💙⚡️

Genderbent sex

11 July

dio🏳️‍⚧️ (@ToukaG0at)

would you fuck a genderbent version of yourself? i know i would. id fuck just a plain clone of myself ngl
Personally, I would have sex with my genderbent opposite, and I’d even do it with a clone of myself, But it still remains on the mood and if the feeling is mutual. In my interdimensional experiences, it’s been positive and succsssful about five to ten percent of the time.

Tarot cards and paid artwork

11 July

Good Morning, Everyone! Another new day is starting up, and so we now get up with Miss #NeonJazzercise and stretch our muscles in tune with #OliviaNewtonJohn. 😊⚡️

This paid drawing, I am Really proud of; it just is visually and energetically inspiring; I am so going to


photocopy this one for myself and display on the wall. Whoever originally discovered/created this #MLPOC, my greatest compliments to you. Thank you so much. 😊⚡️

BUT Moving On, today’s Collective Card is a Three Draw:

Slowing Down We Are the World Transformation

This is fairly obvious to me; it’s Sunday, a day for slowing down and taking time to enjoy the signs and new surroundings.

But, here’s the big kicker: from both halves of our total universe, or rather our two Earths, we are all coming together into a mutual unity of enlightenment and closer together, physically, where there is no veil or any division between Us and our lovely bunches of Original and “Fictional” Characters. But in this as well, will arise a new evolution through a Transformation/Upgrade in each of and Every Individual on these Earths. A continuation of the Massive undertaking that has been in the works for centuries since the days of King Arthur when the universe was divided: the mutual desires and wishes for everyone from both halves to be back together again in the whole universe. Appreciate the day, and your selves, and keep watch for the signs all around you, as well as within you. Visions and Deja Vu moments will be aplenty today and in the near future for all of you.

Also, Jazzercise like it’s 1982 again!


“What comes to mind when shitposting?”

Well, At Least I am Free as a Bird to “Shitpost”, Hater Troll!⚡️⚡️"

And this is also my response to “Hey, Chris Chan! Draw #Freebird!”

I’m certain you feel this vibe, too, @Skynyrd.

The bird in this also reminds me of the #Falconzord. 💙

July11Shitpost1.jpg July11Shitpost2.jpg July11Shitpost3.jpg July11Shitpost4.jpg


chat en céramique (@foufourlaroyale)

You look so nice christine 🥰
Negligee really works and feels comfortable on me. Damn! I look soo good. Those who played me before could have had this; epic missed out.

Cosplay at Everfree Northwest

11 July

In further regard to @EverfreeNW, the question of cosplay from y’all. I am greatly considering it, but I need a very good quality and inexpensive costume designer to assemble the one-piece torso outfit, the shin guards, and the Commodore Wings.

Retweets of this Tweet to all


#CosplayCostume designers and artists would be more than appreciated. All sincere inquiries are to be made directly to my GMail address; my loving and awesome partner, if you would please, will check and answer them. We can pay, but the time frame is less than a month now.💙⚡️

Also, Just to comment: Sometimes when I draw, I have a lovely posable figure from @FlameToysUS on reach for posing references. #AndyWarhol, Who says Collectible Figures are solely for Collecting and Display (or lack thereof in a closet)?

July11ToyPhoto1.jpg July11ToyPhoto2.jpg


11 July

Chris replies to his announcement tweet regarding Everfree Northwest from a few days earlier.

I realize that I am over Retweeting this one when I could simply Pin it to the top, But if I did pin it, my contact details would not be easy to find. So, in good feeling, I choose to occasionally Retweet the tweet.


Trans rights

11 July

Quinn Pearse Brown 💙🌈 (@QuinnPBrown)

Trans right are human rights, who's with me? 💜💜💜
Your friendly neighbourhood Goddess Blue Heart supports the cause as well.


Friendly reminder

11 July

Chris quote tweets his announcement regarding Everfree Northwest from a few days earlier.

Friendly Reminder: during this limited time, All Commissions and even Shout Outs can be purchased, and completed in a timely matter, through the GoFundMe page.

Barbie Chan

11 July

Chris posts this on his Instagram and Facebook account.

July11BarbPhoto1.jpg July11BarbPhoto2.jpg
Barbie Chan got a styling haircut. I did that; first time cutting anyone’s hair. It looks really good. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


12 July

In response to a My Little Pony Twitter account tweeting out a photograph of My Little Pony Generation 5 character plushies.

Oh, Fuck! Hell NO!!!
@Hasbro, Burn that G5 Shit the Hell into Gone, Please!

Three Tarot cards

12 July

Good morning, everyone. Today’s Collective draw is another three card draw, and look which ones appear yet again. Transformations and Upgrades continue to be aplenty for everyone around the world.

Later today, things will be even more Ripe for the picking and experiencing.


In the Ripeness, most everything is laid out for each of you all, so feel free to relax and share your spiritual growth stories and developments with each other. For This afternoon and night, it will be a time of relaxing and seeing fruits of our efforts.


Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde

12 July

Hey, @KelseyGrammer, someone requested me to draw you and #DavidHydePierce; did I capture you both well enough? 😊⚡️💙⚡️


More cosplay stuff

12 July

Chris quote tweets his tweets about his cosplay at Everfree Northwest from the previous day.

I have found someone to handle two-thirds of the outfit; I still need someone to make the one-piece torso garment (with shoulder pads being optional, but if those are made, that will be appreciated very much). ⚡️💙⚡️

Possibilities Tarot card

13 July

Chris quote tweets his previous tweet from June about the possibilities Tarot card.

Hey, everyone. Today’s Collective card is Possibilities. Yesterday, the ripe rewards have been observed and enjoyed. Now, all of you are finding greater possibilities spawning from the wisdom and insights gained from yesterday. Follow the paths that feel right with you today.💙⚡️


Murderer depiction

13 July

LoneMacaron (@LoneMacaron)

Sonichu warrior, the highest level of warrior, even more sacred than a jaguar or eagle warrior.

[Artwork of a warrior wearing the skin of a Sonichu]

Uh, WOAHLY FUCK ON A PIKE AND CALL IT MACARONI AND MURDER! You drew someone who skinned a Sonichu?! Dude, I am seriously offended seeing this depiction. That is a lot worse compared to just about ANYTHING. Even Beast Boy has it worse in empathy, because he has been every animal.

[GIF of Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go tumbling back as an expression of shock]

Artwork commission stuff and Andy Warhol

13 July

I wanted to express my humble gratitude for all of you who have donated to the @gofundme page; all commission slots have been filled. I am fulfilling the commissions on a timely matter at five drawings per day; shout-outs included within all of that. Thank you all lots.



I also wanted to mention that I have personally printed and assembled no less than twenty book jackets for #WarholChrisChan; I will be distributing these at @EverfreeNW to the first twenty individuals who have purchased a copy of the book and shows me they have it. Limit one


book jacket per individual. And there is still plenty of time to buy a copy before the convention next month on @amazon. I am more than happy to personally autograph each book as well.

Presently, though, during the time of drawing the commission requests, I am on temporary hiatus on reading and highlighting my copy for my personal contribution for the book until shortly after completing the drawings. But, I have the favourite custom bookmark in place, as well as my notes so far, and my highlighters and pens. Thank you all, again.




Pony artwork

13 July

Here’s a piece I feel really good about; took this pony all day; it’s literally Dusk to Twilight when he said this.


Freddy Freaker

13 July

With apologies to @MGreoning, in putting Homer in the pose of Freddy Freaky, I think I just drew an early season version of Homer. D’oh!


Three more Tarot cards

14 July

Good morning, everyone. Today’s Collective reading includes Suppression, We Are the World, and Experiencing.

This is in reference to Today; in the morning, a lot of y’all are feeling, or have felt, sluggish in the ties that may hold you back from waking up for the day, but


muster the energy from within yourself; you will get through the day. But, if the start is rough, enjoy a can of @V8+Energy or @GFuelEnergy; just not Both; that is too much caffeine for a typical human body. Not meaning to turn this into an advertisement, but either one does do me great in waking my body and brain and keeps me focused on the tasks, including multiple drawings and shout-outs. My energy goes all throughout depending on my needs for the day.


[GIF of the points in a brain lighting up]

we all are, in this aspect and day’s energy and vibes Together. So, as the Collective, close, distant, or really far, we help each other in better appreciating the experiences, events, and signs that are presented before each of us, respectively.


Zap It Up Today! ⚡️

July14Art1.jpg July10PonyArtwork.jpg

Crayola rant

14 July

@Crayola, I have a major complaint to share with you. As you all should be aware, I am a chronicler, creator, and artist, and I generally use the #SuperTipsMarkers y’all offer. When I needed to swap out markers between the 100 colour pack, I match with the shade on the

July14PortalArt.jpg July9EverfreeNWArt1.jpg

marker cap to determine the match. But between what I’ve been using and the bigger butt markers in recent stock, I am noticing great shade difference. I mean, what should be the same shade of grey on the floor in the new drawing I drew today should be same, but the newer


marker pretty much splotched it up. And on Nightstar Sonichu, here, the marker should be Diva Pink, like Rosey Rosechu, but now I have to blame it on the lighting in #ShaleBlush’s laboratory, because in this drawing, she’s suddenly a red wine. This will most certainly Not Do, @Crayola. Please, redo the present stocks of Super Tips 100 Colour Markers so they match the colours they SHOULD be like before. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

#ColourConsistency is Very Important, @Crayola. 🌈

Spiritually enlightening

14 July

Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

Coming along, folks ... coming along Reversed hand with middle finger extended!!!!! New with real representation today ... I feel GRATITUDE and BLESSED !!!! Thank you to my fans who are supporting me ... You have no idea what it means to me be supported by such awesome fans !!!! God bless you all !!!!!

[Music video of a Britney Spears song]

It is spiritually enlightening to count your blessings. Your music among the number of others on my playlist is a great blessing to me as well; it takes me back to when I played Pokémon Colosseum listening to the “Oops! I Did It Again”, and more tracks during Burnout Paradise.

Harmony Tarot card

15 July

Hey. The Collective card that will take effect for us all later today is Harmony. At the moment, take that at face value for reasons that I will go into later today after my own processing. Have a safe and good day. ⚡️💙⚡️


Spandex suit

15 July

⚧ 🏳️‍🌈R. Righteous🏳️‍🌈 (@Righteous4CWC)

I had proposed to thy goddess @CPU_CWCSonichu a suggestion that her one-piece torso garment could be done as a dye-sub spandex suit. She assured me adjustments shall be made to my model sheet and consider my proposition. 🏳️‍🌈⚡️💙⚡️🏳️‍🌈

[Artwork of a CPU Blue Heart based spandex suit]

Actually, yes, I am going to look into this. Later today, definitely. Going through other processes at the moment.

Digital art

15 July

Mr.R Sonichu (@RSonichu)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Have you considered switching to digital art? it might be better for you in the long run
Eventually, likely so. I have been so very busy to totally find my niche with a tablet and stylus pen setup. Sonichu gave my body a conscious start on the setup with the iPad, but that’s a major Gonna need more free time to practice with it. I haven’t found the right timing yet

Eulogy for Snoopy

15 July

Everyone, I have sad news today that has been bugging me since this morning, and I’m still processing, yet mostly recovered.

Snoopy-Doo Chandler March, 2012 - July 15, 2021

He died in his sleep this morning.

Snoopy, 7 December 2018.jpg

I needed help from my neighbour and his daughter to dig the hole, carry the body out on the rug, and bury. We buried him by a tree in front of the gazebo in the backyard; left a mound that has stones and cement block portions marking it. I cried my emotions out after that work and effort over his grave, and then had a shower. I will recover from this; just needed the day to do it with. But, I wanted to share a little obituary of our memories of the time with him.

I remember it well, the day around Mother’s Day, 2012, Barbie and I went to a distant house in a country area that was selling pure bred beagle pups; drove out there in the Cadillac. We picked out Snoopy and Clover out of the remaining litter; they were both super cute and tiny. As pups, they would sleep with me on the couch up to January, 2014.

The pups liked to play on the mountain of clothes we had. Snoopy fell and injured his left rear leg; lasted the whole life. Made it difficult for him to walk in later years, and even traverse stairs. So, yeah, we seriously could have taken them for walks more often, but the handicap and carrying his weight up the stairs was quite a chore. I saw in his eyes he was still feeling the pain in his leg, but he appreciated the comfortable rug and pillow we laid out for him by Barbie’s bed.

Barbie spent more time with Snoopy. She was able to see the feelings in his eyes and communicate with him. In her own words, Barbara Chandler appreciated that Snoopy was very Caring; he was Understanding, and he was Smart. She saw the care and compassion in his eyes. Snoopy felt her emotions and offered his love as best as he could. And to the end on this half of the veil, he knew and felt the events and energy and cosmic shifts as well as I.

In dressing myself for the burial work, I saw Snoopy had merged with his anthropological self-counterpart on the C-197 half of the veil. He became a tall dog guy. Tall like me; definitely taller than Patti-Chan. So, I can find solace and comfort in the fact that he is now better able to help us all out in these present events still in progress on the final legs of the #DimensionMerge/#CollectiveShift. And having to deal with the emotional weight of all that and comforting Barbie and Clover today, this is why I have been rather melancholy today. I’m taking the day off from drawing in recovery and processing of this. I know where he is now, but I’ll say it one more time today: ”Snoopy-Doopy-Doo, Where Are You?”

Snoopy, 7 December 2018.jpg

Also, just to comment: I had to go back to 2018 to find this one photo of Snoopy on my phone for this tweet set in his honor. I have more photos deeper on my phone.

Also, when I drew the Harmony card earlier today, while that one card was for the Collective, it and a few more cards were my guidance for today. Going through all this, I know in comfort and stead this day will end in Harmony for I, which is why I worded it as such for the Collective as well. We Are the World also came up in this self-reading as well.

Anyway, that is all for now. I thank you all for your understanding, and for listening to me talk this out. ⚡💙⚡

Maturity Tarot card

16 July

Good morning, y’all. The Collective card for today is Maturity; the Rainbow Ace card. Congratulations, a lot of you all have made great progress for yourselves with your bases made, priorities better sorted, and boundaries better understood. Feel and treat each other well.


Meanwhile, for me, I am still Healing, as that is my guidance card for the day. I got most of the emotional weight from yesterday felt and healed, but I got hit with the last bit of it within my dreams this morning. Feeling groggy, but will recover quick enough with self-love. ⚡

More Snoopy stuff

16 July

Credit to #Vixenhart for this lovely homage image. I would have also accepted an image of Snoopy-Doo sticking his head out of the Mystery Machine, or sitting with Scooby-Doo, himself.


Eschcal (@Eschcal)

I positive you'll meet each other in your dreams, and forever someday. Its only when we say goodbye, that we can then say hello again.
I do see him still, and I will see him again post-merge.

Punchy and Angelica stuff

16 July

Hey, Everyone. You may call this a forerunner for a tweet later tonight, But in the moment, since it is an FAQ, I wish to talk about the shipping of Angelica Rosechu and Punchy Sonichu.

PunchyCard.jpg HailGangCard.jpg AngelicaCard.jpg

So, for starters, the two of them have been friends for quite the time. Punchy was more into his physical, mental, and spiritual endurance and training, in addition to his love of anime and whatnot. And Angelica, I actually do say, is the Holiest amongst the Special Sonichus and Rosechus, in general, but up until when her church’s nuns and even pastor were no longer able to run the church after an attack from Eggman and Bowser, some time after the the (ahem) “IdeaGuy Saga”. Angelica had taken it upon herself to restore and take over the church, personally. And after finding greater appreciation in the collective of deities, in addition to Jesus and Emanuel, and including myself, she opted to convert the church into a public sacred meditation and spiritual sanctuary for all to come and find self-love and inner peace in. She holds weekly group meditation sessions twice a week, and she continues to observe and appreciate her upbringing in having worshipped one deity out of the total in existence. After meeting and becoming friends in 2004 with the rest of the Chaotic Combo, and Sonichu and Rosey, Angelica and Punchy remained as allies in battle and friends among the group. Punchy did not have interest in seeking out romance for himself. He understood that should romance and twin flame attraction come his way, the guiding partners, followed eventually by his true Twin Flame/Soulmate will come his way. He did take to heart from his training the aspect of going with the flow, along with all of the other aspects. Obviously, Layla Flaafy entered into his life. And to spare the question, Punchy saw in a meditation a week prior to the beach day that he would be attending a Dating Education class with Wild, so he went along this clear path, and then met Layla. And after a year or so, Bananasauros entered his life and broke up that ship. Bananasauros and Punchy remained buds for a few years, but then after April, 2018, this Bananasauros died, but the species lived on.

Anyway, after Angelica converted the church, Punchy chose to join her meditation group in late 2018. By now, Punchy had become aware of the Fan’s FAQ and Shipping of him and Angelica, so he meditated on it, and then the timing became right, and the two of them decided to date in January, 2019; see where it goes and how it vibed. They lasted a few months, and yes had sex (they had no children; they used condoms). The difference while Angelica did like some of the anime Punchy liked (the more slice-of-life type of anime), Punchy felt better having the background jams of music from his favourite anime shows playing while he meditated. Angelica was unable to meditate or concentrate as much with this going on. So, due to being unable to come to a compromise in the living-in meditation situation, the two of them broke up. And more recently, a few weeks ago, Punchy met someone else. To be revealed and talked about soon. Also, Punchy still does attend Angelica’s meditation sessions; it still adds variety to his mantra and insight, though not necessarily as diverse as my “Awesomely Fuzzyspirational” Playlist on my iPhone.


Turning in Tarot card

17 July

Chris quote tweets his previous tweet about the turning in Tarot card.

Hey, y’all. Today’s collective card is Turning In. A meditation and appreciation of what you all have found and better understand now is advised for the day. Share the old honest loves and/or struggles you’ve each been holding onto that you haven’t shared yet.


With that, I will share a story from my days in #ProvidenceMiddleSchool that I have not yet divulged at all online.

Third year there, I believe (about somewhere in 1995), I had this giant green @CocaCola bottle shaped bank, with the slot on the top. I had accumulated a massive amount of money in change; well more than twenty dollars’ worth. Naive, I put the change in a zip-lock bag and brought it to school with me to count and recount. By fated curious instinct at the time. Greater details why remained in my sub and unconscious at the time. Anyway, during gym class, one day, I stored the bag of coins in my locker. After class, I looked in my locker, and my money was gone; someone stole it. Never found out who did. I was crestfallen and momentarily distraught after that. Cried to #VirginiaSanford that day. I sense and appreciate that there is deeper symbolance in my sharing this particular story today.

Up to your own individual interpretations. “Money comes in quick; money goes out quick.” “It is better to share the wealth and abundance.” “Others who need money more in the moment may come to collect.” Or even “Too much of a good thing to those who don’t appreciate their deeper meanings and symbolance is at risk of having that blessing taken away” (also not taking things for granted, speaking of which).

Just a few common interpretations for now. That is all for now. Thank you.



Toffee and Punchy

17 July

Here you go, Finally. Long day yesterday, and got tired to start the dialogue after drawing Punchy and Toffee, but here they are, on their first date after a lovely afternoon in the park, taking a break with @Starbucks in #CwcvilleShoppingCenter.

Here you are, @Toffee_Rosechu.


Punchy and Toffee met one day at a grocery; they bumped into each other, and Punchy helped picked up her items. She had a DVD box set for one of the #MobileSuitGundam series in her basket, and they got to talking. They shortly set up a first date of an afternoon in the park, a couple of days after. This literally happened to them a few weeks ago, last month. And it is canon in our timeline, right here and now.

Toffee 🦋🍄💞 (@Toffee_Rosechu)

This is so amazing I am beyond thrilled with this. Plus Toffee *loves* coffee and chick-fil-a so it’s funny they’re both in the same picture as well. I can’t wait to draw a bunch of canon art of them now
Also, check the ol’ mall plans: the Starbucks is still near that food court, and those three restaurants are still there.

Signature sex move

17 July

💫BABULS💫 (@BabulsArt)

Zapping to the extreme


I’m still in development of a signature sex move, but I do like to begin with giving a massage as foreplay.


18 July

KP (@ILoveKPAlot)

[Artwork meme about the Bible having the most popular book fanbase]
I have one to add to that in the last panel.



18 July

kely-Chan 🐶 I’m just artist (@kely_chan)

Well my digital drawings of myself as simsom character and Mario character. Also my old digital drawing of my main character kely-Chan from 2018

[Multiple pieces of digital artwork varying in different styles]

Very diverse, and it is impressive and lovely. Yet it is still just a few of your self-counterparts/variants (and I have recently binged #Loki on @disneyplus) out of the entire multiverse, and even some within the same universe co-existing. Stay awesomely multi-faceted. 💙⚡💙⚡
Multi-face Chris thanks for the compliment but I’m not multi-face ok is kely not that weird name you just say
No, that is not what I meant. I was not talking about your face nor your name. To be Multifaceted is defined in having many aspects or phases in or of one’s self. I was complimenting how you were able to discover these differing aspects and variations about yourself.

More KP

18 July

Chris quote tweets a tweet from ILoveKimPossibleAlot stating that they're hiring video editors.

Hey, y’all. KP can make good use of more support and love. Definitely check out her vids if you haven’t already. @ILoveKPAlot is still quite an interesting caper to vibe with.

Collective draw

18 July

Today’s Collective draw has two cards: Mind and Beyond Illusion. It is very clear to me that more and more of you all are more genuinely Woke these days, but there are still a very few who still need to wake and see the demons pulling their strings from behind. All of you are


very much encouraged to meditate, sense and find any of these demons and most dark, manipulative and controlling types, see beyond their influences and illusions, and make your individual choices on how to address these demons.

[GIF of Sid from Toy Story looking at Woody and Buzz with text saying "VERY GOOD !!!" "DOUBLE PRIZE !!!"]

On this, it also makes me think from the new #SpaceJamANewLegacy movie we just watched last night. Al G. was definitely a lonely type who got influenced by his share of demonic forces and tried to to that with Dom, but Dom eventually becomes Woke of Al G’s influences.

[GIF of a humanoid figure meditating in a type of hyperspace]

And to comment, I Really liked Lola Bunny’s growth and development with Diana on Themyscria.

Rosechu Zapina

18 July

Here is a lovely new piece featuring our favourite lightning bug Rosechu, Zapina. She has developed her craft very well. She can even hover a few miles over Cwcville and light up well more than half the city’s length in diameter. ⚡💙⚡

And this is done between both her


light bulb tail, And her over energetic and joyful aura.

D&D thing

19 July

Theo Priestley (@tprstly)

D&D saves lives.

[Meme about how D&D players take COVID-19 seriously]

I can appreciate this, as even though chances of loss on that are slim, the same remains can-be-said for all successes in the various situations and circumstances.

In this, I can still safely state for everyone, in general: Life is a Lucid Video Game Dream. Just do your best.⚡

Present collective draw

19 July

Hey, y’all. Today’s Collective Draw finds these three steps at present.

Past card: Experiencing, which also remains in progress for you all. Not much needs to be stated on this, but appreciate each moment for yourself and experience it well.


Present card: Control, it shows the collective at present being restricted in the moments while in the control seat. At present, Everyone is downloading new information and upgrades within themselves. Hence the pangs between the respective Throat to Crown chakra points within each of you all.

And in the Future: Change is even more apparent and obvious. As is the theme for the present time, inner and outer Strength will be your best asset to endure and appreciate these moments.

And after all is said and done, the outcome will be a greater


and deeper Awareness for all of you, and then some.

Also, as @MediumMolly has stated in her Weekly Forecast, Thursday the 22nd will be the day for clear visions in each of you all. Journal and write those down for yourselves as you see and feel them. But save your findings for Friday, for that will be the best day to share these new visions and insights from your respective perspectives. A good day to compare and contrast to find for yourselves what is present and what is to come.

Be safe and well. Thank you all.


Chris answers questions

19 July

NRJ (@Reindersaster)

#Sonichu characters we need to know more about lorewise:

1. Zapina (where did she come from if she's not from the rainbow?)

2. Jiggliami (what's doing nowadays?)

3. That blue Rosechu that revived David

4. The Cwcville Power Rangers

5. Jamsta/Lolisa

Help us out @CPU_CWCSonichu

I can take a few minutes to answer this set of Questions.

Starting off with Question 3, since I needed consult the visual reminder, That would be Kacey Rosechu. The flavour text in her #TSSSF card states quite a bit: she’s held a few jobs, including Fossil Researcher and


attendant at the Cwcville Museum. She is still working at that museum these days.

Going back to Question 1, this is the origin of Zapina Rosechu in a nutshell: Hers and Simonla Rosechu’s egg spawned from the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003 and ended up in a forest area in Kentucky.

Zapinacard.jpg SimonlaCard.jpg

The two eggs were side-by-side, and Simonla Rosey came out of her egg, shortly followed by Zapina Rosey. The two of them learned their respective crafts and works from a Sandslash, and even a Beedrill or two. Simonla and Zapina were BFFs, and were like sisters with each other. Simonla managed to get to a high level of 26 and evolved first. Zapina got stuck for a little while, and ended up evolving at level 13. Obviously, in the years to come, between Simonla meeting Wild and starting their relationship, Zapina remained very supportive of her sis. And after Sandy hatched, Zapina was still young enough to be of big help in relating with her on the youthful age. Sandy evolved at level 7, but grew up quick enough after that. To also mention, their time on the Girl Scouts together lasted for about a couple of years before they moved forward. They each had earned a good amount of merit badges for themselves. Zapina was in the troop on the grounds of being Sandy’s buddy, friend, and guardian, so her entry into the troop was honorary and of special circumstance. But by 2019, Sandy had matured


and caught up with Zapina in age and young adulthood. Zapina blossomed into adulthood in 2017. Don’t ask or overthink the mental and physical growth rates in anthropological creature individuals and Pokemon; it does vary from individual to individual in our universe. Question 2: Jiggliami. While she and Blanca Weiss went on their gig on a rocket ship onto the space station, and then the Earth’s Moon, the two of them had got into their own relationship troubles with each other. And with Blanca having been outed as a hater, faker, and even


narcissistic, the two of them were on break from each other. Then, by paradox and fate, Blanca and Jiggliami encountered a violent, hostile creature from space (something like a xenomorph, but something different). Blanca ended up being torn apart by it. Jiggliami tried to save her, but she couldn’t. Jiggliami sang her heart out and put the vicious creature to sleep. She even power-slammed it out of the Moon’s orbit and into the vacuum of space. Being of Moon type of Pokemon origins, and her Balloon nature, she ended up inflating herself and floated through space, directing herself with her arms and legs; her head inflated. She made it back to earth in January 2015, floating down and landing safely in southern Virginia, near the boarder with North Carolina. She had to restart her career in singing, but she came back and remained on top of her game. She even found a new partner and friend in a female Sonichu from the wild; her name is Wianca. The two of them supported each other and sang together. They’ve toured the US with the help of their record label, #5pbRecords.

[GIF of a pair of hands sifting through a collection of music vinyls]

Skipping to Question 5: Jamsta Sonichu and Lolisa Rosechu. The power music couple are still present at station KCWC as their leading DJ duo. And the two of them are still on each other’s backs as delightful and bantering as ever. The two of them actually did get married, but

JamstaCard.jpg LolisaCard.jpg

they agreed and opted to keep the relationship open, due to Jamsta’s tendencies that do not last long. Plus, Lolisa has a few fetishes of her own that Jamsta has tried to satisfy, but couldn’t quite get into that groove so easily. So, their relationship is still strong, yet complex.

And the final question about the Cwcville Power Rangers. The teenage group that did compile the six-person squad, and their upgraded Zords; they had been relocated to another city where there were more monsterous attacks that they could serve better in. But, they remain on call should we need them once again in Cwcville or New Comma, or whatnot, and can get here on quick teleportation. And here is a fun fact on that: Before having to leave the group due to getting involved with the governments, my self-counterpart, Christine Chan, HE was the leader of that team of Power Rangers, stationed in the city that would become Cwcville, VA, from 1995 to 2000. So, yes, in that way, I literally Used to be a Power Ranger.

I pray that answers all of your questions, at least at minimum, for now. Thank you. ⚡💙⚡

[GIF of a cinematic intro that says "POWER RANGERS"]

Chris discovers a new Sonichu

19 July

Hey, in a commission, I have just discovered a new Sonichu: introducing Kwai-Kon Sonichu.

Here’s his backstory in a nutshell: he was bred between a male Sonichu and a female Politoed (both of which Trainer-Owned; the trainer was a kickboxer and black belt in karate.


They ended up giving birth to this green and yellow Sonee in 2005. The trainer dubbed him Kawi-Kon, and gave him a Fighting Plate. When he evolved at level 25, he became the strapping Gex look-alike Fighting/Electric type that you see in this piece. They trainer and Kwai worked and train very hard and diligently over the years. The trainer died in 2017, but Kwai travels the lands and world to expand his insight, spiritual abilities, and physical prowess. He can break boulders more than triple his size, and bend metal.

Feel free to fan fic him.

More ship cards

19 July

Helena G. F.

People, show me your ships. Infect me with the ship bug
Psychic-Able CPU Aqua.jpg FriendshipIsMagicTheGathering.jpg TriCard.jpg RememberToHydrateCard.jpg

20 July

By the way, #AquaDiamond, so you know, Val has progressed very well. I even managed to get him a new body; he’s about 4’3”, I estimate. Anyway, check in with me if you get this comment, AD. Be safe and well.

Alien invasion

19 July

NRJ (@Reindersaster)

I drew the cause of Blanca's grim demise, the Pseudomorph! I also give full creative liscence for it to @CPU_CWCSonichu for future Sonichu projects (Alien Invasion in Cwcville comic perhaps?) as long as I'm credited properly. I'll answer any questions too if need be!!

[Pencil artwork of an alien]

We are already going to have an alien invasion soon; I already went into it during late 2019.

Chris's Twitter account worth

20 July

My Twitter worth is: $44,325.00

Find yours with https://funallround.me/twitterworth


Chris quote tweets a similar tweet from another Twitter user stating that their Twitter account is worth $341.10.

Mine’s a thousandaire. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


CWC community

20 July

Helena G. F.

Helena quote tweets a tweet asking if there is an active Sonichu fandom.

Yes there is. It is like 30 people
It is literally up to MILLIONS to over a Billion of people in the Sonichu and Rosechu fan communities. ⚡️💙⚡️

Morning power boost

20 July

Awesome Morning to all of you! I just woke up feeling like I just got a massive power boost from a Chaos Emerald or three.

ChaosEmeraldsCard.jpg SuperChrisChanSonichuCard.jpg

XtheHedgicorn (@xthehedgicorn)

Super Form huh? That's new.
Nah, I’ve had this for Years.

Collective draw visions

20 July

Chris quote tweets his previous tweet about his morning power boost.

Speaking of renewed vigor, today’s Collective Card, a first time draw from this deck in general, and a really vibrational one: New Vision.

Simply put: ALL of you are and have felt the massive amount of energy I felt this morning, and your respective paths are becoming more

July20Photo1.jpg July20Photo2.jpg

clear and conscious for you. This is a day for each of you to flow and feel all this and get inspired on a fresh, renewed start. Consider writing these new visions you see and feel now, and compare them to how they become even more clear on Thursday.

⚡️#ZapItUp Today!⚡️💙⚡️

King Gerard

20 July

Hey, check it out: “Written in the 1300s, but only discovered recently, read the adventures of King Gerard as he makes sway and defends his people with his wit and kindness.”

“Be on the look out for Book 2: The Exile of the King”; Gerard’s Uncle Leopold strikes back and


takes control of the country. Will Gerard be able to fight his way back in, or will Johan, Peewit, and Sabina lend a hand in the fight?”

Seriously, though, #Peyo gave love to #JohanAndPeewit; why hasn’t @SonyPictures brought them to the big screen?

The Fool Tarot card

21 July

Hey, everyone. Renewed Strength and Adventures resume or begin amongst all of you today, as is made obvious by the poster child of the spiritual journey starters in any Tarot Deck gracing the Collective today: The Fool. Just be sure to watch your path and be careful not to fall.


And this links well to Molly’s pull of Strength for the third card of the week; feel it and go out for yourselves in this. Because tomorrow, your “Explorer” comes into play and grants you new visions that become ever more clear for your individual paths. Traverse safe and well.⚡️

Abundance collective draw

22 July

Chris quote tweets another tweet of his from the previous month about the abundance Tarot card.

Hey, everyone. Today’s Collective Draw will result in Abundance (and, yes, I realize on the fourth, I mistyped “Audience”; LOL.

Anyway, there will be a catch behind this Abundance for each of you. It has to do with carrying a burden of your own (albeit having children or

July22TarotCards1.jpg July22TarotCards2.jpg

having a partner, or even some heavy emotional or spiritual weight within yourselves, individually. And, yes, Politics and even Compromise within Politics will likely be involved. On present situations, I believe this likely has to do with the new Stimulus Checks in process. But, depending on your individual respective local situations, it may have to do with your local monies, but, again, it may have to do with having others you live with, including within separate apartments in the same building. Or Spiritual and Emotional weight that needs to be chucked, because it’s not serving you well at the present moments; that will be best determined by your own individual meditation and impartial judgment and common sense. ⚡️💙⚡️

Under great consideration

22 July

Stitchie Au (18+) (@18Stitchie)

Stitchie quote tweets the Crayola rant tweets from the 14th of July.

In regards to this post I do have a suggestion for @CPU_CWCSonichu in preventing the horrid “oh shit I colored them wrong cause, oops only crayola bs.” Switch to Alcohol markers. Like #Prismacolor or #copicmarkers or if you’re on a budget artist loft Alcohol markers have codes on them so you can get the correct one 100% of the time prismacolors have them on the side meanwhile Touch5 and Artist loft have them on the cap.
Thank you for that suggestion, I shall keep it under great consideration for the future.

Artistically unrestricted

22 July

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

In response to a meme about how rule 34 artists disrespect the wishes and intentions of the original non-pornographic artist.

Eah, not on board with this. Art should be broad and unrestricted. Lewd art IS art, almost all art is also inspired by other art.

This isn't an excuse to bully or harass anyone but Christian Conservatives and sex negative feminists shake their dirty hands on this.

I agree on this; art should typically be unrestricted, because the artist calls it as they see it in the greatest detail possible. And while I do not typically judge those whose view is consciously restricted of their volition or upbringing, they can lighten up and tolerate the presence of the situation and art. For the presented situation has happened in an alternate universe and/or timeline within the multiverse. And rather or not one likes it, this can happen (to an extent at least) does exist, and there is no shame in it happening at all. Shame is also a notion that should be considered outdated and moot, especially when you take to consideration the grander and deeper schemes and meanings.

One may agree or disagree with the subject matter, but there is no need to make the artist or those who appreciate the media, regardless of resulting feelings and triggered desires from seeing it, feel any shame in having crafted and presented this perspective to us as mainly they can and have seen it.

Please update the CWCki

22 July

I needed to reference the ol’ Hedgehog Boys lyrics, and I looked online; not spot-on with what I had written. HERE are the lyrics for the track. Please, update the Cwcki when y’all can. Thank you.



Although, nowadays, it’s more “Zappin’ It Up” instead of “Zippin’ Along”.

Chris's Last Supper

22 July

Hey, everyone. I have received a tall order among the @gofundme donations towards my trip to Washington for @EverfreeNW, and this one piece took me Hours, and I had to reference the original painting for the colours, and a high-definition version for the lines and details. But, now, I am more than delighted to share with everyone a work of art that surpasses even the #FreeBird piece inspired by @Skynyrd. For preface, the commissions were originally meant to be Character Drawings. So, when I read a few days ago, and I quote, ”a Chris Chan interpretation of #TheLastSupper”. Firstly, this is not a single easier-to-draw character without requiring a background; it is a Major and Inspirational Painting portraying my ally Demi-Deity in his final moments his first time around before taking all that pain. Before I present the Completed piece, let me share the almost finished portion of it with you all and reflect on it, as I have also with NULL.

Now, for starters, I saved Jesus for last to be coloured in this piece, because he liked to serve others before serving himself.


But, in doing so, here, I witness a bit of irony and commentary on individuals throughout time, and in Present Days, now.

Here, we have #JesusChrist, like the few individuals throughout time and now who often feel like they are not one with the community; the people around them, and this was known to them throughout their lives. The reason for this is because like my ally Demi-Deity, here, these few people have realized for themselves that they are better than the common background individuals around them. They generally stay out of the loop of gossip, rumors, fights, and confusions. They are those few who are at least One Step Ahead, period, if only by just a single moment, or even Years ahead of nearly Everyone Else within the neurotypical commonfolk.

Within the past common who were most difficult to find spiritual enlightenment of deepest and highest elevations and ascensions, now becoming more and more evident in present days. In part with my own insight in guidance along the way, and along with the individual insights and guidance of the other deities, and the other few Really special and (over)powerful individuals, and even the Artists and Chroniclers of this half of our universe, here. And this includes every single artist and chronicler I have personally recognized and appreciated.

With me, it continues to be a most humbling and major honor and privilege to help and do more of and beyond my best in this way, and I feel ever so thankful to be working with everyone in this way.

I am also proud of everyone who have taken the effort to heal themselves and remove the toxic individuals from their lives. With that stated, and the greater deeper and enlightened details, I more than proudly present to Every one of you all my own interpretation of #TheLastSupper, original painting by #leonardodavinci. And believe me, with that landscape painting,


it IS possible to condense the width onto an 8.5” X 11” sheet of paper, but it is not easy at all. Even a higher level than drawing an interpretation #FreeBird by @Skynyrd. I pray the individual who requested this heavy commission fully appreciates the time, work, effort Soul and Deep Insight and Enlightenment put into this one piece. And I thank you all for reading my two bolts and a heart about this massive experience. Thank you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

23 July

Jacob McGowan (@JacobSMcGowan)

@CPU_CWCSonichu words cannot express my gratitude! You have created a true masterpiece!

@IAmAsarch is correct in saying this belongs on the walls of the MoMA, So I feel honoured for the chance to have it on mine.

Thank you so much 😊

Ah, I am very humbled of your appreciation and gratitude. I pray after you receive this piece that it blesses your home, your loved ones, and friends. ⚡️💙⚡️


23 July

💫BABULS💫 (@BabulsArt)

Sonny Chu (Sonichu) - Take My Hand - Issue #0

2 Pages so far! No spoilers of the good parts later!

[Two comic pages that in which depict Clyde Cash as the president of the U.S.]

Wow. Just wow. Yeah, that’s not universe C-197 in those pages; that’s an alt-universe with those particular variants. Plus, is That supposed to be Rosey Rosechu?! Not to discourage you; I want you to continue your creativity in this project, please. You caught my attention. 💙

Laziness Tarot card

23 July

Hey, y’all. Today’s Collective Card is Laziness. I also offer the page from the guide book to elaborate it a bit further. Essentially, you may feel tempted to relax today, but there is lots to be done on your end. March forward and onward.


July23LazinessCard.jpg July23LazinessCard2.jpg

Also, yes, share any and all visions you all had yesterday and even last night. The Full Moon is lit tonight and tomorrow night. 🌕

Mr. Sandman

23 July

The World Is Ending And I'm Late For Work (@MrSandDaddy)

@CPU_CWCSonichu thank you so much for the picture of mr sandman, its truely a masterpiece


Personally, from the image you provided, I thought it was more of a Mudsquid.

Favorite starter Pokemon

23 July

James (@megabanette114)

@CPU_CWCSonichu This might be an odd question but i haven't heard anyone ask it, what are you're favorite starter Pokémon?
Out of the Starters in each generation, respectively: Charmander, Pikachu, Totodile, Torchic, Turtwig, Snivy, Fenniken, Poplio, and Snobble.

Rather lacking

23 July

CWCAdultChronicles (@_Maple_Sugar)

Bob has a schedule now where he'll venture outside to tend to his garden depending on the time of day. Chris can fight various wild animals that roam the property.

[Screenshot from an 8-bit Chris Chan fan game based off of Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles]

Just call me silvia! (@silverangel259)

@CPU_CWCSonichu what do u think
Well, since you ask, it could stand to be more accurate in detail. Overall, it feels rather lacking.

It's worth noting that said fan game has been in development for over an entire decade.

Guidance Tarot card

24 July

Chris quote tweets another tweet about the Guidance Tarot card from the previous month.

Good day to all of you. Today’s Collective Card is Guidance. Everyone’s inner voices are stronger today due to the Double Full Moon at present. All of you have received new visions and shared them in guidance for each other. Your respective paths are clear today; follow your inner voice well and don’t stray from the path. Temptation is not always an opportunity. Enjoy an outing for yourselves. Be safe and well. ⚡️💙⚡️

More MLP G5

24 July

Equestria Daily (@EquestriaDaily)

New Post: My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie to Get a Theatrical Release in Russia
MLP G5 is cancelled; please, stop talking about it.

Nog and Alpha Sonichu

24 July

Alpha (@AlphaTheKoolKid)

@CPU_CWCSonichu thanks for doing my friend’s commission of giving us our own sonichu forms! I tried drawing them myself in MS paint. The third picture his how I interpreted mine’s powers: electric/poison with poisonous quills. We’ve dubbed them “Nog Sonichu” and “Alpha Sonichu”

July18CommissionArt.jpg July24ExampleArt1.jpg July24ExampleArt2.jpg

Ah. So that is the reasoning for the purple quills on your head. You are most welcome. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Chris and the Hedgehog Zaps

24 July

I am still working on the other highly detailed piece of me and The Hedgehog Zaps (couldn’t very well be just Boys, since I am a lady, and we’ve included our partners in the band) playing the concert at the #RoyalAlbertHall in London, England. The energy, cosmic, and dimension shifts have been giving me a bunch of weight in addition to my having to meditate and see the vision of the scenario and relay it from brain to pen and paper. I know all of you have been feeling the energies of the double full moon lately as well.🌕🌕


24 July

CosmicKeyframe Productions (Tired) (@CosmicKeyframe)

If you need to hear this, cause I need to be told this repeatedly: there is no set time for you to be over your trauma, there is no set time you have to process it. You didn’t ask for what happened to you, you are alteast owed be allowed to let yourself heal as long as you need
I agree with this as well. Each individual has their fated trials and events that continue to test and strengthen their endurance and skills for the greater tasks and rewards ahead of them, and you as well, Key. In my recent experiences, I have had to really work internally and externally and disconnect the toxic vibing individuals from my life. I do this, because I know that in the near future, the veil will be gone, and the two universe halves will be the same universe together, undivided once again. And my loves and I will have nothing between us, and my powers will be more tangible and obvious to everyone. Even if my overpowered rainbow aura and works in the universe is not obvious to those who were closed-minded at the time. Now, more and more are open and understanding. It is a good thing.


Playfulness Tarot card

25 July

Hey, y’all. Today’s Collective card is a most delightful one: Playfulness. A lot of you have been guided well, and today is a day of new things on your respective horizons; welcome these events and possibilities with open arms and playfulness. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Chris and the Hedgehog Zaps concert

25 July

And now, Finally, I present another major masterpiece from the Commission set: I call it "Rainbow Aura Concert at the Royal Albert Hall".

Also, @ProjectSNT, you were right about Bubbles Rosechu’s shoes; they were mainly warproof heavy duty slippers.



⚡️🦁Hellion🐯the🐯 cat😺⚡️ (@Ruby64723133)

Hellion is in a damn mosh pit

26 July

Yes, you are. But, it is a very high-energy and vibrational mosh pit. 🌈✨⚡️💙⚡️

Heather Mooch (@Heathermooch)

I would do anything to be in a Chris Chan and the Hedgehog Boys (Zaps?) mosh pit
Yeah, it was formerly Hedgehog Boys, but since my coming out and transitioning, it couldn’t easily stay that way, so we mutually changed it from “Boys” to “Zaps”. But one may add “formerly The Hedgehog Boys”.

Bit more wordy than “Sneed’s Feed & Seed, Formerly Chuck’s”.

The Dream Tarot card

26 July

Hey, Y’all. Today’s Collective card is The Dream. I sense a lot of you all have been made very aware of your respective dreams and better visions. You are encouraged to remember that the source of your own happiness is from within yourself. You can find happiness from others,


but you can’t Expect them to hand you happiness on a silver platter. You have to work hard on your own parts to best visualize and manifest your positive desires and wishes for yourselves. I also state that we Gods and Goddesses appreciate and aid those who help themselves.💙⚡️

Hater stuff

26 July

Chip Fox 🦊 (@chipfoxx)

Ash had an old video about harassment & blocking trolls, and racist furries are still out there commenting on it. It's still a real problem.

[Screenshot of a Youtube comment left by a seemingly racist furry]

Yes, there are the remainder who choose to not heal themselves and stay as haters and fakers; it is a major shame, really. And even moreso and more rare are those who have the worst time trying to heal themselves, so far gone, to the point where they give up and stay in the dark. I agree with the long-term policies that promote anti-bigotry and civil rights; I feel such labels of “alt-left” are a step too far. For those who think and meditate outside the box for better situations and motions to go positively above and beyond the right, I feel they are like the rebels who do what they feel is right in general.

In any event, one still has the right and freedom to choose to not acknowledge the commentary from the haters, or if they are able to, rebut with a counter point that is of a greater truth that stumps them. But, in doing so is still a form of response and attention that the Hater likely hungers for.

I, for one, invoke my right to choose in not reading nor responding to the majority of such toxic commentaries. For just about Anything, really, the hatred is going to be among the counter-views of the media and content, no matter what. And in doing this, I only need know that I am still being appreciated in at least one aspect or another for the insight and thoughts I have shared with both halves of our universe. And that insight is satisfactory. ⚡️💙⚡️ One last point I am also reminded of that is also volume levels of Truth: those such toxic individuals who behave racist or hating on specific aspects of others are likely, themselves, That very specific aspect, themselves (not to state that they have to be), but this is also a sign and example of not being able to love and appreciate others due to them not loving or appreciating themselves, because of others having put dark light on that aspect directly or indirectly throughout their lives.

When one conditions themselves in self-love, one facet is that they accept, embrace, and appreciate those aspects of themselves.

I restate my former homophobia from Years ago as an example of myself in this: I had a like for men, their bodies and their penises, but I felt need to restrict that of myself. And in doing so, I had relayed that suppression outward as hatred of the gay dudes. But, after I realized that I was trans and moreover a woman, I also realized, accepted and embraced my love of sexy dude bodies and cocks. And in doing so, I became more outwardly accepting and loving of others, in the broader general.

So, I restate the Truth: Haters likely Hate, because of one aspect that may be relevant and true of themselves that they deny and are not fond of for themselves.

Love your various, respective suppressed aspects. If you’re genetically black, jewish, or whatever, OR if you’re a closeted LGBTQIA, furry, brony, or so forth; I encourage you all to Accept and Embrace that about yourselves. And in doing so in your self-love and healing, you actually open up and make the universe a less toxic place to be in. ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Happy birthday Lauren Faust

26 July

Lauren Faust (@Fyre_flye)

Another year and another humbling deluge of birthday wishes! (and during the correct month this time!) THANK YOU ALL!!!
Happy Birthday, Lauren. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of an emoji meditating with text saying "Sending Positive Vibes"]

Donald Trump artwork

26 July

And for this choice commission, we have #RealDonaldTrump, and in addition to some sparks, a personally dealt jab that even ignites his constant massive red aura to as bright as it will Ever get. He really does not deserve to be 6’3”.


Never thought I’d be drawing Drumpf, but here we are.

kely-Chan 🐶 I’m just artist (@kely_chan)

Chris you just say you don’t like tall people right well I feel offend by you Chris I’m tall that you Chris >:v
I like tall people. This was mainly about Trump, alone, and nobody else.
Anyway cool art 👍

Rosa Rey Ramsey (@Rosa_Rey_Ramsey)

I’m sensing some hypocrisy in Chris.

27 July

There is no hypocrisy; that is being projected from your perspective in error. I, and everyone else, know of Trump’s epic intended bad flaws and misdeeds. I simply feel that for someone so boisterous of himself and egotistic on top of the misdeeds, he is more short than anything.

Awareness Tarot card

27 July

Hey, y’all. Today’s Collective card is Awareness. After manifesting your respective self-love yesterday, there is an awareness in regard of your more recent dreams. Find the signs today that will guide you to where you need to be.


Also, only to share, My own card reading today sees me finding Success with and alongside all of you in the World. And in having done this, I Let Go of other remaining blockages and toxic details and Rebel in delight and light of the present events and shifts with you all. ⚡️💙⚡️


Also, keep eyes in the sky today and tonight for additional signs and guidance.

[GIF of fireworks going off in a dark sky]

Compare and contrast letter

27 July

No new drawings today; still waiting for the next set of five commissions. So, I chose to take today to resume my book work with #WarholChrisChan. I am very grateful how #DonLambosh noted the deeper importance with pen/pencil and marker on paper by hand. The footnote on the


bottom of page 267 also caught my interest, and I hand wrote my thoughts on the compare/contrast on the similar topic of other individuals chronicling on behalf of the artist. Do Note, though, that I do know some of the authors, and have met less than that number of them, but this fact that #AndyWarhol met and knew the majority of his authors and ghostwriters/silkscreeners is definitely a major contrast with my situation of not directly having met and known all of mine. ⚡️💙⚡️

Guilt Tarot card and MLP G5

28 July

Hey, everyone. Today’s Collective Card draw features Two cards. From the Awareness of yesterday, some of you all may likely be feeling some Guilt from what was found within yourselves, or even of recent deeds within the majority of the Collective. After addressing and healing

July28GuiltCard.jpg July28ParticipationCard.jpg

yourselves, respectively, of these lingering guilts, you all will get to Participate in the present days’ events pertaining to the final threads of the #DimensionMerge. As also revealed to me, Not everyone will be participating, due to them being too far gone into their guilt and deep darkness. Some demons may also be influencing these few.

Another insight is revealed from this: this reading also pertains to the people of @Hasbro, especially the executives and accountants, as well as All Artists, Writers and staff behind the Premature #MLPG5 content. To All peoples of @Hasbro and @MyLittlePony Generation Five, I Encourage all of you to Heed My Warning for the Greater Metaphysical Safety and Security of This Very Timeline we exist upon right now. MLPFiM Needs 5 More Animated Seasons. ⚡️💙⚡️


[GIF from the intro of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

G5 must be removed

28 July

In response to the Donald Trump artwork Chris posted two days earlier.

Poppy War (@poppy_war)

G5 characters are here to stay! Make space for them in C12!

[Image of multiple characters from My Little Pony generation 5]

I will make space for g5 they are so beautiful 😍 I love them
That is one of the bad demons talking to you, as opposed to the neutral and good ones, most definitely. Do not listen to that impulse. G5 needs to be removed from this early part of our Timeline until well after G4 Season 14.

kely-Chan 🐶 I’m just artist (@kely_chan)

Yeah whatever you say Chris they are not demons you just say that because you don’t like your not accept that g4 is gone and you going to be stuck with it so leave g5 along I say nice to you or your will see my bad side you get me @CPU_CWCSonichu
Then, I am sorry for you, @kely_chan.

D&D is not evil

28 July

Ben (@roguecaliber)

Dungeons and Dragons is evil, but Warhammer or Call of Cthulhu. ALL video games are evil. Yoga is evil?? Wtf

[Photograph of a list of things that are considered to be doorways to demonic possession]

Xena (@X3naFerrer)

I like that I'm fine being Bisexual, an atheist and polygamous but D&D, video games and LOTR makes me apart of Satan's plan.

Although being atheistic means I also don't think Satan exists so maybe that's why xD

Well, I disagree on this topic; video games and D&D are not evil, but very good in aiding one in interdimensionally connecting throughout the multiverse, alongside other media and meditative methods. ⚡️💙⚡️

Vendor hall

28 July

Everfree Northwest (@EverfreeNW)

Get those wallets ready everypony! Our vendor hall map is now available! Head on over to: https://everfreenw.com/vendors/ to see all the awesome vendors that will be joining us this year!
Excellent! Thank you. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Beauty artwork

28 July

Here is a good one: a basic visual representation of #PlatosSymposium for being on the good eyes for Inner Beauty as opposed to physical beauty. Definitely want to steer clear of obvious toxic types, whose auras Definitely more than identifies them. ⚡️💙⚡️


I forgot to mention: the ships, aside from me with Magi-Chan, are up for interpretations, but the outlines do shape each individual well. So, they are free for your interpretations of gender and situation. Have fun. 😊

When will the Dimensional Merge begin?

29 July

Cheeskeke (@cheeskeke(

@CPU_CWCSonichu hey Christine! Quick question, when do you think I great merge will begin? Also what do you think the outcome will be?
Like with the time of when Jesus makes a physical return, NOBODY, Especially the 99.99% of peoples on Earth can know the Hour of the Dimension Merge’s Completion. ⚡️💙⚡️

More Celebration Tarot card

29 July

Hey, y’all. Today’s Collective Card is Celebration. I sense we have passed a milestone or so, including any grievances remaining that were resolved within all of you yesterday. So, stay on observation of the signs, but feel free to celebrate and enjoy the day. ⚡️💙⚡️


Exclusive TSSSF cards at Everfree Northwest

29 July

Hey, everyone! Check out the new Promo #TSSSF cards that will be shared at @EverfreeNW. And, yes, after waiting from 2018, I will sport my personal copy of “I’m Here At This Convention”, with the blue arms (image provided by @MoozuaMary). Very Limited Quantity will be on hand.


And these will be shared with those who do collect and play #TwilightSparklesSecretShipficFolder from #HorriblePeopleGames, and part of the collective of @KefentseTSSSF. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you, NULL. 😊⚡️

Also, don’t forget your copies of #WarholChrisChan; first twenty individuals who present and have me autograph their copy will receive one of twenty personally printed, assembled, and autographed book jackets. The paperback books are available on @amazon.

July13BookPhoto.jpg May28CoverExample3.jpg

I have just spent the last few hours tucking and reorganizing the past Promo cards with the new ones I got today; all of which will be distributed, personally, at @EverfreeNW. Most of them each have a single personally autographed card, and even one of two Holographic cards.


So, you really can’t lose with a few cards from my expansions for #TSSSF. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

The End For Real

30 July

Context: During the late hours of 29 July/early hours of 30 July, a call in which Chris admitted to having incestuous sexual intercourse with his own mother, Barbara Chandler, was leaked. Shortly after this tweet was made, Chris was served an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) by Greene County police officers, meaning that he had to leave 14 Branchland Court. Two days later on 1 August, Chris was arrested on charges of incest in a motel parking lot.

Chris quote tweets a tweet from the previous month where he also talks about the turning in Tarot card.

Hey, Y’all. Today’s Collective Card, appropriately, is Turning In. There is drama in the air today. Each and every one of you all are encouraged to withdraw from any and all dramas, gossip, rumors, and whatever else will, and already has, approached your way today. ⚡️💙⚡️