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The gang of four in all of their glory

Praetor is a group of minor enablers who have many edgy ween mannerisms. In October 2020, photos were discovered of the group posing with Chris on Instagram. On 8 November 2020, Chris uploaded a sermon that he delivered to them. As of yet, how their relationship with Chris began is unknown. On November 15, they posted a screenshot of an online shopping service's shopping cart. In the cart was a Pikachu mask and a stun gun.[1] Chris stated in February 2021 that he would be using the taser to stun his magic stones in an attempt to activate the Dimensional Merge.[2] While Praetor appears to be run by weens, their operation with Chris is condoned by the Watchmen, as Praetor is – or at least has been in – the Watchmen Discord server.[3]

They are supposedly "officially partnered" with Chris, and on 11 December 2020, Chris advertised for their Etsy shop, linking to medallions produced by the group, mentioning he would get a cut of the profits in exchange.[4] The account on Etsy is also named Praetor, and they are the owner of OfficialCWCmart. As of December 15, they have sold 151 medallions, and are considered a bestseller.[5]

(Editor's Note: All descriptions, titles, and product designs come directly from Chris Chan. These are hand done, and will therefore reflect the "Chris Chan Style." Expect defects, burns, and a general lapse in quality.)
Praetor's Etsy account, confirming that the products being shipped will be dogshit, even by Chris's standards


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