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These are drawings made by Chris for people who bought a commission on OfficialCWCmart.

Commissions listing

  • Listed: 22 November 2023 for five slots (sold out); relisted 17 January 2024 for ten slots (sold out); relisted 28 May 2024 for ten slots
  • Price: $225[1]; $275 (17 January relisting)[2]; $275 (Ink), $300 (Color) (28 May relisting)[3]
Commissions drawn by Christine Weston Chandler are available. Drawn and colored in pen and marker. Standard printer paper.

Christine will draw and color whatever is directed, so long as it is not NSFW or in poor taste. Cool things that Chris would enjoy drawing are recommended, like Pokemon and such.

Christine will refund any rejected requests. If nothing is specified, Chris will freestyle as she is moved to.[note 1]


Posted commissions


  1. Since the 28 May relisting, this is followed by "Drawings are black and white, but Christine may color with marker for an upcharge".