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Note on Credibility:

Praetor has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
The members are all infamous attention seekers, and merely got in touch with Chris with the sole intent of piggybacking off his notoriety on the internet.
The members will occasionally say edgy and disgusting things purely for shock value.[1]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

(Editor's Note: All descriptions, titles, and product designs come directly from Chris Chan. These are hand done, and will therefore reflect the "Chris Chan Style." Expect defects, burns, and a general lapse in quality.)
Praetor's Etsy account, confirming that the products being shipped will be dogshit, even by Chris's standards

Name Praetor
Saga Praetor
Three of the Praetor members, pictured with Chris. Not pictured is member owen_sundstrom.

Praetor (sometimes referred to as "The Praetors") is a group of edgy enablers who came in contact with Chris to produce and sell Sonichu-themed products with Chris's permission, giving him a cut of the profits in exchange. Most of Praetor's members live around Goochland, Virginia, a town 55 miles (89 km) southeast of Ruckersville. In October 2020, photos were discovered of the group posing with Chris at a Chinese restaurant on Instagram. Although Praetor is "officially partnered" with Chris, it remains unclear when and how they first got in contact with him, and the full extent of their relationship is unknown. In the photo of Chris and Praetor at the restaurant there is a laptop with a label which appears to read "Goochland High School", suggesting that they were born sometime in the early to mid 2000s.

On 19 October 2020, the Praetor group posted their announcement of a collaboration with Chris onto Instagram and Twitter, showing Chris along with two young women and a man, who are tagged on the account on Instagram. Chris also held a sermon with the audience being the Praetors at the Goochland Public Library, which Chris uploaded on 8 November 2020. A picture of a member of Praetor purchasing a stun gun and a Pikachu mask was posted on 15 November 2020, which Praetor later claimed to be promotion for sales of autographed tasers. In February 2021, Chris wished to borrow a taser from Praetor to tase his collection of quartz crystals to activate the Dimensional Merge (with Chris also considering using the taser on himself, an idea Praetor objected to out of concern for Chris's safety),[2] though Chris's taser plans seemingly fell through.

Praetor was a target of harassment by the Watchmen, who considered them a group of Idea Guy-esque trolls. Many rumors about the group were subsequently spread by Watchmen leader Naught, Watchmen member MKRNightVee, Larry Vaughn, and Bella following the release of a clip of a call between Chris, Praetor leader Caden Peck, and many Watchmen members.

On 29 July 2021, a four-minute call, where Chris admitted to having sexual intercourse with his mother, was leaked. It was soon revealed that the caller was Isabella Loretta Janke, who has collaborated with Praetor in the past and may arguably be considered a member.

In Jail Letter - 18 January 2022, Chris mentioned that he wished to get back in contact with Praetor. Later that year, Praetor restocked their Etsy shop with new items, including art pieces Chris mailed to them from jail. They are the only outside individuals with whom Chris has had confirmed contact following the sealing of his case in August 2022.

Known members

In the group, Annie is very much psychically able. Owen is like the magician of the group; among his skill set, he can also make a variety of special teas and such that can be like potions and elixirs. Cabell is also psychically inclined, but she's the artist.[note 1] Caden is very open-minded, and the brains and business.

Caden Peck

Caden Peck
Name Caden Peck
Also known as Praetor
Gender Male
Saga Praetor, Jail

Caden Peck (tinyhorse01) is a co-founder and the leader of Praetor, as well as one of Chris's "business associates". According to Chris in the 2021 Jail Call, Caden is responsible for scanning his work to later publish. A few leaked DMs between Chris and Larry Vaughn also revealed plans to create a Discord server. Caden was also in charge of the Praetor accounts which had directly interacted with Chris.

He was also the sole Praetor member involved in the Taser Call, being accompanied by several Watchmen members like The WCT and MKR.

Chris stated in a 12 July 2021 chat that Caden was one of the people he had asked for help with getting together a posse for "sharing and protection" at Everfree Northwest, as Jacob Sockness had previously declared that he'd also attend the event.[4]

In a jail letter from July 2022, Chris claimed that Caden was helping him raise a $150,000 fundraiser so that he can go back home after he has been released from jail.[5] After Kenneth Engelhardt had criticized Caden's actions, Chris berated Kenneth, telling him that he shouldn't be "judging Caden in that vain[sic]".

Annibelle Ikenberry


Annibelle "Annie" Ikenberry (annirenee) is an erocosplayer and OnlyFans camgirl who was recruited by Praetor in order to "lure in" Chris. In a 17 February 2021 discussion with the Watchmen, Chris confessed that he had feelings for her.[6]

Owen Sundstrom


Owen Sundstrom (owen_sundstrom) is a co-founder of Praetor, according to Larry Vaughn. He was present at the Goochland Library Sermon, where he was photographed posing with Chris. He also appears to be the photographer who took the picture of Chris and Praetor at the Chinese restaurant.

Unknown woman

The blonde woman pictured standing in the group photo with Chris (see above). There was an Instagram tag associated with the photo, but it has been censored by the CWCki due to Praetor having mistagged it with an unrelated account. Watchmen members misidentified the woman as Bella when Chris told Kyle about the animated intro she made for him.[citation needed] She may be the "Cabell" mentioned by Chris, assuming that was not a codename for Bella.

Isabella Loretta Janke

Main article: Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella Loretta "Bella" Janke collaborated with Praetor to make the animated Chris-Chan Sonichu Introduction video and had an unclear relationship with them going forward. Bella claims that she cut ties with them early in 2021.[7] Chris claimed in a jail letter that Bella was not an active participant in Praetor's sales and that her primary interaction with them was in working on the animated intro. Unlike the core Praetor members, Bella does not live in Virginia, and she has never interacted with Chris in real life.

Golden Church of Sonichu

Main article: Golden Church of Sonichu

Golden Church of Sonichu was a Discord server created by Praetor. Customers gained access to it after purchasing a Golden Sonichu medallion from their Etsy page.

NOTE: When the Golden Medallions were first introduced, they functioned as a ticket into Christine's Golden Sonichu Discord, the beginnings of her attempt at crowdfunding an actual church. This is no longer the case.

The server sat in limbo following Chris's arrest, with users primarily posting about Chris's antics in jail.

Praetor and Tasers

Main article: Taser
What do they plan to do with that taser?
we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea.
Caden, one of Praetor's members, trying to talk Chris out of tazing himself.[2]

On 15 November 2020, Praetor posted a screenshot of an online shopping service's shopping cart - in the cart was a Pikachu mask and a VIPERTEK VTS-989 560 BV stun gun. Praetor stated:

As Praetor, we always work hard to produce the best videos we can. Good works are in progress!
Praetor on an Instagram post featuring a Pikachu mask and stun gun.[8]

Praetor later claimed this was for promotion of sales of autographed tasers.

In February 2021, Chris stated that he wanted to borrow one of Praetor's tasers to stun his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key quartz crystals in an attempt to activate the Dimensional Merge.[9]

Watchmen leader Naught then created a vicious rumor, stating that Larry Vaughn was in on a plot with Praetor when he shared bits of a conversation that he had with Chris regarding his intention to shock his crystals.

In 2022, Praetor began selling tasers previously autographed by Chris on their Etsy shop, supposedly for the purpose of simulating "zapping to the extreme" for buyers. Those were posted with the following description:[10]

Recent Christorians may recall the Taser Incident, where the Praetor group while working with Christine posted images of tasers onto their respective Instagrams and Twitters. Through leaked chats and discussion, it was hypothesized that the Praetor group was planning to tase Chris on video. This lead to a flurry of drama and doxing, and the tasers were forgotten.

The tasers had originally been intended for sale, as signed ones would be put out for purchase. To avoid negative attention, they were boxed and stored away to wait until the smoke cleared. Now, these zappy little buggers are available for sale once again!

Each Taser is hand signed by Christine herself, emblazoned with her autograph and the iconic phrase "Zappin' it Up!" Per Christine's suggestion.

Now you too can zap it to the extreme. Handle with care, while these are collectables they can be recharged and may have residual charge left over.

Package comes with: -Autographed Taser -Charging cable

A post from their Golden Church of Sonichu server has them also promoting flamethrowers.

Etsy shop

On 11 December 2020, Chris advertised for their Etsy shop, linking to medallions produced by the group, explaining that he was currently unable to produce the medallions himself and so outsourced the production to Praetor, mentioning he would get a cut of the profits in exchange.[11] In February 2021, Chris mentioned he had been paid $400 out of $6,000 Praetor had made.[2]

The account on Etsy is also named Praetor, and they are the owner of OfficialCWCmart. As of 15 December, they have sold 151 medallions, and are considered a bestseller.[12]

Jail Saga

While in jail awaiting trial for incest, Chris was able to get in contact with Praetor, allowing them to sell art and artifacts that he left for them as well as original drawings which he sent them.


In early May 2022, three different versions of Sonichu medallions were listed for sale on Praetor's Etsy shop. The medallions were apparently made prior to Chris's arrest and had been stored in an unknown rented location and at the Chandler residence until their listings.

Regular Medallion
The Etsy medallion in question

Seemingly identical to the medallions sold during the first run of sales, these were not crafted by Chris. The price reflects this, as these were the cheapest of the group of medallions. Nevertheless, in an undated audio recording released alongside them, Chris referred to these medallions as legit and authentic.

Handcrafted Medallion

In contrast to the regular medallions, these medallions were apparently made by Chris. The medallions are of a noticeably different style compared to their cheaper counterparts and are adorned with Chris's signature on the back, so their description may very well be truthful.

A handcrafted medallion was included with each purchase of "Golden Church of Sonichu Cult Robes." The robes came in two sizes. Red robes were large, while blue robes were extra large. No smaller sizes were offered, as "Golden Church members were assumed to be naturally, uh, large people."[13] A yellow mask with red Sonichu-style cheeks was also bundled with each robe.

Megastone Medallion

The most expensive of the medallions, the megastone medallions were a variant of the handcrafted medallions. In addition to being signed by Chris, the back of the medallions contained a "megastone" which Chris verbally claimed to "have personally blessed and programmed each and every one of." As such, wearers could "really […] feel the spiritual aura and charge and vibrations within."

Original jail art

Main article: Praetor Jail Art

Chris has created original drawings during his stay in jail and given them to Praetor to sell, beginning in early 2022. Chris continued to send art to Praetor even after his case was sealed in August 2022, making them the only outside individuals with whom he has had confirmed contact since then. However, Chris has not sent out any new drawings since 26 November 2022, suggesting that he may no longer be in communication with them.


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  1. "Cabell" may be a nickname for Bella. On the other hand, Cabell is the name of a prominent Virginia family, so it may be the name or nickname of a member who lives in Virginia.
  2. Chris wrote in Jail Letter - 29 July 2022 that he wanted to live at 14 Branchland Court instead of Barb, who wished to remain at the house, and wanted to raise money to attempt to buy her out.


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