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Three of the Praetor members, pictured with Chris. Not pictured is fourth member owen_sundstrom.
(Editor's Note: All descriptions, titles, and product designs come directly from Chris Chan. These are hand done, and will therefore reflect the "Chris Chan Style." Expect defects, burns, and a general lapse in quality.)
Praetor's Etsy account, confirming that the products being shipped will be dogshit, even by Chris's standards

Praetor (sometimes referred to as "the Praetors") is a group of enablers who sell Sonichu-themed products on Chris's behalf. In October 2020, photos were discovered of the group posing with Chris on Instagram. Although Praetor was "officially partnered" with Chris, things like how they began contact with Chris, or what their true relation to him are unknown.

On 19 October 2020, the Praetor group posted their announcement of collaboration with Chris onto Instagram and Twitter, showing Chris along with two girls and a guy, who are tagged on the account on Instagram. Chris also held a sermon with the audience being the Praetors at the Goochland public library. On 8 November 2020, Chris uploaded a sermon that he delivered to them. A picture of a member of the Praetor's purchasing a taser and a Pikachu mask was posted on November 15th, with the taser planned to be used on Chris's collection of magic rocks to activate the Dimensional Merge (with Chris also considering using the taser on himself, an idea Praetor objected to out of concern for Chris's safety),[1] though the taser plans seemingly fell through.

On 11 December 2020, Chris advertised for their Etsy shop, linking to medallions produced by the group, mentioning he would get a cut of the profits in exchange.[2] The account on Etsy is also named Praetor, and they are the owner of OfficialCWCmart. As of 15 December, they have sold 151 medallions, and are considered a bestseller.[3]

On 29 July 2021, a four minute call, where Chris seems to have admitted having sexual intercourse with his mother with a woman, was leaked. It was soon revealed that the caller was Praetor member Isabella Loretta Janke. The other Praetor members appear to have turned tail after the leaks, making their true relation to Chris, as well as their origin, harder to decipher - in Jail Letter - 18 January 2022, Chris mentioned that he wished to get back in contact with Praetor.


Caden Peck


Caden Peck (tinyhorse01) was the leader of the Praetors, as well as one of Chris's "business associates". According to Chris in the 2021 Jail Call, Caden was reponsible for scanning his work to later publish. A few leaked DMs between Chris and Larry Vaughn also reveal plans to create a Discord server.

He was also one of the people in the Taser call, being accompanied by several Watchmen members like The WCT and MKR.

Chris stated in a 12 July 2021 chat that Caden was one of the people he had asked for help with getting together a posse for "sharing and protection" at Everfree Northwest, as Jacob Sockness had previously declared that he'd also attend the event.[4]

Annie Ikenberry


Annie Ikenberry (annirenee) was an OnlyFans camgirl and made the primary female "bait" used by the Praetors to attract Chris. Chris would also claim in a leaked DM that he had feelings for her.

Owen Sundstrom


Owen Sundstrom (owen_sundstrom) is another member from the Praetors. Not much is known about him other than him posing with Chris during a sermon about the Merge.

Isabella Loretta Janke

Main article: Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella Loretta Janke had collaborated with Praetor to make the animated Chris-Chan Sonichu Introduction video, and had an unclear relationship with them going forward. Bella claims that she cut ties with them early in 2021 but according to the Watchmen, she was a prominent Praetor member up until at least June.

The stun gun situation

Main article: Taser Discussion
we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea.
Caden, one of Praetor's members, trying to talk Chris out of tazing himself.[5]

On 15 November, Praetor posted a screenshot of an online shopping service's shopping cart - in the cart was a Pikachu mask and a stun gun.[6] Chris stated in February 2021 that he would be using the taser to stun his collection of magic stones in an attempt to activate the Dimensional Merge.[7]

Audio of Praetor members and another voice that is alleged to be Naught/Bismuth of the Watchmen, also leaked.


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