Jail Letter - 8 January 2022

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This letter was - yet again - in response to someone attempting to troll Chris in jail. Don't do this.

On 8 January 2022, Chris had sent his second letter to Spamton G. Spamton.

Some highlights of this letter include:

  • Chris had requested that Spamton only share the very last page of the letter. Spamton doesn't even share the envelope this letter was sent in.
    • Despite this, Spamton summarizes several portions of the letter that he wasn't allowed to share. Much of the content from the rest of the letter can be made out from this.
  • On the top of the 7th page of the letter, Chris labels various parts of the Sonichu cross, indicating what they're called. He also provides directions on how one can create a Sonichu cross of their own.
  • In the portion of the letter that is shared, Chris reveals that at some point in jail, he has been contacted by an anonymous troll who had figured out how to send letters to him without the use of a return address. This troll has been roleplaying as a descendent of the Crusaders. Spamtom claims that the address of the letter sent belonged to someone in NY, as that was the state infered in the address.

Kiwi Farms Post

I apologize I haven't gotten back to you all, I have been busy with IRL things. I have an important update that I should share with you all on this thread. I have received a second letter from Chris about a week ago, which is dated January 8th, 2022 (the second 2 is backwards on the letter though, lol). Normally, I would upload this letter freely onto the site for the sake of archival work and the like; however, it would seem that Chris has specifically requested within the letter that a majority of information within it should not be made public. Now, while a large part of me greatly wants to not listen to someone who most likely committed horrible sins against their own mother, the moral side of me still wishes to respect these wishes, as the information isn't necessarily groundbreaking nor dangerous (as far as I am aware). I will, however, update you all on what Chris has outlined as being acceptable to release publicly as it's only right and just.

I wrote a quick response letter with some simple questions for Chris to answer in the hopes that this would be the last letter I would receive. The following info is directly from the letter I received.

-Someone who is referred to as "Elijah" received a copy of Chris' rendition of the 10 Commandments and it seems like Chris is gathering an, pardon my wording on this, autistic variation of the knights of the round table. By this, I mean Chris is recruiting people who he deems to have greater spiritual/religious intentions or whoever he deems worthy. It would also seem that Chris has deemed me as "Moses" for some reason. I am unsure if I should be outright disgusted with the notion or find it amusing. Or both.

-Chris is optimistic about his trial and outcome, hoping for a full pardon.

-Chris at the time of writing has been written to by a total of 73 individuals, with 16 letters being from "bad and false" individuals. Chris has written to around 20 individuals, apparently.

-There are details about the apparent prophetic visions which Chris requests be kept a secret, but I will inform you that the "Two Suns" dream comes from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I don't think it would be too much of a breach of privacy to make that known.

-A Neo-Spiritual Christianity (may Christ have mercy on me for even writing out those words) rendition of the Holy Bible will apparently be written

-Barb is not the Virgin Mary or anyone else, but is just simply another person

-Most concerningly, someone from the state of NY wrote to Chris who is most likely larping as the descendant of the crusaders. They had a logo with "a shield, crown and [presumably the image of body armor drawn by Chris] and [a cross that has two horizontal beams, one near the bottom and one at the top] around it and a [image of a sun? or a circular object?] under it, with "Nihil Sine Deo" [Nothing without God in Latin] above the crown." According to Chris, this individual claims to be a landed Catholic whose family was involved with the Holy Lance. If it was someone from here, please stop larping for the sake of your immortal soul.

Attached below is final page of the letter, which I believe is to be made public(?)

Due to the troubling nature of the final part of this letter, I will [sadly] be writing a response to Chris. I also want to personally say that anyone thinking of mailing Chris, especially for the prospects of weening, should think twice. It's unknown if Chris will be moved or not in the coming months due to his trial, and if so, to where.

To be honest, when I first wrote to Chris, I was not expecting any kind of response from him. I was hoping that Chris would either take the advice I gave him to heart or at least considered for a second what I suggested he should do. Instead, I am currently in a strange position writing and receiving letters from a potential incestuous rapist who thinks he's God. I think what's most disturbing about this whole situation is that people are still actively trying to feed into Chris' delusions. I have no problems writing to those in prison. I've been pen pals with Gypsy Crusader for a little while now, and I hope to start writing to several others who likely have no one looking out for them at this moment. However, Chris is severely mentally ill, delusional and definitely flirting with the demonic. If the circumstances weren't as they were, I likely wouldn't have sent a second letter.

You all deserve to know about what's going on with Chris and his life. Chris has no family outside of his mother, who in all likelihood he violated. There's no private parties nor people whom he can associate with, as he's the most documented person in history. Because of this, I think it's only righteous and just to keep this information in the public circle, so that the story of one of the most absurd figures can remain preserved. Let's just hope that Chris' story will one day serve as a warning against the dangers of anti-realism and centering one's life around fiction. I will keep you all updated if anything changes or if I receive another letter.

Let the mods decide if this warrants its own thread or not. I hope you all are in good spirits. Please pray for Chris and for everyone who is currently in prison. You will all remain in my prayers.

THAT'S ALL FROM YOUR [number 1 rated garbage puppet] PAL, SPAMTON.


Chris's Response

{<3} [T] [I] {[<3I]}

CPU Blue heart logo & Good ol’ crucifix Sharicite Crystal Neo Spiritual my personal Cutie mark Christianity crucifix

So Y’all know

Healing and Magic Stones and all are Good. I even found Frankensence Incense, And lit up, it smelled lovely. I still have conscious Need to know of Myrrh once again.

If you want to make one, make it entirely out of Quartz with a Blue Heart, Yellow Lighting bolts, and a metal rod up the shaft and through the center of the loop and affix to a metal stand. Program the Quartz with positive Aura and Vibrations for spiritual Enlightenment and healing

I also have a question for you. Before you wrote me, [CENSORED] The letter was typed, has a logo with a shield, crown and {} and [] around it and a [O] under it with “NIHIL SINE DEO” above the crown. This person wished to remain anonymous, yet signed the bottom in a very untranscribable cursive handwriting. Mentioned they were a descendant in a very ancient European family, Catholic, their family made their name during the first crusade against Jerusalem, and the spear of Longinus/holy spear. Do you, perhaps, know of this individual? Here was no return address, but the postal time stamp read New York.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you, [CENSORED] I personally bless you.

Be safe & Well, Mw. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu.

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