Chris's Last Will and Testament

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Chris's Last Will and Testament, titled by Chris as IMG_0176.MOV, is a video produced by Chris and privately uploaded to his Google Drive in the evening hours of 6 August 2020. For unknown reasons Chris had grown incredibly morose near the time of creation of this video and felt the need to create a will, he later sent this video to Naught, who got deeply concerned after looking at the contents and decided to leak it.

In the video, Chris, under the possession of Sonichu, prepares to leave his belongings to MKRNightVee and Kai/Kevin Fairchild for when his body completes its travel to Dimension C-197. According to Naught, Chris had initially chosen him to receive his belongings; Naught suggested Chris leave them to MKRNightVee instead.[1] Throughout the video, Chris repeatedly breaks the kayfabe of LARPing as Sonichu delivering Chris's will and instead refers to himself in first-person.


Naught made a CWCki account and released the video by making a page on this wiki (which has since been deleted) with the following text:

August 6th 2020 cwcs new best irl and d&d friend has cwc isolated in a discord server. Luckily one of cwcs close friend's got me in the server out of genuine concern (thanks) which after watching this video you too may feel a similar unease. Caution: Intense & sad.

Link to the server with Kai & cwc.

For the record the power's to be were warned about Kai/Kevin Fairchild; To be fair fact is on paper cwc is legally an adult. Regardless Kai has already taken money from cwc for 'groceries' and 'raid shadow legends' purchases. Kai/Kevin has gotten cwc into Egyptian Myths Kai even claims he's married to the goddess Isis to name one. link title Source <img src="content://" orientation="0" altText="Screenshot_20200806-185241_Messages.jpg.png" width="608" /> Ongoing..

Chris discussed the video in DMs with Naught.[2]

Legal Worth

Unsurprising, this video is worth little in terms of being an actual will. For one, a will must be in writing (Virginia allows handwritten wills if two disinterested parties can attest to the authenticity of the handwriting) and have two competent witnesses (who are not beneficiaries) to begin to be valid. Even if Chris supplemented the video with the required paperwork, the will could easily be revoked on the grounds that Chris was not sound of mind or under duress when making the will.[3]


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[Chris is sitting at a desk in his room with the camera on it, showing him from his shoulders up.]

Hmm, hello, this is... Hello! This is Sonichu in... [takes off glasses] the body of mama, Christine Weston Chander Sonichu. Ok, Chris-Chan Sonichu.

Anyway, I am recording this, as a video will, with my wife Rosey-Rosechu standing next to me, for in the oca- for in the event, anything happens to me, [points at himself] in this, one body, that belongs to mama Chris-Chan, if anything happens, including, the very likely just [poof], vanish from this dimension, this body and me? And, this house gets left behind, and, anything else that happens and transpire in this timeline, before the timeline changes, I wish to hereby, bequeath, all my remaining posse- all of... the remaining possessions between mine, and mama's that are in, and aro- this household, in- within the area of this Temple...

I relinquish all- I will relinquish all that... to Meghan Kathleen Ringo, who lives in the state of, Washington [Nervously licks his lips]... so, simply, she will- simply, sh- had to be sure to come over to come, to help, sort things out, and if she f- if she feels like it she can move in and help- as well, but that's a whole 'nother thing. That's a FAN going click-click-click-click-click-click the air conditioner just died out, so [shrugs] I had to take that as a sign.

Uh, anyway- aside from that, um, also, another note... that's set, but I would also... like to... also help out around the house, who lives here within the state of Virginia, one, Kevin Fairchild, who lives in Fishersville, I'd like him to... Barbara! You're gonna let him move in! You're gonna let him move in, he gonna help you with any remaining things, and artifacts within this house. And, Meghan you'll have to work with him as well, he's very genuine, very kind, I believe you both will get along very well.

And this, will definitely work out because you know me, I'm going, into C-197 [Points to C-197], our alternate dimension, and I'm gonna end up, uh, powering up this body, unlocking its- all of its alternate forms, and everything... I'm- you know me I'm a little bit [Shrugs right shoulder suggestively] this BRAIN IS SO DISORGANISED!!! [Bangs the side of his head with the heel of his hand], so body language is not exactly shyn- syncing up at times. But yeah... anyway, everything goes to... everything of- Chris- everything of... mine and Christine Weston Chandler Shonichu's [Makes hand gestures], they go to... Meghan Kathleen Ringo, and... I want Kevin Fairchild to come and move in, as well, because Barbara's gonna need as much help as possible, on the event that this house, this Temple, just stays behind, while, if the event that I [Points at himself] just suddenly vanish, without this house [Adjusts hair] and leaving it and everything else behind, and in that case also, uh, being obvious, this body would not stand by because it's ONE AND ONLY it's, one and only, the eyes, linked to this one brain! If you only knew, camera, [slurs a string of zeroes of indeterminate length, whilst making a "continuing to infinity" gesture]... of everybody else, the TRUE first person perspective. [grasps a lock of his hair in each hand]

So many things in my mind, so please pardon me if I seem a little bit erratic, but... This is my, last video will, and testament, on behalf of, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, who was born as Christopher Weston Chandler, to Barbara and Robert Chandler in this dimension, in this timeline. I'll leave you all with that, and, the attorney, who will handle the... case and all that, and, helping... them at all, or, anybody else helping them get situated with the situation and all that, so, thank you.


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