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Chris's artwork based on the convention.

Everfree NW (Everfree Northwest) is an annual My Little Pony convention held in Bellevue, Washington. Chris intended to go to the 2021 convention held between 13-15 August, and had spent two weeks working on commissions to afford a plane flight, hotel, general admissions, and extra cash to spend on products at the convention. However, Everfree Northwest blacklisted him from attending and revoked his ticket during the fallout of the Incest Call,[1] a leaked conversation in which Chris admitted to having incestuous relations with his mother. Chris was in jail while the con took place, and the funds raised for the planned trip were returned to the commissioners.

Part of Chris's planned trip was going to be to get people to chaperone him in order to prevent him from getting into trouble or possibly running into any potentially dangerous A-Logs (I.e., Jacob Sockness).


Hey, everyone. I’m just about good to go for @EverfreeNW, but I need a few extra bits to make sure I eat well over the weekend, support the artists, and all other details, please.
Chris encouraging people to support the fundraiser on Twitter.[2]

On 6 June 2021, Chris brought up the convention in The Place, saying that it was short notice, but that he would see if he could attend.[3]

On 26 June 2021, Null announced on the Kiwi Farms that Chris was planning to take the approximately 41-hour drive to attend the convention in Seattle, WA.[4] Null, however, had arranged for Chris to take a plane flight instead, with funding for the trip and additional expenses being provided to GoFundMe in exchange for Chris having to complete commissioned artwork and video requests for the contributors. Chris was to drive to Washington, D.C. and then fly to Seattle. In July, Chris made arrangements with Bella to carpool to D.C. together.[5]

On 9 July 2021 Null started the GoFundMe fundraiser with a goal of $1,000 with the plan that any extra funds would go towards any emergency expenses. The page featured Help send Chris-Chan to Everfree NW, a video Chris uploaded to promote the campaign as well as a couple of paragraphs outlining how the money would be spent and details about the reward commissions. [6]

The fundraiser surpassed its initial goal of $1,000 within 6 hours of the campaign starting and managed to reach a total of $5,085 on 13 July 2021 before it was closed for further donations.[7]

Chris released the first public shout-out video, Paid Shout Out to Lifeguard Hermit, on 9 July 2021, followed by Chris Chan's shoutout to JoSona6 on 14 July, which was released for public viewing by its requester.

Following the Incest Call being leaked and Chris allegedly stealing $750 from Barbara's bank account, on 31 July, Null posted an update to the GoFundMe page stating he would be returning all of the donations and that the GoFundMe page had been in-part a test to see if Chris could handle completing commissions, with the hope that it could have been a way for Chris to reach financial stability in the future. Null has since then cut all direct contact he had with Chris.


Chris's reference image for his planned cosplay.

On 11 July 2021, Chris posted to Twitter stating that he would be hoping to cosplay as CPU Blue Heart during the convention. He also stated that he would be willing to pay a costume designer for the cosplay to be assembled, implying that money from the initial $1,000 fundraiser would've been used to pay for it. The cosplay apparently would have included a one-piece torso outfit, shin guards, and the Commodore Wings.[8]

Chris stated a day later on Twitter that he had supposedly found a person willing to design some parts of the cosplay, however, that he was still in need of someone to design the one-piece torso part of the cosplay.[9]

The problem, of course, is the fact that high quality cosplay outfits usually take a while to make, and that they are even more difficult to create when they are made remotely, away from the person who would need to be fitted into the uniform. Given that Chris had regularly stretched the truth about his obesity problem in the past, and the short notice that the outfit would have been made on, the results would have likely been far from ideal.

Since the Incest call was leaked and Chris was arrested on charges of incest, whether the unnamed designer Chris had found actually produced any pieces of the cosplay is unknown, although if pieces of the cosplay did exist at one point, it can be assumed that it has since been scrapped or repurposed into another outfit.

Planned attendees

Bella and Fiona had planned to attend the convention with Chris. Chris had suggested MKRNightVee attend the convention,[3] however she was unable to.[10]

Fiona, a young autistic woman who had a genuine crush on him, was originally set to meet him there. Chris recorded an audio file for her promising her he would not get angry upon seeing the rebooted My Little Pony cartoon at the convention.[11]

In July 2021, while making plans to attend the convention, Chris sought to put together a "posse" for "sharing and protection" during the convention, in response to being informed by Watchman The WCT that Jacob Sockness planned to attend in disguise[12] to meet with him.[13] On 12 July, Chris asked The WCT if he knew of anyone who could help, and WCT indicated that he did not. Chris also mentioned having asked Null and Praetor's Caden if they could help with the posse arrangements.[13] The following day, Chris texted Bella and assigned her to act as a bodyguard,[14] which she agreed to do.[15][16] At some point, Fiona and Chris made arrangements to met up at Everfree; Chris informed The WCT on 19 July about it (but refers to Fiona as "Fifi Vixenhart"), and asked The WCT to invite Bella and Fiona into The Knights of CWC Discord server.[17]

According to Bella's comments in her Chess club Discord server, Chris also wanted her to act as photographer, paying her $500 to purchase a camera and follow him around the convention to take photos.[18] Bella also told Chris she would take romantic photos of him and Fiona during the convention.[19]

I'll take photos of you two. I'll have- I'll have just a screenshot- like a slideshow of romantic stuff between you guys, um. You, uh- Oh, the dance will be awesome. We could take turns. I'd like to dance with her too, and then you guys could take like the slow dance and whatever.

According to Bella, there was a "love triangle" between the trio - that Bella liked Fiona, Fiona liked Chris, and Chris liked Bella - and that this made hotel arrangements complicated as Chris wanted to room with Bella but not Fiona.[20] Bella, herself sexually attracted to Fiona,[21] had expressed desires to date her during the event. Bella claimed in the Chess club that she planned to "steal" her from Chris to "protect" her,[22] and that Chris invited Bella to be his dance partner and then invited Fiona at Bella's suggestion, though Bella intended to just dance with Fiona.[23][24]

On 25 July 2021, Chris told Bella in a text that he and Fiona had discussed the idea of sex at the convention and that Chris had told her it would be a one-time event.[25] Days later, during a call in which Chris said he was having sex with his own mother, Bella tried to encourage Chris to pursue a relationship with Fiona instead. Chris said that he was looking forward to the upcoming time with Fiona, noting her sexual history.[19] After the call, Bella and Fiona talked about it. Fiona commented that, "When I have sex with him, I hope it sways him away from his mother", to which Bella replied, "I was pushing realllly hard for that bjt he's convinced that you'll fall in love in college or something".[26] Fiona since made comments distancing herself from Chris.[27]

Blacklisted from attending

Not gonna go to EFNW; I got revoked.
#EFNW takes attendee safety seriously. While we don't publicly discuss the standing of specific indivudals with the con, reported incidents of violent acts against the vulnerable are never ignored. Rest assured that we'll always take appropriate action to protect our community.
Everfree Northwest, issuing a statement to Twitter.[28]
An Everfree Northwest organizer when asked about Chris on Discord.

On 30 July, after the Incest Call was leaked, in which Chris admitted to having sexual intercourse with his own mother, Everfree Northwest decided to blacklist Chris from attending by revoking his attendance ticket, or in other words, silently banning him from the convention. Chris confirmed the revocation in the Knights of CWC Discord server.[1] Everfree Northwest later put out an official statement to Twitter regarding their commitment to safety; it didn't mention Chris by name, but nevertheless was clear they were at least somewhat aware of the situation.

Chris was arrested on 1 August, which meant that even if he weren't blacklisted, he would ultimately not attend. Notably, the con was also streamed online, which means Chris could have at least watched it from home.


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