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Chris in March 2023

2023 is the sixteenth year since Chris's discovery. Chris opened the year in jail but was released in late March. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he may be living in the Richmond area.


Main article: January 2023

Chris's case faced a review on 27 January. Notes on his case suggested a move to Gateway Homes sheltered housing was being considered.


Main article: February 2023

Chris turned 41 years old, his second birthday in a row spent in custody.


Main article: March 2023

On 27 March 2023, Chris was out of custody, though the reason is unclear - VineLink reported initially that he was "bonded out"[1] which was later changed to "released by court order".[2]


Main article: April 2023

In early April, the Greene County Circuit Court issued a Release Order regarding Chris's incest case. Chris's debt hearing later in the month resulted in dismissal for No Funds.


Chris in May 2023
Main article: May 2023

From 1-3 May, Chris was spotted shopping at a Walmart in Midlothian, a suburb of Richmond, Battlegrounds (a card game shop), and Chesterfield Towne Center, a mall in nearby Midlothian and Richmond.


Main article: August 2023

Chris's review is scheduled for August 2023, following his deferred disposition one year prior.[3]