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That is great. I won’t disappoint. My goal is super gay. I want to make people who legit like Sonichu feel comfortable saying they like it. I want to make dual monthly visual novel games with people in the Sonichu fandom. Got the blessing of some Chris YouTubers to put them in my gay game. It is gonna be so much fun
Helena discussing plans for broadening the Sonichu "fanbase".[1]
Helena G. Fiorenza
Name Helena González Fiorenza
Date of birth (1994-02-01) February 1, 1994 (age 30)
Also known as zonichu
Gender Female
Race White
Nationality Argentinian
Occupation Artist
Saga Secret Shipfic, Jail, Third Exile

Helena G. Fiorenza (born 1 February 1994) aka P1ckChu formerly PickinyFelliny, is an Argentinian woman who used to photoshop images of Chris's creations. She also photoshops photographs she has taken, and includes references to Sonichu in them, or Chris's characters, and created art and fanfictions that involved the shipping between Chris's characters, sometimes including characters from other franchises or her own characters.[2].

Helena is most likely the biggest fan of Sonichu in the entire world. She has created art of her Sonichu OC Pickchu, and roleplayed as that same OC for years by now, 24/7. She has even gone so far as to create multiple video games about Sonichu, and written multiple chapters of a Sonichu continuation. Helena even seems to have a genuine crush on Chris, based on what she says.

Helena is also known for roleplaying as one of her OC's, Pickchu while interacting with Chris, to the point of Chris considering Pickchu as a fifth suitor to his polyamorous marriage. Helena has done the roleplay and art in order to get Chris's attention. Chris has also implemented a chunk of her artwork into his TSSSF series, using it in the expansion pack Hangin' With Magi-Chan.

Helena has written a number of letters to Chris while he was in jail, starting with one in May of 2022. Being that she lived in Argentina, she had gotten the assistance of the Twitter user Eels and the Egg-man to post letters that Chris had directed towards her.



Pickchu is a hermaphrodite/intersex Sonichu OC of Helena's that is also autistic[note 1]. Helena created the character on 2019 as another Sonichu, but later changed the character to a rabbit. In March 2021, Chris made Helena's OC a prophet for his "religion". After this, Helena continued to make more comics following the surreal deity worship ceremony. Helena later drew a comic stating that Pickchu had a crush on Chris; Chris responded saying he was grateful, but he did not want to pursue a romantic relationship. A few days later, Helena drew multiple comics of her bunny OC and Naitsirhc starting a relationship. Chris did approve of the relationship, despite the 20-year age-gap between the characters. In a Jail Letter sent to Helena, Chris claims that he considers Pickchu to be a valid prophet, as well as a part of his "harem", alluding to his Polyamorous marriage.

Helena has also roleplayed as the character on the account she created for him. She posts on the account 24/7, and makes art of him multiple times daily.

During her roleplay as Pickchu, Helena also included topics that may interest Chris such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Trolls, when she does get a response, Chris doesn't mention her and just pushes his agenda further.

Dating Magi-Chan

In September 2019, Helena posted photoshops of her and Magi-Chan on a date, tagging MagiChan111448.[3] Chris followed her back and answered:

The images Helena has been uploading chronicled the one day she and I shared together, and yes, I did spend the night; her bed was comfortable. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. My wish I made is coming true, as I had foreseen. 💜⚡️

She later implied her OC and Magi-chan were involved sexually to which Chris replied on Nov. 30th:

He does like to have fun at times, so his brain is not overworked. He also does enjoy the simple things when he can.

Chris featured much of Helena's artwork involving her dating Magi-chan, as well as lore she had come up with in his Hangin' With Magi-Chan expansion pack of TSSSF cards. This was the first interaction between Helena and Chris.

Sonichu Fandom


Helena has made a number of Sonichu games on her Itch.io page[4].

Armored Kaiju Monster Battles. Chapter 1

Armored Kaiju Monster Battles. Chapter 1[5][6] is a Sonichu visual novel that follows Chris, along with many different Sonichu OCs working as pilots. The game features a plethora of spelling errors, along with cringe-worthy writing (which is to be expected from a Sonichu game). Notably, Helena got permission from YouTubers Dillin Thomas and GiBi to add them into the game, as Edgechu and Gibichu respectively. GiBi made a video playing the visual novel, shortly before the incest leaks[7]. Helena never made a Chapter 2.


Enjoy the first chapter of this Visual Novel Sonichu AU free fan game. It has no sound so play your own music and feel something different every time you play.

New chapter will be release hopefuly next month.

Pickchu's Dating Sim

Pickchu's Dating Sim[8] is a short dating simulator with Helena's OC Pickchu.


A 5 minute short Simulation Game for me to try to get back to make games after... the incident.

Sonichu ARG

Helena had admitted in DMs to have intended to create an alternate reality game (ARG) involving Sonichu characters, where one can roleplay in a setting where the Dimensional Merge had actually occurred.[9] Helena mentions in another DM that she intends for Chris to try out the ARG.

To be honest I dreamed with Chris tonight again

Dreamed I took old school Chris on hollidays and he wanted sex all night and didn't rest well in the dream. It ended we arriving to his house and his aunt offering me italian food and I woke o when got inside the house

If only it were true... his aunt is dead. I find it fascinating that you had sex with him all night in the dream.
I had no sex. Was a tense dream pretending to be asleep and he being unable to ask me but touching me all the tine

cut off

Um wait what's happening
we are talking about my arg
That's actually pretty cool! I bet you could create some splendid horror one day!
the joke is that aRG is that I am insane and think of myself as a prophet. I am an artist and that has been establish. I draw and stuff and it's my main Twitter. This is all stuff I imagine. I draw stuff where I see it. I used to be insane and see stuff before. The arg grab that past of mine where I was kinda insane and make it a shared experience
I am humanizing Magichan until the point I am killing him and make everyone upset
But Ike one of the theories of the multiverse is, another will occupy their space. The theory says that your soul is all of the other souls. You will experience all lifes. You are god. My theory is that all MAgichans is one Magichan living though all the universes since he can travel through time and space killing one just means that at some point the chain of lifes broke but in what moment will all Magichans stop to exist? (edited)
The joke of the ARG is that despite all I am insane once again
Eyyyyyyy what's going on
explaining my joke of a twitter
Oh... Christine will flip out. I used to be kind of crazy. S cut off depressed, really. I have written some dark, offensive, and shocking work myself. I even did a gothic short story and won

cut off

It is real for Chris and I have a crush on him
So you are trying to win CWC over?
I am making an ARG
Alternative Reality Game
Some use slenderman, I use sonichu
Why are you?
I tried other args. None got traction. This has a lil group of people to care. Around 12. I have fun. Why I love to say what if the merge will happen

cut off


During July 2021, Helena had a series of DMs with Watchmen leader The WCT. The discussion starts off as about the Watchmen, but Helena starts rambling about her dreams of the Sonichu fandom.

Hi. Before you block me wanna know why you joined the watchdogs. I heard you guys have my old phone number and promised not to leak it. Idk if is useful anymore but wanted to know what you guys were planning when tried to get my information. Everything about me is public. I guess I just wanna say is that I can’t hate you guys or the kiwifarms. I looked like a threat. There are people trying to make money out of Chris but they will always fail. All I do is gonna be for free unless is a commission. So, that. Just wanted to let you know even you are in a group of mean people, I don’t think you are mean and who really cares what I think anyways? Heh. Hope you have a good day.
Hello there Helena.
btw, the Watchmen are under my control now.
Oh. Hope you manage to keep Chris protected
I’ll be honest with you right now:
I think you’re cringe, but as long as you don’t harm Chris and such I don’t care what you do.
Oh, I am chringe. I come from the creepypasta fandom. I am acting like the fan I am. That is why I am doing fan games. All hard work for free. Might be my autism but who knows. Besides Chris decides who to talk to. Only reason she drew Pickchu was because of Dillin
unlike the previous leader of the Watchmen (who recently doxed me) I will give anybody who befriends Chris a chance until it becomes clear to me they have awful intentions.
That is great. I won’t disappoint. My goal is super gay. I want to make people who legit like Sonichu feel comfortable saying they like it. I want to make dual monthly visual novel games with people in the Sonichu fandom. Got the blessing of some Chris YouTubers to put them in my gay game. It is gonna be so much fun
thats a little much to ask for, but I wish you luck. lol
Thanks a bunch. Maybe will fail but that is my goal. To make games all on my own or groups. The one coding one of my games wants to charge for it and I don’t wanna so that game might never come out but hope the visual novels I do are liked by the like 10 people I talk to. Heh
keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.
I will. Thanks

Jail Involvement

Letter Writing

Pickchu's reaction to the incest leaks, depicted in her Sonichu comic

Helena, like many others, was shocked by the revelation that Chris had been having sex with his mother. Helena made a tweet about the situation shortly after the leaks.[10]

This Chris Chan retraction thing is all the two girls stabbing the girls to get to meet Slenderman again. Everyone thinks that saying they like the product is endorsing the crime. Whoever is pro incest is weird. Nobody is into real rxpe. I hope Chris gets help now more than ever

This would be the last tweet Chris ever liked on Twitter before being arrested. For around an year Helena stayed out of Christory, but despite Chris being arrested for incest, she still had a crush on him [11]. Because of this, she wanted to continue communicating with Chris, and started drafting letters to send to him. Due to her living in Argentina, she enlistened the help of her online friend Eels and the Eggman to send letters to Chris. Chris took an incredibly long time to respond to these letters, which left Helena feeling ignored.

On 9 May 2022, Chris finally responded to one of her letters, starting their communications. Most of their interactions consist of mundane roleplaying, which is nothing much new for Chris. Helena also gained a lot of influence over Chris around this time, with him believing that Jacob Sockness had died after she drew him dying in her comic[12].

However, shortly after starting communications with Chris, Helena ended them. This was due to Chris and Caden Peck's idea to start a $150,000 fundraiser in order to kick Barb out of 14 Branchland Court[13]. During this time, Chris had become increasingly mean-spirited, asking repeatedly for Barb to die so he didn't have to deal with her[14]. Chris also discussed having Caden meet up with Helena, which wouldn't come to fruition[15]. The fundraiser led Helena, Eels and Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt to completely cut ties with Chris, citing his increased cruelty[16].

The Sonichu Project

Helena draws her OC kissing Chris in jail

During the Jail Saga, Helena and Eels became acquainted with Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt, who was prolific in writing letters to Chris. He also happened to be another genuine fan of Sonichu, just like Helena. During July 2022, Kenneth started working on plans to make a Sonichu base, turn Sonichu into a genuine business, and expand the Sonichu universe. After the 14BC Fundraiser caused Kenneth and Helena to cut ties with Chris, they decided to continue with the Sonichu franchise, but without Chris's involvement, effectively stealing Chris's work.

The Sonichu rebirth (makeover project) will go ahead. Eels and Helena are on board with this as well as another individual. We are all in agreement about Chris Chan. He is gone, out the door.

As a part of the Sonichu project, Helena picked up where Chris left off, and started creating her own Sonichu comic issues.

I am making the continuation of Sonichu. This are my 5 chapters/issues. Enjoy

Helena's comic manages to be almost as cringe-worthy and insane as the original Sonichu, making it a truly accurate continuation. Just like Sonichu, it is almost impossible to read without intensive previous knowledge of Christory, with no explanation of the events taking place. The main character of the comic, Pickchu, essentially acts as a self-insert for Helena, down to having Eels and the Eggman as a friend and sending letters to Chris.


A piece of art Helena posted on Twitter, which Chris liked

When Chris got released from jail, he spent a few months off the internet entirely. However, during August 2023 Chris started being active on the internet again, playing Pokemon GO and liking tweets on Twitter. The third tweet he liked was from Helena herself, which showed Pickchu shocked at Chris's return.[19] She then also claimed to have DMs with Chris.

On 3 September 2023, Helena tweeted a screenshot of a DM between Chris and her.[20] Chris wrote the following:

Hi, Helena and Pickchu. Sorry for not responding , but I have been keeping a low profile as possible. Anyways, I am not mad at either of you at all. And my online return is coming. And I allow you to share this as I known you are likely to do, I also enclose the following photo. Thank Cr1TiKaL for the really Divinely inspired GFuel. Be safe and well, you and everyone, with Blessings.


Helena also added the following commentary:

I don't know what you did, @MoistCr1TiKaL but Christine says thanks for the @GFuelEnergy :3

Hi Reddit :D

Please be patient, ok?

Christine is coming back :3

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  1. On Helena's Twitter profile for the character, the description for the character is: "Short, plump and autistic. Artist and does have blood in veins. Creative. Loyal. Lonely. Tweet at me... Please?"


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