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"You summoned us we came for cwc."

Eels and the Egg-man (@EelsandtheEgman) is a Twitter user and genuine fan of Sonichu who is internet friends with Helena Fiorenza and Kenneth Engelhardt.

During the Jail Saga, Eels started frequently sending letters to Chris, becoming a friend of Chris by enabling his delusions. Eels posts the letters to Twitter, though he will sometimes choose to summarize the contents instead of releasing the full letters, if Chris asks him to keep the letter private.[1]. He admitted that this rule does have some exceptions.

Mission statement:

If chris ever tells me something illegal/or too juicy (i.e. "hey Eels you know how I said I didn't fuck barb, well I lied I really did it!") in his letters and tells me not to publish them, I will publish it regardless of chris' request

Eels [2]

Eels claims that his first attempt to contact Chris was 'many years' before the Jail Saga, sending him a letter about 'changing the Amy Rose part of the sonichu girls into Sally Acorn'. It is unknown if Chris ever responded to this letter.[3].

Because Eels lives in the United States and Helena Fiorenza does not, he has sent and received correspondence to/from Chris at Central Virginia Regional Jail on Helena's behalf, thereby saving Chris the inconvenience of sending mail internationally.

Eels has admitted to frequently lying in his letters, by telling Chris that he will give him money to get him to write more letters[4].

During the Jail Saga, Eels and Helena began communicating with Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt, who had plans for continuing Sonichu while Chris was in jail. The three started communicating together, and Eels became a contributor to the project, working together with Kenneth.

In one of his letters, Chris mentioned plans to have Caden Peck meet up with Helena. Eels then asked on Twitter for Caden to come in contact with the two of them, though nothing came from this. Eventually, Chris and Caden came with an idea, to create a fundraiser in order to move Barb out of 14 Branchland Court. Chris's letters became increasingly dark throughout this period, with Chris even wanting Barb to die.

After these letters, the trio of Kenneth, Helena and Eels decided that they couldn't support Chris anymore, and they excommunicated him from the Sonichu Project, restarting the series without him.

Despite Kenneth and Helena cutting ties with Chris, Eels sent Chris a letter in December 2022 and another in late January 2023 but has received no reply to either.[5]


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