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John Tesh (born 9 July 1952) is an American musician and radio personality, famous for his unusual blandness. His "Intelligence for Your Life Radio Show" has aired on many soft rock and adult contemporary stations since 2003, and Chris seems to have been a regular listener since the early days of the program.

The show's format intersperses music with trivia and advice from Tesh on a variety of subjects. Tesh's romantic advice appears to have had the most influence on Chris. In particular, the three-date rule has come up in his reams of dating advice, which may be where Chris picked up the concept (and subsequently ran with it).[1]

Chris catches the Tesh show on his favorite local radio station, Lite Rock Z95.1.[2]

References by Chris

  • Chris's original Facebook profile mentions the fact that married couples live longer than single individuals. Chris provides Tesh as his source for this claim.
  • Chris quoted several "dating tips" he picked up from Tesh in the seventh issue of Sonichu's News Dash.
  • In an e-mail to Megan Schroeder from October 2007, Chris mentioned that he had learned from Tesh about the potential dangers of wearing Crocs on escalators.[3]
  • In the prelude to his last conversation with Julie, Chris mentioned some hygiene tips he picked up from Tesh.
  • In his YouTube sermon on Leviticus from March 2009, Chris referred to Tesh as one of his sources of dating advice.
  • During his first fan chat, Chris was listening to the Tesh show.[4]
  • During his first phone call with Jack Thaddeus, Chris was also listening to the Tesh show.[5]
  • In a chat with Jackie, he said he would take Tesh's advice on wearing a green shirt to a job interview.[6]


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