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Chris in October 2023

2023 is the sixteenth year since Chris's discovery. Chris opened the year in jail but was released in late March.


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Chris's case faced a review on 27 January. Notes on his case suggested a move to Gateway Homes sheltered housing was being considered.


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Chris turned 41 years old, his second birthday in a row spent in custody.


Chris in March 2023
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On 11 March, a Kiwi Farms user held an interview with Praetor. They revealed a lot of alleged information on Chris, although they do not provide much proof. Praetor most notably stated that Chris would be back soon, with plans "stranger than anybody could guess". On 27 March 2023, Chris was out of custody, though the reason is unclear - VineLink reported initially that he was "bonded out"[1] which was later changed to "released by court order".[2]


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In early April, the Greene County Circuit Court issued a Release Order regarding Chris's incest case. Chris's debt hearing later in the month resulted in dismissal for No Funds. Anaxis starts publishing The Lainchu Manifesto.


Chris in May 2023
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From 1-3 May, Chris was spotted shopping at a Walmart in Midlothian, a suburb of Richmond, Battlegrounds (a card game shop), and Chesterfield Towne Center, a mall in nearby Midlothian and Richmond. Towards the end of the month, he was spotted at Earthbond Trading Company and Modern Table Top Gaming, with a Reddit user at the former describing Chris as reeking of 'pure shit'. Halfway through the month, he dyed his hair a bright teal, and started looking like an old grandma. Notably, it was revealed that Chris had begun signing his name as 'J. Christ Chan Sonichu'.


Chris in June 2023
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Chris's only public sighting this month was at a Ben and Jerry's in Williamsburg Premium Outlets with two women; and only after Chris complimented on a Reddit user's dog. One of the women was seen in a wheelchair. Chris could be seen seemingly disguising himself, covering up his face with a pink bucket hat and sunglasses.


Chris in July 2023
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This month started off with old footage from Chris Chan Vs. The Internet being leaked. Chris was spotted at Wal-mart looking at Sonic-branded G-Fuel drinks as well as Dragon Fire Games located over 100 miles west of Chesterfield County, the furthest Chris has reportedly traveled since his release. Chris continues to dye his hair different colors.


Chris in August 2023
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Otaku King spotted Chris at Walmart and had a conversation with him, and began white-knighting for Chris soon after. Chris slowly began returning to the internet, starting with playing Pokemon GO and games on his PlayStation, notably changing his PSN description on the latter. He then began liking tweets on Twitter, some even addressing his return. His activity peaked when he uploaded a series of artworks to DeviantART, including ones about his return and belief that he's Jesus Christ reincarnated. Other art included pages for Sonichu 15, which has been renamed to Sonichu 0 HD. His review also took place, with his incest case file being updated to state that the charge has been "Dismissed".[3]. He ended the month by playing games on his PS5, seemingly having bought one after being released from jail.


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Chris in September 2023

Chris started the month by sending a DM to Helena Fiorenza, announcing that he will return to the internet, and thanking Cr1TiKaL for making his own brand of G-Fuel. The following day, Chris's car was spotted at 14 Branchland Court. He spent the rest of his month being spotted with a mysterious young-looking blonde woman in various locations. On the 20th, Chris was spotted allegedly hugging and kissing the woman, in a series of blurry photos. Otaku King claimed that the two of them are a couple, and that Chris is "at home safe" and "getting the right help needed"


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Chris and Flutter in October 2023.

The month started off uneventful, with very little activity. However, on the 16th, Chris finally uploaded a new video, Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime Resurrected and Returned, where he sings horribly with green screened versions of him dancing, along with a brief message announcing his return. On the same day, he tweeted, announcing the 'second coming'. OfficialCWCmart was updated, with new art and photos of Chris, along with messages announcing his return, which Chris links in the description of his new videos. He then uploaded Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021, where he denies ever having sex with Barbara, and claims that he was framed by Isabella Loretta Janke. He gets mad at trolls who joked about Chris dating Barb, stating that it was their fault this all happened. He also reveals information about the blonde girl he had been spotted with recently. On the 18th, Chris started posting frequently on Twitter, and continued to upload videos.


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in November 2023.

Throughout November Chris's online activity continued on YouTube and Twitter. On 7 November a Redditor claimed to have spotted Chris and Barbara at 14 Branchland Court where Chris was moving boxes into his car. The Redditor also claimed to have chatted with Chris, who said he lives in Lynchburg, VA and that he had taken Barbara shopping earlier in the day.[4] On a 10 November livestream Chris claimed that he did not have sex with his mother, saying he accessed the memories of a self counterpart in a distant alternate timeline to ensure he went to jail in Virginia and not Washington. On 22 November Kiwi Farms users doxed the Big Island house[5] and 5 days later a Discord user spotted Chris's car at the Big Island house.


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Chris in December 2023.

Chris makes numerous posts on Twitter including one where he ironically advocates for sex predators to be allowed in social gatherings/events.[6] On 20 December Chris was filmed picking up Flutter at Richmond International Airport and was spotted later the same day at a Sheetz with Flutter.[7][8] On 21 December Chris was spotted with Flutter while eating dinner at Isabella's Italian Trattoria Restaurant in Lynchburg, VA.[9] On 25 December Chris celebrated his first Christmas out of jail and posted a photo of his Christmas tree on Twitter.[10]