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Helena G. Fiorenza
Name Helena González Fiorenza
Date of birth (1994-02-01) February 1, 1994 (age 29)
Also known as zonichu
Gender Female
Race White
Nationality Argentinian
Occupation Artist
Saga Secret Shipfic, Jail
That is great. I won’t disappoint. My goal is super gay. I want to make people who legit like Sonichu feel comfortable saying they like it. I want to make dual monthly visual novel games with people in the Sonichu fandom. Got the blessing of some Chris YouTubers to put them in my gay game. It is gonna be so much fun
Helena discussing plans for broading the Sonichu "fanbase".[1]

Helena G. Fiorenza (born 1 February 1994) aka P1ckChu formerly PickinyFelliny, is an Argentinian woman who used to photoshop images of Chris's creations. She also photoshops photographs she has taken, and includes references to Sonichu in them, or Chris's characters, and created art and fanfictions that involved the shipping between Chris's characters, sometimes including characters from other franchises or her own characters.[2]

Helena is also known for roleplaying as one of her OC's, Pickchu while interacting with Chris, to the point of Chris considering Pickchu as a fifth suitor to his polyamorous marriage. Helena has done the roleplay and art in order to get Chris's attention. Chris has also implemented a chunk of her artwork into his TSSSF series, using it in the expansion pack Hangin' With Magi-Chan.

Helena has written a number of letters to Chris while he was in jail, starting with one in May of 2022. Being that she lived in Argentina, she had gotten the assistance of the Twitter user Eels and the Egg-man to post letters that Chris had directed towards her.


Helena has created two OCs of note, Jeffery and Pickchu


A TSSSF card featuring Jeffery

Jeffery is a hermaphrodite/intersex cyclops OC. Helena has shipped this character with Magi-Chan on multiple occasions.



Pickchu is a hermaphrodite/intersex Sonichu OC of Helena's that is also autistic[note 1]. Helena created the character on 2019 as another Sonichu, but later changed the character to a rabbit. In March 2021, Chris made Helena's OC a prophet for his "religion". After this, Helena continued to make more comics following the surreal deity worship ceremony. Helena later drew a comic stating that Pickchu had a crush on Chris; Chris responded saying he was grateful, but he did not want to pursue a romantic relationship. A few days later, Helena drew multiple comics of her bunny OC and Naitsirhc starting a relationship. Chris did approve of the relationship, despite the 20-year age-gap between the characters. In a Jail Letter sent to Helena, Chris claims that he considers Pickchu to be a valid prophet, as well as a part of his "harem", alluding to his Polyamorous marriage.

Helena has also roleplayed as the character on the account she created for him.

During her roleplay as Pickchu, Helena also included topics that may interest Chris such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Trolls, when she does get a response, Chris doesn't mention her and just pushes his agenda further.

Dating Magi-Chan

In September 2019, Helena posted photoshops of her and Magi-Chan on a date, tagging MagiChan111448.[3] Chris followed her back and answered:

The images Helena has been uploading chronicled the one day she and I shared together, and yes, I did spend the night; her bed was comfortable. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. My wish I made is coming true, as I had foreseen. 💜⚡️

She later implied her OC and Magi-chan were involved sexually to which Chris replied on Nov. 30th:

He does like to have fun at times, so his brain is not overworked. He also does enjoy the simple things when he can.

Chris featured much of Helena's artwork involving her dating Magi-chan, as well as lore she had come up with in his Hangin' With Magi-Chan expansion pack of TSSSF cards.

Sonichu Fandom

Helena talked with The WCT about wanting to create fancomics involving people that orbit Chris.[1]

In Jail Letter - 14 July 2022, Kenneth Engelhardt mentioned plans to collaborate with Helena to help Chris build a Sonichu base.

Sonichu ARG

Helena had admitted in DMs to have intended to create an alternate realty game (ARG) involving Sonichu characters, where one can roleplay in a setting where the Dimensional Merge had actually occurred.[4] Helena mentions in another DM that she intends for Chris to try out the ARG.

Discord DMs

It is real for Chris and I have a crush on him
So you are trying to win CWC over?
I am making an ARG
Alternative Reality Game
Some use slenderman, I use sonichu
Why are you?
I tried other args. None got traction. This has a lil group of people to care. Around 12. I have fun. Why I love to say what if the merge will happen

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  1. On Helena's Twitter profile for the character, the description for the character is: "Short, plump and autistic. Artist and does have blood in veins. Creative. Loyal. Lonely. Tweet at me... Please?"


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