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Reddit is a social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website. Registered users can post, rate, and comment on contents in boards called "subreddits". Chris created an account in 30 May 2016 and mostly hung out at r/PlanetDolan, the subreddit of Youtube channel Planet Dolan, presumably as an effort to get closer to his then prospective heartsweet DoopieDoOver. He would also pay for Reddit Premium in October 2018, a monthly subscription which would remove all ads and give him additional privileges in the site.

Contents submitted by Chris

Chris submitted three questions in r/PlanetDolan, none of them are on topic regarding the subreddit's subject.

Why do we feel Great Shock (heart pain) upon hearing bad news? (30 May 2016)

Hey. Big fan of y'all's shows; I like learning. I like Shima and Malissa.

Anyhow, to further explain my question with a recent event. I don't get asked out much, and finding my lady Sweetheart and eventually being married and having a family has been an ambition of mine. Recently, I ended up informing my mother a reminder about all that. And amidst the discussion, she says to me, "On my own death bed, I do not care rather or not you have any children at all." It registered to me equal to "your future children can go to hell." It Hurt Deep, like a gunshot that pierced not only through my heart, but knocked my soul back far. I ended up crying, and I had an upset with gut pains and sweat that cleared up after the poo got out of my system. Either way, I am still recovering, and still feeling sad about this.

I want to add, and This Should Be a Life Lesson to ALL Parents, so please be sure to tell Everyone upon answering the question on your show:

"Parents, NEVER EVER tell your children or their children that you do not care if they never have children. Even IF you meant to ease their tension, it still can Very Much be interpreted as "Your future children can go to hell", or similar. No Matter What, it DOES Hurt them, young, teen and adult, DEEP!"

Thank you, and have a good and safe day.

Can males be born with a hidden vagina (minus the uterus)? (3 July 2016)

This post was made two weeks before he would make the Un-Clit 2.0. He also left a link to two Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis videos.

Hey. Boys, get ready to have your minds blown. As Planet Dolan has said, Everyone is Female inside the womb until if and when the "Y" chromosome mutates the girl to be a boy. Which, when you Really think about it, with Everyone being Female initially, even pre-birth, being "Manly" or "Manliness" is very much made up. Anyhow, and you can try this at home in private, push (maybe tough) into the center of the skin patch between your legs (the taint); you may find one or two grooves hidden under there. One of them, yes, is your unbirthable Vagina (since the uterus would be shrunk during the "Y" mutation).

Punchline: if every gay male knew about this, all they'd have to do is cut their taint, and they'd have a new hole to play with (seriously, though, maybe professional sugury would be Best for that business opening). OR, for the price of WiFi and your YouTube-Viewing device, you could try opening it, in as soon as six month (less if listened to more often) with a Subliminal Track. Check out this one from my favorite channel that offers it on YT.

Or, if that title scares you, this other one might leave your sack free.

Things you do while waiting to fall asleep (13 September 2016)

Either if you're keeping yourself awake or actually working your brain to become better fatigued, how about a list of the dumbest, or otherwise the best, things to do while waiting to fall asleep.

For me, my best is while having my eyes closed and feeling comfy, I tire my brain by figuring out words that rhyme with a randomly chosen word, by choosing the word, than going through the alphabet one letter at a time to figure as many actual rhymes for that word.

An example: "random". "Andom?", "Brandon", "condom"; bore your brain with repeated use of this brain teaser.

And my obvious dumbest, playing solitaire on my phone (with the light on the dimmest setting). Obviously, the light, regardless of brightness, is enough to fool the brain into staying awake, even while Boeing yourself with Solitaire.

Unlike the previous two, this saw a single response from a user.

I search tumblr or instance gram maybe some twitter before I fall asleep

Comments left by Chris

Retelling of his move to the Short Bus (11 January 2017)

In response to the post in r/PlanetDolan What's the worst things that's happened to you on a school bus?

In my Freshman year of High School, 1997, I was on the regular bus for a while. I used to sit at the front and to the right side of the bus; right by the bus' door. I remember it was at a time after I started having to wear glasses for being nearsighted, since I was examined by my optomologist doctor, who is also my half-brother, And got my glasses on the same day in '97, Groundhog Day; February 2. Anyhow, there was this rambunscious boy who wanted to be first off of the bus upon getting back home, about every time; I wanted first off of the bus as well. One day, that boy upped and punched my face, Just to be first off of the bus that day. AND the punch was so hard, he literally knocked my glasses off of me. The glasses did not get broken, but I was really hurt and upset. I walked and cried as I walked home from the bus stop that day. I told my parents about it; they contacted the school, and I ended up with the bad end of the deal: the boy got off scott-free, while, with being High-Functioning Autistic, got Demoted to riding on a handicapped bus for the rest of my High School years. Ugh! It gets worse, as I ended up with this really worse-off mentally challenged person, who could hardly ever speak other than "rrr"; that boy bopped me on the back of the head for his own laughs. The special-ed teacher who rode on the bus talked with his brother about it, and he kept him from bopping me. But having to put up with his nonsensical slur-talk was still just as cringy and horrifying. UGH!!!

Chris likes a fan's statue and confirms his existance (25 September 2018)

In response to a fan posting a 3D printed Sonichu Statue in r/ChrisChanSonichu

Totes Awesome! Listen, I want you to email me at, so I can hire you to be my main figure maker for Sonichu, Rosechu, myself and so forth, as long as you can paint the figures as well.

A user expresses his surprise at his presence.

what the fuck? is this chris chan for real?

Chris confirmed:

Yep. 😊

Chris wants the 3D Statue (26 September 2018)

One day after posting the statue, the same user would express his interest in sending it to Chris. Chris would reply:

Yes, please! 😊

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