May 2015

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On 12 May 2015, Chris shows off his manboobs.
On 21 May 2015, Chris reveals that Chris Chan Sonichu is now female.

May was the 5th month of 2015. Chris's fourth court date for the events of 26 December 2014 occurred on 7 May, and it was delayed yet again for 11 June 2015. This was a quiet month in Chris's life, as he spent most of his time with Facebook and his iPhone camera.

Events of May

  • 5 May - Chris signs a petition to let rock singer Melissa Etheridge into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While Etheridge is a great musician, it's certain he only signed it because she is a lesbian.
  • 7 May - Chris's fourth court date. It is continued until 11 June.
  • 10 May - Mother's Day.
  • 12 May - Chris posts some new Facebook pictures. Comments from Kim Wilson indicate that he believes he is undergoing hormone replacement.
  • 15 May - Chris uses Facebook's note feature twice and continues to beg his fans to get Sonichu into Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • 15 May - Chris writes a new note on Facebook pimping himself out to the lesbian ladies.
  • 16 May - Chris leaks a series of disturbing sex texts for an unknown person on Facebook.
  • 18 May - Chris cums, and stores the semen in a Tupperware container, before putting it in the fridge to freeeze.[1]
  • 21 May - Chris uploads a photo on Facebook revealing that he has changed Chris Chan Sonichu into a female Sonichu (or Rosechu), as to better fit his comic book persona and his transgender identity.
  • 23 May - Chris posts a Q&A on Facebook answering some questions (which nobody would have ever wanted to ask him, let alone have him answer) about being trans. That night, he goes to a gay club and feels the bass resounding in his manboobs.
  • 24 May - Chris predicts "Riots and Catastrophes" if Derpy's name is changed.
  • 24 May - Chris watches a PBS special with Barb, and reminisces about Bob.
  • 25 May - Memorial Day. To celebrate, Chris posts two pieces of clickbait on Facebook.
  • 30 May - Chris takes a "What kind of person are you the most attracted to?" quiz and gets "Kind Soul."
  • 31 May - Chris posts two videos on his Facebook page that attempt to describe what it would feel like to live as a child with high-functioning autism, as well as describing "breakthroughs in autism."