September 2018 Paid Video Requests

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This page lists the video requests that Chris was paid to do in September 2018.

Birth Greetings, Jordan

A thirty-second clip of Chris wishing a happy birthday to a fan named Jordan.

Birth Greetings, Jordan
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 21 September 2018
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
Mother needs a car payment
Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii


Hello everybody! Christine Chandler, coming to you live from home once again, and right now we're wishing a simple "happy birthday" to... Jordan Ritterrrrr!

[Chris breaks into song, singing in a remarkably bad falsetto voice]

♪ Haaappy-happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday ♪

♪ Haaaappy-happy birthday to you, Jordan Ritter ♪

♪ Hiiiippie-hippie boom-bah, hippie boom-bah, hippie boom-bah ♪

♪ Hiiiippie-hippie boom-bah, happy birthday to youuuuuu

♪ Haaaaay, have an awesome daaaaaaayyyyyyy! Yay! ♪

Mother needs a car payment Chris's videos Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii