Jail Letter - 25 May 2022

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On 25 May 2022, Chris sent a fourteenth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt in jail, which he received on 28 May 2022. Like many of the letters Kenneth had shared on the Onion Farms, he has chosen to conceal the contents of the letter at the moment by Chris's request, but had planned to summarize the major points of the letter on 29 May 2022.

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230
25 May 2022 US POSTAGE
25 May 2022
c/o CVRJ
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960-2807
Kenneth Engelhardt.

Kenneth's Summary of the Letter

Kenneth had italicized portions of the letter that he wrote to Chris.

May28th [sic], 2022

Summation of letter received by CWC

"Do not publish or upload this entire letter online Englehardt [sic]"

Asked a question on why thought Jacob Sockness was responsible for the Covid19 epidemic.

Answer: Jacob Sockness had cursed China and that curse caused the virus to arise there.

Asked a question about why she thought Hasbro caused some of the troubles (Hasbro is headquartered in Providence).

Answer: Hasbro had outsourced to a country/nation in the vicinity of Russia and the war zone for the premature chronicling of MLP G5, of which Princess Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, and Luna themselves and personally in Equestria of the C-197 half of our recombined universe 1C-211987 were very unhappy about this scenario. Also mentions fallout from Russia-Ukraine War is getting in the way of G5 merchandise being successfully advertised and sold.

Mentions Hasbro would have been better off with MLP Friendship is Magic Seasons 10-14 and doing a better job with the Equestria Girls

I asked a question if it was possible that the Chandler family may have had ancestors who fought in the Civil War.

Answer: Maybe the Weston Family was but the Chandler family no.

Dimensional Merge

The Dimensional Merge of C-197 and 1218 is already completed. The good faithful and enlightened beings and buildings and objects on 1218 Earth to 1C-211987 Earth is taking place right now. It is part of the Divine Plan. All toxic haters (i.e. trolls, haters, demonics and those individuals who have failed the Divine Test from the Gods and Goddesses, and so forth) will suddenly evaporate.

The realm of Hell of the 1218 Universe no longer exists. Hades who used to rule that realm has served out his sentence and is no longer running the defunct Hell realm. CWC said he saw to that personally.

Celebrity Drama

I mentioned that celebrities are in a manner of speaking "kiwi farmed" every day via National Enquirer, Globe, Hollywood Radar and so forth and so on.

Mentions that "Celebrity Drama" is a temptation that gets in the way of focusing on the actual Divine Events and Truths that are happening for our collective good. Warns that millions of toxic individuals will suddenly disappear by spontaneous death or spontaneous combustion.

Evidences of this happening:

Mentions that North Korea (full of toxics) is suddenly experiencing a massive epidemic of Covid

Mentions "Lying Putin and the toxic Russians" continues to fail and lose to the "Righteous" people of the Ukraine.

Mentions mostly good and neutral countries are waking up.

Mentions the sudden increase in Monkey Pox.

Biblical References According to CWC

Revelations 15 and 16 talk of Covid and Monkey Pox

Malachi 4 (OT) speaks of the burning of the Toxics and some of California and others in recent months up to the present

The "New Earth" of Revelations 21 are the recombined Earths from 1218 (here) and C-197 that make the One Earth of Universe 1C-211987

Proclaims himself Godhead

"I am the Avatar, Alpha and Omega and we Gods and Goddesses are saving the Good and Neutral Individuals and burning away the Toxics"

Tells us to stop blinding ourselves to the Divine and Ultimate Truths

Signed: Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu