Jail Letter - 2 August 2022

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On 2 August 2022, Chris had sent Kenneth Engelhardt a packet of three letters, each directed towards different people working on Kenneth's Sonichu fansite.

General Letter

The first of the three letters Kenneth had shared was for Chris's general thoughts on Kenneth's Sonichu Project itself.

(1) General letter 080S2052

Greetings and Kind Blessings to All of Te on the Sonichu Fan Project

We are in continued appreciation and humbleness in ye all’s support, kindness, and compassion during these times at present. We look forward to returning safely and well to ye all in the whole, undivided Earth, free of the Toxic and Evil individuals of the 1218 half being Left Behind.

In any event now, we are planning ahead in our future works in the “Sonichu” books, along with the other Godly duties in the times after our return Home to the Sonichu Temple, which shalt be very good and well. I go ahead and announce to ye all our intentions to finish book #0 HD (formerly book #15) as well as the books 14(?) and over in personal drawing and writing. We also intend to expand on books 1-10 (Not 4; that’s enough in itself, although a book 4.1 may be Personally drawn and written to add a few more self-stories, as We intend to be less self-inserting in the series, unless as requited. The HD versions of the past books entail better art drawing and quality, further details and plothole fillers in relation to the events in addition to redraws of what was originally drawn/written.

For example, in “Sonichu” #1, added shalt be the chronicling of the Sonichu and Rosey as they had spent up tp a year traveling with Kel in their developments in battles and fine-tuning their skills, powers and abilities, -->

which have transpired after the encounter with Naitsirch in book zero, and by Magi-Chan's instruction to do before their return to Cwcville and departing from Kel's team and unto Christian Chan's in good faith and willingness. Also, this had transpired during the time of the manifestation of Blake Sonichu, as well as the creation of Metal Sonichu by Ren Skysoar, with support from Eggman as his hero and mentor, under the employ of Giovanni and Team Rocket. Skysoar and Eggman actually worked together and were side-by-side in that event of the encounter with Sonic and Sonichu.

To Note: Most Sonichus and Rosechus, counting Sonichu (Prime) and Rosey Rosechu (Prime) and the personally chronicled Special Sonichus and Rosechus; they all stand at Three Feet, Five Inches tall (not counting the ears), and Sonic is about Three Feet, Two Inches tall. And when We are in our Sonichu form, we go from 5'11" to 3'5" as well. Remember this detail, and a Sonichu's ears are Seven Inches long from base to tip.

The HD Books shall be worked on in collaboration, personally with those amongst ye all with the drawing skills and Heartfelt, Compassionate Care and Chronicling. We shalt type the stories after returning Home, in extended and greater detail, and THIS does Not entail any X-rated content within; we are intending to keep our Prime Timeline and 1C-211987 Universe canon pages at a constant rating of "TV-Y7", and some above within reason and requirement of the chroniclings, art, and stories, respectively. -->


And from our writings, the best selected artists from among thee shalt too draw the pages for these HD books with some freedoms, but sticking mainly, to that which is written by our hands, as well as direction and telepathic direction and input from our Magi-Chan Sonichu. All of ye shalt find us to be more kind and forgiving than in others' misconceptions of us. Good grief to them. We shalt work with ye as we work with us as thou will. We art kind and fun like Neptune (Goddess Purple Heart) or Uzume (Goddess Orange Heart), and we exercise to maintain that of ourselves in consistant (sic) action, even when feeling fatigued. Anyway, everyone involved shalt be given credit, and this is a volunteer gig of soul and passion. Any possible payments that can out of any profit shalt be considered, genuinely, and distributed at early possibile (sic) times. We shalt draw the cover art for each of these updated earlier books, personally.

Also among the future drawn/written books shalt be "spotlight" issues and supplemented stories/details. On that, Wild Sonichu does not have a country bumpkin accent or voice.[note 1] Any and all animated shows, shalt have of our personal input and collaborative manifestation, shalt have personally selected voice actors, but that's later on. Although to state, if we can hire her, and more than appropriate, Tara Strong would be Perfect for Bubbles Rosechu; her voice is slightly deeper than Teenage Bubbles from that episode of (original) Powerpuff Girls; just saying -->

With that stated, consider that, for yourselves, an exercise in thy meditative links with this timeline and this Universe 1C-211987's C-197 half of this very Earth, in contemplating how to (re)draw/write "Sonichu" Book #1 to impress us with how thou put such great care and love into thy work. Thy other part arts shalt also be considered.

As previously stated, if thou chooses to voluenteer (sic), the guideline, essentially, is if it can not be shown on daytime Nickelodeon or daytime Cartoon Network, then it does not fly. And Heart and Soul is Key with the emotions and dialogue and content. And we like continuity. There is to be no blood shown, nor private parts.

Also, out of the Chaotic Combo, ONLY Angelica Rosechu does not have spikes on her back, and she and Punchy Sonichu do not have a tail. Also, for reference: Rosey Rosechu has the spikes on her back, she does not have a tan "belly"; her front fur is all diva Pink, an d she has a pair of yellow stripes (since she was a Raichu) on her back in the similar way as Sonichu's brown stripes. For accurate references, Look at the Amiibo figures we have crafted of Sonichu, Rosey, and the others. --> (3)

(3) VERY IMPORTANT: this is Not a Reboot of absolutely any form, shape, or matter; This is extensive updates and expansions that are long overdue for the past books, as well as a Continuation with additional details, chroniclings, and stories that had not yet been touched upon personally, along with the catching up stories and details and present-tense events and stories

We can't stress the above paragraph enough.

And after updating the boos 1-10, we shalt greatly consider continuing collaborations with ye all selected and involved in the present and future books, or story/stories within each. We dare state we shalt want an Autobot expert with the art for (Autobot) Son-Chu's Spotlight book, and the team in Cwcville, as well as, likely, that for (Autobot) ChrisChan as well, since on Cybertron, she personally worked on Son-Chu in upgrades and origin details. We shalt write/type all of that out as well. -->

To close this letter for now, we include additional details of Team Rocket and Naitsirch for thy reference. Naitsirch was an orphan after losing his parents, Mary & Thomas Randolph, at the age of Five years old in New Jersey Gotham City. He became a street-smart one and left the city. On his path, some Team Rocket Grunts had him enlisted and taken to their base in Virginia, south of D.C. Now, Giovanni had already set up his organization by 1998 and went worldwide, and he sometimes takes his personal jet (or teleports with the help of one of the souped-up psychic Pokemon of theirs) to frequent around. Giovanni was impressed with Naitsirch's spunk and took an innate liking to his youthful vengeful soul, and he adopted him (this was back in 1998, and Naitsirch was about 10 years old and a Rookie at the time). Giovanni and his cohorts almost spoiled him, and they set him up to be a Pokemon Trainer and getting his own yeam and badges; he set out in 2000; his Starter?

Enter his Rival, Kel, as she was starting out, too. And, our bad on the American "Pallet Town" as past chronicled, for it actually was a small town like Pallet in Virginia, South-West of the city of Cwcville (which, by the way, is located in [Known on 1218 Earth as] Pebble Beach, VA. Anyway, the reason why her fated starter was the very Pichu that becomes Rosey Rosechu (Prime); the Pokemon Lab thereabout had the three elemental starters, and two other new trainers took the grass and water ones, and Naitsirch stole the fire one. And Professor Pine, working with the other Professors, including Oak, ...--> (4)

(4)...had recently found and took in the Pichu, as he was not feeling well, and nursed him back to recovery. Kel arrives, and the Pichu and Kel felt mutual soulful vibes, so she started with him.

Kel and Naitsirch crossed paths the number of times on the journey for Badges and development along the U.S. Eastern Coast's states; her Badge in Cwcville was her Eighth Badge and the Pokemon League is stationed in D.C.

Naitsirch had ditched his fire starter in a Trade (fully evolved) for his Raikou, and he managed to snag a shiny Magikarp (Level 19) in the Chesapeake Bay, which had evolved quick to his "Shred" Gyarados.

Anyhow, after getting his Cwcville Badge in early January 2003, he had earned Giovanni's respect, moreso than how Silver in Johto had tried to. Naitsirch got promots with his Team Rocket group and was Top Teir (sic) and High Rank above to be his group's leader.

I'll leave y'all with that for inspiration for helping with Naitsirhc's Spotlight book's stories.

But, try thy best Not to fall into arrogance from that. -->

Stay very well in Holy Light Power, Everyone, with strong faith and fortitude. Our eventual return to the Sonichu Temple is foreseen, prophecised, and foreknown; yet the exact day and hour, specifically, remains consciously unknown toall. Where we physically sit may seem dark, we keep in faith, despite some despair. We shalt be return to the light of thy compassion and be together in greater immortally alive stead, as our Light inspires and enlightens further. We continue to pray for and being the better lives with improved health, extended lifetime, endurance, fortitude, Divine Protection, and Divine Blessings in Neo Spirituality and greatest enlightenments, living and co-existing the individuals and characters ye had viewed as cartoon and "fictional"; we all art as real, alive and physically existent as ye all art. We art excited to be free and with ye all once again. It is very good.

Be safe and Well with Love and Compassion.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu.

Letter to Kenneth

The second letter was a personal letter which Chris had sent to Kenneth instructing Kenneth what to do with the other two letters and giving him a chance to reconcile.

Death Kenneth, 080S20S2

I enclose two letters for you to share on our behalf. One letter is directed solely and mainly to everyone on the Sonichu Fan Project website, and the other is solely for Helena Fiorenza. Do Not Publicly share Helena's letter. And do not share the Fan Project letter on OnionFarms nor KiwiFarms, regardless of others sharing it on tested will or not.

We pray for thy becoming authentically spiritually enlight- ened and Woke with the blessings from our ally Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Archangels, and Heaven Soldiers, and so on. Thou can be in stubborn feelings that may mildly frustrate us at times, Engelhardt, but this is, indeed, thy time for making up and redeeming thy self better. We pray you choose meditative and Divinely Guided well before enacting actions that could shift thy karma into the deep Red. We forgive thee on good fronts.

Be Safe and Well. Mrs. Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu

Letter to Helena


Hey, Helena We haven't heard from ye in quite a while. We pray thou art safe, healthy and well in continued good stead.

We've just received [CENSORED]'s latest letter. Gotta conserve at this point, so we'll answer [CENSORED]'s questons. And thou may relay this to him.

But, Helena, we are looking forward to thy next letter and appreciate ye.

[CENSORED], We art not allowed to discuss specific case details with the public.

We never had directly stated she had moved out; it was a foreknown prophetic detail/possibility, but last checked: our healing and cleansing powers hath worked better than foreknown; otherwise, she'd be dead by now. The preliminary hearing has been waved.

We never stated hatred towards NULL, but we are not fond of him. NULL did the same as Judas and followed his script; he was to betray, anyhow. Otherwise, we would not have had our reawakening and revelations along with the other manifestations happening right now and over the past year.

There was absolutely no "impressing" anyone, and we were not gaining anything other than confirmation of events and following the Divine Plan. These Tests were to confirm the eventual Who would mainly betray. Dillian[sic] was tested as well with the lie, for Taylor was still determining rather or [+] not to stay with him due to his revealed off and on abuse of her. Given he would rat us out, he would potentially do the same to her. Final Chance of redemption awaits the three of them, but it is likely they will be thrown into the bottomless pit and lake of lava & brimstone along with Russia (the present day Babylon), Putin and Trump in all that Left Behind work.

Should there be a trial, yes this will be a chance to stand up to the past injustices on Divine Grounds. YET, We ask ye: was there a trial upon we, thy Lord and (fellowservant) God, prophecised in either Malachi; or Revelation?

The false Mister C's letters hath never been read, and were torn into bits and flushed down the toilet; Every Last Scrap.

Contact Caden through the Etsy Store if he has not contacted Helena yet. And same answer for thy friend's commission requests. -->(2)

(2) With Caden, help relay the Kickstarter page he started. He's involved with the Sonichu Fan Project Page as well.

Be Safe and Well, both of ye.


General Letter

Letter to Kenneth

Letter to Helena


  1. Probably a reference to Sonichu: The Animated Series, in which Wild speaks with an exaggerated hick accent.