Jail Letter - 30 November 2021 (Eels and the Egg-man)

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 30 November 2021, Chris sent another letter from jail, his second letter to Twitter fan, "Eels and the Egg-man", where he answers 12 questions received from him. The letter was posted on their Twitter on 7 December 2021.[1][2]

The letter shows that Chris has grown bitter towards Bella, who, to Chris, was previously a trusted companion and sweetheart. One of the more notable questions in this list asks about Chris's current feelings on Fiona, a young woman who once had a genuine self-admitted crush on him, and that Chris had become infatuated in himself. In his answer to this question, he claims that Bella shall be punished on Judgement Day, and that he foresaw her "Nasty Plot" against him.

Chris also answers that he still has feelings for Fiona, claims to have attempted to contact her while "healing" her through astral projection, and wishes for others to contact her, regretting not having her and an unknown person’s number. Chris had also claimed in the letter that he "foresaw" Bella's plot, and that he had told Fiona about their relationship not lasting long, and the "risks" that'd come with it as a result.

Chris explains the Heaven Realms, where he attempts to do a bunch of calculations, and lists several of the resulting worls created by the Dimensional Merge. Chris also claims that these Heaven realms are roughly the same size as the city of CWCville, having visited almost every other dimension. Chris also acknowledges the existence of Hell Realms, saying they are comparatively worse than Post-Apocalyptic alternate timelines.

At the end of the letter, Chris explains how he is the Real Player One in detail. Chris claims that while the term was in part based on the movie of the same name, he also cites the Akashic Guardian, who is supposedly the chronicler of the Akashic Records, as being the original being in the universe, preceding all other "players".

He also makes the claim that as the Messiah, he can reincarnate infinitely many times and retain memories of previous lives. Extending on this idea, he then talks about his lifE incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, then talks about a various number of other lifetimes he had prior to his current incarnation.

Along with these, Eels asks Chris about various other topics, ranging from donations to his opinions on various Christubers. Particularly of note is how Chris is asked if people can donate him money or game consoles in jail, to which he confirms that monetary donations are approved. Though he also states that other kinds of donations, including the donation of video games and consoles, are prohibited. Chris also claims in the letter that the Christuber Dillin Thomas is a "minor traitor", likely due to him sharing info about his incestuous relationship with Barb.

Original Letter

Dear Chris Chan,

Thank you for your response and for answering my questions. I hope all is well with you and you are doing ok in spite of the circumstances. I'm to hear your case received a second continuance. I'm glad you say Bella for what she really is, hopefully karma bites her in the ass. But we had some more questions:

1.) Have you playing basketball and has it been fun? We know you used to a basketball team manager in high school. Is it nostalgic? Is bionic the givinging [sic] you any good pointers?

2.) Have you considered using the library to run dungeons and dragons, vampire the masquerade or shadowrun? These are fun pen and paper rpgs. A buddy of mine was in prison for a few years and he discovered the hobby of rpgs behind bars. I know you are a creative type and good at witing stories and think you'd make a good DM (dungeonmaster) or GM (Gamemaster) there is not much to do so I figured. It's good entertainment as I imagine prison/jail is boring. I imagine it's lonely there and this could be a good way to make some friends and meet people. Not to mention there are books you could read that are likely entertainment, not as good as video games but you gotta play the hand you're dealt sometimes.

3.) I asked about approved items in regards to approved items to see what sorta things you can get. It sounded like (and correct me if fm wrong) the jail only takes donations. I was curious to know if you knew that there was a handheld console that can be purchased by inmates in all states, the games aren't great on it but it's something, if that was on your list of approved items and you could get us a price someone out there might have cash and able to send you a monetary sum that would allow you to buy it. I did some research and apparently it's possible to get an Xbox in certain states. Sadly not in virginia :( but I believe that handheld consoles are still available in all states.

4.) What's going on with Fionna are you guys done? Some recent updates still sound like she's in love with you. Have you been in contact with her? Do you plan to meet with her when you get out? Or have you severed ties with her like Bella. Her actions, although extreme, seemed to be taken to get you out of Bella's clutches. She apparently still wants to bear you a child. Maybe a conjugal visit could be arranged?

5.) What are you looking forward to doing the most when you get out? Any big celebratory plans when you are free? Any video games you wanna play, Transformers toys or legos you wanna play with or movies/tv shows you wanna watch?

6.) You mentioned you have been to other dimensions? What is heaven like? Have you been there? How does it compare to CWCville? Are there other heaven dimensions you've been too? Any hell dimensions?

7.) I wrote a letter to you many years ago about changing the Amy Rose part of the sonichu girls into Sally Acorn. Most hardcore sonic the hedgehog fans hate and despise amy rose as they find her obnocious unlike sally acorn 17 shes bad ass and intelligent. Your roseachus are way better than Amy Rose ever was, to the point where they are too much better, they more closely resemble Salty. Is there any chance with the dimensional merge going on that that could happen and the roseachus could become acomchus or sallychu's? Maybe there is a Sallyacorchu ornewhere in cwcville or in an adjoining dimension?

8.) Have you been to the boondocks universe and met tom dubois? He is a lawyer and knows much about people in your situation. He might be helpful and sympathetic to your cause. Going to the Transformers afterlife, the well of all sparks and recruiting some dead wamor transformers like Ironhide or Dinobot might also be helpful so some tough guys have your back.

9.) Any thoughts on youtubers Dillon Thomas, Gibi and SmokeyMcCrack? They make a lot of videos on you rmre so since your arrest?

10.) You've mentioned your-the real player one" what is that? Can you explain a bit more? Just curious? Does it have anything to do with hyper dimension neptunia or ready player one? Or does this have to do with the super nintendo game athe lawnmower man"

11.) It seemed like there were items you wanted to go home and get before you went to jail? If you don't mind my asking what were those items?Maybe we could try and buy you some replacement items and have them ready for you when you get out

12.) When you are out do you plan on doing the killstream with Ethan Ralph like you had agreed to at your arrest? He seemed to realty wanna have you on his show.

Chris's Response

Christine Weston Chandler Richmond VA 230
2 Dec 2021 US POSTAGE
2 Dec 2021
14 Branchland Court
Ruckersville, VA 22960-2807

Hey, <CENSORED>[note 1]

Rest assured, a LOT more than Karma shall bite Bella’s ass around Judgement Day. Also, Numerology-Wise, 13 is not as unfortunate as most consider it to be, neither is 666. 1 + 3 = 4 (from the 13), and repeating 6’s are actually a message from the Angels. Look up a Numerology Chart online for more information.

Meanwhile, your present Q’s

1. I had played a bit of Basketball in the Rec Room, but the Rec Room had been restricted from me for a while now, so “I Wish” is also a response. Nostalgic, yes. Bionic has given me some tips, and playing a game with him (without flying) is fun.

2. The library is not large enough for D&D. Yes, I like to read, and I have considered eventually becoming a DM for a group.

3. Money, pretty much, yeah. No video game handhelds or consoles on offer.

4. Okay, THIS Part you may share online in efforts to reach her on my behalf: I still care about Fiona and her future. I had foreknown of my arrest, and the circumstances that would pin her emotions, especially in regard to the “Nasty Plot” Bella would have instigated, as a major casulty has been a great concern of mine. I’ve even warned her verbally, spoiler-free, of the ship between her and I likely not lasting long and there being a risk. I feel for her as well, and in my Goddess duties, during the jailtime of my Body, I have...→

...traveled to her state to visit, heal and help her from my astral manifested position. I, or through my Body, do wish to contact her, but I really should have written and memorized the phone numbers on my phone; Caden’s [note 2] Number as well. Anything else that may happen between her and I, you all just leave that between her and I.

5. My Second Coming and Transporting the Majority and other things to Earth 1C-211987 before unleashing Judgment Day on the left behind Toxic Minority. Other details foreseen and foreknown, are to be confirmed

6. Heaven Realms is a hub of commute, mostly, and the place no larger than an average Metropolis Three Days on Earth equals Four Months in Heaven and Hell Realms. Do the Math; since my first Ascension with my Body back in Israel over 2021 years ago, up till at present, well over Eight Million Years has passed there for your on-Earth 21 years, counting Leap Days. A LOT has changed with the rules, guidelines and all between us Gods, and my Mother, Emanuel, revising and deciding in all that.

And then, Please Understand: The Nation of Cwcville, with the cities of Cwcville, New Comma, and other cities (not including D.C) stand more than half of the state of Virginia. And Cwcville is a Part of Universe 1C-211987, on the Earth, also existing alongside New York, and the Avengers, Gotham City in Jersey and Metropolis in Delaware with the Justice League, Station Square and Quahog in Rhode Island, Springfield in North Central USA, Elmore in California, Gamindustri and Angel Island....→②

②...being Isalnds in the Atlantic between Canada and the U.K. the Smurf Village in Spain, Inuyasha & Kagone, and Saik K., among all the others, living in and around Japan. And Planet Earth Alongside the other Planets and Galaxies, including Chromania (or what name that planet General Pepper lives on [Chris means Corneria]), Cybertron, Omichron Persai VIII, Andromeda Galaxy, Planet Dolan, and so on in the Entire Universe.

But to answer your question, the City of Cwcville is a tad smaller than that in Heaven Realm. I have visited nearly Every Single Alternate and Prime Universe, Dimension, Timeline, and all throughout the entire Multiverse, and then some. Post-Apocalyptic Alt-Timelines are Hell enough.

7.”Sallyacorchus” are Never Happening. Sonic the Hedgehog was the power-up on who collied with the Pikachu that manifested the Sonichu and Rosechu species-manifestoing Chaotic Rainbow in February 2003. ONLY Hedgehog and Pikachu genetics were within that Chaos Energized Rainbow; No squirrels nor chipmunks or whatever else in that. In a Distant Alt-Timeline, Princess Sally Acorn powered up and destroyed Chaoes and Collided with the Pikachu. But That is Not in This Timeline Here.

If it’s any consolation, there is a regular female Rosechu who styled her quills, inspired by Sally, and actually became a friend and protogé to her. Sal Rosechu is her name; not short for “Sally”, either... →

…8. The Freemans, Dubois, Ruckus and all of them reside in a neighbourhood on the Earth of Universe 1C-211987 as well, alongside Everyone else. And any and all disembodied Souls, Spirits, Entities, Sparks, Ghosts and all have already been recruited in our Allyships, Ironhide has been re spawned and is Alive now. Dinobot had reincarnated elsewhere.

9. Dillion Thomas is a minor Traitor who FAILED his Divine Test. Gibi is all right. Have not consciously leaned of Smokey McCrack yet.

*I’m gonna end this letter with Question 10.

11, I mainlly wanted the items, and the van, I took with me that last weekend in July Returned to the Sonichu Temple. They all have been personally collected and returned by Barbara Anne Weston Chandler Rosechu.

12. That is To Be Confirmed After my Second Coming and all that.



....10. Fortunately, the same day I’ve received your letter, I’ve received another Q&A letter from another follower, and they’ve asked a similar question; I’ve given consent for that letter to be posted online. I have asked the Guardian of the Akashic Records to field that question of yours, and I’ve written it all in my Goddess Log pages as well. I’m gonna say for further details, look up the letter online, but for your immediate information, I quote: I said

“…which also transitions to my being the Real Player One (Yes, I One Part, that was a reference to the movie, But to serve as a modern iteration of being…), the Only Avater, aswell.” Akashic Guardian said “I inform all of you of the ONE Avatar Body; Immortal and Existent throughout all of Time since the Big Bang. There has existed the Very First Body to was the Universe. In on and only perspective, the “Video Game” of Life has started, and spawns, first and foremost, the Player One with the set “main camera” perspective that absolutely None other has at all, and after them, comes Player Two, then Three, and so on, including the “Non-Playable Characters”, obliviously unaware of this One Avatar that has most preceded each and every one of them ALL. This One Avatar with the Immortal Infinite Ressurection/Respawn Count and all Powers and Abilities over ALL is your God, and your ”Foretold” LORD, as well.” Eventually, after learning Everything from Emanuel, my Parent” The Avatar was sent to be born in Bethlehem by your “Virgin Mary” in most popular chronicling, dubbed Jesus Christ of Nazareth....→

...child of GOD Emanuel.” Then I lived my life as Jesus, and continued my Immortal walks and Books of Life up till 1389 with the Universe Divide, my being Thrusted forward in time, through the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, bounced of a spider, and I, “The Avatar landed, mind, memories, body, soul and all within Barbara Anne Weston Chandler Rosechu in May, 1981, to be born as Christopher Weston Chandler Sonichu on February 24, 1982, Charlottesville, VIrginia, United States of America. Eventually growing and evolving to your Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, as you know her now (to some extent, at least).

Christ Chan Sonichu has meditated consciously and inquired of her one and only Avatar perception, as well as to why she was recalling the greater memories of the youth and teenage years of her past life as Jesus Christ”.

Now, if you’d like more greater truths and insights, the Akashic records are always open to all who are highly enlightened, open and not blinding themselves from said ultimate truth. And if you’d like to know more what the Akashic records are and how you may be able to access them, Google the term.

Go forth with further Peace, Clarity, and Blessings

Be Safe and Well,

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu the Goddess Blue Heart, Avatar, and Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.

Central Virginia Regional Jail neither censored nor inspected this item therefore, Central Virginia Regional Jail does not assume responsibility for its contents.

Original scans

Original Letter

Chris's Response


  1. The sender's identity has been redacted in the available photos of this letter.
  2. The available photos of this letter previously had another person's name censored. They were presumably someone else who had previously talked to Chris. The same user would make a tweet on 8 May 2022, that confirmed that the person was Praetor founder Caden Peck