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I am making good progress on my D&D Sheet. Also, on average, a Sonichu or Rosechu can run about 765 mph, and I did the math to figure out how that translates into feet per Breath. We and Sonic can dash over 3,700 feet in a single breath. I did this on my own merit and skill.😊
Chris Chan Sonicleric as a TSSSF card.

Dungeons and Dragons is a popular fantasy role-playing game, considered the father of modern RPGs. Chris picked up interest in the game during Winter of 2019 after ProjectSNT cited it as inspiration for her redesign of Wild Sonichu.

He tried to convince local card game shop The End Games to unban him in order for him to learn to play (while insisting that their meetup group at a local restaurant was not good enough); however the shop stood their ground.[2]

Chris eventually learned to play from a local group of what he believes to be are friends.[3]

Dimensional beliefs

We, personally, are in of need of better help in this restrictive Dimension that has been now getting in-flowing Magics and Powers now, and better so, Presently. I need the help that ONLY the staff and past/present patrons of @TheEndGames can provide.
Chris claims learning how to play D&D will assist with the Dimensional Merge.

In order to rationalize his triggering over ProjectSNT's redesigns, Chris dreamed up the CS-89 dimension in a meditation session on 11 December 2019. Dimension CS-89 is supposedly the Dungeons & Dragons-esque version of C-197 that is home to Plutia and Peashy from Hyperdimension Neptunia, the redesigns, and Chris's D&D character, Chris Chan Sonicleric.

In his tweets, Chris believed that his triggering was caused by a disturbance in the CS-89 dimension. What kind of "disturbance" hasn't been disclosed by Chris, but he stated migrations of peoples and items from CS-89, alongside entire dungeons via heavy magic, came into C-197. Chris also came into the dimension as a Cleric to prevent "something really bad" from happening. Neither that nor how the migrations to C-197 worked have been disclosed.

Chris also claims that Dungeons and Dragons is one of the events that will lead to the Dimensional Merge.[4]

Character sheet

Chris posted an in-progress character sheet to Twitter on 30 January 2020. As with his art, the sheet is written in pen. A few entries are corrected with Wite-Out tape.

He considers work on the sheet to be meditation.[4]

Cleric Ranger 23
Neutral Good
3,736 Feet
1d8 + 1d10
Longsword 1d8 Slashing
Crossbow, Hand 1d6 Piercing
Dual Shortsword 2d6 Piercing
Shelter of the Faithful, By Popular Demand, Rustic Hospitality, Guild Membership, Discovery, Position of Privilege, Researcher

Transform Bonuses;

Mega Evolving with C.C. Sonichite adds +5 to ALL Bonuses (super).

7 Chaos Emerald transform to Hyper Chris Chan Sonichu adds +10 to ALL Bonuses.

Going HDD To CPU Blue Heart adds +5 to ALL Bonuses.

  • I can't be Mega Evolved and Hyper Form at the same time
  • I can be Mega Evolved OR Hyper Form while in either Normal Sonichu Form or CPU Form. Bonuses get combined in this instance (of CPU and Mega or Hyper).

Single Transformation lasts for one action.

Giant Killer, Steel Will, Land's Stride, Dual Wielder. Athlete, Elemental Adept, Observant, War Caster, Spellcasting (Cleric + Ranger), Divine Domain (Knowledge, Life, Light), Channel Divinity, Turn/Destroy Undead (3) Divine Intervention, Favored Enemy, Natural Mountain Explorer, Two-Weapon Fighting

Longsword, Shield, Chain Shirt, Two Short-swords, Hand Crossbow, 20 Crossbow Bolts, Travelers Clothes, Sonichu Medallion, C.C. Sonichite, Celestial key, Magic Wand, Magic Amp, Elixer Bottle, Pen, Magic Stones;

Backpack: Bedroll, Magnifying Glass, 50' Rope, 2 Spellbooks, 10 Potions, Painter Supplies, Blanket, DayRations (5), Mess Kit, Waterskin, Note Case, Signet Ring, Small Knife, Dice & Cards, Guild Letter


Fans noted several flaws with Chris's character sheet.

  • Broken character.
  • Abilities which don't exist in D&D, such as Mega-evolving from Pokémon, with no homebrew explanation.
  • Nonsensical speed. A single round of D&D lasts six seconds in-game. An average player moves 30 feet (9 metres) in that time, while Chris's character moves 3,700 feet (1.1 km) in that time, twice that if he dashes. Additionally, walk speeds are always given in multiples of 10, while Chris's character instead gives the oddly specific speed of 3,736 feet per round. This was apparently calculated based on Sonichu's average running speed and the number of breaths he supposedly takes per second...for some reason.
  • Starting at level 23, a level higher than god characters, quite fitting for his delusions.
    • Level 20 is the highest a player character can attain in the game, making this particularly ridiculous.
    • His tally marks specify he's taken 15 levels of cleric and 8 levels of ranger, which makes him miss out on the best cleric features and spells (levels 17-20).
  • Only has 2 hit dice. A level 23 character would be expected to have a cumulative total of 23 hit dice (a number of d8s equal to his cleric levels, and a number of d10s matching his ranger levels).
  • Prioritizing fluff about the character over skills, stats or feats.
  • Attempt to homebrew a custom race (Sonichu).
  • Overpowered transformation ability, also non-existent in normal D&D, giving himself a +5 or +10 bonus (cumulative with his other custom-made abilities), enough to make it so that he would never lose at dice rolls.
    • A level 20 character usually has a +11 bonus to actions he's proficient in; Chris's special extra bonuses could bump that to +21 or more, making even "difficult" tasks, which usually require a roll of at least 20, impossible to fail.
  • Insufficient equipment, weapons, or money. He's only listed starting equipment befitting a level 1 character; his 50 gold pieces are also a far cry from what can be expected from a level 20 character.
    • He's used all of his 5 opportunities to increase his stats to take feats instead (Dual Wielder, Athlete, Elemental Adept, Observant, and War Caster), which means his core abilities (e.g. Dexterity, Constitution, and Wisdom, the latter especially important for clerics) are exactly the same as a level 1 character's.
    • His "dual shortsword" is listed as doing 2d6 damage. A shortsword deals 1d6 damage, and dual-wielding two of them only allows you to make an additional attack, it doesn't give you an extra damage die. Additionally, you don't need to take the Dual Wielder feat to use two shortswords to begin with.
  • Chris listed a "Magic Wand" without specifying what it is, which is pointless for one of two reasons:
    • A wand can be used as a "focus" by sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards, but neither by rangers nor by clerics (rangers may not use foci or use a druidic focus; clerics use holy symbols, which a medallion could technically be, as harrowing as that thought is), making a wand useless for him.
    • Alternatively, he might have meant a particular type of wand, which means he did so without understanding they are created with one particular spell in them. This suggests that he doesn't understand the difference between an arcane focus and a magical wand. This also shows that when he selected the item he did it without paying anything or even looking in a book, because wands are always listed with their spell and a price based on the power of that spell.
    • In either case, he has a stick he can't use for anything. It's also worth noting that a "magic amp" is not a thing in D&D; in a similar manner, his two random spellbooks are nothing he can actually use, as only wizards rely on spellbooks.
  • He has the "Shelter of the Faithful", "By Popular Demand", "Rustic Hospitality", "Guild Membership", "Discovery", "Position of Privilege" and "Sage" features, which implies he took SEVEN backgrounds (Acolyte, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Hermit, Noble and Sage) instead of the permitted ONE.
  • Clerics are only permitted one Divine Domain. Chris has chosen three (Knowledge, Life and Light).
  • Has written down the Favoured Enemy ranger feature, but hasn't actually chosen a favoured enemy (a type of monster to gain benefits against); conversely, he hasn't written down his ranger archetype (Hunter) at all.
  • A completely new player that isn't slow in the minds can be briefly overwhelmed when first playing a level 1 character. Giving a greenhorn some ridiculous feature-laden "level 23" character guarantees he'll have no idea what's going on in the game, especially if he happens to be Chris.

Other characters

Blake Sonidemaru

In May 2022, during the Jail Saga, Chris drew Blake Sonidemaru, counterpart of Blake from dimension CS-89; he colored in the drawing in February 2024 and posted it to Twitter.

Dungeons & Dragons Harrisonburg

Main article: Dungeons & Dragons Harrisonburg

Dungeons & Dragons Harrisonburg is a Meetup group which Chris joined and participated in.


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