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This article is about the Kiwi Farms message board. For the original forum it expanded on and replaced, see CWCki Forums. For the Kiwi Farms splinter forum, see CWCki Club.
Chris comments on the 'fall' of Kiwi Farms in September 2022
THANKS A LOT YOU GOD DAMNED BUNCH OF BASTARDOUS CHILDREN!!! Her Life Is Ruined!!! And It was My Fault for TRYING TO MAKE PEACE WITH YOU LOT!!! I Really Wish I Never Created THIS New Account and Tried to Reach Out!!!
Chris, posting on Kiwi Farms[1]

Previously existing as a Chris-focused message board in various iterations, in February 2015 the CWCki Forums was consolidated into the Kiwi Farms, an extremely controversial site which focuses on lolcows (people and groups whose eccentric or foolish behavior can be "milked" for amusement and laughs) in general and not just CWC. (The new name came from the way several lolcows mispronounced "CWCki Forums".)

Chris's forum account

Chris's forum avatar.

On 4 October 2017, a user going by the name "LegendaryChristorian" began a thread on the Christian Weston Chandler board on the forum. While a few speculated about it being a ween, Null, the head admin, quickly confirmed that it was indeed Chris.[2] Under this account, Chris received questions to which he responded in a livestreamed Q&A video.

His motivation for joining and holding the Q&A was to reach out to trolls and try to satiate their curiosity about his life by answering their questions, in the hopes that they wouldn't bother Jessica Quinn.[3] However, since Quinn was herself a troll, the interaction with the Farms instead proved instrumental in her breaking up with Chris on 5 October, after which he made a final, angry post on the forum before cursing it in another video.


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On 16 July 2020, Chris logged into his Kiwi Farms account and had a conversation with Null. Chris, wanting to role-play, rambled for paragraphs on being possessed by Sonichu, lore involving Jacob Sockness, and the Iron Curtain. Null replied that he would not be playing along with the game.[4]


Chris doesn't read your posts
A somewhat inaccurate line from the forum guidelines.

Much like with the CWCki Forums, Chris has occasionally been known to lurk on Kiwi Farms. In 2015, after posting some photos to Facebook showing what he believed to be progress on his gender transition, Chris viewed the forum thread on it and was elated when a user commented "he looks like a D cup now".[5]

In August 2017, Chris, feeling refreshed after his trip to BronyCon, browsed the thread on it. On Facebook, he made a few posts responding to commentary and thanking users for featuring his photos.[6] In the same month, he referred to the Random Chris Updates thread to help prove a ween was trying to impersonate Doopie.[7]

In October 2017, Chris stated that he believed Jessica Quinn was not a troll because conversations between them hadn't been leaked, and he specified that he had not seen any such leaks on the Farms.[8]

Forum ratings

Chris rating doopie's posts.png

Chris rated several of DoopieDoOver's posts from the end of the Jessica Quinn saga, the only ones he has rated so far.

  • Like
at least that would be more interesting than this god damned shitfest[9]
  • Like
I know I said I wouldn't come back and post, but this whole saga is really upsetting me. While I don't agree with a lot of the trolling and fucking with him for the lulz, this is going too far. Even if it's supposed to be a "troll", this is pretty fucked up and it hurts to watch. I can't stand to see someone with a disability be emotionally abused and manipulated like this. She's not even a funny troll. She could have at least gone on the date they planned, but she dipped out because she's a pussy.

I actually really feel bad for Chris.[10]

  • Optimistic
At this point, do you really think he's capable of growing and learning?[11]

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