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Sam and Ellen were a lesbian couple who considered Chris as a surrogate father after meeting on a forum. In a video where Chris shows off his home-frozen sperm kept in his kitchen freezer, he addresses them as Samantha and Ellie.

Johan, a former gay porn star, was Chris' main competition. He made Sam and Ellen aware of some of Chris's previous exploits such as the cakefarts video and the Megan Schroeder saga, which cast serious doubts on Chris' viability. Though unclear who put forth the challenge, all parties agreed that Chris and Johan would both make videos to prove their sexual prowess and the winner would be decided through an online poll. Around 7,000 votes were cast, with Johan taking a 16-point lead over Chris, despite the latter accusing the former of having an STD and being a bully. Sam and Ellen have yet to be heard of again since; it's generally assumed they chose Johan to impregnate one of them and lived happily ever after with a child that was (thankfully) not Chris's.

Chris's Video

IMG 3207
Stardate 31 May 2016
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
Shirt Bra and Tights
CWC vs Johan vote link
Happy Cat *kisses*

Johan's Video (mirror, NSFW)