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The things described in this article are still happening, or are still being looked into. As a result, it may be subject to frequent change, and the information provided may not be entirely reliable.
Chris in January 2024 sporting a new version of The Classic.

2024 is the seventeenth year since Chris's discovery. This will be Chris's first full year not spent in jail since 2020, assuming he keeps his nose clean.

2024 will also mark the U.S. presidential election, with Pmurt attempting to retake the presidency from Joe Biden. Chris is eligible to vote, because his incest case was dropped without any charges.


Main article: January 2024

Chris attended his first post-jail convention, Animate! Raleigh, and, unsurprisingly, was kicked out. Chris would also be interviewed by Keffals.


Main article: February 2024
Chris in February 2024.

This month consisted of Chris releasing a streams and videos under the influence of Praetor and getting spotted at Liberty University. Chris spent his 42nd birthday playing Pokémon GO.[1]


Main article: March 2024
Chris in March 2024.

This month consisted of Chris releasing a streams and videos under the influence of Praetor and getting banned from BABScon. Chris would also be interviewed by TheGamerFromMars.[2]


Main article: April 2024
Chris in April 2024.

Chris's internet activity slowed down a considerable amount compared to previous months since his online return. Chris also did not stream this month, which he had done at least once per month the previous six months. Chris would make his first video at 14 Branchland Court since July 2021 to promote the fake rocks on his Etsy store.[3]


Main article: May 2024
Chris in May 2024.

Chris flew on an airplane for the first time in 35 years as he was spotted at a Dallas Airport terminal. Chris's online activity this month consisted of a single video and complaining about being photographed in public despite his continued refusal to dress normally. CCTV cameras were used at Chris's house to discourage weens from visiting.


Main article: June 2024
Chris in June 2024.

The start of summer was marked by a lengthy period of social invisibility, making this Chris' quietest month since April. After issuing threats of legal action against anyone who recorded or photographed him unaware, he went without being sighted for almost the full length of June, being seen only once at the end of the month alongside Flutter - the first time the two had been seen together since March. He would return to streaming himself playing videogames for the first time since mid-February, but aside from advertising what would be his only video in June his online presence and social media activity likewise diminished; the most outstanding development otherwise was a post made to Twitter on the 15th, a rambling address that attributed his lack of activity to 'soul searching'.