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Bryan Shickley (nicknamed "Bryanfrogboy") is an animator, graphic designer and the creator of Chris Chan: A Prequel Comic. Bryan's creation of the Prequel Comic appeared to have caught Chris's attention on 2 January 2018,[1] and he began following the production of that comic as well as some of his other works ever since.

Name Bryan Shickley
Also known as Bryanfrogboy
Date of Birth 10 June 1995 (age 26)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Twitter [1]


Chris, holding the comic

Chris first discovered Bryan's Twitter account on 2 January 2018, when he saw the completed second page of the comic. At that time, Chris, along with a couple of bystanders, was curious about what this comic would become. Bryan explained that the comic was meant to be less a parody of Sonichu or Chris's life, but instead a retelling of Chris's life as told from what he believed to be Chris's point of view.[2]

Chris's retrospective

Chris has commented on some events in his life which were depicted in the comic.

Barb's hoard

3 January


Page 2 of my @CWCSonichu prequel comic. Not planning on finishing - just practicing

Cwcsonichu prequel p2 by BryanFrogBoy.jpg


Please, Do complete this prequel comic; I am very curious of your take of Cwcville Christian's Past, or otherwise your interpretation of my past. For Your Information, the Pack-Ratting and Hoarding DID Bother Me a lot. Thank you.

Venting about trolls

8 January


Page 6 of my @CWCSonichu prequel comic

Cwcsonichu prequel p6 by BryanFrogBoy.jpg


Wow! That was exactly how I Felt! It makes so much more sense to me why I impulsively put too much of myself into the earlier books like I did. I Was venting a lot. Spot on, @Bryanfrogboy. Thank you for seeing and appreciating that of me. 😊❤️

The Love Quest

9 January


@CWCSonichu prequel page 7

Cwcsonichu prequel p7 by BryanFrogBoy.jpg


I really worked too hard on something I should not have pushed too much on, the “Love Quest”... I Really should have focused more on Sonichu, his life and all of that. Instead, I did too much with myself.

I was more selfish back then. I really regret that I was. It has done a lot of damage to everyone around me.


11 January


Page 9 (pretty sure, losing track) of @CWCSonichu prequel

Cwcsonichu prequel p9 by BryanFrogBoy.jpg


How Could they have been mutual after that, Period?! And now, despite the Original Piece being Totally Torn apart, it still reappears to haunt me. When will that symbol of my sin of lust be long forgotten? Soon, I pray. I continue to Repent.

Apology to Alec

21 January


@CWCSonichu prequel page 19 - the death of Alec Benson Leary

Cwcsonichu prequel p19 by BryanFrogBoy.jpeg


Oh, My Goddess! That was really dark. And such a potent look at myself in the mirror of my past. And Asperchu was only a minor thing that I took too far so many years ago. I’m sorry, Alec.

Apology for saying "JEW!" to Snyder

24 January


@CWCSonichu prequel pg 22

Cwcsonichu prequel p22 by BryanFrogBoy.jpg


Not his Heritage, more like his cold-hearted personality.


I just figured it was a nicer thing to write than when younger Cwc called him a Jew.


I agree, that Was most insensitive of me back then. I was more upset at Him than Judaism; I really have nothing against the Jewish people, and I am sorry for using the term as an ending insult upon him. That is not cool to do Anytime, or any situation.

Argument over Reality Cartoons

On 3 February, Chris argued with Bryan over Twitter:


I don't believe that cartoons are real in any reality, but I can't influence what Chris believes. All I can do is encourage her.


That is a Real Shame that you say that, @Bryanfrogboy, because our “Fictional” Individuals ARE REAL, and they Do Exist; they are Alive, and Breathing and Living, just like you, I and everyone else in This World. You should Open Your Mind and Heart to them, Fully.


Okay I'll keep an open mind to this but I have questions. Does the Chris in my comic live a life independent of yours?


To answer this question, before I answer the rest of your questions in PM: Yes, that Chris does live, as depicted in your book, independent from the Christine Chandler of Cwcville’s main dimension, but in another dimension.


Scary. You shouldn't feed into delusions. Do you not see the prob with this given the person i brought up who thought his char where real and killed people . Do you see no link. Its sad and just plain wrong if you are encouraging a person to believe that cartoons are real. SAD


I don't think cartoons are real and don't encourage it, but I can't change her view. Chris isn't a child, if she thinks cartoons are alive she should consult a professional.


“Consult a professional” is another insensitive comment. That is Strike Two, @Bryanfrogboy.

More appropriately, you should see it for yourself, to try to Understand for yourself.


I guess if I truly believed my cartoons existed in another world, they would all be very happy and have no villains or drama. I'd owe it to my characters.


That is a lovely thought, but there is going to be drama and tough situations for everyone, no matter which dimension; they Earn their Happiness, as they all have fought through their trials and endeavors, like everyone. And That is why you do owe it to your character family.

Because they have fought about as much as their creator, and parental figure, which is you, has.


So, does that mean that every interpretation of your characters constitutes a separate world?


Situation-wise, and to link it to Cwcville, yes. But like the Sonic the Hedgehog OCs, the OCs from Sonichu and Rosechu co-exists with the originals in the same dimension, which include Asperchu and his friends/family. But some FanFics actually do hit spot-on to the Originals in the same dimension, such as Trickie’s “Rosechu's Story”, because those situations Are mostly matching to the Original Rosey Rosechu.

Now, with regard to @Bryanfrogboy book, for one example from within, Neither I, nor Christine of the original dimension, has had boxes fall upon either of us as the fire started, and no unconscious moment right after either. Although, while Christine is essentially like my Avatar in Cwcville, she has had Many a different situation, mental and personality aspects from myself, but she still is High-Functioning Autistic, and linked with me Mentally And Emotionally. DEFINITELY in the Emotions!

But I Digress. @Bryanfrogboy’s Story, while Mostly Matching And Reflective Of Christine and I, and our relationship with Sonichu, it would still exist in an alternate dimension where every one of those differing situations would have happened, from Cwcville’s Prime Dimension.

Gay erotica poem


On 28 April 2018, Chris participated in a contest held by Bryan, MakeBryCry, in which the person who drew him in the meanest way would win $50. Chris's entry was a portrait sketch of Bryan, which included a love poem from what seems to be Chris-chan Sonichu's perspective:[3]

Bryan, the sexy Shrek-like vampire with messy hair; there is a unique charm that really gives you great flare! Come on over and toussel my quills, and maybe my shock therapy will cure your ills. One that brings out repressed urges, you are the man with the surges! ♥

On 30 April, Chris went further, saying, "I could kiss your good-looking face anytime" in a tweet to Bryan.[4] This took place during a time when the Idea Guys had brainwashed Chris into thinking of himself as bisexual.

Unfollowing Chris Chan?

On May 4, Bryan stopped following him via Twitter after Chris was trying to find an excuse on why he hasn't worked in anything Sonichu-related in the last couple of months and at the same time he mentioned Bryan, in which he replied by saying, Please don't drag me into this. I've drawn your OCs more than you at this point and I don't make a percent of a percent of what you make for doing nothing. As of February 2019, Bryan is following Chris' current Twitter handle.

Possible troll?

People have noticed that he has been tweeting in a conversation between him and Chris that in a way seems like he's mocking Chris, for example, him saying that Chris is a beautiful soul that would never lie, someone else posting a fake picture of an Amazon ad of his comics and saying that his comic is selling well and making lots of money with Bryan jokingly going along with it, and more recently he made a template of Sonichu's face for people to print out and make their own medallion, and he claimed that Chris approved of this, only for Chris to tweet that he did not approve. Bryan later made a video defending Chris, showing these troll allegations were false.[5]

Chris Chan: The Prequel video

On the eve of Chris' 37th birthday, Bryan uploaded an animated feature based on his Prequel Comic, which he gifted to Chris via Twitter.[6] Chris responded with plenty of gratitude:[7]

Chris Chan: The Prequel (The CWC-Approved Comic)
Stardate 23 February 2019
Made By Bryan Shickley
Other Info Happy Christian love day!

FEATURING Vadim Newquist, Buck Mullet, Gaby Castro, Hellbent,

Read comic here:

If you want to see my other works:

TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos


Happy @CPU_CWCSonichu Love Day!! The FULL animation is out. Many Thanks to @vadimnewquist/@creationistcat, @gabcas210 @the3GI and (SPOILERS) Christine as well. None of this was possible without your support and great talents!

ChrisChanPrequel TitleCard.jpg


Thank you all for this lovely compilation. 😊


I thank @gabcas210 and @vadimnewquist for their voice acting; very good work.

Also, thanks to @Heckbent for being part of it as well; just a cool dude doing his thing.

The Art of Criticizing Chris Chan

As soon as Chris Chan: The Prequel went up on YouTube, the comments were completely infested with weens. Bryan was already well-aware of the children attacking Chris, but with the massive new surge of interest in Chris, the weening got really bad. He decided to make a video defending Chris. He argues that trolls have a major part in Chris' delusions, and people who troll him are just as bad as Chris himself. He also gives his opinions on Kiwi Farms, some of it negative and some of it positive. The next day he deleted the videos in their entirety due to claims of hypocrisy and white knighting.

The video is preserved on the Wayback Machine.

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