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This page contains DMs between Chris and Ben Saint.

DM'ing Ben Saint to demand $300

3 October 2019

BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".

After the Watchmen egged on Chris to confront Ben,[1] Chris sent him messages over Twitter. Ben then leaked the conversation to Twitter.[2]

Hello, Benjamin. As you are aware, Christine and I have fatefully followed in clearing up the chaos of the slime in Arizona. At the present, I will personally inform you: C197's Arizona, and it's inhabitants, are all fully cleansed; not a speck of slime remains, and everyone is freed of its influences. Your darker self-counterpart, CopKiller, has been properly dealt with for his crimes. Also, the KND had endured the trials, were cleansed and rescued. The Endless War is at an end.

With that, I now also address you of the matter of the greed from gaming clout using our names, individuals and whatnot in these strips for the benefits of such personal gains to up the ego of your own self to counter the insecurities.

For one thing, it remains more beneficial for one to address their insecurities directly, offer themselves positive affirmations true to themselves, also meditation, mind-clearing and deep breathing is most helpful as well.

When one begins to achieve for themselves without having to shoulder on others, that is a great show of inner strength and durability that is most appealing and inspiring to others around.

Obviously, spreading gossip and rumors in the result of hurting others is simply wrong, so I need not go "After-School Special" on you about that.

Anyway, Now. The printing of the Arizona Slime Expansion Pack that is on its way to you is on us; comes in a lovely box, too. Turned out to be a bit pricy. So, this is where you, in return, will help us for using our name and individuals for the greedy gains accrued.

You will off us a generous fund amount to print a few copies of our Secret Shipfic Sonichu Deck and remaining Expansions (you will be entitled to one of each, obviously). But, quite so, this will be seeded, generously, with at least three-hundred dollars in a direct donation from you to Christine's PayPal, if you would kindly, please.

The cleanup job was a lot of Tough and Hard work not on Christine, herself, but all of the Superheroes, Military CPUs and other on-Earth Deities and Deity-Types. That Grand Canyon became Half-Full of the slime. It is all dissolved now.

Collecting as much slime as possible, relocating it, gathering the bicarbonate soda and sugar, creating the Very Large Thunderstorm, seeding it, and locating it all over Arizona.

We shall expect the large donation in Christine's PayPal from you within the couple of weeks' time; Sooner is highly recommended, please.

[Chris linked to his]

Thank you, Ben. Have a good and safe day.


Timeline Dispute

26 August 2020

Ben provokes Chris by saying that NLACakaNM is at war with CWCville, referencing events in his comic. Chris disagrees with copious amounts of role-playing. Chris later discussed with the Watchmen and posted the DMs in The Place.

Ben Saint

And to make matters worse, NLACakaNM has declared war on CWCville.

They wont be satisfied until CWCville is either completely covered in slime, or completely destroyed

They're angry about the Soda Rain Holocaust

What you said there did not take place in the C-197 of this timeline at all.

See, that happened in the alt-timeline from this one, right here.

That affected the Alpha Timeline, but Not here, the Omega Timeline.

You picked up on one of the many, many self-counterparts from your Chris Chan Sonichu of this Dimension.

You may call it C-197 Alpha, but it was actually Dimension C-194, sister Dimension of "Reality" 1214.

And do you know how I know that, Ben?

Because the Chris Chan talking with you right now came from that very Dimension.

I was there while that Cop Fucker had me in his slimy, mutated grasp, but as that Beta plane landed on him, I literally teleported out of there in an instant.

At least to all of you.

I am literally faster than time.

I can, what you call, Time Stop at any moment. All I had to do was hit that "Pause". clear my mind, teleport out of his grip, and Mach-Speed Dash far away from the impact zone. I was in the next state over, and then some, upon that impact.

Your Beta Timeliners ended up falling at the hands of their Alpha self-counterparts. Not even slime could protect any of them.

Cwcville remained very much safe and sound, and all remaining slime was nullified as well.

Nice try, though.

But you know that a deity is not one to be trifled with easily.

You might like to know, also, that back in my timeline, Michael Jackson lived a few more years beyond yours. He put out two additional albums of inspiration and uplift, as he counted from his experiences of falling in golden years into elderly ages. But his fate was the same as yours: he OD'd. he didn't want to feel that old when he felt so young.

Like Sonichu going back in time within your Chris Chan's to undo your Covid virus, I came back in time to see your fate play out.

I will be personally talking with you again, face to face, very soon, with my body and my Magi-Chan.

See you then, Ben.



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