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I have Vanessa Anne Hudgens as an honest, very close Gal-Pal, and you know very well how powerful she is as a STAR.
Chris, delusional and naïve as ever[1]
Vanessa Hudgens
Name Vanessa Hudgens
Date of Birth 14 December 1988 (age 31)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White, Asian
Occupation Actress

Vanessa Hudgens is an American actress and singer best known for her work in High School Musical and for taking nude pictures of herself. She was incredibly popular among both 9-year-old girls and autistic manchildren prior to her popularity completely fizzling out due to the scandal over leaked nudes.

Joshua Martinez used her identity to troll Chris. Chris, being the humble guy that he is, found it absolutely reasonable that a highly attractive and popular movie star was sexually interested in a fat manchild like him.

Since "Vanessa" told Chris she had written her own Wikipedia biography, Chris felt that he had a righteous claim to do so as well. On 5 June 2009, after failing at his attempt to write his own Wikipedia biography, Chris tried to get a section on his supposed relationship with Vanessa Hudgens added to her Wikipedia page. Using the now-banned username of Sonichusaysyeswecan, Chris stated that "Vanessa and I are very close friends, and we have been working together much as of late. I think that this should be mentioned in the article."[citation needed] His request was ignored.

The Vanessa saga showcases Chris as his most naïve, with much real-life trolling by Joshua. As Ivy put it:

Even after all the tears, Chris began letting slip about his planned meetings with Vanessa around town. They decided to meetup at long last. Josh got Chris to go to the JMU campus with a sign and every time Chris would think he saw her, she would disappear. Chris stressed how didn't want to use that sign so he decided on wearing a hat, too. I thought Vanessa and I could be friends but josh had other intentions. He wanted to exploit Chris for money and would do this by going through Vanessa.

Josh claimed to have very strong ties to the FBI and threatened to hack into Chris’ ps3. Josh wanted to monitor Chris 24/7 as punishment for not meeting up with Vanessa not giving her the "presents” she had requested. [...] At TGI Fridays, Josh got Chris to pay for his meals. He kept telling Chris that they would go meet Vanessa. Every time Vanessa failed to show and Josh would enjoy the meal on Chris' dime, obviously. Once, the proposed meeting place was at JMU. Chris went there with a sign looking for Vanessa, but only found campus police. While there, Chris donned a hat and tried to keep a low profile.


In KCWC Top 10 Dedication Special (12 August 2009), he admitted that he had finally realized that he had not really been talking to Vanessa Hudgens. He added that "Vanessa" had always used Joshua's screenname when talking to him.

On 20 July 2013, Chris wrote a review on his Facebook page about a movie Hudgens starred in, Spring Breakers.

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