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ArizonaSlime is an expansion pack of Chris's custom TSSSF cards, consisting of lore influenced by Ben Saint.

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Putting an end to the Endless War with SlimeCo.

The show so far: Nightstar Sonichu got ahold of a sample of the Smooze and accidentally got some in her green eye; she then saw into Dimension C-197's Arizona where the worst kind of warfare was going on. Recognizing Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk as Trolls with Good Hearts, she sends them both to look into the situation. PhH. and S.M. wandered the streets, as they were forced to go into mining slime that was a result of the company of SlimeCo in the city of New Los Angeles City, a.k.a. New Milwaukee, Arizona. After suffering from the violence, hatred and the worst possible kinds of Trolling, having learning their lessons from the experience, they pray for a solution to these set of problems. I show up, personally, to set these ending wheels into motion. -Chris Chan Sonichu.

Mini-comic strip, "Slime and Punishment", chronicling the events prior to this point was written and drawn by Ben Saint.

TSSSF Sonichu Deck or Core Deck are required for playing with this Expansion Pack.

This pack includes 15 cards.

Cost: $26.00[1]


Card Name Type Icon Effect Description Date published
HorsefamousMeetssonichufamous.jpg #horsefamous Meets #sonichufamous Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: A Pony card with the #horsefamous keyword is shipped with Chris Chan. (2) - Phantom Horn turns and recognizes the one-and-only from this Dimension 1218. "Are you THAT dense, SM?!! That IS the Legend! The extra-dimensional! The Goddess, Herself! Chris Chan Sonichu!" -Phantom Horn
Chris Chan smiles and feels humbled hearing the praise and appreciation, while also keeping her mind clear and calm for the impending slime gusher about to happen.
9 August 2020 (leaked)
AnEndlessWar-FreeState.jpg An Endless War-Free State Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: At least three Pony cards who have been given the Villain Keyword by card effect(s) are either cleared of the Villain Keyword, or discarded, in the same turn. (13) - "And, so, the SlimeCo dilemma and the Endless War came to a close in Dimension C-197 on October 3, 2019. The moral being even the heaviest of hatred can be quelled when we come together towards a common goal. Also, your OC(s) should be treated with kindness and respet [sic]; do not abuse them or each other." -Chris Chan Sonichu. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
AnalysisofSlimeCosSlime.jpg Analysis of SlimeCo's Slime Goal Checkmark Win this Goal When: A Pony card with the Villain keyword is discarded from the grid. (6) - Nightstar wasted no time in experimenting the slime with Princess Twilight Sparkle. They've found the slime is partially diludable [sic], but water, alone, can go so far. It turns out the slime is gaseous, and it doesn't like plain sugar. Lightning and electricity can also burn it, but if touch-surrounded by more slime compared to the area that is zapped, the slime can recover, so the larger the slime amount, the more voltage is required to put out the entire blob. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
CleansingRains.jpg Cleansing Rains Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to this Ship. Until the end of your turn, that Pony card gains one keyword of your choice, except for Pony names. (12) - On October 2, 2019, the thunderstorm, seeded with bicarbonate soda and sugar, covers the entire state of Arizona in C-197, and it spans beyond all edges of the state. The storm lasts for 24 hours, and near the midnight breaking into October 3rd, all traces of the slime, and everyone and everything infected are cleansed and purified of any remaining within them. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Showercard.jpg Cleansing Shower Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to this Ship. Until the end of your turn, that Pony card gains one keyword of your choice, except for Pony names. (9) - Within hours after Chris Chan had informed the heroes, superheroes, and militaries, of the formula for dissolving the slime. Shower Stations had been crafted around the edges of Arizona; barrels of bicarbonate soda and sugar have been piped into the shower stations. During this shower, S.M. laughs at pervy thoughts. 6 November 2019
CreatingtheThunderstorm.jpg Creating the Thunderstorm Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to this Ship. Until the end of your turn, that Pony card gains one keyword of your choice, except for Pony names. (11) - September 29, 2019, Chris Chan, other Sonichus and Rosechus, and her allies and friends run circles in the Pacific Ocean, off the South-West coast of the portion of Mexico south of Arizona, to mist water to make strong rain clouds. Many flight-abled individuals and piloted jets seeded the created clouds with massive amounts of bicarbonate soda and sugar. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Divine Intervention.jpg Divine Intervention Ship Heart If this card is attached to a Pony card with a matching super form (Mega or Chaos keyword) in your hand or discard pile at any time, you may discard the attached Pony card and replace it with its matching super form. (AZ-16) After Ben Saint had demolished the Beta timeline he had accessed for his comic, he exiled that Phantom Horn into a void. But, he has a further purpose, so I rescued and brought him into C-197 to serve that purpose. -Chris Chan "The gift of life extension by divine intervention, It's gotta be a twist of fate." -Wikipedia:Olivia Newton John 17 December 2019 (leaked)
Blesshorncard.jpg I Bless This Horn Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to thsi Ship. Until the end of your turn, that Pony card becomes the race of your choice. This cannot affect Pony cards with the Changeling keyword. (10) - After the shower, Chris Chan teleports the slime-free P.H. and S.M. to Cwcville's Bassilicom. She had blessed the poudrin and returned it to P.H.; he will be in for a positive surprise very soon. 6 November 2019
OhWhatIsThis.jpg Oh. What Is This? Ship Heart N/A (8) - Chris Chan had been working hard with other good superheroes, deities and other allies as quick as possible to gather massive amounts of slime and relocating them into the Grand Canyon. P.H. and S.M. informed her of the information; it was indeed as she and Magi-Chan Sonichu had foreseen. In an instant, she telepathically sent the word out to her allies. P.H.'s poudrin falls out of his tube/horn. "Woahly, Phantom Horn! Crystalized Slime, and you have a chunk. Crystalized, even a poudrin this size, can either be utilized as a weapon's energy source, or as a healing stone with very mild slime side-effects." -Chris Chan Sonichu. She tucks it away into her subspace for the moment. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
PenPalsIncoming.jpg Pen Pals (Incoming) Ship Heart N/A (7) - The next day, Nightstar sent a letter back to Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk. "Dear P.H., The experiments have been very successful. The answer is simple: A Thunderstorm with bicarbonate soda and sugar. Everyone can also individually be cleansed fully with a shower of water with bicarbonate soda and sugar added. Please, relay this information to Chris Chan, immediately. You two are doing very well and learning exponentially of what it is like to be trolled and hated. Experience remains the best teacher. Be Safe and Well." -Nightstar Sonichu. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
PenPalsOutgoing.jpg Pen Pals (Outgoing) Ship Heart N/A (5) - Phantom Horn writes on a newspaper scrap, "Nightstar! You won't believe this! :D We not only got the Slime for you; fresh from a gusher by our own hooves, but we also have met THE Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu! She did save our hides from being covered by an attack. Anyway, here's the slime! Do your thing. You're welcome."
-Phantom Horn.
9 August 2020 (leaked)
ChrisSlime22.jpg Phantom Horn Pony Male, Unicorn The Horn Is There! (Special): You may draw 2 cards from the Ship and/or Pony deck. (14) - While recovering, P.H. was feeling more magic in his aura and seeing mild sparks flying off of his forehead. After returning to Equestria, it became more obvious. He removed the paper tube and found in its place a light teal-coloured functional horn. He was simply elated. But old habits die hard as he, for a while, still had the idea others still thought of him as an Earth Pony (Nobody saw him as such after this). When his horn glows, it gets a temporary transparent appearance, but functions normal and well. 3 October 2019[2]
SlimeSampleCollected.jpg Slime Sample Collected Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: You collect another Goal card right before this one in the same turn. The player who achieves this Goal increases their hand size by 1. (4) - After the mild chaos, Strawberry Milk closes the box and picks it up. "Egads! Strawberry Milk! A fresh slime sample! We can send that to Nightstar for analysis! Let me write a letter, and then we'll light 'em up with her in mind." -Phantom Horn. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Sparking Deity TSSSF.jpeg Sparking Deity Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: A Pony card becomes an Alicorn, pe-existing Alicorns and Changelings on the field do not count towards this Goal. Over the city of NLACakaNM in the Beta Timeline of C-197, that timeline's Chris Chan Sonichu appeared above the city, leading the extended soda storms only that timeline would endure. And in that timeline, that Chris Chan became infected by the slime, and became corrupted. 21 November 2019[3]
ChrisSlime23.jpg Strawberry Milk Pony Male, Earth Pony Dude! Sex is Rad! (3-Way Swap): You may swap up to 3 Pony cards on the grid. (15) - S.M. finally gets to chillax back in his crib with his bro-heimers and chicas. Remaining one who,partly intelligent, tries to be cool and chill, and ruins a moment with a pervy comment in the name of humor. For him, to keep him feeling happy is simply the fact of, "As long as I can still dance." 3 October 2019[2]
Tbbbap.jpg TBBBAP Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: Phantom Horn and Keg Standard are shipped together. "I'm Keg Standard." "And I'm Plantom Horn, and this week's fun episode was "Slime And Punishment"!" "Say, P.H., isn't that YOUR Web Comic that was not canon to MLP?", asked Keg. "Oh, NO, Brother of mine. This is Very Much Canon with the events in C-197, the Dimension neighboring our Equestria", Phantom replied. "Wait. C-197?", Keg asked. And Phantom replied, "You need to explore other dimensions and timelines MORE, Kegster." 1 July 2022
TelekineticBarrierProtection.jpg Telekinetic Barrier Protection Ship Heart The two Pony cards attached to this Ship card are prevented from being discarded by a card effect. (3) - A slime gusher shoots out from the manhole behind Chris Chan; she instantly emits a barrier to keep the three of them from becoming freshly slimed. After the geyser stops, she divides the slime away from the center, while telekinetically holding onto a fresh sample to be placed into the flame-proof box and sent back to Nightstar Sonichu in Equestria for examination. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Patreoncard4.jpg Trolling the Trolls Back Ship Heart N/A (1) - Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk have been wandering the streets of New Lost Angeles City, aka New Milwaukee, Arizona in Dimension C-197, mining the slime that has the locals' minds under negative influences. As their frustration hit an apex, a Goddess appears to help. "Ah! Thers's Phantom Horn. The super awsome, yet weird, unicorn. I just... Feel compelled to study him. To become a Phantom Horn Historian... A Phanstorian, if you will!" -Chris Chan Sonichu. "Wha...! Bro! you just got trolled back!!" -Strawberry Milk. 6 October 2019


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