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These are livestreams and livestream advertisements filmed by Chris in October 2023, influenced by Praetor. Notably, from Reading Chaos Crystal Control Act 4 onwards, the live chat and comments section becomes flooded with weens, spouting dead memes such as Ian Brandon Anderson

Stay Lively Tuned

Stay Lively Tuned is a short video announcing the upcoming livestreams.


Stay Lively Tuned
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Stardate 25 October 2023
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games, HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations, PraetorPraetor Praetor
Angelica Rosechu's Christmas Play, Part 4
The Return of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime


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[A screen with an animation of Sonic dancing is shown in front of a background from a Sonic game. Text is at the bottom of the screen.]

“Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime STREAM COMING SOON!”

[Chris is shown playing a modded version of a Sonic game with Sonic colored yellow, edited to look like Sonichu running through obstacles with music playing in the background. A small line of text is at the bottom of the screen that remains there until the screen cuts away from Chris.]

Yep. We’re doing this at… zapping up to the extreme


That’s just one sampling of what’s coming up in future livestreams. There’s gonna be a lot more than just a little gameplay. Sweet! Stay tuned! Stay on our livestream.

[The screen cuts to the screen shown at the beginning with the animation of Sonic dancing in front of a background from a Sonic game. Text is at the bottom of the screen.]

“Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime STREAM COMING SOON!”

“Donate at https://streamlabs.com/cwcvilleguardian”

The Return of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime


The Return of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime
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Stardate 26 October 2023
Subject Matter ComicsComics Comics
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Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations, PraetorPraetor Praetor
Stay Lively Tuned
Angelica Rosechu's Christmas Play, Part 5


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5:25: Chris appears, celebrating his return.

10:48 Chris speaks in tongues, in reality making random sounds.

43:31 Chris gives a shoutout to 'Knee Gur', but quickly catches on.

1:29:53 A gif of Chris mixing his semen with Fanta appears, causing Chris to say "Why that gif of all things?"

1:31:37: Chris turns his facecam off, and starts talking to Caden Peck.

1:35:10: Chris mentions that the Goddess Log is being prepared for publication and that his hired crew is currently transcribing the pages.

1:35:43: Chris starts ranting about MLP: G5.

1:40:05: Chris gets asked how tight Barb was, to which he responds by saying 'that never happened!'

1:48:20: Chris says he is aware of The Amazing Digital Circus, but is unaware of Skibidi Toilet.

Text from YouTube's auto-captioning
hey everybody good to be back it's good to see y'all good be back on the

internet and all that I'm back everybody I'm back I'm stronger comeb back is

always stronger in this bloopers aside where's the thing's

thing excuse me a

sec can't T care of that

detail oh what's a what's a first time we got a few little hiccups from here and there oh here's one for the boober

Rio and all that but that's okay it's alled done good I can tell everybody's doing

good and some of y'all got got they jump ahead with a few premature details here in there but that's okay anyway

obviously donations are greatly appreciated and it's like you know Martina Tarin donated do this a little

bit ago I appreciate that and uh the Chris

compet yeah definitely appreciate that especially considering I got a few fun things and other important details I got

to take care of uh with the fun day but ask for my but ask for just a few excuse

me a

second okay we got that up now good debut and

thank you it's Deon 23 for

debuting anyway okay that's sorry all right anyway so uh just a few

ground rules for those of y'all that do donate and uh leave a message uh every

once in a while I'll be able to read those messages oh

I guess I can go break the fourth wall a little bit got a good microphone here it's not perfect but I can speak a

little lower and then it becomes a little bit better but that's a whole different G of fish right there but anyway aside from that we got better

equipment we got details we got better boundaries to make established so yeah

there'll be there's filter set up so there's hardly going to be any cursing or anything like that and I am not going

to read anything that is offensive or derogatory or a

thing and just to go ahead get rid of the FAQs I mean if you're I mean the the

Etsy store will be restocked by Halloween it'll be fully restocked by Halloween that is the official statement

that is where we are at right now and let me think

uh notes notes notes I got a notepad

here I'm multi-religious so Buddhism is a thing with me as well as Judaism

Christianity and everything else between thank you I love you too A my bu

yes good little thing there anyway so let's me think right I was send the

boundaries s the roles I answering the

questions thank you sleepy head I'm awake much as wake and I'm going to flow

here as if it wasn't obvious already I'm I'm a little tense a little nervous but that's okay it's normal everything is I

mean it's okay when the first time comes

around be live streaming uh every once in a while if not at least once a week depending on the S situation and mood

and feelings and

whatnot okay we'll think about that

anyway right anyway if you're asking me about my finances and other personal information in present location that's

none of your business rather I'm at here rather I'm at there rather I'm everywhere

everything every wants which by way everything everywhere wants really good movie period period anyway just none of

your business on on those details and we and just as y'all will see we are getting back into the works in the in

the comic books and uh other details and so forth in progression and everything

and on that uh let me think yeah we're going to be we're going to be bringing back the amiibo figures they'll they're

going to be 3D printed won't have the chips within them so I mean so on the one hand yeah

we are looking for like those that could do 3D mods of the uh 3D files of the

figure as well any volunteers would be greatly appreciated you can send uh send

your files and any contributions to quickfield Guardian

gmail.com uh that'll be posted up later the uh that Gmail and other details and so

on and there you go first time online speaking on tongues cuz I have literally

connected with the akic records and everything and I'll tell you I really

meditated and I found myself because I know I am just I am leave y'all with

that anyway so I know about that I know about the greater details we can move

forward and progress very very well and I'm aware of a lot of things that are prophesized and things shall be

manifested as such my brain is trying to break out but I'm gonna stay on I'm G to stay on the

groove and the flow and be on with the show but yeah

aside from that I have written a lot further and further details in my exploration of the past of the see a

quick film special sign shoes and Rose shoes and even present tense of course

and I just really need to be away from the minority that are the really toxic and Evil darkest sinning Sinners haers

and fakers and I count the blessings of the majority they are good light powered and

righteous and even the neutrals that have the potentiality and are encouraged to do good and follow light power and

everything anyway so yeah obviously you know it's the one detail yeah there's a green screen behind me yes I put

anything in the background vpn's up I can be anywhere I've everything in everywhere all once

how many times I go mention that movie in this thing and yeah I did have to get new

frames at one point like previous frames broke but at least the lenses still

work yeah so there's there's that detail anyway in the live streams I'm going to

have uh various uh messages where I'm just going to talk about one detail or

another and uh so on but right now at this point um

we have some good Ami up music playing in the background and we could do a little bit

of a just random things I talk about

online and uh whatnot but right now it's going to be chill with a show of good

art and things so with that being said switch you over to this table

as I've already done changing my phone

number yeah but as you can see I got little situ simple working layout I got

my markers around my my mar over here get new set I had to reorganize them by

color but that just detail and also in part brought to you by G Fuel and a

shout out to critical just a shout out this is a really good drink by the way I

do I do really enjoy the dragon fruit of its Divine peach in

this so

good anyway as I've been want to do we are resuming work on the book zero HD which

was originally Book 15 but I'm doing HD versions as well as new

versions private details on collaborate on collaboration opportunities to be

coming up later on in the future the future details events that come I'm not saying anything any fur

but outside that mentioning the two big stories I've written chaos Crystal control and Sarah

roseu trains Pokemon they've already been written and

Fanfictions based on those ideas will not be cannon at all Mir is clear at that and right here

just to show us reference I did have copy of my copy of tricky Roy store with

the cover I drawn Once Upon a Time but that was in part just inspiration

because you know if you remember aside that aside this is from sau's Sonu Prime

perspective aside from this page that just has a little bit more color left to go got

Stadium walls to color I'm actually going to be adding

two more pages between this and

there which uh invols I do believe is a favorite among

everyone that's why I have the secret ship big fer cards so one thing good

reference material for any for any character that comes to mind so forun know for the one

I'm thinking of will be with the old cord


detail pay attention to the descript it's somewhat

important here


punction you tell he's in there there's Lisa okay yeah there we go well that's

not the foby picture I was looking for I guess I got look for the ship poster ship card and to look for

there I got the character cards then the ship cards secret ship

fer are right here in this

box are not perfect it can take us more than one try it said multiple T before

we confirm that this timeline was the one prime timeline that that every single other alternate

timeline is based from it's just the one that ends up

ultimately working out longest run I remember that card I'm thinking of

it was a full pictur one like that one

it's be punishment it's not to be an idea

guy find it I find it I

itep thank you thank you zazzy thanks what's what's few

hiccups a so I need pull by a picture

of included because essentially he evoled during the event during the event of

Rosy Rose chose Jim battle with against miasha Blazin back in

2003 I know why is it falling off the base because it's because I made the magic champ figure removable obviously I

did not think of putting like a little hole in the but to make it Peg to make it stay up there so I went with like

just a paper clip and it's been some Ide at the time it works with the ladder just you know

obviously oh here it is


all right well another detail that will come mostly will be within the controlled details F the great friend

hoodie he there hooded hooded it's a little bit late but at

least I'm able to see it it's a slight

delay oh actually the I will I will mention this the the conflict between Israel and

Palestine it's all the demons and Devils working in there to just influence

everywh between both of those States but ultimately that shall be cleared up I've done I've done more than

my part metaphysically and all the other gods and godes are working as

well I one detail excuse me one second

one little detail one detail to little

details y dable yeah got forgot I had to move the

microphone over here I feel

everything wind since got be further away

although Point um um yeah I'm going to go for it this

this will work a bit easier I feel like this will work a bit easier hang on a

second check M check in the mic check in the mic all right good this

works what's one or two detail a couple of hiccups at least I got a pair of headphones with a mic attached to

them it's better than trying to yell to the microphon all the way over there

you can I reached so far to this table where it is right here where was

I oh right all right but anyway essentially so jamsa as uh this tricky accurately

portrayed he was in there with good old R LZ that's his name r romz as opposed

to what F had uh named him in her book but yeah young jamsa was just uh over

there and he was just chilling sleeping for a little bit heav fun but then CHS

he wakes up as uh Rosie comes down he's like oh my gosh that's that's a rose chew she look so awesome oh man she look

at her go fast oh man the place the trips she and then she runs

back good grief anyway so ESS that's what it evolves and just the really

massive detail he evolves that his tail plays

music it plays to head to speakers just a speakers

nearby but they been really good thank you

[Music] gu anyway just like love this beat that

uh a tune that played from his tail let show on the right page for that oh yeah

and here it is like glad I pulled it out origin anyway reveal this my right am my right original pages but you got time it

right when uh inha is get is knocked out by Kell's Jack KN David he's like to the

speakers the St he like y TI it I was SC my C for a mon man and my guy came up

was jealous he blew a few his eyes were red he went to my girlfriend's clip and blew it up to the fire my eyes and where

found that boy and his job and a box me FAL punched his face

KO anyway you can see where that goes so all right time for

a more traditional kind of chill drawings My Stream

so so I got a little mean up

here that's right all


go back a few pain I did not that ear there's R

there's Jam just take a little fast nap

there hello I know you have your kid with you

I'm us also using this as a reference for another visual angle hey it's my

first time really drawing a live stream so I'm going to feel a little

tense I'm



what youta you guys send pay for me to actually give you a little

acknowledgement there they'll they'll slight delay on my iPad

there f focus focus

focus start the box

here I'm okay

marks I'll read that in a


oh yeah and

yeah you're not getting read I'm not acknowledging you simple as


eat some more frozen blueberries make yourself a smoothie it's more blueberries they're good for

you it has cross the Mind from time to time for a

biography hello



just think maybe that's not the right eyebrow

that's thank you very much Osman

I have been cleansed and forgiven of all any and all sins and regrets of mine





the Chimes are coming

in well maybe if you switch to your speakers and turn them up it would be coming out of one ear

happy birthday Corbin you got lots of blessings coming your

way Le that's very good facial

expression spal

look Hello Alex keep on the

ni look like

he's fing the chair on here you guys it's really excited this

was a massive massive


there's the

shirt you just sounded a moment

agoing all the perspec this right to that is theer that goes with that


there he's not he was not on any



shot perspective Stadium


okay wow the Roose shoe just came back after



can we please cut the Ian Brandon Anderson we already know the history

behind that everybody knows it that was a license play of Barbara's

Li that was the thing of barbar's license plate was IB Weston

is thank you hog I'll talk to you later perhaps anyway there was never that never meant

anything it's just a said that she was acknowledging that she was a Weston I letter b letter A Weston that's

it there there a license plate number it was not the name of any freaking individual there never was an Ian

Brandon Anderson period I am so sick of that joke for one

thing hey 2009 called they want that Meme


draw a little champs to


it's like this is like one of the earliest most awesome things you have ever seen


yeah but anyway microphone quality will improve on that but at least I have this headset to work with right


this is what he was thinking in the meantime I was all that was going


W she's so fast I don't want to go that


and it was in this moment Jam

evolved for

you think he's guys to just put you in the vle in one of his videos just to be

part of my life that's dumb

deer I see where you're going there I see where you're going there I'm not saying the actual

word ah yes that is a good question braen sit1 sits we will have something set up

shortly enough of which when we are ready we will make an announcement about that that because I am looking forward

to receiving more fan mail and Kips right now where

drawing the drawing the moment when jams



oh lover I like tlor Swift's lover


I just missed that one sorry guy still work in progress all



SP and of course it's all trademark cone shape

[Music] amplify you got a blessing there just

I'm sorry I missed the name

oh yeah copper C you're a good guy you are a good guy for the most part I'll get back to you soon

[Music] enough

yeah the audio issue is doly

noted yeah I already

did we

have anyway yeah in this moment so definely

to put some waves reverbs around Chan say

y'all gits said

that I live hi


thrump is in jail he's staying in jail so that's hardly a

question hi Alex hi she

out oh yeah supposed do reaction over here this empty

space sh and use this St looking at the the

now evolving Jam St take


hey involved at that moment so you well wouldn't that be


I think he's presing a little

bit like oh man why is he's evolving now of all

times still need more warming up but it's not bad love that Tech I don't

even like get these two pages going so

Jam just still in shock I'm definitely noticing I just

noticed now like the video yeah I'm feeling pretty good thank you asman I just notice how my

pin that's definely something have to work onate little bit this way you can see that little better any you can see

the results of my drawing as is right


work in progress It's a working



yeah I get the speech right there was just like

whoa um yeah he had gotten his shirt just

then yeah

look the audio the sound board

there there all right now the

tail movie yeah sorry kind of missed

that H yeah the thean will be back in stock

by Halloween they are almost

ready oh yeah that was another FAQ I've outsourced and got people got

someone else hired someone else to help me with that H oh thank you

Cedar every everything on the store is authentic everything that is uh drawn

the the are hand are handcrafted and hand painted and I personally sign them

J Christ CH Prime oh yeah I think I remember hearing

about my favorite Pony so hey is a favorite

Pony you're welcome son you

f thank you thank you

6644 he thank you H


anyway so obviously so s the song is coming out this tail it was a song He

previously heard because you know it worked with Wow in the radio station at station

kcwc so we got that it's just so from there the song Sound Beats of vibrations

coming out I don't really know what a big old

speaker looks like at a stadium but I'm just going to say like it's just massively bigger in

scale with the rest of the stadium in the audience so

just subers and yeah like I said emphas in

scale in comparison to

so I gotta be that big in order to really L it loud and proud

there hello Randy and hello everyone in the Phantom Zone Discord

picturing all of

y'all well not during this stream but future stream uh we'll we'll um we'll do all that

channeling work that's a whole different K fish right there few heads for


scale that's good enough for these

disass cat stinky cat hey Stinky cat

Smelly Cat Smelly Cat it's not your

[Music] fault hey Hunter repent for your sins

hey you want to get some Ramen anyway

obvious here

right yeah all right so come out

speakers all right now I definitely want to like do a little past or rather

recent drawing copying and pasting for this part I need that for reference of

jamster so yeah right about here so it was this it was so this moment when this

tail started playing feedback was when the cries of e of Echoes of Rosie's

cries as she ran really really fast circles around indasa caught up to K's ear as she was

crouched down to



already did that sir we're getting repeats in

here hello

it's zap it up to the extreme Mr


I need right here

it yeah I'm just GNA copy just a little bit of

that I don't think I'm going to write the entire song on here but obviously you canj what's going on here so it will

transition into this page it's like you know the song we're

playing I'll do a little edit when I on the computer on this

page s i playing during all this


actually right yeah this will do very well draw the


she was a little bit for Rosie in that moment that she heard her concerns finally for the first time



yeah just think going to be

like oh you know yeah person right that's a good


for anyway here we go just take


good back out for mon


h I gotta pay attention to details and scripts because it's somewhat

important back

establishment smelly


we just finished this P we just finished drawing this

page bar

yeah hola

Andrea shout out to Ember um among the citizens there are some

Fanboys in

quickfill my life there you and your girlfriend are blessed as are most

everyone that are watching this video right now until the end of the

stream yeah I said in general from the audience and from the uh sta in the the

STA the audio clip room like where's that song coming



I guess that's just yeah that's enough right there I feel like yeah okay that's

a pretty good transition and I can write the

on 61 there I'll be able to upate that later because obviously the timing for

the old KO right

there here so I don't have to refer to this


is his eyes were


went to my girlfriend's clip and blew it


the power fls my sence and


Chris is doing all this dialogue while this song is playing keep talking keep

talking the jump Bo this

J details

dets and I Max be FAL punched his face

out actually yeah this is good then

K there we

go simple yet

effective some love and good Rock and Soul put in there

too the audience it's real I did them with various skin

tone colors I think it's nice to have a reference

yeah yeah I got the little samples from each marker on these little swatches

here and I have them numbered so I know exactly where they are it's any odd specific about what their name

is that's funny

anyway yeah little while since I

colored not too difficult to pick back up bottom few those dots

there kind of a generic thing but I'm also acknowledging the diversity of it

all which is very good and I

need this

one okay I get this out of the way so I do like to show Adventure Time

and Fiona cake is really really really good I played some Sonic Frontiers just

hav not completed it yet and I have not even played the update

yet I'm feeling pretty good and my day has been pretty

good anyway so obviously when I do these C through the colorings of these

things you know what for those that ask for Ian

Brandon Anderson or Jenkins jinkies to make shout outs it's kind of impossible

for them to make any shout outs because I'm not either of

them anyway when I do the coloring I save black for last because it's hard to

put any other color on after you've done

black that's like that I kind of want to leave the background for where Rosie was running really really fast white just

kind of like leave that open for blur and IR interpretations and that's a sign from

the ground she was running on IND she was on as



it was in that

moment time with in all that it's just as R started saying I feel like we want

as real Pokemon history of making that was when Champs to start to evolve it

was about that point so there's your

transition that was a sound

effect yeah maybe maybe not put that's to be

confirmed another time but yeah I will do this now since I mentioned Adventure Time I lost my shm I got distracted from

my so yeah ice skin you know what he said to his daughter that he loves doing

hey loves to his M Up full milk and sit like a

magical Angel there he said and the milk is sowh dense he sticks his toes out and

he's gets startled and then he laughs even toes and then he falls asleep in the

milk curles and then he's all stinky and sticky disgusting di disgusting di

disgusting di disgusting I'm all stink I'm all sticky and I smell like C

milk then that to the thrt princess he went [Music]

to so stupid fun thing

hey Jaden in

Australia there we go I feel like that'll do for

uh join for this stream um I'm going to take a short break after we come back I

do believe I will do a little Q&A

session like just a little

bit that just happened




be somewhere else come


delay delay B delay industry



and now the floor is all sticky and

now the floor is all soda and


okay all right checking the mic checking the mic checking the mic okay okay the mic

hi hi a


okay hi

what was


I just realiz that

might oh

well okay I the

I break the break in the

thing all right all right now we could definitely get now I'll take some q&as

that of course those I will put this out there once again to answer the common

questions those that pay money

those that pay money will get there and actually put a legitimately good and

familyfriendly safe for work type of question they shall be uh read and answered I uh pretty much answered a

number of details and questions earlier throughout the stream so

far and wow this thing is really really fast I could sort to that a little bit

uh but anyway so just obviously try keep it keep the questions uh General and

good safe why that GI of all

gifts anyway uh let me see what else do we have

here all right so

anyway try to figure this out uh

yeah there's a lot of rule changes coming along I'm definitely more safe for

work H thank you Sam and Tim thank you very

much anyway right so answering questions of

details yeah oh

okay this is right as bad as

the okay I'm gonna just uh hi Sandra happy birthday get some

love thank you uh don't do that I don't do that for too many people just this is

the one exception I have my boundaries rules anyway

this yeah anyway so uh

so many friends first request details and so I'll not be able to acknowledge each and every one of

them hello Andrew hello Jesse thank you all for your continued

support o [Music]

uh hey

kayen hey uh can you hear hear

me I'm not I'm not able to hear you if you can hear

me good

grief o o

ah all right let's go for this again

so anyway my bra just

put all right oh can sign you prime play the

drums no um as far music concerns he mainly plays guitar

Miss oh yes all the songs and everything they this on the c97 half as well so it

never was just a few single Tunes from my from from Chris over there as

some can we get back to that let me get back to that question just one moment but yeah there's more variety as opposed

to what a certain few individuals may have said

which was obviously false I cool

Boos all right but yeah official statement I reaffirm once

again despite my having typed it before on Twitter

recently well that depends on your perspective and opinion

hey but yeah no no never watching MLP G5

it's not supposed to exist yet ever in this timeline happy birthday Zach

andella I will never ever ever ever ever watch it period until after season 14

and episode season 14 episode 26 of my little py friendship is Magic is aired

Andor streamed on television and streaming services and Hasbro as I said

to you already on Twitter here's what you can do h b I can have just have Discord

say oh I'm sorry so we brought yall into the new generation prematurely they were

not supposed to exist at all yet and they don't exist at this time so now we take you back to before Twilight became

princess of all Equestria and we continue on from the present date not

the future date that was too well premature the chroniclers to have written this in any time to goes through

some chaos anyway something like

that oh the public publishing of the guys live pages right that will be

coming out soon enough uh they're being transcribed by my crew and people of

whom I have hired to help me out in all

this okay well that's a that's a good thought thank you for the thank you for the instrument

questions no G5 is awful just as I premonition I Forge yall forto time and

the time again and again it was not supposed to exist all in this timeline yet it's been

premature still is so there and nobody's going to tell me

otherwise and the majority actually feel that way even Dr Wolf feels that way

I've seen a few of his feelings I don't even have to watch his videos he's just pretty much

commented hey hey Austin happy birthday happy B

birthday anyway so get back to other

questions oh yeah that's uh that's whole different

well digital fan art can be sent to quickfield Guardian at gmail.com and

I'll be relaying the PO Box soon and shortly enough for fan mail and

handdrawn or printed fan art to be accepted as well which I'll be grateful as well as other

appreciate gifts and thought not a positive thing which that's another detail

oh hi Anna this guy's girl this person's girlfriend

anyway so obviously when it comes to the Poots we definitely have to set some

boundaries thank you Mo thanks Mo there's this boundary sets in that so

absolutely no gag joke or sexual or questionable or adult

related or even of course really really awful types of

gifts and packages we want to keep the focus we're keeping the focus on all that is good positive life powerered and

righteousness I'm never doing anything not safe for work again period there's a whole lot of details a

whole lot of altercations and everything that is going to be set straight and

everything they're never really retired they continue living onward that's just the fact that there

not going to be put into the Animated Series as much happy birthday

Kumi anyway so just right so like you know all also have like uh the

uh well we'll see about that later been is handsome we'll see about that later

that's a whole different thing right now collabs are thing but I can't take

everybody all at

once yeah ghost politics not so great period

eong eong

anyway to think a moment Cal and clear my meditate Focus



oh yeah I have watched the uh death battle Bill Cipher versus Discord yeah

that was actually a shame that uh Discord lost I mean but it's quite seeable as

considering he lets himself get taken advantage of at times

ah oh it was actually no different than actually was quite different as

supposed to being buried when I was Jesus back in back in

Jerusalem that never happened that never happened

period I already I said that and S when I set the record straight there shall be

no more talk by ever again and letting that word exception

slide I didn't quite understand that question it's like I'm wondering if I'm able to

backtrack hi Simon hey Simon I gave you I used to give you some backlash about your

stories but now I kind of into it where starts a conversation like that I just sat down poor Simon but yeah F and cake

is a really good show least the season Sil the season

one just really really

good oh hey good luck to you Rick on your on your homeor placement journey

and your transition and soul searching and I don't consciously know what smos


yeah cobson is is a good individual he is a

gem thank you very much patches buo I suppose to patch is the little

kitten he was a good cat it's by him being a little front of the

litter just it's always been a lifelong thing I

like I've always liked art and the Arts and how they are

manifested follow the light power which is good and righteous with you as an

individual the religious text and scriptures are good there's meant to be

just a base perspective and you're meant to think outside the Bots and you life as you

shall and will thank you poor chops anyway let's see what

it happy Birthday Jeff doing this

to emphasize a detail of the


happy birthday Ryan happy birthday Ryan

Ren oh my goodness pardon


[Music] it is

good um I I believe mainly we'll be uh using

the quickfill guardian Gmail address for the time

being Copo silio thank you very

much anyway so obviously as I mentioned earlier everything on the Etsy Shop is

authentic personally and the does go out to me and the other things details and

on that in present test we'll be offer more and better more items in the store

soon enough after we get more and more support from all that and finances and

whatnot and good details but everything is good and you can definitely it's approv

with the the authenticity on it I'm holding a ghostly piece of

paper green screen even on white

anyway anyway you see the little you see don't have the little certif authenticity my signature and the date

on that it's just not not going to be transparent but you see the point I'm going for

here it it's happening as we speak right now oh that's because we're not really

merging with the universe d241 it's emerg it's the remerging of the c197 and 1218 halves of

the earth to become whole again as opposed to When They Se when

they were separated back in the year 1389 ad by King Arthur's

orders to M the magician Happy Birthday

J I mean essentially that happened because uh King Arthur was really tired

of the Dragons the overpowered magic and mystical creatures possibly I'm not going to make any

promises just yet about magfest maybe more likely in

2025 but we'll say thing let's say things are possible for

now I'm not acknowledging SCAR or Violet because there's Pokémon for the United

States of America as I discovered and now and of from Sarah's Adventure over 160

unique species literally and sichu and rosu well Rosie rosu V Rosa s

suu and Matan they occupy Pokedex numbers

978 to not to 983 in the National poked that's respectively period so that's

going to be a whole thing when I talk with Nintendo officially and personally in regards Pokemon lightning B Diva Peg

body charge blue versions and all that to essentially be a

quote reccon with them I'm not even going to acknowledge

that uh dunpar Evolution no that's son's number period

so there it's a massive timeline

change anyway interviews will be open but it'll be more like uh don't call us

we'll call you kind of a situation but collaborations and interviews are going to be a

thing anyway what was I thinking my brain is over here your brain is over

there da da da da

da trying to think of another question that could be in my

head hello Dennis thank you for your kindness and

support I feel like uh it's quite decent of a good of a for stream for right

now I'm Weare digital circus but I have not seen skibbidy

toilet but yeah this has been a good initial

first I'm not hiding anything there's the front of Mion just obviously it's transparent on both side by

emphasizing the mega stone in the back

hi bless you Jackie your Judo Journey anyway for that being said uh

just this is a good first live

stream we'll work that out a future time but essentially the future live streams aside from this one uh will include the

it'll be like buying from time to time until we find like a good nich and at the point they'll be like once a

week and they'll range from either Dy streams maybe a Q&A and uh maybe even

some uh gaming live streams and uh just whatever comes to

feeling in that moment it it is yellow it's just

unfortunately the green screen is messing up with it I mean look on YouTube it's just the

photo it's the photographs well green is a shade of yellow and it's a shade of

blue nah Karma already dealt him a bat hand period kiwi Farms is gone it's

dead and so is onion farms and I actually went there and got

the uh ear for that

Antichrist hi Andrew and Jesse both of you are

blessed all right but for right now we're going to this stream on a good little prayer blessing for all of

you I pray unto all of you many kind blessings and goodness continue to follow all that is good like powered and

righteous everything between this universe this timeline and the Multiverse and everything spawning from

the alpha mea point of all existence shall give you all your respected blessings and well keep keep faith and

let everything happen as they shall everything for the

L is quite good and the record has been set straight let's try to progress and

move forward with the openness for posibility positivity

onward thank you all so very very

much darn green screen but any anyway be blessed safe and

well have a great safe day thank you

Reading Chaos Crystal Control Act 4


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7:12: Chris blesses a donator's sick cat.

7:51: A donator recommends that Chris should watch Ongezellig, Chris replies with "We'll see."

8:51: A donator named Ian asks for a forgiveness blessing and Chris gets upset at the name.

9:45: Chris shows a picture on his phone to the camera and accidentally doxes a donator in the process.

10:54: Chris says that Trump is in jail and that he is never getting out. Period.

11:08: Chris says that Barb is not the Virgin Mary in this timeline.

11:37: Chris gets tired of being interrupted by donations and starts to outright ignore them.

20:37: Chris responds to a $50 donation and says that his new YouTube fame is no different from his past YouTube fame.

26:37: A donator named TheOtakuKing gives Chris a dollar. Chris is too busy reading his story to notice and ignores the message.

37:08: Chris does a long cry, which ends in something being knocked over. Chris calls it a "technical difficulty" and says that he will fix it later.

38:47: Chris puts a drawing up to the camera, which is messed up by the green screen.

41:24: A donator makes a gif of Daniel Larson appear on screen. Chris is too busy reading his story to notice and ignores it.

42:40: Chris puts a drawing of GiBi up to the camera.

43:17: Chris reveals the lore of the "Master Sunstone" saying that it is a "deformed" Master Emerald, specifically the orange one.

47:25: A strange deep sound comes from an unknown source. Chris seems to not notice it or does not care.

51:34: Chris shows a Transformers toy. The toy sells for over one hundred dollars on Amazon.

52:28: Chris puts a drawing up to the camera.

59:48: Chris puts a drawing up to the camera. Chris also calls out the "Christorians of the CWCki" and tells us to "clean up the language on that website," very likely referring to the front page calling him a mother fucker.

1:01:10: A donator makes a gif of Chris hitting his PSEye appear on screen. Chris scoffs "That's a gif."

1:06:30: Chris puts a drawing up to the camera.

1:09:24: Chris finishes reading Chaos Crystal Control Act 4. He says more content will be released in the future.

1:10:07: A donator named TheOtakuKing donates again asking about the weather, this time Chris responds. He checks his phone to see if there is going to be snow on the upcoming Wednesday as TheOtakuKing mentioned, but finds out that there is none forecasted. He regards it as a possibility regardless.

1:11:30: Chris denies having sex with Barb 'in this timeline', and starts ranting about Bella, Dillin Thomas, Sockness and Praetor.

1:13:46: Chris gives a shoutout to Earl Dube and brings up Big Chungus.

1:14:46: A donator named TheOtakuKing donates again. Chris continues rambling and ignores it.

1:15:01: A donator asks Chris if he is touching himself. Chris puts his hands in the air and says "I am not. I'm touching the table."

1:15:46: Chris gives a shoutout to 'Nick Gur'

1:16:57: Chris explains Soul Bonding.

1:17:52: Chris says that he does not have a favorite Capri-Sun flavor. He imagines that he would enjoy blueberry and/or raspberry.

1:18:29: Chris gives a sermon.

1:19:20: A donator leaves the message "Jiggle it on cam for Jesus." Chris points his finger and responds firmly with "No."

1:20:23: Chris gives a shoutout to Chris Poggers.

1:20:52: Chris says he does not know what a "gooner" is.

1:21:50: Chris exorcises a donator, shortly before ending the stream.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's auto-captioning
hey everyone oh I forgot to close the I

forgot to close the

door oh well what's not what's another

hiccup or two H anyway hey everybody CH

Chandler here once again and as I

mentioned earlier when I announced this

stream a few hours

ago we're going to be doing a lovely

little story reading it's a little bit

of something from the bigger story of

which I've written

whilst I was in jail and meditating in


details and other aspects that came

about from present tense and past

tense the events of chaos Crystal

control that happened late February of

2006 we'll see we'll see you thank you


wooden thank you

Alfred when did Batman's butler come

into the play

pardon me

anyway so just give youall a little bit

of uh content in regards to good old

chaos I wish this green screen wouldn't

do this to Yellow shouldn't do this to

yellow and that's distracted that's why

put that screen

anyway anyway so obviously so this is

Pat I wrote this

in in within just one month this entire

thing I'm just going to show y'all

really quick a little bit of a sample

just you're going to love this you love

how people can write really really small

look at

this I can write within two lines and I

can write even smaller than that and

this is a full fledged line notebook

sheet of


H Shadow don't know what you mean by uh

that do I think you might either mean to

shout the Hedgehog or something else but


oh to ld's

cat ear recover the sick



yes thank you Citrus peppercorn and you

are blessed as

well but anyway just uh focusing on the

details so this entire thing of chaos

Crystal control I literally counted the

pages of details on this thing I wrote

like table of contents on this thing

this thing is like well

over 100

pages oh yeah actually

um we'll see that's another thing thank


anyway yeah this thing is just literally

over 2011 Pages stitch stitch and Adam

what's a sitch guys thank you baller all

right but obviously says I'm am going to

be reading a little bit of this because

a few of y'all apparently less than a

few of y'all from within the fandom I've

seen these few drawings that I have done

within the uh past few

months that are colored in but another

detail I will note so there is uh one

particular drawing that comes about in a

later part of this uh of the of these

events because a lot of individuals just

go back in time so obviously whether or

not I wrote you in or

not can we please not because the name's

not Ian I'm Jus Christin West and

Chandler suu and I'm the prime of all

Christ Chans and Christians from

throughout the entire

Multiverse so please respect there's no

Ian Brandon Anderson

period anyway so get back to getting

back to the focus here so in the layer

part of chaos cruise to

control uh because also SNT you know

project SNT Works was created by n cre

by namay end up going the Multiverse a

few times thanks to the late and really

dead opusc

789 yeah but anyway she has a vision

where she ends up empathizing with me

when I was on the cross back when I was

Jesus and Nazareth back in Jerusalem

anyway so lot of y'all might have seen

this picture I thought that was like son

but obviously no that's not Sanu Sanu is

not blue and that's not Sonic either

that's SN and I what is is going on with

the way the light reflects off the phone

oh yeah anyway uh you can get a general

you got a general view of the picture

you've seen it

before yeah but anyway so a lot of

individuals as I have personally saw and

written have gone back in time from 2022

all the way back to late February 2006

and this story spans within a few days

of that of that time but essentially the

short the short version of it at least

the show so far up to this point where

I'm reading right

now so this like it's like the first

half of the dimension merge happened

back in 2006 which it evolved literally

son and PR leas those events that

essentially became undone but that was

the first half of the dimension merge

literally it happened way back in 2006

late 2006 mind


now Trump be damned he's in jail he's

never getting

out period we'll just leave it

that not in this L not in this timeline

not this timeline

anyway uh let me get back to this cuz

I'm doing story time so anyway the show

so far the first half the mench emerged

was beginning in February 2000

sits bless you Austin


anyway all right I cannot answer every

single donation but I'll just answer as

many as I can as we go but anyway so the

show so far a dimension ter Rift

happened that that started the first

half that came about in the first half

of the dimension merg back in February

2006 and obviously the thing was over


anyway and then so we collect so

everybody goes go out to collect the

chaos crystal balls and it's just a

massive chaos Crystal control about near

the end of the

events that as written in here and

there's lots and lots of individuals and

also so it'll be a frequently Asked

question as I noted in the uh cast list

at the end at on the last page list am I

Evol this story yes you are rather I

wrote you in specifically or


anyway but of course also I should

mention this having gone back in time at

this point by this part we're also uh

the daughters of son and Rosie Roberta

Christine and Sarah darn this freaking

green screen a fat we got to do

something about this I'm reaching out

and my friends are helping me with with

these details as well but

anyway anyway so that's them there this

part is what I'm be reading shortly as

well as human Rainbow Dash from uh celot

high in Maryland she had already arrived

back in late time so that was just a

whole thing by this

point excuse me a

second all

right anyway that's just essentially

long to Short but obviously wrote over

200 pages of all this uh within the

month of December that was quite the

nanoro what a lot more than 5,000 words

in one month handwritten in that

small yeah when I put my mind to it I

could be quite impressive anyway so

let's get down to it

so oh I I should mention as well so

chaos Cru took

control um let's see how many ads does

this thing have have

yeah it has uh a total


10 ATS or

so oh and then there's like at the at

zero you it's like it has more than 10


anyway so this is chaos Cru took control

at four Soni Rosie and lightning on the

town Monday February 27th 2006 quick VI

Virginia United States of America 7:30

a.m. eastern standard time San Prime

Rosie rosi Prime had awen an hour

earlier as did Roberta S as Roberta Sonu

and Sarah roseu they are they all washed

up enjoy breakfast and and the morning

conversation and on the nearby print of

the quickfill Press newspaper the

headline on the front page read locals

go strange from merge stress and the

subet under that red businesses

disrupted during the

day the effects staved off by

bedtime about 7:30 Sancho and Rosie got

their bags Rosie laid out one more time

sanch with Rosie by his side tells tells

Roberta and Sarah at the front door now

we're counting on both of you to

maintain and keep the house safe clean

and well be sure everything you may

remove from the shelves and place or put

back into place Roberto responds in the

fir with a smile dad I promise you you

have nothing to worry about in fact a

lot of the rules you and Mom laid out

last night put are same as when we

minded the house in the future Sarah

puts an elbow on R's shoulder with a

slight Ling you guys have have taught no

taught us how to keep a clean house even

our sweetheart Partners love us for our

hard work at home the spiritual and Zen

way has worked out well with us then it

shall work well well with you now Rosie


responds okay but if okay but if okay

but if you have anyone over be positive

to clean up behind themselves we promise

Roberta and sah tell them with a nod and

a hand over their

hearts and Roberta yes daddy after Rosie

and I return home I'd like to raise you

and see for myself how well the future

work pays off you've got a deal they hug

and bid their buys and see you laters

that's not you Rosie Dash to the street

and start their run to New York City

zapd flowers in full bloom at their

house and along the brunville lane

sidewalk sway after Sarah moves back

towards the living room Roberta closes

the front door then joins

her all right Sarah starts I'm going to

get rainbow here to jam with are you

certain sah we haven't had Rainbow Dash

over our house yet yeah I'm sure Robbie

you remember the times we visit her up

in Baltimore she's kept the roomy and

her closet somewhat disorganized and a

pile laundry a foot tall by her washing

machine she does her laundry once a week

she's cool and responsible I'll vouch

for her she mes up okay sir that will be

your situation right right Sarah focused

her thoughts to night star s who was in

quickfi at the time and and Sor a ay


star of course yeah night star was in

was in quick feel at the time she was

was not in Equestria but she was in her

but she was switching back and forth

between human and sonan form while she

was in quickfi anyway meanwhile night

Star's house two streets Northeast from

there she and Rainbow Dash had enjoyed a

restful night rainbow took the bed in

the House's guest room they woke at

about 6:45 a.m. rainbow fits herself a

power breakfast hash brown scrambled

eggs bacon and put them all between two

slices of whole wheat bread with ketchup

and hot sauce oh baby are here to please


salad and scram

eggs with a fresh apple and a glass of

orange juice on the side she chilled

down about 7:15 a.m. nice St had some of

those scrambled eggs and she made a long

breakfast burrito for herself with

orange juice and banana on his side

after a good talking

breakie the two of them started to share

some energizing yoga exercises at 7:32

a.m. night star received a thought from

Sarah hey night star this is Sarah Rose

Che nice star telepathic replied ah

Sarah from 2022 I rather expected your

call amidst our yoga well magican told

me you have my friend Rainbow Dash as a

guest that is correct I foresee you wish

to share the day with her yep please

send her send her to me at s and Rosy's

house ASAP I shall oblig thanks you have

a great day you too Sarah a miss a Miss

Mountain pose ni star tells rainbow

rainbow a friend of yours is here as

well wishes to share the day with you

you really rainbow responds well you

know I think I do better without the

glasses as they transition the downward

dog who I'll let that be a surprise for

you my friend after eding the house go

Southwest two streets to brunville and

look for house number 14 the owners are

not at home awesome thanks rainbow says

transitioning into the next pose at 8:00

a.m. rainbow left night star's house

found brunville Lane in house number 14

she recognizes the house can it be she

asks herself as she approaches and rings

the doorbell with a smile on her face

inside re bir was enjoying the a section

of the newspaper while Sarah was reading

Sports Sarah goes to the front door and


it Sarah rainbow ask Sarah Sons hey

Sarah steps the sign lets her enter

Sarah closed the door rainbow says hey

Rob Roberto Smiles with while looking

away from the paper hi Rainbow Dash

wellow I can't believe you guys are here

too I know magic Chan gave us the 411 on

the haps Sarah takes a nearby

chair well friend I thought maybe you

and I can grab some grub update each

other on the events so far go do some

training at Pokemon jib if it's free or

at the park Aly and see where the they

go gets us well that's cool but I have

to ask is this Sona and Rosie's house

the one and



please forgive me if I'm having to let

down because I got the paper right down

here in front of me so obviously I am



anyway oh please it's no different from

the past you two Fame but thank you


peppercorn thank you very much what was

I okay Roberta


anyway that

up Roberta adds I've just checked with

magic Chan as you mentioned it but the

Pokemon gym is free today from about

noon to 4: a home game is scheduled at 6

o' between the Oreos and fast balls oh

TV where the oros

play and the quick fil fast

balls awesome Aaron Rose Sarah rainbow

respond robera continues to continues I

also recommend a book you might be

interested in Rain Roberta points to the

nearby bookshelf rainbow turns to look

and sees the hardbound book with pink

and brown pars and a Triforce Trio on

the front

Cofer Maro gets up for a closer look

then picks up the book pcks the book off

the stand on the shelf and raise the

spine Legends and Prophecies of Hyrule

no way y rainbow lifes the front cover

to look at the title page of the 2,000

page book and sees the inside cover

written in ink deserve sign you Prime

and they roast you


okay thank you so much for your insights

and hard work keep developing your

wisdom well may your hero continue to



my brain went blank as I had written one

Iration of the way that message went as

opposed to how it was originally went on

a PR of previous page and the guys L

Pages anyway after anyway then it was

signed Princess

Zelda and Selen

Rose Sarah

remembers yep mom and dad went to GL

Chris and Magic CH to help the mountain

highroll the princess thanked them with

that and for the prophecy researching

stuff rainow returns to the Sila with

the book on her lap treating it like a

valuable treasure as she read through

the table of contents so

awesome not

Grand okay so this is another detail so

obviously so this happened a right after

the events of SNT versus Sonu three


realities as uh mentioned as obvious

here with the sakian rookie because they

end up back in time with s right after

all that at bubbles Rose chew's house

8:30 a.m. the previous day and jela rosu

returned to the church at 6:30 p.m. and

found the sisters asleep in the pews

with blankets upon them and not a sign

of whne at all in the entire church as

promised Courtney and Saki slept well in

the guest room rookie slept all right on

the cushion I mean slept all night on

the cushions of the sofa and Bubbles in

her room

everyone had to get up with the sunrise

bubbles fit a filling delicious

breakfast for them all rookie and the

girls taught in agreed rookie should go

ahead with bubbles to get the a feel for

the see where tails's house was and

prepare Sonic and tals of Saki and

Courtney after that they send the anal

Kazam to teleport Courtney and Saki

there at 8:30 a.m. Bubbles and rookie

ran to and through the city this day the

ciens were back to normal but feeling

woozy like they all had suffered from

hangovers from the weirdness of the

prior death

Bubbles and rookie make it to Tail's

house within a couple of minutes wherein

Amy was smiling happy like a cricket on

a sunny day while sitting on living room

sofa next to S and watching TV s however

had a rough knife I have to put up with

Amy Charlie CH s you of the psychic

Squadron rank rank five was sprucing up

his bonsai plants and Tails was

marveling at how son was looking the

doorbell rang Tails went to answer

finding Bubbles and rookie hi bubbles

wait a minute oh my gosh check it out

bubbles Rose juice sounds like Teenage

bubbles from that one episode of

Powerpuff Girls literally oh my gosh

check it out so okay I have to CH I have

to get that Focus for myself hi Tails

this is rookie from the future hi hi

Tails rookie says hi Tails thinks well

the Future Folk are popping up a lot

lately and Tails says well come on in

bubbles and rookie Tails Clos the door

everyone greets bubbles including Amy

bubbles introduced is rookie then they

sit as rookie tells a story of him

having met

everyone aside from Charlie Chaz SAU in

later years and alternate universe his

adventures mentioning SNT that got Amy

talking as well bringing up Courtney and

Saki and telling everyone about them

this talk lasted about a couple hours

before bubbles called for an Alakazam

then an Alakazam teleports to bubbles's

house and teleports Courtney and Saki to

Tails foyer as Courtney and Saki are

welcomed the alaz and teleports back to

the psychic Tower Tails offers the guest

room for their new


ah oh yeah a couple oh yeah I thought

this might be in this part so yeah a

couple more individuals that came back


time as as you're about to hear shortly

at the psychic Tower in the Cent room at

about 9:00 a.m. magic chanan Prime

meditates with the hyper train level 100

Al Kazam including good old Larry magic

Chan for knew that he too would take


active role among some of the visitors

from the future such as the moment with

this one as a portal opens in quick bill

Park on one on one of the walking

running paths and Ed name this portal is

an anthropological white dog in a sharp

clean purple vest and his favorite mug

in his left hand and left hand or P

whatever you want to call it the dog


about 2 feet 10 in on Hind Paws stand

still holding in his mug still undamaged

but his teeth spilled oh my goodness

where am I this is not

Equestria ah a moment ago I was talking

with lightning Bliss as she told me

Silver had not yet been found since the

sudden appearance from TF2 yesterday

Maddie was upset because that cost her

to point during the training exercises

Firebrand saw a portal closing where

silver was

standing now I'm suddenly here the dog s

around for any familiar odors this Mur

is in the air so I must be on Earth

Magic Chan teleports in front of the dog

indeed you are on earth Dr Wolf oh

magican so good to see you

again yeah perhaps not as well magican

hands Dr Wolf copy of the day's paper he

takes it and reads quick field press

Monday February 27th

2006 indeed so a black earth pony with

an English accent a quill and book for a

cutie mark and blue man and tail where

purple streak walks up the trail to Dr

Wolf magic oh what the fine how you do

this is I was reading another one of my

favorite graphic novels now suddenly

it's 2,000 blaz sits and well looks a

lovely city I can't she looks as she

nears the two of them Dr Wolf

obab what are you doing here they asked

simultanously ah this is why I am here

magic Chan says the both for them they

turn to listen to Magic

Chan Dr Wolf and NOAB Scribbler two

halves of the dimension merges Upon Us

between 2006 2022 and it should be the

1218 and c97 Hales of our Earth are

coming back together in

2022 but rather than elaborating in the

chilly February air I have somewhere

better for us to talk magic Chan

teleports obab Scribbler and and Dr Wolf

to a spacious two-bedroom apartment in

the psychic Squadron base Tower next to

the psychic tower on the second floor

they appear in a cozy inviting room

lined on wall wall with bookshelves

filled with books on Psychiatry and

books of fantasy and adventure of

metaphysical details as well as

prophecies and graphic novels there's

also comfy white sofas and chairs with

coffee tables a couple of decorative

lovely rugs with the walls painted a

calming shade of periwinkle

oh that's a good bit of error I think

ttin H bab tells me I've read your P

books and S them as my chronicler but

that takes a backdrop to your present

skills out thereare say I'm TR impressed

well thank you

Scribbler not to go too much into it now

but I have really found myself in the

soul search well really show she says

with a smile anyway in the kitchen it is

stocked with fresh fruits and Frozen

Foods as well as various teas including

chakra Point teas and fresh fruits and

frozen foods as well as various teas and

clean and coffee and a teapot coffee

maker and clean mugs oh scrumptious she

cries out with a jolly smile I told

about telepathy just so you know those

who travel to 2,000 sits during this

most of them who write will have a

harder time manifesting their results on

metaphysical oh bloody hell but with

magic chance input your creative

insights and being more than two steps

ahead Scribbler you may be able to help

help out in this completion of

manifestation progress as Dimension

merge as God of gods I do hold graer say

in line with the divine plan ah but of

course but I answer the prophesized and


details so what you mean to say is as

long as I stay on par with the results

and course I can make things at least

easier and enjoyable within reason

within reason yes okay let me move

forward please right right right jelly

good on one of the coffee tables a thick

hard cover book with an UND discernable

amount of pages in it but thick like

about three or so of Deborah white

Smiths Jane Austin novels or so the

cover spine and back have no writing on

them only a

single neoc Christianity symb neop

spiritual cristianity crucifix darn

these you know darn the green screen

affecting the

yellows got to do something about that

some point

only a single new spiritual Christianity

crucifix on the all light blue cardboard

oh picks up the book and says to Dr Wolf

imag well you jents enjoy yourselves

magican Prime I shall be in touch I'm

about to make a FR PE fresh pot of tea

and enjoy this book I know my coner will

really enjoy reading this for herself at

the Christ champ Prime is out of bloody

jail imagine that Christ Team being the

god of gods oh how can my CER have a

missed s her meditations oh well time to

move onward cheers she goes to the

kitchen and makes her tea then vacates

her room to enjoy the book well she's in

a brighter mood now Dr wols observed

indeed so meanwhile wolf if might call

you that I'd like to share a talk with

you please oh well certainly magic Chan

meanwhile Virginia's team rocket base

Nate is seen sound asleep upon his de

desk with his pen indented into his

forehead he had spent the previous night

literally connected with the akashic

records and writing all M metaphysical

details and comparing science and

religion and putting all

together in a single day

just yeah it spent all day and all night

connecting not only with the anel

prophecies this onc Consciousness and

core but with the action records as well

no less than five empty crumpled energy

soda energy drink cans led the trash can

nearby by he suddenly crashed into his

mental brick wall at about 12:01 a.m.

then leaned forward on the page he was

in the middle of Ryan and crashed asleep

he must have written about at least 500

pages or so on a streamed Symposium by

handing pens multiple pens his room was

cleared with flat sheets of paper

scientist Gibby knocks in the nak

shirt's door Nate circus started awake

at about 9:00 a.m. singing up in a j the

rib Club is meeting at the water

fountain again

Gibby knocks again on next comes to

Consciousness with absolutely no

recation of Ry anything come in he

anounces Gib sir I found solid links

between the prophecies and Gibby notices

all the sheets of paper writing on paper

writing on them he picks up one and

reads it as ner stretches then rubs his

forehead removing the penos LOD there

the Mark was obvious giby Gas N sir

have you written this in days nature as

WR why now noticing the paper in this

room this is

extraordinary sir you have Rewritten

science but religion in perfect Unison

huh speak English doc me sure whatever

cleans up my room where did all this

come from anyway Gibby collects the

strewn sheets of paper than leaves

drowsy ner gets out of his chair for a

leak then some


okay let me just have a quick uh soda BR


up and we're definitely got to come up

into where the drawings I had drawn come

into play but anyway so Big Apple Zone

New York City 8:00 a.m. right by the

famous uh Fountain of New York that

yearly becomes an ice skating rank the

citizens commuters and and all various

races and anro species and Pokémon walk

to sidewalks on this busy Lively clear

day with tears in the skies above Stark

Industries Central Park the Empire State

Building and Lady Liberty and so on

right by the mentioned found a portal

opens and it's the portal landing on the

walk is a roughly 2 fo 8 in tall white

Alcorn with golden hooves like M with

rainbow streak along like long tail like


lion with a black tip with rainbow Edge

like a paintbrush and a rainbow colored

lightning bolt for a ky Mark she stands

with a slight

days hey Doc can you tell fire BR not to

go Super Saiyan on my channel she shakes

her head and starts SM what H this isn't

my channel or Equestria

humans uh oh my gosh my gosh my gosh my

gosh my

gosh she takes some deep breaths okay

lightning Bliss calm down you're somehow

on Earth it's okay I'll just open up

bort back to my channel and go back yeah

she focused on her mind and uses her

magic to open a portal with rainbow

edges she hops in she's at where her

YouTube channel base would be all right

but there was absolutely nothing there

aside from a pet rat or two not even a

door to the analyst hallway what

happened to my channel her shout Echoes

oh this is not good she to hop back

through the portal then close it sh okay

if only Emily were here she might help

me hey Mommy looko Pegasus the exclaim

came from a young human 5-year-old girl

with long curly coffee brown hair EMB

braces on her laughing grinning teeth

made lightning Bliss turn to see her

running open arm to hug lightning oh no

you a girl Landing summons her rainbow

power and teleports Landing Landing at

the outskirts of New York on a field by

an interstate Road near the Northeast

border of

Pennsylvania keep it get lightning there

must be someone here who can tell me

where I am I am

back oh

dear I



okay I'll fit you up a little better

later stay up right with you

please sorry technical difficulty

here gu F all



D NAB it okay I'll put you

later all right fortunately Sonu and

Rosie were on that freeway and they hear

lightning bliss's whale it was so harsh

they had to pull over on into the nearby

Field that sound it's so loud Rosie

attempts to look around as the noise

dies down she spots the crying Alicorn

over there suu Rosie points i s she

needs help Sonu nods they approach her

with did Second Son you remembers a

pegasus with a unicorn

horn the Alicorn you'll made do not call

her kid or shorter Little Rosie speaks

the alorn you know what here's

the if you can ignore the green screen

you can pretty much recognize this but

anyway these drawings will be on the

Etsy shop later on

on anyway so yeah essentially s and

Rosie beat lightning

Bliss have a devil you put this take

this off my left my chair

beside there all right

anyway green screen what you got to

do he

hey another detail three n off screen



Rosie speaks the alorn hey are you okay

Lighty speaks as she turns up and looks

at no I'm not okay I don't know where I

am my channel is empty and I can't go

back home son risers to Rosie hey Rosie

don't call her cute short or Little

Rosie nods she must be from the future

Miss from the

wa minute Miss are you from the future

year Rosie asked her future

Year all right yeah you are you are near

New York you are near New York on Earth

on the morning of February 27th 2006 son

nod wait did you say

2006 Rosie nods oh no how did I go back


time lightning ass and shot it's

happening a lot lately son tells the

it's part that the mention merg the two

h of the two halves making a long story

short anyway I'm Sonu and this is Rosie

you can come with us we're going to get

the chaos crystal ball that'll help us

and Christian clear the worst of the

mess Rosie tells her as she reaches out

into her bag for the roll of toilet

paper sonha gets a sealed new bottle to

son brand water from his bag they offer

the water and tissue to lightning she

levitates the items unscrews the bottle

cap drinks some water puts the cap back

on then R off some de rips off some

tissues from the rooll to wipe her tears

and blows her nose after a moment

lightning Bliss calms down to begins to

clear her head thanks I'm lightning

Bliss by the way good to meet you

lightning I like that name invat power

in a common a storm light need smiles

and thanks did you say your sign Rosie

yes I've heard of you guys from the

internet at night store as well as

Christian you're looking for a crystal B

New York saate the

universe yep son and Rosie tell her ly

finishes drinking the last the water in

the bottle and you guys know magic Chan

too right yes he can help you

out okay I'll C you both to New York and

help out then we get out the quickfi

just a one favor though please

keep the human children away from

me consider us your supportive Entourage

s tells her Rosie picks up the remaining

toilet paper roll and Tucks it into her

bag s pulls an empty plastic Walmart bag

from his satchel and opens it lightning

levitates the trash into the empty bag

the three of them make their way to New

York Soni drops the trash into a trash

can on the way then uses some hand

sanitizer to clean his


here you go Big Apple Zone at one Sonu

Rosie and lightning in New York City I

gotta check a detail here yeah actually

yeah that's right that's right and New

York you know I'm go ahead and show this

up so yeah you saw this was on Twitter a

little while ago there's Gibby he came

back in time as

well oh my gosh is that Sona Rosie and

Alicorn yeah Gibby that you you went

back in time man

get me way back in

time now your face runs in the ring

that's funny that's

cool anyway the Aon New York City and

start their search for the purple chaos

Crystal Ball by the way there's eight

chaos crystal balls as in all as well as

eight chaos emeralds and there are eight

master emeralds in all and this master

Sunstone here's the answer to that comic

question what is the master

Sunstone it's a deformed Master Emerald

the orange one

specifically it just got chipped off to

made look like into a Sunstone and the

eight master emeralds were around the

one ultimate Emerald like you know

Compass needles around the center

point anyway the three of them Traverse

the streets buildings building walls

platforms and off and rooftops lightning

was able to help as the flyer of the

group they take down decepticon

micromasters and Laser beak can ravage

clones along with a few Team Rocket

Grunts and leaders robots from Eggman

and gun and even oddly enough these

levitating dark type regular sichu from

another alternate universe grinding

rails collecting rings and using homing

attacks Thunderbolts and rainbow beams

to down the baddies along the way Sanu

recognizes a certain Lady Bat Lady Bat

as she looks at a most gorgeous Diamond

display in a jewelry store window then


uh Excuse Me Miss Sono addresses the

sexsy batom but aren't you Rouge the

back with a smirk she turns around and

as well that depends who wants to know

wait I do know you you're Sonic you Prim

aren't you yes Rosie is standing right

him enlightening with Canan chaos

crystal ball in her hand that she sees

and eyes are you looking for a chaos in

Ro l boy not quite Rose wear son starts

on Q Rosy irrit sonichu don't talk about

the crystal balls you know she'll want

it for herself the rou eyes lightning oh

and what a cute little donkey you have

there I am not a donkey I am an Alicorn

and I'm only warning and I'm only

warning you once Rose do not call me

cute her little Rose gets sensy oh and

what are you going to do live your

little horn at me right back that's it

then lightning wraps ruse in the rainbow

sphere then launches her into the sky

above then it explodes the

boom Rouge escapes the rainbow carded

smoke flapping her wings now that is an


horse wellow thanks for warning me Sonu

Rosie says I thank Sona for warning me

SAA s replies I'll tell you

later a flash up a dimensional light

shines right behind Sonu rosing and

lightning they turn to find a brood a

brooding magic chance Sonu with a

seriously tattered vest socks and his

shoes had really seemed better days his

back was turned to the three of them his

royal purple stripes es exposed a few

patches of fur Miss were missing off of

him magican the three of them called to

him then this magican says them with

coughs and Sher for

I lost my Chris Chan I lost quickfill

and that son you had to fight that beep

whoa the three say aloud that's not our

magic CH you're absolutely right Prime

I'm not of your universe and now

I his voice goes disorted as a black

Aura covers him as he says I've lost my

mind and I'm taking it out on your

Universe he turns with red and

counterclockwise spirals in his eyes and

face like a ravenous Beast magican RAV

as I'm just nicknaming him just for you

know he turn this one turned ravenous he

manifested a translucent blood red

barrier around him and attached not with

psychic attacks but with dark type and

Ghost type attacks from sucker punches

dark voids Pursuits to Shadow claws the

team had to dodge these attacks and hit

RAV with electric and rainbow attacks to

wear the barrier down before hitting him

with homing attacks the intensity of the

attacks got more fears after each

physical hit on this on this deranged

lost former magic Chan after three

hits he was down but not out as he was

about to use his last resort hay maker

lightning knew that magic that magic

chance of most universes were

overpowered tough so she used her best

rainbow attack he tap s or a until the

energy reaches its peak to trap magican

RAV to the ground with rainbow wrist

weights wrist and ankle weights then the

ultimate lightning Bliss rainbow shoots

from her horn as she shouts in the

distor this the rainbow mother the

rainbow hits RAV massively after the

focus Rainbow Dust and smoke settled a

fourar siiz crater was in the street and

the falling lifeless body of that dark

variant of magic chance Sonu within it

turned into Ash and blew with the wind a

nearby sign appears and Spins to reveal

sanchi Prime's

portrait Sancho and Rosie recovered from

that wow son said to Rosie and lightning

magic Chan said I'd eventually H fight

and have to take down one of his evil

self counter parts

that was actually really

upsetting I hear that Rosie responds

with a nod suddenly the green kios

emerald appears in front of them but

someone else snags it a a first sonichu

from an alternate universe in the prime

Universe which is prime timeline which

in Universe which is this one is known

as Sonu Prime and Rosie rosei Prime as

they are the prime of not only all Sonu

and Rose Shu in this universe and

timeline and all throughout the

Multiverse but in all the other

universes the uh uh sonichu and Rosie

self counterparts are known as sonichu

the first and Rosie rosu the first or

varying depending on the situations like

obviously within the genderbent Universe



anyway in someone else yeah a a first

Sanu from an alternate universe San

looks upon him and recognizes a

distorted yet matching Aura as is oh are

you sign to Prime as he responds why

Prime I am you from un from Universe

insense 41 211

987 a universe destroyed by the

corrupted WS of Opus con upon my magic

Chan Chris Chan and roseu she turned

against me I see you have your still in

say 41 Sonu runs to Rosie Prime to

snagger too but is aired by the

lightning blade of another rossen roseu

the first of timeline one sees gender

bet universe

that's enough and says 41 Sonu he tells

him the primes must never be tarnished

or lost Rosie approaches Ross and looks

him over she thinks just like in my

dream in since 41 Soni stood then as

from right behind him running to him

from his left Sona Sonu the first from

his right Sonica the Hedgehog and from

directly above

tailo sonis 41 used a combination of

Chaos Control and double team to more

than teleport away from the intersection

Tails SK Haled with her TA or fall with

her two tails upon landing and Sona and

SAA stopped by stopped by Tails go in

that moment San Prime recogniz

recognized SAA from who he saw in the

lake of his dream in since 41 SAA

reappeared in multiples each with the

replica or cloned of the chaos emerald

in their hand around the group in three


of the famous Time Square air New York

the original n 40 n641 with a chaos in

Road took refuge in a large gray tanker

truck then drove off in the Direction

behind and away from the primes and

lightning Bliss end of Big Apple Zone at

one rank s

Skittles and then teleporting in to join

the group as son you and Rosie S Prime

Rosie rosi Prime observed with surprise

lady maik Sonu timeline one se's

genderbent universe and Grand Elder

magican Sanu of timeline 4D magic San

Prime focuses on mashik as magican is

that you Grand Elder and mque open

telepathic Communications bringing both

primes light lightning Bliss Sonic Tails

go SAA and rosson into a moment around

them Frozen in a small T second

time which essentially that's just a

kind of it looks something like this you

see all the uh insets 41 Sonu clones all

around them and darn the yellow screen

and unfortunately I just didn't have

room to place tail SC so she's just off

to the side a little bit my apologies TS

go but yeah you can see everybody


anyway froze everything fro right mik

responds to suu I am magican suu yet I

am not magican suu the one of your Prime

universe in our Prime timeline 1 C not

counting grander magic chant of timeline

4D and the counsel of Christ

chance Grand Elder waves and says hello

everyone with his third eye open mik

resumes I am lady Magik sichu and I

introduce they each wave and they say hi

as they are called SAA suu the first and

Ros and rosu the first they are the

first s and rosu of our universe and

that's Sonica the Hedgehog and Molina

tailo Prower we hero from an alternate

universe in this timeline that's some

would call quote

genderbent we would explain more in

depth later in quickfield but right now

between us you and the countless number

of Christians and christans and our

hesus crash CH S Prime and Magic chance

s including your magic chance S Prime we

are all working together throughout the

time between the years 2006 2022 to

spune the evil variants attempting to

corrupt our timeline's Prime Universe

211 987 and both the recombining Earth

halves and the dimension merg the S took

the chaos imal and the former magic Chan

that has been it sou from all its

distance here from the Lost timeline in6

41 Central univers

where the Earth there is lost due to

that which had corrupted the magican and

Chris Chan there by timeline one C's

Universe 211 987s opusc 789 we're

locating SNT from 1 c211 987s Earth to n

4121 1987's Earth along with others all

which returned to 1 c211 1987's Earth

and since 41 Sonu has gone awall with

his unw want for revenge against opus an

SNT by destroying this Earth he must be

stopped now presently he and two

matching clones each took a tanker truck

down each of these three streets Sonu

Prime Rosie Rose Prime and uh lightning

blit you take the one down the street

behind you s Ros and grer you take the

left Road and SAA Tesco and I will take

the right Road once we've taken down the

original n6 41 Sonu all the manifested

Clones shall disappear from existance

lightning BL rais raises a hoof and ask

uh excuse me Magik but I had to ask why

am I here now Christ champ Prime in 2022

is croning these events as we speak in

her goddess law Pages at Central

Virginia Regional Jail some are being

fadly placed from 2022 to 2006 and using

their unique powers and abilities

including their croning and metaphysical

abilities that manifest under her powers

as God's Gods at a point lightning Bliss

Crush CH Prime shall manifest the

ultimate Miracle upon their second

coming with the rainbow colored ultimate

Emerald linking with the master and

Chaos Emeralds as well as the kios

crystal balls time Stones soult emeralds

dragon balls and all other crystals gems

and stones of magic and power around

both halves of the 1C 211 987

Earth you lightning Bliss break the

fourth wall time and again so your

metaphysical Powers is great but also in

part your rainbow powers will help in

help usher in the chaos rainbow that

abolishes demons devils and evil

individuals on your universe's Earth

Here lightning gas and Revelation now

everyone we must disperse and take down

nus 41 sanchi for good San Prime you're

encouraging catch phase please that son

Soni shouts with a fist rais in here

everyone let's zap it up zap it up they

all including lightning Bliss shout mque

dispels the telepathy and time resumes

around around them the Clones disperse

around New York the three teams disperse

down the three streets Rouge looks down

from the skies M that's a lot of sichu

and emeralds Big Apple Zone at

two SAU Rosie and lightning Bliss run

down the road and pursuit the n641 Sonu

he uses the kiosk Emerald to convert the

truck and trailer into a transceptor so

as the three of them catch up n641

transforms the truck into an airline

like jet hey that's unfair lightning

Bush shouts giving chase the three of

them grind rails run up skyscrapers jump

platforms homing attack clone n6 41s and

Blasting them along the way they reach

the rooftops n641 launches missiles and

Rapid bullets they have to dodge hey

that's my tail lightning shouts using

Thunderbolts Thunder and rainbow attacks

they graze the wings of the Jets bit by

bit as they keep running rooftops and

DOW in its 41 clones Sona tells Sonu

through mque nice to meet you Sonu Prime

shy wasn't under bare

circumstances underbear sir taste my

blade and set 41 s sends the thoughts

through mik back to Sona yeah okay I'm

cool keep focus and safe Sona see you on

the ground

later see you on the ground layer Sona

and thanks for the tips no

problem yep

team Prime continued down the trail

until when they end up at Central Park

where the jet lands and transforms into

a headless robot quickly remedied as

n641 son she runs out grabbing two ends

of a cut phone line and getting a

massive free

recharge hey people in Pokemon are

paying for that shouts Rosie Rose 2

Prime the nus 41 Chaos Control teleports

the neck hole of the trans center body

slammed dun in the chaos emerald into it

and turned himself and his body into a

Sonu face and head-shaped Headmaster the

emerald and the robot's chest laid in

the center right behind a Decepticon

symbol within seconds Rosy sign chaos

crystal ball glows strongest in the

direction of the nearby Crystal

connections rocking Gem Store S Prime

sees the purple chaos crystal ball in

the window of the store H well I really

do hate breaking and entering I really

do like but then San starts San starts

but then he has like no choice in the

situation so he runs in the open door

the store and grabs the purple chaos

crystal ball then runs back out with

this with st bushes the touch ping in


background You've Got The


Touch you've got the


power that's drawing Chaos Control

oh boy you'll be able to see this in a

lot better on the Etsy store it'll be

good really good make sure you get the

pictures up and up down on


oh christorian of the quickie and

seriously clamp the language on that

website and I've already made things

clear in that statement video so you

know better okay anyway

as n6 41 Tron uses kiosk control to

increase the robot's physical speed San

Rosie and lightning really had to step

up their a game as n641 Tron went around

firing rounds and missiles one missile

hits a lightning life siiz Lego Octon

tank truck everyone dodged on the ground

and in the air lightning flew and shot

rainbow beans at it Sono and Rosie

initially used Thunder and Thunderbolts

the hit with Little D little damage

resorting to homing attack the n641

Clones to gain altitude and hit the

robot with homing attacks and lightning

Bliss I mean and lightning blade swing

hits the same was going on with the

other two teams at two other parts in

New York

City that's a GI San Prime saw an

opportunity as in his 41 trong was

waning with increasing damage upon the

chest well s well well San Prime if he

could do that with double team in midair

Sanu focus and use kiosk control with

double team but with a Twist for with

sichu in the core his clones gathered

around him and they combined to form a

matching size sichu equal to n 41 Tron

n641 saw through that oh no you're down

as he shoots a laser beam from his red

eyes at the oversiz S Prime but to no

avail with a shield from the chaos

crystal ball so yeah here's a detail a

big difference between the chaos crystal

balls and the chaos emeralds aside from

the lightning and electricity benefits

in the chaos crystal balls so a Chaos

Emerald is 1/8 power level of a Master

Emerald that's roughly about

12.5% and a chaos crystal ball is 15%

power level of Master Emerald so time

for I to light our Darkness hour San

Prime says aloud as he massively mock

punches the decep the conle on a trans

sector's chest smashing through the kios

the original kios remote is forced out

the back of the robot and Ru swoops in

snags it and flies away hey lightning BL

shouts Let It Go Lightning Magik

telepathically tells her Sanu Prime

pulls his fist out as in his 41 Sanu

ejects from the explod from the

exploding transceptor neck and crashes

on the ground with a I got one last

trick God the original n641 Sonu shouts

as he uses his sonite to Mega Evolve and

recover some Sonu Prime had to break

from the Colones made by enacting his

Mega Evolution into Mega Sonu but with

the yeah but here's the thing so the

mega the SES and Roose CHS and the that

came about from the chaos crystal balls

in 2010 had not occurred yet but

alternatively you can they could use a

chaos crystal ball or or a master or an

ult or or Chaos Emerald to Mega Evolve

but it just would be a fraction of the

it just be at a fraction of the power as

opposed to just that going for one super


anyway enacting his Mega Evolution into

Mega Sonu but with the Boost and power

of the purple chaos Crystal bom what how

can you mega evolve without a sonite in

your possession yet son Prime response I

don't know it's got to be a strange

twist of fate telling me EV can wait and

I'm Immortal I'm an immortal special

Sonu of the Prime Universe Sonu Prime

teleports above in 41 Sonu then faster

than light righteous light power punches

him into the ground and

submission within sit 41 Sonu no longer

mega evolved Sonu Prime levitates down

to him with Rosy en lightning running to

back Prime up in a wrecking ball siiz

crater Center as Sashi Prime looks down

disapprovingly endit 41 Sonu like Jesus

Christ CH

Prime looking down disappointedly as

sinner who is darkest sinning and

refuses to repent and since 41 Soni

looks up to see the Holy Light power

Aura of San Prime that makes him see and

cry I I see now since 41 Soni says to

Prime with Rosie enlightening as

Witnesses I used to have such a good L

energy around my Christian then my

universe's Gods looked down upon her and

revoked her powers cuz she was lost and

misguided by opis con 789 influence your

Christian your Christ Chan was not

really a was not really a model my

Christian fou because Christian Prime's

intentions were grossly misunder your

CHR Chan was not really a model by Chris

Chan follow because Chris Chan Prime's

intentions were grossly misunderstood by

those like Opus Khan prime your Christ

Chan on in on the 128 half is God my

Chris Chan couldn't be God because

Sheila herself fall and I thought so

thus I failed Soni Prime when you meet

SN and cinate please tell them I'm sorry

for thinking so wrongful so wrongly at

them Sanu slips out from his Mega VA

form back to his normal self as Inus 41

Sanu weekly raises his right hand for

forgiveness Sanu Prime of his Val Smiles

grabs in since 41 sanu's hand and both

Sanu Prime and I tell n641 Sonu together

thy will be done I forgive you first

Sonu of n641 211 987

Universe thank you prime inis 41 son


Christian I'm returning to you nc6 41

Sonu breathe his last

breath then he has turned to Ash and is

Blown Away With the Wind upward Sanu

Pride looks upward as the ashes fly the

sky clears with renewal renewed Sunshine

glowing down upon Sonu Rosie and

lightning and the other Heroes in the

rest in New York

City Sonu Prime shed tears for the Lost

self-c counterpart of his all of the n6

41 Sonu clones and clone emeralds

disappear into thin air maik and G

teleport their teams to San Rosie and

lightning Bliss is location in a Road

near Central

Park s are you okay Rosie asked him with

empathetic Tears In Her Eyes San

responds shall be okay my beloved Rosie

I know I have sorrow from my multiversal

self-c counterparts who have fallen like

he from timeline in since 41 I have

faith in all my darkness in my darkest

self counterparts eventually being

healed and cleansed someday somewhere I

count the blessings of every single one

of me that are good light powerered and

righteous for that is what I am and so

is my Christ CH that is prime hearing me

helping me chronic Ling caring and

thinking of me of us all everyone nods

in agreement they all get out of the

center as as the second Squadron Sono

and Rose shoose of New York undo the

damage brought upon New York City that

day Soni and Rosie hug each other in

affirmed further appreciation and love

for one another and theirselves sanchi

tucked the purple chaos crystal ball

into his bag at that time mik and G

teleported Sonu Rosie lightning Bliss

Sacha roson Sanaa and tels go back to

the psychic Tower in quickfi Virginia to

chill and recover for a while the time

was 10:00 a a.m. end of Big Apple Zone

an 2 rank S search and

found in quick fill in her bedroom at

10:00 p.m. obad Scribbler is eating an

apple fresh from the fruit bowl and

enjoying the growing book while making

mental notes on how best to chronal

Christ champ Prime with her powers

abilities skills and forms tangible

getting out of jail and return to San

Temple and Barbara legally and safely

without mucking it

up she says this is going to be a tall

order to fulfill end of chaos Cru to

control act four rank s spiritually

satisfying oh very clever

Chris obap tells me hey scrib sling

blisses good evening blissy I shall see

you soon B scribbl respond

and that's chaos Crystal control at four

more than 10 outs and that is all you'll

get for free but I will be collaborating

and uh getting this all written out and

printed and everything we're going to

have books drawn of all this drawn

written everything and so forth it's

going to take some time to get into it

but there you go that's a little sample

of it that's all you get for free for

now so you can look forward to the

greater the further details that come

about from the full story

Sor this out really really

quick I'm thinking I'm

thinking that took about an

hour if I have my phone to look up I'd

go see if uh there were there was snow

coming up oh wait I do have my phone duh

I'll bite let me see if there is

let's see find a forecast for this

area it doesn't say anything about snow

on Wednesday it says Sunshine though for


area but I will not dismiss the


yeah don't I mean that's all past tense

and I I've already said what I said

about Donald Trump he's never getting

out of jail he's not being president

again so there's that

detail and G5 my little Little Pony just

playing canceled out right G4 is

continuing it's going to be

shoved hello

Candon thank you for your

support anyway so I'm thinking for right

now just whatever comes to mind and I'll

I'll take any questions that come out

from the people that

paid it never happened as I said before

and again it never ever happened in this

timeline essentially from all that I

kind of

essentially was overbound by stress from

the events because I just knew that

Isabelle at the time was really going to


me as and all that I just knew that was

going to happen coming but I just knew

she was just essentially bad attention I

tried to get her to be I tried to avert

her to being good but ultimately it just

didn't happen that

way and of course I'm me

shoot between Dylan and Taylor who

didn't see the abuse between from from

him upon her from a mile away who didn't

and shoot you know that uh no was going

to backstab me one way or another I me

you saw way they just refunded everybody

despite me having done all that work

already that was

dumb I mean common sensical detail

granted but still

dumb and uh oh yeah and of course sness

of the time Gally he's long gone

forgotten I'm never saying his name


anyway yeah that'll be a whole that'll

be a whole different thing just the

commissions and

drawings um I'll I'll I'll announce when

I'm open for commissions when I am ready

but that'll be a whole different calish


now talking about

uh uh going back to my books and

drawings and everything I'll be I'll be

Outsourcing I'll be delegating with

people of whom we can

be very trustful and wor and worthy with

because obviously it's not got to be

every single Tom Dick and Harry or yada


yada ear doob

hey big chunk is a

meme big Chun

anyway I'll come out later time but I'll

tell you

what I can actually confirm this I do

have Animal Crossing New Horizons okay

I'll I'll have a dream code set up I'll

put down to my Twitter


well a lot of people have interpreted me

Asus Christ as God as opposed to

Emmanuel who was who was the God above

me but really moreover we are equals the

one deity above us is the one that I am

directly connected with that resides

within the one alpha omega point of all

existence of whom I have the deepest

connections with not very many

individuals can do that and only one can

that would be the Avatar of all

existence I am not I'm


table and let me

think I'm glad that Ian you loved it

but hey can we have all the memes be no

longer a thing the ones that came out

for me in repeat in repetition I mean

the Julie the Ian I just pretty much I

pretty much de bumped all that already

hey the late 2000s called they want

their memes


Nick G hey Nick thank

you and thank you

Christine anyway my brain's feeling

everywhere that's to be that's to be

confirmed later on in part with my

Outsourcing and collaborations and

delegations and everything

that's possible I just that's that's

possible Austin but that's to be

confirmed later

on look at all these books behind

me wow this image is so clear you can

actually read the titles of these


that's another detail I should mention

the soul bonding it literally happens

with the energies and auras of the

individuals and partners

involved or even just simple friends

that can bond with each other and energy

and like energy and those that have that

can actually have a greater Bond or

feeling with each other in highest

resonance then

then they shall last a lot longer indeed

and then of course with the soul bonding

it can't it goes really deep where the

energy is intermingling

between the partners and individuals


involved and there does not need to be

any physical sets at all it's the energy

it's the

aura they

mingling I don't really have a favorite

Capri Sun flavor not consciously in in

this timeline anyway but I imagine I

would uh enjoy one that has blueberry

and or raspberry in

it you're welcome I was very happy to

give you all this sample of the bigger

story and boy there's a lot more to but

there is a massively lot more to it

and that just add four there I wrote

that in one day

hey I'm I'm still meditating on my

sermons and everything it's just a lot

for me to go through I'm going through a

lot and everything and all these uh

Transitions and details and everything

but there is a sermon I can give to

y'all today it is

this you are seeing the signs and events

and everything that is happening in past


and the

Israelites shall succeed in that war


them and

Palestine and with uh the cardiac arrest

in Putin

recently you shall see his physical Fall

by his own weapon as



no B just that's enough oh I wonder what


was that's what that was down there just

the like of the the light that's in

front of

me all right

WD there you

go there is no Ian Bron Anderson there

only Jesus chy Weston Chandler son

Prime there never was an Ian Brandon


Chris pluggers Chris puggers thank you

for your support and

kindness my brain is

feeling that's a whole thing but anyway

that's okay people shall know shortly


and I don't know what a gooner is but I

am certainly not a



I love being connected with everything I



anyway got feel


demon in thy dog be

gone anyway I think that'll do it for

tonight thank you all everybody for your

for your support and kindness and

watching I bet y'all are safe good


oh interesting going keep that in mind

as a possibility anyway thank you all

for watching you all have a great safe

night or day or wherever it is in your

part of the

world thank