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Artist's rendition of Chris's contact with the crew.

Planet Dolan is a YouTube Top 10 channel that Chris gained interest in in 2016. Originally known as Danger Dolan, the addition of several new members and the success of spin-off animation channel Planet Dolan, the main channel was renamed as such, while the animation channel was changed to Super Planet Dolan. Chris's fascination seems to be mostly related to his infatuation with with one of its animators/voice actresses, DoopieDoOver.

Interactions with the staff

Chris presumably discovered the channel around August of 2016. Around a year later, he reached out to some of the staff including DoopieDoOver, VimHomeless and Ladybot3. Doopie has since cut contact with Chris. Hellbent has commented on Chris-related videos on YouTube, and even follows at least one of Michael Hirtes's accounts on Twitter. Grgak, in a Kiwi Farms post, has said that he believes most Planet Dolan members are aware of Chris's past and just brush it off, though his interactions with Doopie have made a few of them uncomfortable.


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Due to his thirst for china, Chris took an interest in Doopie as a potential sweetheart. Predictably, this caused a lot of problems for the latter, who had initially decided to ignore the swarm of weens following Chris on Twitter and treat him like any regular customer. Unfortunately for her, this kindness was misinterpreted by Chris as a signal of romantic interest.


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This is what Chris actually believes!

Due to his misinterpretation of a post made by Doopie clearly telling Chris to stop stalking her, he came to the false conclusion that Doopie was cutting contact with him due to the trolls instead of his own creepy behavior. He also assumed they were after the entire Planet Dolan crew, and not just Doopie.


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On 25 August 2017, Chris got into a Twitter brawl with LadyOfTheCosmo, a comic artist with close ties to many of the channel's members, including Doopie. This spat led to him getting blocked shortly after deciding to stop following her. Notably, Chris's encounter with Lady and her fans resulted in some surprisingly potent A-Logging being thrown at Chris, ending with Lady joining the Kiwi Farms to clarify what happened.


On 29 August, Planet Dolan member Grgak started a thread on Kiwi Farms, noting that he had been following Chris since 2008 and posting several screencaps of Chris's messages to him, including one where Chris asks him to share his Twitter poll concerning the "The Many Internet Trolls". Grgak decided to vote against Chris in the poll.[1]

In the comic

The cast of Planet Dolan was expected to appear in the upcoming Sonichu #12-9, although due to his interactions with Doopie and LadyOfTheCosmo, as well as him being blocked by various other channel affiliates, these plans were abandoned. Instead, Chris stated in August 2017 that Night Star, his ponysona, would be featured on the issue[2] and followed up on this by replacing his Sonichu/Dolan comic cover with one of Night Star.

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