Jail Call - 11 January 2022

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The caller of this phone call is attempting to give money to Chris in jail. No matter how good your intentions may be, do not do this.

On 11 January 2022, Chris sent a second call from jail to the Onion Farms member Zombo.

Some highlights of this call include:

  • Chris hints at the fact that he has attempted to be in contact with Barb regularly.
  • Chris wants the caller to arrange a wellness check for Barb by calling the Greene County Sherriff's office.
  • Chris tells the caller to go to the Onion Farms to donate money to him, and contact Kenneth Englehardt.
  • Chris had once attempted to tell a Catholic group in New York to arrange a protest for him to get bailed out.
  • The caller asks for a Sonichu drawing.

The Call

Christine Chandler Phone Call (Jan 11, 2022)
Stardate 11 January 2022
Saga JailJail Jail


Chris: Yeah, I can hear you.

Zombo: Hey, how you doin' today?

Chris: Ahh, okay but not great, meh. *sigh* Okay, so I had to- the ability to use the phone twice today. Earlier today, around about 12 o' clock noon, and uh- sorry, this hour.

Zombo: Hmm.

Chris: And, during both times, I tried calling Barbara- I tried calling Barbara's phone. So three times each, and... did not pick up.

Zombo: Uh oh.

Chris: Yeah.

Zombo: You need my help with something?

Chris: Yeah, I'm thinking- uhh, well I checked- I have the officer here, and these phones will not allow me to call 9-1-1. But I would feel better if someone actually went out- was able to go out and check on Barbara.

Zombo: Yeah, I can arrange a wellness check for her.

Chris: *sigh* Okay, alright, first off, tell me what you would do at this point?

Zombo: Well, um, if you're worried that you can't get ahold of her, there's um- you can call the police station and you can say, "I need to do a wellness check on Barbara- Barbara Chandler," then you give them the address, and they'll send somebody out, and they'll check on her. If they don't get an answer at the door, they'll go in, they'll make sure everything's okay. And then they'll update me, or whoever reported to let them know that they're okay. So, that's something I've had to do before, um, so that's how I'm familiar with that process.

Chris: Well, I do- I do appreciate you being familiar with that, very much. Uh, but yeah, uh since I don't have any phone numbers, and I looked in the directory in the back of this inmate's handbook, they have a little bit of a small directory, but they only have addresses of these local legal facilities. No phone numbers. So yeah, I would appreciate if you would, uh, call the Greene County Sheriff's office and tell the staff to do a wellness check on my behalf.

Zombo: Yeah, I can absolutely do that, and is the address still the same?

Chris: Yes, 14 Branchland Court in Ruckersville, Virginia.

Zombo: 14 Branchland? Okay, I think that's the one that's labeled "Sonichu Headquarters", right?

Chris: Yes, that's right. Also known as -but moreover, the Sonichu Temple.

Zombo: Okay. Yeah, I can absolutely do that, and I'm getting ready- I just got my son home from school here, I did get a hold of, um, your contact. He is, um, the owner of that forum you were telling me about. He said he's gonna reach out to you and send you some money. He didn't give me a full confirmation, but he's got the message. And um, he has the information.

Chris: Wel- Well I- I thank you for reaching out to Kenneth and I appreciate that.

Zombo: Yeah, no-

Chris: Also, upon further insight, to let you know about why I told you to encourage your son to, right now, even during virtual learning is that it gives him physical contact over the information he is hearing and receiving, so that way, the information becomes more physical with him.

Zombo: Yeah, that's how I learn strangely enough, that's how I learn things too, just writing stuff down. It actually helps lock information and also, that's a great suggestion.

Chris: Yeah, anyway I'll let you go call the Ruckersville sheriff's office, then you take care of your son in the immediate moment. (?)

Zombo: Yeah, yeah, no problem. I'm not in any rush right now, I just wanted to- before I let you go here, I just wanted to give you an update that I'm going to go, um, I'm going to have to mail out that money, it looks like, because it looks like um, it looks like the site is down again, so it might take a few days for that money to get to you. It seems like it took about four or five days for my letters to get to you last time, but I'm not sure. Maybe you can tell me?

Chris: Well actually, are you doing cashier's check or postal money order?

Zombo: Yeah, so that's what I'm gonna do. Yep, and do I- do you know? Do I make that out to you, or do I make it out to the sheriff?

Chris: Uhh, I think you make it out to me. But actually, I recommend you do a postal money order. That will get to be a lot faster.

Zombo: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.

Chris: Okay, good.

Zombo: Yeah.

Chris: That would be a lot faster than as opposed to a cashier's check, obviously.

Zombo: Right. I'm getting ready to go up to Walmart and get a money order right now, so I just wanted to give you that update. Also, while I have you, do you have a minute to talk, or are you in a hurry?

Chris: Yeah, I'm listening, I can- I have a moment.

Zombo: Okay, um, I was just gonna say I was on that website you directed me to, Onion Farms, and it looks like there's quite a few people on there who are wanting to get more- including Kenneth, who are wanting to get more Sonichu comics? Is there any interest in doing anything like that? Is there any update you want me to give the people who want that stuff?

Chris: No, every- I'll tell you what, on the Onion Farms, you can tell them as I told somebody else in a religious group, uh caths- a group of Catholics up in New York. Go ahead and start like a protest group to get my body and me out of jail legally.

Zombo: Okay.

Chris: Yeah, it's essentially a protest.

Zombo: Well I mean, yeah, that's, that's I think there is a movement of some kind because there is some interest- I didn't do a lot of digging on the site but people seem to be aware of your court date sometime in February.

Chris: Yeah, and plus obvious- And plus obviously I have not been able to do the write or draw comic book pages by the individual drawings. Of course everything is just continuing to happen as well, regardless of whether I do these comic books or not, but-

Zombo: Sure.

Chris: -to let you know, as I work, in going to C-197 and 1218 Earth, and of course I work with everybody, including Magi-Chan, and Iron Man, and Superman, and (???), and all them and everybody else.

Zombo: Okay. Is there, um- so other than that, is there anything else that you'd like me to share with um, maybe those people in particular, or anyone else? Is there any other messages you want to get out?

Chris: Um, well, I have a letter I'm gonna send out to Kenneth as soon as I get an envelope,

Zombo: Mmhmm.

Chris: Yeah, so obviously, there's information on that. But, uh, I guess for now, I'll leave that as the main information to have you relay to my people.

Zombo: Okay, sure, no problem.

Chris: Okay, well anyway, thank you again-

Zombo: Hey, can I ask you for a favor though?

Chris: Certainly.

Zombo: If I send you this money, can I have a Sonichu drawing from you?

Chris: *sigh* Yeah, I send you a Sonichu drawing, as soon as I can.

Zombo: That would be great, yeah.

Chris: Okay.

Zombo: All right, I'll go ahead and make that phone call for you, um, and then I'll send you out that letter, and in my letter if I don't hear from you, I'll include the update.

Chris: Right. Thank you, thank you very-

Zombo: Alright.

Chris: Have a good day.

Zombo: Yeah, you have a great one. Have a great rest of your day.

Chris: Goodbye, now. [hangs up]

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