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NOTE: This material likely originated from Bella, who has fabricated texts at least once. Consider this when judging the veracity of the material below.

This page will showcase a series of chats Chris had with Bella outside of the leaks of the Incest call. Chris's messages are represented in blue and Bella's are represented in fungus green.

Curiosity Stream

Bella attempts to impersonate Ashley Hamer of Curiosity in an e-mail she sent to Chris as a means to get him to meet her at Richmond, Virginia.

13 October 2020

From: SmashleyHammer CuriosityDaily <>

Sent: 13 October 2020 21:37


Subject: Curiosity Stream Podcast/Interview Proposal

Good day to you Mrs. Christine W. Chandler! I hope you have been healthy during this pandemic.

My name is Ashley Hamer, I'm the Managing Editor and Co-Host of Curiosity Daily. We are very interested in forming a professional relationship with you!

I am contacting you today because we are interested in discussing with you important issues revolving around autism awareness in our upcoming promotion/episode for our Curiosity Stream Podcast, initiating a collaboration with Discovery Channel Phycology. We gathered and contacted 8 well- known autistic individuals who we deemed to have contributed to our era and our view of the social disorder. We would like to discuss particularly how autistic individuals express themselves, view and understand their surroundings, and what their personal experiences are living with autism.

We think that your comic series, Sonichu (which I have personally read the entirety of while in college) is an example of how autistic individuals can direct their energy and how they can thrive off of it. It would be my pleasure to discuss how you believe your autism has affected your comic. If it had helped you, how you were able to work with the social obstacle and what you think parents and teachers should do to encourage creativity and initiative for their autistic children. We believe this will be beneficial to those who can relate and also suffer from autism.

The demographic following our recent podcasts and DCP (Discover Channel Phycology) viewers have reported more interest in mental health studies than any other science-related topic. This demographic mostly consists of media-involved youth, for which we recognize your influence and ability to shape your audience. I have also taken notice of the online harassment you have received in the past. Because of that, I would like to clarify that this is autism-related only and will have nothing to do with your history online unless you find it relevant to the topic.

We will collaborate with you to make it as accurate and satisfactory as possible. We will not add, announce, or release anything without your permission.

We compensate our guests for their input and time. We pay $30 for every 1000 listeners and average around 20k-30k per stream. Discover Channel Psychology will also compensate. I personally don't know the details, but you can contact them through the curiosity website (link on top) on "Contact Us" or through me.

This podcast will be recorded depending on your preference. The options are our streaming office in LA (while maintaining social distancing). We could instead schedule a time for my Jr. Editor at Curiosity Stream, Lilaj Montey, to meet you in Richmond. ( If you prefer to perform the interview on Zoom/Skype, please email me back on when you are available.

From Curiosity Staff- Ashley Hamer

Sr Director of Journalism and Editing New York University MA in Journalism New York, New York

Please respond to me via my email (If you prefer text-style messaging, My Wickr ID is ashleyhammer)

Chris Chan Sonichu Intro

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
With that stated, I feel the intro is best shown as starting with Mama in her human form, holding and looking down upon her medallion for a split second, then holds it up; fade to white and transition to the beginning of the magical girl style transformation I to her Sonichu form, with a couple of seconds frozen on her completed transformation. And that is immediately followed by her in her Sonichu form closing her eyes and channeling the energy to go into her CPU Blue Heart form (still in her Sonichu form), then she pulls out her lightning kunai blades, lifts one into the air and gives a battle cry while looking directly at the audience, breaking the fourth wall. And the animation ends with her in that form, with me and Rosey (Mama in her Sonichu form, not counting her ears, stands 3'5"; the same as the both of us) in the title card still, and above us, the words in electric font, reading "A Chris Chan Sonichu Video".
Hi Mrs Christine Chandler! I'm such as [...]


Kelly Andes E-mails

1 Feb 2021

This is our main email address. Here is the first email.
Hey christine! Just making sure my personal email works bc there have been cases in the past in which it didnt, thanks!

20 May 2021

Do you have Amazon?
Hello Christine long time no see! Apologies as my contacts has been a mess and ive bæn busy and cant see any æntacts as I have switched numbers and lost some of them so I'm glad that you're reaching out. Yes I do have Amazon.
Gtnd to hear from you, I'm trying to get an Amazon E-code gift card for a very close associate. it's her birthday but I don't know what's wrong with my amazon acxnunt. It's not going through and has called Amazon but it has not been resolved yet, can you please help me purchase an Amazon E-code gift card over there from your amazon account. Let me know if you could handle that so I can send you my Friend email so the E-code can be sent there and am only looking to $200 on it, I will refund you back as as possible.

22 May 2021

Sure thing, so what do you need me to do? Also have you heard from Bella recently? I couldn't get in touch ever since we both our phones and contacts what an unhappy coincidence
Can you please help me purchase an Amazon E-code gift card over there from your amazon account. Let me know if you tnuld handle that so I can send you my Friend email so the can be sent there and am only looking to spend $200 on it, I will refund you back as soon as possible.
Any luck?

15 June 2021

Finally I ordered the physical gift card abd it came, sorry atnlt response again bit it just arrived where to I ship it to?
Okay can you scratch it and snap the front and back with the reæipt and send to my email so I can forward it to her ..thank you


The Selected Few

NOTE: At this point, Chris is maintaining a cover story that his sex partner is simply an older woman.

13 July 2021

Chris sent this string of texts to Bella under the belief that she can be trusted enough not to confess his relationship with his new sweetheart with anyone, a promise that would be broken after sharing this information with the Suitress precisely two weeks afterwards. Of note is how these texts seem to have been sent before Bella's call with Chris regarding the matter.

Hey, Bella.
I wanted to check in with you on an additional detail about the convention, as in while us being together as travel buddies and friends remains genuine, there is a caveat as well.
You'll also play as a bodyguard and watch person, similar to Link's Navi, unless you feel able to do physical work in defense as well.
The reason being Sockness is making attempt to get to the convention as wells
I have already consulted with Josh and Caden on the matter in assembling a defensive posse in this instance, and Josh is warning the convention people to be aware of Sockness and his intentions, dark magic, and massive dark aura that he simply reeks of.
And I still feel safe and well in attending the convention despite this circumstance. I remain grateful and humbled in that it's more favourable on my end, and not so much for him.
This remains in Strictest Confidence between you and I, and I have confided this in the highest level of strict confidence, trust, and faith in a very select few.
I have found a romantic partner of this half of the universe, and earned her trust and everything; we are having sex. She is older than l; that is the only detail I will share with you for now. I have not even revealed her name at all to the entrusted few. Also, the relationship is open.
The only other ones who know of this detail at this level are Josh, Wildcat, Spunky, and my physician (gonna confirm I'm still clean as a whistle in a few days).


Typing Speed

22 July 2021


I will, and I will link the Tweet set as well in a moment.
Thank u!!
[The Suitress][note 1] needs u too call her

23 July 2021

This is fucking gay they need me to write verbatum each word they're saying in a 2 hour long meeting
Work sux
That does suck. I mean, what? They won't let you use an audio recording device and type it up later?
Nope lol I'm typing at 120 wpm
Alllllthr typos haha
Damn, Girl. That is very impressive you're typing two words per second.
I remember when I took touch typing at PVCC, my time was about 71 wpm or so.
Haha I'm joking idk how fast I'm typing in just jamming the keyboard when they start talking
Theyre just in an awkward silence now idk what's going on


Description of Affair

NOTE: At this point, Chris is maintaining a cover story that his sex partner is simply an older woman.

Unclear, possibly night of 27 July or prior[note 2] (leaked on 1 August)[1]

In texts with Bella, Chris says he wants to tell her more about the relationship between him and an older woman (at the time, his cover story) but hesitates because the government may intercept the communication.

Bella's messages are in fungus green, Chris's in blue.

Hey how's it going with the older woman btw ?
It is going very well. Thank you.
Have you seen her recently?
I have, yes.
We talk often, I visit her, and we have become closer.

She is most pleased and content.

How is she
She is improving mentality-wise, and is recovering her own strength.

I realize I am remaining and sounding distant on the questioning, and it will become more clear and obvious when I tell you, in-person, who she is.

I actually wish I could tell you over text or voice call, but the government and anyone with the tech can easily hack into those methods.

Is she a friend of barbs?
You may say that, yes.
Still, I will feel better and safer confiding with you in person.
Have you heard of the app, Signal?
I beleive so
Josh Moon uses it, and he and I have been talking through the app.


Fabricated Chats

Below are a set of chats that Bella or her associates had fabricated. The fabricated messages for Chris from these will be represented in white. The ones for Bella will be represented in gray.

BDSM text

Main article: Fabricated BDSM texts


  1. In keeping with the Suitress policy, some of these conversations have not been transcripted faithfully. All references to her personal information present in the conversations have been redacted.
  2. Timestamps show conversation lasted from 8:43 pm to 10:08 pm. Bella voice called Chris in the early morning of 28 July and reacted to the incest news shortly after.

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