November 2023

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Chris in November, looking older than ever before.

November was the eleventh month of 2023.

Notable events

  • 3 November - Chris livestreams Medallion Moulding Q&A for two hours.
  • 4 November - Chris posts his Dream Code for Animal Crossing: New Horizons[1] and Christorians check out his virtual island.[2]
  • 6 November - Chris announces on Twitter that Rosechu's design has changed due to her practicing electricity so much, causing her cheeks to turn yellow.[3]
  • 7 November - A Redditor claims to have spotted Chris and Barbara at 14 Branchland Court where Chris was moving boxes into his car. The Redditor also claims to have chatted with Chris, who said he lives in Lynchburg, VA and that he had taken Barbara shopping earlier in the day.[4]
  • 9 November - Chris likes a tweet about Fanta.
  • 10 November
    • Chris announces a Q&A livestream.[5]
    • Chris whines on Twitter about My Little Pony G5, demanding Hasbro refrain from streaming it.[6] He also tags Nintendo and expresses that he wants to work with the company.
    • Chris hosts a second questions and answers stream titled: "Simple Existential Q&A".
  • 11 November - Chris posts about weight loss, and seethes over conventions through an AI image.[7]
  • 13 November - Chris rants about incest fanfictions.[8]
  • 14 November - Chris uploads Etsy Comments Review.
  • 16 November - OfficialCWCmart uploads the Chaos Crystal Control Act 4 Art Series.
  • 17 November - Chris binges Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.[9]
  • 20 November - Chris does a two-hour gaming livestream.[10]
  • 21 November - Last known publicly viewable date for several videos on the CWCvilleGuardian YouTube channel. The videos begin to be set to Private; their content is begging from 2018 that had featured Barb and Chris.[11][12][13][14][15]
  • 22 November
  • 24 November - Chris goes shopping at Walmart and is spotted.[19]
  • 27 November - A Discord user spots Chris's car parked at the Big Island house.[20]
  • 29 November - Chris complains about how he's perceived and denies he's a lolcow.[21]