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Vanessa AIM Chat 2 is the second chat between Chris and Joshua Martinez, an old acquaintance pretending to be Vanessa Hudgens.


This chat opens with Vanessa trying to seduce Chris. Chris resists, insisting that he's loyal to Ivy and God and Jesus, and has excellent self control. As soon as Vanessa starts talking about touching her body, he wilts and becomes a willing participant in a horrific cybersex session, admitting that he's mass debating. Chris shouts loudly throughout and accepts being Vanessa's bitch, barking like a dog. He even shouts "SHAZZAM!" and "I HAVE THE POWER!". Chris cums before Vanessa, leaving her unsatisfied. He then tells her he loves her.


Joshua (2:14:09 PM): Yeah
Joshua (2:14:46 PM): You think im sexy?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:14:57 PM): yes
Joshua (2:15:33 PM): Am I Sexy than Ivy?
Joshua (2:16:25 PM): i got you stock little uh
ChrisChanSonichu (2:17:43 PM): you are a sexy lady, but as I have stated before, I am saving myself for Ivy. She is sexy too. I understand you're teasing me and playing on my hormones and such, but I am strong-willed and I honestly should stay on my true course for Ivy, as it was set by God and Jesus.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:18:33 PM): Let me tell you a true story, about a dream I had.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:21:22 PM): I have had a number of dreams with Popular Guest Stars, including Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, and many others. Specifically, I had this dream back when I had a crush on Megan Schroeder (Years Ago). I was at a momentary cross road, where I had to choose between Megan and Pamela. I stuck by my morals and went for Megan. And because the same is being applied between you and Ivy, I am going to remain strong and true and stay with Ivy.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:23:45 PM): As tempting as it is to lose it with a sexy celebrity as yourself, Vanessa, I am a man who stands strong and true and by the main woman in his life. I think you can understand that.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:24:15 PM): *sigh* but I digress.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:24:40 PM): have you found an opening in your schedule when you and I can meet in person?
Joshua(2:25:18 PM): comeone chris you know you'll take me real quick
ChrisChanSonichu (2:26:01 PM): A lot of guys would take you real quick, I am tempted, but I have a good amount of self-control.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:26:22 PM): please stop teasing me now, it's crossing a line.
Joshua (2:27:15 PM): comeon
Joshua (2:27:39 PM): you know it and i know it, and you want me really bad
ChrisChanSonichu (2:28:07 PM): please, just stop it.
Joshua (2:28:16 PM): so dont tell me you dont chris
Joshua (2:28:25 PM): you know what im doing right now?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:28:39 PM): in a Grocery Store?
Joshua (2:29:04 PM): no in my Limo touching my tits
Joshua (2:29:53 PM): rubbing my lips
Joshua (2:30:15 PM): and licking them
ChrisChanSonichu (2:30:18 PM): PLEASE, Vanessa. You are wearing me out mentally right now.
Joshua (2:30:44 PM): chris dont you wish i was sitting next too you
Joshua (2:31:08 PM): rubbing my pretty little hands betwen ur leg's?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:31:13 PM): STOP!
Joshua (2:31:25 PM): you know you want it really bad
Joshua (2:31:41 PM): you told me you like talking nasty chris
ChrisChanSonichu (2:32:05 PM): yes I did.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:32:42 PM): I had my mind on one thing, scheduling our meeting, and not you're doing a MAJOR change and feeling horny.
ChrisChanSonichu (2:34:21 PM): If there wasn't anyone else, I would have you, I would.
Joshua (2:34:26 PM): just think of me kissing on ur soft little lip's
ChrisChanSonichu (2:35:04 PM): But I have Ivy, and I have made my promises to her, as she has mutually made her promises to me as well. And I had promised God and Jesus.
Joshua (2:35:55 PM): comeone chris i know it and you know it for urself! that you wanny have sex with me and put you soft little lip's next too mines
ChrisChanSonichu (2:36:25 PM): I had promised my true love, my virginity, the romance, even keeping our relationship based on more than just sex for her.
Joshua (2:37:40 PM): just picture me next too you, and getting close and close and rubbing you hair so softly and kissing you and your hands next too my legs just rubbing up and down
Joshua (2:38:21 PM): with my titts next too ur mouth
Joshua (2:39:07 PM): comeone baby you know you like that?
Joshua (2:39:37 PM): what could you do too me in bed next too you?
Joshua (2:41:24 PM): are you there?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:41:28 PM): yes.
Joshua (2:41:35 PM): my pussy getting wet
ChrisChanSonichu (2:42:45 PM): Listen, horny woman, please let's just concentrate on scheduling our social meeting for the next time you're in my area.
Joshua (2:42:47 PM): wanny put your fingers in it?
Joshua (2:43:12 PM): i know your Horny
ChrisChanSonichu (2:43:47 PM): okay, I will admit that you have rigged my erection, but I have my promises to keep.
Joshua (2:43:53 PM): and guess makes both of us Horny
Joshua (2:44:12 PM): comeone you know like too fuck me really bad
ChrisChanSonichu (2:44:42 PM): I would.
Joshua (2:44:48 PM): you want too right now
Joshua (2:45:15 PM): just think of putting you dick in my pussy beening so wet
ChrisChanSonichu (2:46:03 PM): I wanna make out with you, I wanna rub your tits, I wanna do a lot to you.
Joshua (2:46:15 PM): whats els?
Joshua (2:46:31 PM): what could you do with me in bed?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:46:37 PM): I wanna tickle your pussy.
Joshua (2:46:52 PM): ur jacking off?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:47:01 PM): yeah
Joshua (2:47:24 PM): hammer down and call my name
ChrisChanSonichu (2:47:46 PM): VANNESSA!!!
Joshua (2:48:12 PM): oh baby
ChrisChanSonichu (2:48:13 PM): I'm puttin' it in you.
Joshua (2:48:21 PM): i like it
ChrisChanSonichu (2:48:26 PM): me2
Joshua (2:48:32 PM): fuck me harder
ChrisChanSonichu (2:48:36 PM): yes!
Joshua (2:48:55 PM): oh baby
ChrisChanSonichu (2:48:59 PM): VANNEY!
Joshua (2:49:25 PM): put me in a doggy style
ChrisChanSonichu (2:49:50 PM): yes, I'm still in you, and I lean forward to caress your breasts.
Joshua (2:50:04 PM): i'am baby
Joshua (2:50:12 PM): whos my bitch?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:50:20 PM): WOOF!
Joshua (2:50:29 PM): your my Bitch?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:50:41 PM): ARF!
Joshua (2:50:52 PM): oh baby
ChrisChanSonichu (2:51:00 PM): OH!!!
Joshua (2:51:08 PM): you make me feel good
ChrisChanSonichu (2:51:16 PM): awesome!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:51:24 PM): u there yet?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:51:32 PM): I'm getting there.
Joshua (2:51:35 PM): put that big dick in my pussy
ChrisChanSonichu (2:51:47 PM): it's been in your pussy.
Joshua (2:51:48 PM): fuck me harder
ChrisChanSonichu (2:51:56 PM): YES!
Joshua (2:51:56 PM): harder
Joshua (2:52:01 PM): harder
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:03 PM): YES!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:08 PM): YES!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:18 PM): gonna...
Joshua (2:52:35 PM): you like my wet pussy?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:48 PM): YES!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:52 PM): gonna...
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:54 PM): gonna...
ChrisChanSonichu (2:52:58 PM): soon...
ChrisChanSonichu (2:53:16 PM): OH!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:53:19 PM): SHAZZAM!
Joshua (2:53:47 PM): oh baby kiss me
ChrisChanSonichu (2:53:54 PM): yes
Joshua (2:54:02 PM): put ur dick in my ass
ChrisChanSonichu (2:54:28 PM): I'm sorry, I don't do that; not sanitary.
Joshua (2:54:33 PM):' im gona fuck your brains out
Joshua (2:54:49 PM): eat my pussy
ChrisChanSonichu (2:54:57 PM): damn!
Joshua (2:55:12 PM): oh baby
Joshua (2:55:17 PM): fuck me harder
ChrisChanSonichu (2:55:25 PM): yes
Joshua (2:55:28 PM): got a cam?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:55:38 PM): I told you I didn't
Joshua (2:56:01 PM): oh baby i love your hudge dick
ChrisChanSonichu (2:56:13 PM): I HAVE THE POWER!
Joshua (2:56:45 PM): fuck me call me bitch
ChrisChanSonichu (2:57:00 PM): yes, bitch!
Joshua (2:57:24 PM): oh baby baby oh yes
Joshua (2:57:41 PM): shoot a load on me
ChrisChanSonichu (2:57:49 PM): BAM!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:58:08 PM): BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!
ChrisChanSonichu (2:58:26 PM): *sigh*
Joshua (2:58:38 PM): oh baby ur happy?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:58:47 PM): yeah.
Joshua (2:59:02 PM):thinking of me Chris
Joshua (2:59:03 PM): ?
ChrisChanSonichu (2:59:14 PM): yeah
Joshua (2:59:16 PM): oh baby
Joshua (2:59:22 PM): say you love me
ChrisChanSonichu (2:59:29 PM): I love you.
Joshua (2:59:41 PM): i love you too
ChrisChanSonichu (2:59:54 PM): r u cool now?
Joshua (2:59:59 PM): what a big dick you have
Joshua (3:00:06 PM): nope still horny
Joshua (3:00:11 PM): you?
ChrisChanSonichu (3:00:21 PM): I'm worn out.
Joshua (3:00:35 PM): oh baby you like it?
ChrisChanSonichu (3:00:41 PM): good.

[Chat ends]

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