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On 1 July 2014, Chris began taking commissions for his artwork on eBay. He offered a B&W 8.5 X 11 for $50, a colored 8.5 X 11 for $100, and a colored drawing in a frame for $200. Though several B&Ws and coloreds were purchased, needless to say nobody was willing to pay the extra $100 for a frame. By the time he had shifted his business to Etsy in September 2015, he had lowered prices to $30 for a B&W and $50 for a colored.


Straight from the creator and artist, Christian Weston Chandler (myself), you may now request a Fresh full-colored hand-drawn and colored artwork with Non-Offensive subject matters directly. NO LOCAL PICKUP AVAILABLE, at the Personal Risk of myself, the Original Creator and Artist.

***Included in this set of The Works are Lamination of the piece for helping it last a lot longer. A personal hand-written Certificate of Authenticity directly from me, the artist. And a lovely picture frame. All in all, it all is very well worth it.

***Note: the artworks in the photos are Sample Pieces, previously commissioned to select others before today, June 30, 2014, and those particular pieces are Not available for individual sale, as the original pieces have already been shipped to their respective owners who paid in full as well.

****When purchasing, please state your Non-Offensive drawing request in the Message either beforehand, or during upon checkout in the message block via PayPal. Please properly checkout through this listing here on eBay. Do Not make your requests anywhere outside of eBay. I reserve the right to issue a refund should I feel the subject matter of the request to be offensive upon reading it. Thank you.

**ONLY on Commission Purchases, I am offering Text Messaging updates. Should you purchase a commission job from me, I will personally extend an offer to you individually and request your number if you would like Texting Updates.

Chris posted six samples of his work, which he claimed were already sold, as examples of his craftsmanship. A conversation with an anonymous male friend reveals that Chris had produced these commissions for a select few during the previous month. Presumably this success inspired him to go public.

Questions and Answers

I was looking into buying a picture commission and I am wondering why the price differences between all three? It's a $50 difference between B and W and a colored commission and then another $50 between a color commission without a frame and one with one. I could essentially buy a colored commission without a frame and then buy a nice $10 one at walmart and have the $200 sale at $160. Did you make the frames?? Is that why it's so expensive? Or are the frames such good quality that they've costed you $40-50? I'm not dissing on your sales, I'm just pointing out something I noticed. I think you'd sell more pictures with frames if you charged maybe $160 instead of $200.

Firstly, it is the Time and Detail, Heart and Soul, that goes more greatly into the coloured commissions. More time is definitely needed in the coloured commissions. And then in the best offer, there is the Certificate which I personally sign and date, and I laminate the drawings. The frames vary on which is available from 10 to 50 at the time and circumstances locally at my end.

If the quality of the art isn't that good, can the customer get a refund of their money?

No refunds.

Hi Mr. Chandler,

I want to buy one of your pieces as a gift to my girlfriend [omitted] who is a big fan of your works. We are two girls dating so obviously she was very excited about three characters being L B and T, Cera Christine and Robbie. Since she is also obsessed with prom planning, I thought a good picture for her would be to order one of those characters in a cute dress with their prom date.

But after finishing the comic, I realize Sandy is the only girl around their age so the other two (who didn't get Sandy) would not have dates. As I want the drawing to be canon ([omitted] is super into stuff being canon), I was wondering who in your internal universe the Sonichu and Rosechu siblings would all take to the prom before I order the picture just to be sure she would like it.

Sorry if this seems like a weird request, I just want to be a really good girlfriend and $150 is a lot of money for me on my mom's VISA.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

That is Really Sweet and Awesome! Let me think... Last I wrote, Christine had a crush on a Jewish boy, pre-evolved. I had not made up anyone for Cera or Robbie yet, but they both would go out with girls, most definitely. Christine is the Bi. I have just checked, and the Jewish boy dumps her; Christine was devastated. Then she was attracted to her lesbian best friend, Karen Lyon, who took her back to her place eventually and totally went Tribbing on her! Then she hooks up with Benjamin Matthews with everything; after that with him, she realized herself as a Bisexual. Cera really likes this Chinese girl, Cassandra Kinsley. Those are who they all go to the Prom with.

You may pay for the $100 color commission; no frame, laminate or certificate, but with my current offer, you get a second commission or a medallion of your choice for Free...

Several customers made the decision to fork over money for personalized artwork by Chris. The finished masterpieces are shown here.

Untitled, dated 7/6/2014

For this work, Trickie asked Chris to draw a scene from her comic, "Rosechu's Story." Her response to Chris's effort: "I'm pretty happy with basically everything except for the fact that he forgot that the pokeball is supposed to be opened, which I specifically requested."[1]

Commissions B 3.jpg

Untitled, dated 7/6/2014

The buyer sent the following request to Chris:

Hey Chris,

For my commission I would like a collage of my favorite wrestler, Rob Van Dam, drawn in your signature style with a special Sonichu spin to the designs on RVD's clothes. I would like one part of the picture to be RVD making this pose, another part to be RVD holding this briefcase and the last part to be Chibi RVD, all with that Sonichu spin. I am sure you can make this all come together!

This was followed up by correspondence:

Your number has been registered, and I will keep you updated. Rest assured, I promise not to share your number with anyone. Thank you. I have your suggest images, plus an idea in my mind and a magazine and newspaper for background portions.

Great, I trust your creativity to fill in any blanks!

I have completed the piece. The story I came up for it is chibi Ron is the son; he gets picked on at school. "Wah! Wah! The kids bullyme! I want to go to a theme park and laugh at the freak clowns there. Wah! Wah!" Papa Rob and his honey are being abused like as they were "Mr. Money in the Bank"; what trouble for the parents. It will be complimentary laminated to keep the portions secure on the pieces on the back card stock paper. I will ship it to you tomorrow.

The result is one of the most surreal and autistic works Chris has ever produced. What it means is anyone's guess; his description offers little help. Chris made sure to scribble over the offensive torsos of the wrestlers and Chibi with black marker. The drawing came covered with hair of unknown origin.

Commissions C 2.jpg

Untitled, dated 7/6/2014

A Japanese industrial/noise/experimental band called L'eclipse Nue ( commissioned Chris to produce the cover to their album "Negative." The album was released in February 2015.


Untitled, dated 7/10/2014

The buyer asked for a picture of "Colossal-chan and Mitch Sonichu staring down with CWC as the referee."

Commissions A.jpg

Untitled, dated 7/10/2014

The recipient asked for a picture of "CWC shaking hands with Clyde Cash."

Commissions H.jpg

Untitled, dated 7/13/2014

The recipient explained, "I asked for Sonichu and Chris to be fighting Clyde, Asperchu, Pickel suit, and Brown shirted imposter, with Meg, MLW, and Snyder watching. Chris isn't good at following instructions."

Commissions D 3.jpg

"Boy's Night Out at Cheers with Jugs," dated 7/20/2014

The buyer's request: "About the commission, I would like these three fine gentlemans: in a bar full of only gentlemen. And somewhere in the background I would also like Christian Weston Chandler to also be in this gentleman's bar. Again this is a gentleman's bar, only for men to go to, not gay, kind of like a "Boy's Night Out". And adding a few small talk between the gentlemen in the picture would be great! Thanks Chris!"

Drawings received a certificate and title only if they were the $200 version, or if they were for a repeat customer.

Commissions F 1.jpg

Three Untitled Drawings, dated 7/21/2014

The buyer made the following request:

For this commission, I would really like to see Rosechu (with her lightning sword) and Ultra Sonichu in a friendly pokemon battle. The battle has been going on for a while, and they've been really going at it and giving it their all, and the arena has been torn up quite a bit with rubble lying around and scorch marks on the ground.

I want it to look as though Ultra Sonichu might have the upper hand, but Rosechu is trying to find a way to turn the tables on him.

Incidentally, who do you think would win in a fight between Ultra Sonichu and Rosechu? Sonichu is pretty powerful, but I think Rosechu might be resourceful enough to win. I'd be interested to hear your take.

The following correspondence ensued.

Send me your payment, I will debate that statistically in my mind and you will find out in the piece.

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what "you will find out in the piece" means? Are you going to include a separate note saying who would win? Or are you planning to show which one wins in the piece itself?

Glad the payment and the email got to you alright. Thanks again. ^__^

In the piece itself.

Oh, so that means you're going to change the picture to show one of them winning instead?

No, it will be a subtle hint. I will tell you directly after I have thought about it.

Chris sent three illustrations. They arrived with a handwritten explanation of the art:

Hey [omitted],

I have given the matter a Lot of thought, and I ended up drawing a three-piece set for you (a bonus, considering lack of background for Classic Pokemon Battle Style). I felt it a mismatch to pit Super Vs. Regular initially, so I took creative license to make Super and Ultimate Fury into Mega Evolutions for the turn-based gaming format. Also, taking a tip from ScrewAttack's Vegeta Vs. Shadow & Mario Vs. Sonic "Death Battle" episodes (on YouTube) to figure which Mega Evo. Form would last longer, and who could stand battling the other longer... Chaos Object Energy doesn't last as long as a woman's scorn, and considerably finds the end result in reasonable theory. But I would not see death to either anyway, because the Primes, Sonichu & Rosechu, are Not only Sweethearts and Married with Children, the couple are Best Friends with each other. You care, feel, understand and have true compassion for the other;... I would not want to hurt them in the least.

Do you understand?

Have a good day.

Christian W. Chandler

Untitled, dated 7/24/2014

Why, it's ALF and his girlfriend Rhonda from Melmac!

Commissions 14.jpg

Untitled, dated 7/29/2014

The customer requested a drawing of his fursona. While he supplied a picture of only the dragon's head, Chris came through with the entire animal. The buyer provided further details and appraisals in a video:

Commission X.jpg

"*A Camera From Memory*," dated 11/28/2014

The purchaser ordered this for a friend, a photographer. He told Chris he could draw anything related to photography.

Commissions 10.jpg

The Flufflehugs Commissions

Do you really like to lick pussy? Take your time imagining and thinking before you answer.
Chris to his eBay customer Flufflehugs.

In late September 2014, the True and Honest fan known as "Flufflehugs" created an original character named Mimi Rosechu, and asked Chris if he would be willing to include her in a commission.

Would you consider this fan character to be offensive?

Flufflehugs Commission G.jpg

Chris replied:

Wow! Not only do I find that Not Offensive, but it REALLY TURNS ME ON! Please pay me to draw that for you! If pay me the $100 to draw her in color, you can get your choice of a second color commission or a Sonichu or Rosechu Medallion for Free.

Flufflehugs decided to order two colored comic pages in addition to a medallion. She told Chris her commission could be of whatever he wanted as long as her original character was included. Some time later, she placed a second order of two black-and-white comic pages about male lesbians. One month went by, and she had not yet received any of the pages. He sent her a series of excuses.

Dear [omitted],

I'm sorry for the delays. I am working on medallions right now, and I am waiting for $80 to be released into my PayPal from stuff I shipped out last Friday to be delivered. I have had a Lot of stressful situations happen to me. I will draw All of your pages today, and ship them out with the medals this week. Thank you for your patience.


Dear [omitted],

I apologize again for the delay, but I will be drawing your comic pages today and shipping them out tomorrow. I am making it a four-page comic, where both sets of your requests will be linked. Have a great and safe day. :)


Dear [omitted],

I think I've overestimated my mood. I promise to have your four page comic request sent by Wednesday. I apologize again. And, please, do leave positive feedback for me after you get the drawings.


On 4 November he sent her an update:

Dear [omitted],

Progress report of the comic pages; I have drawn two of the pages; full-page drawings. The story idea of beginning with the conversation between me and Robbie Sonichu, leading to him meeting Mimi Rosechu, and enjoying a conversation and a cup of coffee with her is in my memory. But unfortunately, what to Write for dialogue has escaped me. I will think this further at rest, and try to complete the dialogue and drawings tomorrow. I have something else to ship out on Friday as well, so I will try to have your drawings completed at best by then.

I sincerely apologize. I have been under my own deal of stress and mental quandaries lately.


Chris finally admitted that he could not complete her commission as she had requested, but hoped that she could accept his half-assed effort.

Dear [omitted],

I am a woman soul in the male body. I am not psycho or manipulative. I am afraid I could not come up with extensive dialogue for the pages, but I have one page with me and Robbie Sonichu, and two with Mimi and Robbie; all each with a lesbian joke. And I am drawing a single piece of Mimi Rosechu for you. The piece will be laminated and certified, with my compliments, to make up for the wait and lack of better dialogue. You will be pleased, I hope.


On 13 November Flufflehugs received her commissions:

Of course, this was not what Flufflehugs had requested. She had asked for two colored comic pages which incorporated her original character, and two black-and-white comic pages about male lesbians. However, Chris had failed to think of any dialogue for the comics, so instead he sent three colored pages of bad lesbian jokes and a laminated and certified color illustration of her original character. She expressed her dissatisfaction to Chris.

Dear [omitted],

Well, I do apologize for lack of better dialogue in the pages. I came up mostly blank. But hey, things got good between Mimi and Robbie. And you have a Certified Drawing of Mimi herself. Plus, among the conversations between Lesbian Transwomen, they would share a joke or two.

I Have Been Under a Lot of Stress! Please, give me a break. I Need the positive feedback to get my seller label back up to Standard, for better chance for eBay releasing my total funds into my PayPal account, and I need that money to pay my bills an whatnot.


Flufflehugs requested that either she be allowed to return the four pages and allow him to try again, or that he refund her money. He gave a two-part reply:

Dear [omitted],

I can not afford to issue a refund. Let me think it further, and I will make another attempt very soon. Please, keep what I have already sent you, and leave positive feedback.


Dear [omitted],

I will get them thought up and drawn ASAP; I will try for over this weekend.


Concerned about further delays, Flufflehugs kept in touch with Chris. On 18 November he wrote:

Dear [omitted],

I am starting to draw them; I will try to base them between the pages I sent you already. All I have right now for dialogue beginning is "There's a sale at JCPenny; half of discount on dresses." And right now, my mind has gone blank from stress and being tired. I am sorry. I will try to have them completed by Friday.


And two days later:

Dear [omitted],

I am working on it. My brain just gave out. Here, have a look.


Flufflehugs Commission D.png
Flufflehugs Commission E.png

Inspired by recent revelations, Flufflehugs asked Chris if he would consider drawing a picture depicting tribadism. She also asked him to explain what the act consists of. He replied on 22 November:

Dear [omitted],

Drawing something so graphic and nude would be a whole other and new Commission Order, and in the Full $100 Colored Commission Price.

And Tribadism is not all that difficult to understand, really. There is a page on the Wikipedia on the subject. And in short, it is where the two women stimulate each other's clitoris simultaneously, more likely by rubbing them with their own clitoris, or with the labia. The clit is amazing at being a sensitive and short yet protrusive part. The female Bonobo monkeys have quite extensive clitoris, and the lesbian Bonobos find their own good times with each other very much.


Four days later, Chris announced that he was finally finished with her commission and was shipping it that day. But then, out of the blue, he asked his eBay customer a rather jarring question:

Dear [omitted],

As for what I wanted to ask you about, I really want to become more sex-positive (the alternate term for a slut) and I would like some advice and tips for approaching, talking and flirting with women, like a lesbian. Do you have some advice or tips or do you know any sex positive lesbians there in [omitted] who can help? Thank you.


Flufflehugs responded that she was bisexual, and asked him about exercise, diet, and fashion. Chris gave a two-part reply:

Dear [omitted], To answer your questions: I exercise daily with walking for more than a half hour, and I eat twice a day instead of three. My main choices are colored leggings, denim skirts mini to knee length, bold colored shirts and blouses. I could use a shopping day with my sweetheart. Approaching women by autistic default, I am still transitioning out from Really Shy. The last time I had sex, it was basic, and it was April of 2012.

And the snow here today, along with lack of shipping tape is delaying the shipping up to Friday now. I have completed your pages; mostly dialogue.


Dear [omitted], Also, are you Positive you're totally a BiSexual woman? My sweetheart realized recently that pussy puts her off mildly, and a woman friend of mine felt the same way in her own realization of the same as well. Do you really like to lick pussy? Take your time imagining and thinking before you answer.


For some reason, by 28 November he still had not shipped her order. By this time it was clear that he intended to send her three colored comic pages instead of the two colored and two black-and-white pages she had paid for. Consequently, she asked for the tribadism page at no extra charge. He relented.

Dear [omitted], I have just wrapped your pages and am ready to ship them out. Very well, since I am also asking for your input on the flirting and all, I will draw Robbie and Mimi having a Tribbing over the weekend for you. And the pages I have just drawn for you were also meant to sync with the three drawings I had drawn for you earlier, so you ended up with a six page piece.

The tracking number is [omitted].

Have a good day.

On 1 December, she received the first three comic pages. Out of curiosity, she asked Chris if his recent coming out had had an impact on Comic Chris and other Sonichu characters. He replied:

Dear [omitted], To answer your questions, Crystal, my fictions twin sister, is STILL a straight woman, nothing different from before, and she is supportive of the LGBTQ rights as well.

My comic person is the same as I am right now as well, and since the transformations are of one in the same with me, they Are as well.

Additionally, Reldnahc remains the same for himself as well; nothing has changed whatsoever about him either.

I have shipped your Tribbing request yesterday. I felt it would be a fun surprise for you.

Please, wait until January before making any more commission purchases. As I have stated in my recent facebook post, I wish to complete as many medallion requests as possible by next Wednesday, as we are expected to be moving back in within the next couple of weeks.


On 9 December, she finally received the tribadism page, completing her order. In the image, Robbie was depicted with breasts (but no nipples), and he was wearing an unusual red belt-like object around his waist. Flufflehugs requested an explanation of the mechanics of male lesbian sex. He replied on 17 December:

Dear [omitted],

To answer your questions; her clit gets rubbed against his skin down there. He got some doctor-recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy with estrogens, the Breasts came naturally through that. That is a strap-on accessory, which would hold a removable dildo within the ring on the front. Robbie is wearing that to keep his ugly growth (penis) inside of himself so it does not get in the way while they enjoyed the Tribbing.


So in the end, Flufflehugs received a total of eight color pictures, for a total cost of $150 dollars.

The last four commissions. Probably not safe for work.

Untitled, dated 6/24/2015

This is a portrait of the recipient, who writes: "She used my FB profile pic for it but I said to use any artistic license she wanted. I think she did the face and hair from the pic, but the rest is without reference and I think it's genuinely one of CWC's better pieces of art, the hands are cool, she got my hair right, the whole thing is so clearly drawn by CWC , but I think she put in some real effort with it!"[2]

Commissions 11.png

"Do Not Touch My Behind," Dated 9/27/2015

The buyer made the following request:

Did the payment come through ok? This was my first time using Paypal.

Also, I saw that my last few messages contained spelling errors and missing words. So, I just want to clarify how I want the drawing to look like.

1. It takes place in the Cwcville Mall Food Court.

2. Trunks should be drawn as he appears in Dragonball GT. Use that pic I sent you for reference.

3.Robee's girlfriend is sitting at a table with food on it. Robee is standing up because me and Trunks came up to her to talk to her.

4. I want Robee's TRUE AND HONEST reaction to my hand being on her butt(very important that you draw my hand there.) After I asked her(Robee, not her girlfriend) out.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing that drawing. Hopefully it will be in comic book format. I hope....

Chris replied:

Your payment went through fully and successful. I will have your drawing in a comic-style as my past pieces. And, like me, having a male's hand on her butt, and not feeling comfortable, but tolerant, with their presence and such a gesture... I'm just telling you honestly. Thank you.

Commissions 12.jpg

The certificate of authenticity.

Untitled, Dated 10/6/2015

This is the vocaloid Len Kagamine. Chris forgot to color one of the arms.

Commissions 13C.jpg

"The Fate of Liquid Chris," Dated 10/6/2015

Since Liquid Chris's fate in Sonichu remained nebulous at best, a comic artist called Ben Saint commissioned a piece that explained Liquid's ultimate fate. To the surprise of Saint himself, Chris actually delivered. The piece was revealed in a YouTube lecture by Saint on the timeline of the Sonichu canon, and it includes commentary by Beel, Sonichu, Rosechu, and Chris himself.


"Sonichu Family's Slice of Life," Dated 11/19/2015

The buyer requested the Sonichu family watching My Little Pony on TV in their living room.

''Sonichu Family's ''Slice of Life''.jpg

"Bubbles Gets Roses," Dated 11/19/2015

The buyer asked for Bubbles Rosechu in red lipstick kissing Blake Sonichu, who's happy, dizzy, and lovestruck after giving her a big bouquet of flowers.

Bubbles Gets Roses.jpg

Untitled, dated 11/25/2015

The recipient: "The story to this image is that I was on holiday to America because I caught wind of a special species of Pokémon that originated in Virginia and would like to meet one in person, Wild was the first to be open to talking with the foreigner. Erm... I can't quite make sense of Franziska's being there but since she's my favourite female character, I thought why not? I was interested in how Chris would draw her. Darren (my character) is in the background, hoping to get a chance to kidnap Wild for study of the strange species but his arch nemesis, Samantha the Hedgehog (me), is there and would defeat him if he got caught.

Bonus info: I requested for Chris to have Wild eating his favourite food, turns out it's teriyaki chicken and rice. "[3]

Samachu commission.jpg

Donation listing drawings

A generous donor posted images of her received character drawing and the filthy envelope it came in. She requested an illustration of "Rosechu waving to the viewer and looking cute."[4]

Another donor requested a sketch of a character dressed in lolita fashion. Chris chose Zapina:


Another fan requested a drawing of a fan character who was "a big fan of Sonichu and a proud homosexual male." For absolutely no reason at all, Chris chose a Garfield theme:

"I make money off of the lasagna I eat!"

Yet another fan got a picture of Silvana and Magi-Chan being cute together:


Sonichu seems to be stressed, possibly because Chris drew this the week of his conviction.


Sonichu, Inos, and an original character.