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Lori Lopez

Lori Lopez is a non-existent boyfriend-free girl whom Joshua Martinez created in order to troll Chris.

In an email to Anna on 5 November 2007, Chris revealed Lori for the first time.

Joshua found a gal who WAS interested in me, after reading about me in my MySpace profile at least.

Her name is Lori Lopez. I chatted with her through AOL Instant Message last night... <3<3<3 She was really sweet, and not only did I have a great time getting to know her, but... *blush* I got turned on. I know that she works (at a car lot, I think), she is 23, brunette, brown eyes, and she is a mix of American and Spanish. If you've watched the movie, "Into the Blue," the starring woman, Jessica Alba is an American/Spanish mix as well.

I'm keeping the Sweetheart Search details on my profile until I know for certain that Lori is really to be my Sweetheart.  :)

On 18 November, Chris sent the following image to Megan.

This is Lori; the girl my buddy Joshua is hooking me up with. She had it done at JMU; that's why it has her name on it.

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