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On 15 October 2023, Praetor began selling on OfficialCWCmart old commissions Chris had drawn in summer 2021 for the Help send Chris-Chan to Everfree NW fundraiser. Chris had never completed the fundraiser, since he was arrested for incest in the middle of it; consequently, the physical drawings he had made hadn't been sent to the buyers (Null, the organizer, had refunded the buyers). The drawings sat at 14 Branchland Court while Chris was jailed for the next two years. After Chris was released, he retrieved the art from the house, and Praetor put them up for sale.


This is a 8.5x11 colored piece done by Christine Weston Chandler. In a 2021 fundraiser held by KiwiFarms organizer Null, Chris Chan took custom requests for artworks to be drawn as a way to fund travel to a large convention. Unfortunately in the middle of drawing and prepping these, Chris was arrested. The nature of the charges brought Null to close the fundraiser and refund all buyers, and the completed pieces sat ever since at the Chandler Residence.

Christine has now returned, and is authorizing the reposting of those completed works here. A short description of each has been dictated by Christine.

Art Title Description List date Price Sold?
Arame's Ocs-min.jpg Arame's Ocs "A pair of unique OCs commissioned by Arame." 15 October 2023 $200
Blue Eyed Man.jpg Blue Eyed Man "The name of this individual escapes me in the present moment, but upon thorough examination and meditation, I sense this gentleman had quite the emotional background and life. With a possibility of at least a couple relationships that were either successful or flawed." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Blue Tiger.jpg Blue Tiger "Notice the Blue Tiger in the wilds as it nestles on the boulder. The Tiger quite prideful in it's own way is contemplating and pondering "Is one of these my next meal? Am I to survive well in this forest? How is my pack doing without me?" 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July20MrSandManArt.jpg Brown Octopus "Commissioner wanted some sort of octopus, but I can't recall what from." 15 October 2023 $150
Checkmarks and Bolts!.jpg Checkmarks and Bolts "You could buy this if your name is David, or if your name is not David." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Chris Chan and Tyler.jpg Chris Chan and Tyler "Myself in my Alicorn form meets the commissioner Tyler, here as his Equestria counterpart." 15 October 2023 $200
Classic Chris Rainbow Aura.jpg Classic Chris Rainbow Aura "I am here and now in the past, jumping up with my powerful rainbow Aura before my goddess realizations manifested." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
College Greetings.jpg College Greetings "The commissioner had a special message for someone I can tell by my intuitions is his college sweetheart." 15 October 2023 $150 Sold
Cute Dog.jpg Cute Dog "I can't remember who had me draw this, but it seems that a commissioner wanted me to draw their dog or a dog." 15 October 2023 $150 Sold
Destiny Titan.jpg Destiny Titan "A fan commissioned me to draw their Titan character from Destiny." 15 October 2023 $200
Elodia's D&D OC.jpg Elodia's D&D OC "I drew a catgirl from D&D commissioned by Elodia. The metal thing in her hand is a weapon for battle." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Fat Man and his Son.jpg Fat Man and his Son "The commissioner said that he wanted me to draw a fat father and his fat son." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Freddy Freaker.jpg Freddy Freaker "Commissioner requested I draw Freddy Freaker, with photo reference." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July11Shitpost2.jpg Freebird! "The commissioner wanted me to freestyle something so I was inspired to draw something representing freedom and LGBTQIA+." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
German Officer Uniform.jpg German Officer Uniform "Somebody just had me draw this, this German Uniform." 15 October 2023 $125 Sold
Green Mentos Cat .jpg Green Mentos Cat "This cat is green and eating mentos, but I have no other details than that." 15 October 2023 $200
Homer Simpson.jpg Homer Simpson "This is my interpretation of Homer Simpson, which was commissioned by the same individual who wanted Freddy Freaker." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July14Art1.jpg Jasmen's Jazzercise Pony "Commissioner Jasmen wanted her pony Neon Jazzercise drawn." 15 October 2023 $200
Jazzy's Fursona.jpg Jazzy's Fursona "Fursona drawn for Jazzy off of picture reference." 15 October 2023 $200
Jess's Birthday Surprise.jpg Jess's Birthday Surprise "Commissioned by Jess for her birthday. Happy belated Birthday!" 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Jordin's Cool Frog.jpg Jordin's Cool Frog "Jordin the commissioner wanted a cool frog wearing Ray Bans and Yeezy's." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Joseph Sonichu and Friend.jpg Joseph Sonichu and Friend "A commission drawn of Joseph Sonichu and his friend." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Justin's Minotaur.jpg Justin's Minotaur "Justin's OC, a barbarian minotaur with a cool surfer personality." 15 October 2023 $200
July20KingGeradArt.jpg Keys to the Castle "A medieval king on the front of a comic book called "Keys to the Castle." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
KiwiFarmsTShirt.jpg Kiwi Christine "Commission where fans wanted me with the Kiwi Farms Logo, so I wear it on my shirt!" 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Kiwi Farms Gardening.jpg Kiwi Farms Gardening "This is Null's Kiwi Farms Avatar and a Kiwi Farms Ponysona with kiwi cutie mark gardening their own farm together." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Measels-Chan.jpg Measels-Chan "Sent in by a fan but not an OC, this is Measels Chan. She's an anime girl for the measels virus I drew from a messaged photo reference." 15 October 2023 $200 (October 2023); $250 (March 2024) Sold[1]
Relisted March 2024[2]
Moonlight Knight Woman.jpg Moonlight Knight Woman "I cannot recall details as of present, but I believe this to be someone's D&D character." 15 October 2023 $200
Mossy Sailor.jpg Mossy Sailor "Mossy Sailor Worked on the docks so hard she got covered in Moss and she was of delight and joy on shore leave while she was in New York." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Neon Genesis Evangelion.jpg Neon Genesis "The commissioner wanted me to draw a scene from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July12Artwork.jpg Niles and Fraiser "Niles and Fraiser Crane sitting with a drink." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July19Kwai-KonArtwork.jpg No Pre-Marital Gex "I drew this from a picture reference commissioner gave me, but the Gex gecko is as a Sonichu." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Paul's Minotaur.jpg Paul's Minotaur "Another barbarian minotaur just like James's Minotaur, with cool surfer dude personality." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July13Artwork1.jpg Ponytop Mountain "Commissioner wanted a red Gen 4 pony with a feather cutie mark on top of a mountain. Very inspiring and having emotion." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Possum.jpg Possum "They wanted me to just draw a white fur long nosed opossum but gave no other details." 15 October 2023 $200
Purple bulldog.jpg Purple Bulldog "Purple Bulldog drawn on a bed of daisies for the commission." 15 October 2023 $150 Sold
Purple Hat Man.jpg Purple Hat Man "Another OC a commissioner had me draw, but I do not have the information or background on this one." 15 October 2023 $150 Sold
Red Eyed Man.jpg Red Eyed Man "A man in red eyes with a white shirt, must have been someone's OC or perhaps a picture." 15 October 2023 $150
Road Tripping.jpg Road Tripping "In the old Dodge Caravan, Sonichu and I went out for a drive on mission. I was about to miss my turn but Sonichu alerted me before I missed it so we made it." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Rust Dude.jpg Rust Dude "Commissioner Maxwell wanted a dude from the video game Rust. This guy reminds me of Moltar." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Sailor Moon.jpg Sailor Moon "This commission just wanted a simple scene from Sailor Moon." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Salad Days.jpg Salad Days "In the realm of the United Kingdom in the days of Sir Lancelot the parodic Black Knight had a Bulbasaur. And on one fateful day the Bulbasaur evolved, the Black Knight metaphysically knew to dub it "Salad Days," instead of Ivysaur." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July26DonaldTrumpArtwork.jpg Shortening Drump "I saw it a mile away, more than that. Back in 2016 prior to the presidential debate how narcissistic and over-arrogant Donald Trump was and still is. His Red Aura really makes that more abundantly clear." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
Sonichu Dances for Jeremy.jpg Sonichu Dances for Jeremy "A commissioner wanted Sonichu dancing for him. You could buy this if you are a Jeremy, because then it was made for you." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
July12Fundraiser1.jpg Suede's In the Future "Sneed's Feed and Seed is quite aged in the future. The n has fallen and become a u." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold
NotBradGarrett.jpg Vibing With a Tall Biker Dude "Commissioned by Jawack to draw me with my arm a man with long brown hair and a moustache." 15 October 2023 $200
July18RosechuZapina.jpg Zapina Rosechu Shines the Night "Commissioner wanted me to draw Zapina Rosechu, so I felt the inspirations and light to draw her flying with a massive light burst." 15 October 2023 $200 Sold


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