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Sachumo is the creator of a documentary about Chris. He also conducted an interview with Chris on 21 October 2017.


Sachumo - Chatting With Chris Chan
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Stardate 21 October 2017
Re-enactment - Gingers Have Souls
CopperCab interview


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Sachumo: All right, here we go. All right, we're gonna start real soon... okay. Can you hear me?

Chris: Yes, I can hear you. This, uh, much better now.

Sachumo: There we go, fantastic, I'm glad we fixed it. All right, I'm gonna do a little bit of an intro and just... all the people watching... welcome to the Sachumo livestream, I hope you all... uh... are... are... I hope you all enjoy this opportunity to come out and see what we're gonna be doing. Uh, right now, we're just going to have a little chat. I mean, this has been... a long time coming, don't you think?

Chris: Yeah.

Sachumo: Mm-hmm. A lot of people have wanted us to finally just talk and... you know what... just why not. We'll just talk. That's, that's what I wanted to do, you know.

Chris: Yeah.

Sachumo: Have some fun. Uhmm. All right, it's hard to read the chat. There is a lot of people watching right now. Oh my god. Okay. I can't even read the chat. Okay. Uhhh. All right, so we're here with the famous Christine Christian Chris-Chan Christopher Ricardo... Weston Chandler. (laughs) You have many names.

Chris: Hey everybody. (stress sigh) (laughs) Yeah. That... just call my current one, I think.

Sachumo: Christine...

Chris: Hey everybody.

Sachumo: Uh... chat... chat is like usual, saying some very odd stuff. Ummm... Yep, I can never... I can never control them, no matter how hard I try, but you know... you know the Internet is.

Chris:Yup, it's a little crazy.

Sachumo: Mm-hmm. Yeah. So, for those of you who don't know, uh, but do know about Christine, I'm the creator of the Christian Weston Chandler documentary that was posted in 2015 I think? When I was around 15-16, I made it for a high school project... uhm... and... here we are almost three years later.

Chris: Yeah, about that.

Sachumo: Mm-hmm.

Chris: That's a good deal.

Sachumo: Mm-hmm.

Chris: I mean the documentary was... good, at least the first 50-55 percent of it, and then it just kinda ended up cringeworthy to me, but I feel like, with my input and everything, we can... we can make it better. Make a better documentary.

Sachumo: Yeah, definitely. Ummm... yeah, if I like, assemble the crew or something, we got... if we got some funding, then you know... why not? Just do it... an interview for a day or two... and then we go home and I add something together. But uh... it's nice to finally to get to you. Uhm... I've always imagined... what this would be like... and I never expected it... to be honest, because it, it... because ehh... it's hard to describe... it's like... you've only heard about someone, but when you finally meet them, it's different than everything you'd expect.

Chris: Ha! I know, you're just like, "Whee!" in the mind, and so happy and so excited! But then you reali- but then you start calming down and realize, "Well, it's happening, it's good. This is a good thing. I'm calming down, this is finally happening, been waiting for this forever." And... it's all good, and everything.

Sachumo: Yeah... Exact- like when you meet, um... Did you ever meet Tara Strong?

Chris: No, I haven't had that pleasure yet.

Sachumo: Mm. Uh, I was trying to make a, uh... maybe a comparison but... when... when you meet someone you... you look up to, it... there... You realize they're people. You know? You don't see them as, like, these entertainers in the video. You see them... as people! Which really is a... an odd experience.

Chris: Yeah, actually we can- we can find a good comparison with that when I met uh... Kelly Sheridan and... Cathy Weseluck at the BronyCon last August.

Sachumo: Mm. I'm...

Chris: Oh, and, uh... And when- and- and I met... And I got to listen to Cathy at her... panel before uh... getting her- before uh, getting her to autograph... my copy of Sonichu #0 on the inside cover.

Sachumo: Mm! You got her to autograph it!

Chris: [talking over Sachumo] And having- and having a picture taken, since... Uh, I had her do that since it's- she voices Spike as well as the May- as well as Mayor Mare and Coco Pommel. Uh, Spike loves his comic books!

Sachumo: Mhm. Mhm. I- I remember watching the show a little bit, when I was... I think, like, thirteen, back in 2011. I watched the first two seasons, 'cause I wa- Di- You remember when bronies were, like, the big thing, you know? They were really huge back then in 2011.

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