Harvesting Process, Gravel at the Sonichu Temple

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Harvesting Process, Gravel at the Sonichu Temple is a video Chris made on 22 April 2024, where Chris shows his process for harvesting gravel at 14 Branchland Court. Chris's poor health is on full display here, being tired out by simple manual work. Oddly, not only does Chris only collect about half a pound of rocks, but they also seem very different from the ones in the OfficialCWCmart listing, being much smaller and black in color, suggesting the weens who purchase his gravel for $15 are actually recieving the stones from a hardware store.


Harvesting Process, Gravel at the Sonichu Temple
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Stardate 22 April 2024
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Collecting stones and gravel at the Sonichu Temple. Gravel is blessed and put on the Etsy store, where it is filled with my Healing Energies and Auras.

[Link to OfficialCWCmart]


All in a day's work.

[sigh] Hey everybody, Christ-ine Chandler here and today I’m gonna be collecting a bunch of the, uh, stones from the old driveway here, at the, here at the old temple… Eh, for resur- for resurfacing for the, uh, Etsy store. But anyway, you can see my process a little bit one way or another so… enjoy the view.

[Video cuts to Chris walking.]

Alright, so here’s me. [A phone sound can be heard.]

[Video cuts to a ground view of the gravel and Chris gets on his knees with a shovel.]

[Chris speaks under his breath.] Alright… [sigh] [sigh] [Mumbles incomprehensibly while digging the gravel.] [Chris starts putting handfuls of the gravel into a bucket.] We will be sorting out all the trash and the dirt from the stones before bagging them, like we did the last time.

[Video cuts to a view of the inside of the bucket.]

And so it is… like the salt of the earth, the rocks and stones, and gravel, from this place that is holy and sacred, because I am holy and sacred… [Chris puts his hand over the bucket.] I bless all these stones personally with my energy and my flow. [Chris turns the camera to face himself.] And let it all be known that it is all divinely good… and regardless of what setbacks y’all may have on my response, some of you, very few of you, I know more of you have blessings that have been enriched within you [Chris turns the camera back to the bucket.] from the stones that you have previous- set previously… and which I have personally blessed as well. Just my- have my energy blessed and around them… personally.

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